11 Full Song Lyrics About Best Friends

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11 Full Song Lyrics About Best Friends

Beyoncé-Style Song Lyrics About Best Friends

Song Lyrics About Best Friends

No, no, these lyrics were not written by Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1) //
Framed in the stars above, born for laughter, built for love //
Underneath the sapphire sky, there we were just you and I //
Mapped our dreams on paper planes, while the world around us changed //
Trusted hearts that never lie, we’re bound by an eternal tie. //

(Chorus) //
Better than any love song melody, our golden symphony so heavenly.//
In your shadow or in your light, both in day and late at night.//
We’ll hold on to each other through life’s weather.//
No one understands me better, Best friends forever and ever.//

(Verse 2)//
In every chapter of my life, you’ve been my courage in the strife. //
Silent whispers in the dark, left indelible marks. //
Stitched together by destiny’s thread, tales of friendship we've spread //
Oh! The memories that we share; countless like stars overhead //

Better than any love song melody, our golden symphony so heavenly. //
In your shadow or in your light, both in day and late at night. //
We’ll hold on to each other through life’s weather. //
No one understands me better, Best friends forever and ever //

(Verse 3)//
Through the looking glass of time, I see you – you'll always be mine. //
Dancing together under sun's glare; boundless joy beyond compare! //
Never broken despite every bend; a thousand stories yet to pen //
On life's canvas we are tethered; Best friends now and forever.

Better than any love song melody, our golden symphony so heavenly.//
In your shadow or in your light, both at dawn & deep into night ///
We'll stick together through life's changing weather ///
No one understands me better,. Best friends now & forever.

21 Savage-Style Song Lyrics About Best Friends

Song Lyrics About Best Friends

(Verse 1)
Strapped up with loyalty, ain't no weapon //
Grew up from the trenches, same direction //
Reminiscence 'bout days we was reckless //
Now we buying blocks, mansions for breakfast //

Ran past haters, but got my homie in sight //
We surviving battles, always ready to fight //
Always on our grind, working both day and night //
Always in our mind to never lose sight. //

Ain’t no switching lanes when it comes to best homies, //
From the streets and into Ferraris //
Riding together through all stories, //
Best friends forever, that's our glory. //

(Verse 2)
Remember back in those days when we had nothing?//
But still felt rich cause we had each other and something.//
Now gold chains hanging heavy but ain't bluffing,
Cause struggle made us strong, ain't never fronting.//

Homies since kids and sticking through the stress,
And now we sharing success in Givenchy vests.
Far from where started but not done yet,
Cause best friends till death is a safe bet.//

Ain’t no switching lanes when it comes to best homies, //
From the streets and into Ferraris //
Riding together through all stories, //
Best friends forever – that’s what life owes me.

Through good times or under savage weather///
We promise to ride together forever///
Yeah life was a challenge but still a pleasure ///
Cause having you as my friend is my treasure.

Taylor Swift-Style Song Lyrics About Best Friends

Song Lyrics About Best Friends

If you would rather Taylor Swift’s style, you will love these lyrics:

(Verse 1) //
Laughin' under cover, hiding from the rain //
We've walked through storms but still we remain //
We're picture perfect Polaroids, faded but clear //
In a world that changes, I'm glad you're here. //

(Chorus) //
And we'll dance in the kitchen, singing off-key //
With nobody watching just you and me. //
Through every laugh, every tear, every mess we've been in, //
You're my ride or die, darling you're my best friend. //

(Verse 2) //
A million little moments, strung on a thread //
From summer nights stargazing on an old truck bed. //
In your company I find my home, it's true //
‘Cause there's no one else I'd rather be stuck with than you. //

(Chorus) //
When life gets loud and colors fade to grey,
We’ll paint our dreams anyway.
Through broken hearts and finding ways to mend,
You're my anchor in this sea, darling you're my best friend.

We’ve got each other’s secrets whispered in the wind,
in quiet corners of our favorite haunt tucked within.
No judgement or pretence just a love that never ends,
Oh god damn it’s beautiful being your best friend.

(Chorus- Outro)
So here's to us with matching shirts and worn-out jeans.
Forming an empire with busted hopes and crazy dreams.
Forever isn’t long enough till the very end,
With all my heart I promise being your best friend.

Drake-Style Song Lyrics About Best Friends

Song Lyrics About Best Friends

(Verse 1) //
We started on the block, ain't about where we ended //
My homies, my blood, they more than just friends depicted //
Growing up in the struggle, yeah money was conflicted //
But we had each other's backs, that was always predicted //

Times were wicked, streets were cold and vindictive //
Yet wit' my brothers by my side, life seemed less restrictive //
Now we on top of the world and our dreams so unrestricted //

Since day one, never fronted, never acted afflicted //
Even when life punched us down, we came back uplifted //
With a squad like mine, every loss turned into gifted //

(Chorus) //

Me and my day ones still thuggin', not bluffing' //
Through the storms, through the pain we still hustlin' //
In this savage life journey bonds forged through suffering' //
Ride or die with my crew cause nobody else toughening' //

(Verse 2) //

In this jungle of concrete, loyalty our compass rose //
Pushing past where limits lie – beyond what everyone knows//
The struggle birthed hustlers – from seeds to full grown foes//

Through fame and pain always been grounded by those bros//
Never care 'bout no haters or stepping on some toes//
Stats high for my team just like pros who throwing throws//


Me and my day ones ‘still thuggin', not bluffin'//
Through it all thick and thin,< b>'yeah we keep hustlin'</ b>//
Real bonds made in trenches can't just go rupturing'//
Stick together through it all that's what I'm uttering'< b></ b>//


Big love for my fam – ain’t nothing above it//
21 Savage best friends – y'all better love it//
They saw me at bottom now they see me summit//
Cause true friendship is real – no way to debunk it.

Justin Bieber-Style Song Lyrics About Best Friends

Song Lyrics About Best Friends

How about Justin Bieber inspired song lyrics instead?

(Verse 1)
Yeah, we were just kids, //
When we met on that summer street, //
Your laughter ringing loud, //
and your sneakers tapping beats. //

Your smile was the sun, //
And my heart found a beat, //
We built forts in the daytime, //
And dreamt beneath the sheets. //

Never had to pretend, //
Being with you it just makes sense. //

We're like two halves of a melody, //
Together we are harmony. //
You put color in my gray skies, //
Wipe away those teardrops from my eyes. //

We're best friends until forever, //
Time can't break this kind of tether. //

Have you ever had a friend? (A friend) //
Who's your ride or die till the end? (The end) //

(Verse 2)
Remember how we painted dreams in the sky,
Followed compasses that didn’t apply.
With a hand to hold and secrets to tell,
Our connection is deeper than any well.

From stolen kisses under moonlight beam,
To quiet confessions and shared ice cream.
We've taken this journey side by side,
Through every high tide and low tide.

So here's to us The inseparable two,
Brother from another mother, I always got you.
Still connected no matter where we wander,
Our bond only grows stronger and stronger.

A story written in constellations,
Echoing through generations.
You’re not only my friend but also my brother,
There’s no one else; there's no other.


Remember those nights when we couldn’t sleep?
Dreaming about what the future could be?
This song isn't about love or fame.
It's about me and you; it’s our reframed game.


This ain't just another pop song dewy-eyed
It isn't about love lost or star-crossed tide
It’s about friendship that’ll never end
This one’s for you my dearest friend

So let the world hear our harmonious cry
For a friendship that’ll never say goodbye
Here's to being young forever…
Best friends…Always together..forever!

Rihanna-Style Song Lyrics About Best Friends

Song Lyrics About Best Friends

Have a read of these and see if we captured Rihanna’s vibe accurately? You should be able to taste the Bajan flavor as you sing the lyrics, lol.

(Verse 1)
With a fire burning brighter than the stars above,//
It's a bond, unbreakable, born of trust and love.//
People change and seasons fade, but one thing remains,//
Through the joy or the pain, our souls are chained.//

We're two halves of a whole, like the sun and moon's dance,//
In this crazy life journey, no leaving things to chance.//
Through laughter or tears, with you it feels so right,//
Best friends forever, holding onto each other tight.//

(Verse 2)
As we paint the town red on these wild summer nights,//
Reckless hearts beating fast under neon lights.//
In those moments between us where words can't explain,//
Every glance says it loud: our friendship will sustain.//

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Tips For Crafting The Perfect Song Lyrics About Best Friends

I am sure I've helped you with the basic lyrics, but you're gonna wanna put your personality all over it! Here are some tips to help you do that:

1. Unleash the Power of Real Emotions

Remember the first rule of Fight Club? Well, forget it. We're here to spill our guts and let it all out. When it comes to penning down lyrics about best friends, nothing beats the rawness of real emotions.

Be honest, be vulnerable, and don't shy away from expressing your feelings. After all, this deep friendship you share is not a fair-weather one; it's an inseparable bond forged through trust and understanding.

Tip: Dig into those cherished memories and let nostalgia fuel your creativity.

2. Show, Don't Just Tell

The magic lies in the details, my friend. Saying “We're friends forever” doesn't quite cut it; you need to show why your bond is unbreakable. Maybe there were countless nights of shared takeouts or that one time they had your back when no one else did—these moments define your loyal companionship.

Tip: Use descriptive language to paint a vivid picture of your friendship.

3. Keep It Simple and Relatable

Pump the brakes on the Shakespearean vocabulary; we're writing song lyrics, not an epic poem. The beauty of songs lies in their simplicity and relatability. Your listeners should feel like they're part of this platonic love story you're narrating.

Tip: Stick to simple language so everyone can sing along!

4. Play with Metaphors

Now that you’ve kept it simple, it’s time to get a little fancy (but not too fancy). Metaphors are like secret weapons – use them wisely for maximum impact! They can add depth and intrigue to your lyrics about best friends while conveying complex emotions.

Tip: Use metaphors that reflect the unique aspects of your friendship.

5. Embrace the power of Repetition

Let's get this straight – repetition isn't just for nursery rhymes or annoying jingles! When done right, repetition can add rhythm, reinforce key messages (like that unbreakable connection you share) and make parts of your song catchy (think ‘Friends Forever’ chorus).

Tip: Repeat key phrases or words that encapsulate your friendship's essence.

6. Explore Different Perspectives

Your song lyrics about best friends could be more dynamic by exploring different perspectives – yours, theirs, or even an outsider’s view on this deep friendship you share. This could give your listeners an all-round peek into what makes this bond so special.

Tip: Switch between perspectives for a fuller narrative.

7. End on a High Note

Whether it's an uplifting message about enduring friendships or a poignant ode to cherished memories shared together – make sure you leave listeners feeling good or reflective about their own friendships.

“No road is long with good company.”
Remember these wise words when penning down lyrics about best friends – make them feel like they've been part of an unforgettable journey through trust, understanding and loyal companionship.

Tip: Think about how you want listeners to feel at the end before writing your final lines.

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