11 Full Song Lyrics About Summer

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11 Full Song Lyrics About Summer

Beyoncé-Style Song Lyrics About Summer

Song Lyrics About Summer

No, no, these lyrics were not written by Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
Wake up to the dawn, darling, open your eyes, //
Feels like the world's painting a new summer’s sunrise, //
Season of warmth and golden hours, //
With every turn we’re gaining powers. //

Dew-kissing the petals as the day is reborn, //
Making promises on cornfields, ripe with golden corn. //
Everyday freedom is what summer lends us, //
We're writing our stories in solar stardust. //

This is our summer anthem, sung by our youthful hearts in rhyme, //
Beyond horizons together we climb. //
Barefoot dances under a sapphire sky,
In the sweet drift of a warm July. //

(Verse 2)
Sunset kisses on carousels of time,
Laughter echoing ´cross valleys and summertime wine. //
Fields of wildflowers blooming in an endless dance,
Chasing shadows in the wildhearted romance.

Glasses are brimming with sweet lemonade cheer,
Kisses stolen under twinkling stars,
Meshes woven into love's memoirs.

This is our summer anthem; it’s all about freedom and rhythm.
Between pages of sunburnt sepia tone,
In melodies carved from kiss-warmed stone.

(Verse 3)
Summers fade but memories remain
A crescendo symphony under sun-streaked rain.
Sea-soaked linens and salty hair waves,
Writing love letters to oceanic graves.

Seasons come and go but this warmth stays true
Each ray of sunlight brings me closer to you.
Summer nights etched into diamond dreams
Are more than what they initially seem.

This is our summer anthem; where love finds its kingdom.
Underneath constellations painted high above,
Breathing life into moments wreathed in love.

21 Savage-Style Song Lyrics About Summer

Song Lyrics About Summer

(Verse 1)
Riding through the summer, ain't no stress on my shoulder //
21 Savage, hotter than a solar, money stack getting taller //
Riding down the road, palm trees on the boulevard //
In the land of the free, but life still hard //

Ain't no time for hate, only love in my chest //
Poolside shorty, sundress looking best //
Lemonade sippin', while the sun be dipping' //
Bounce to that beat drop, summer heat non-stopping' //

This that summertime vibe, we just tryna feel alive //
Living life like it's golden and we ain't never hide //
Turn it up to eleven 'cause tonight we gon' thrive //
In this summer paradise, with 21 Savage ride //

(Verse 2)
Summer night parties under neon lights //
Barbecue dreams on them hot southern nights //
Bubblegum ice cream, freshness so supreme //
In this world of ours, it's a summer dream//

Chilled bottled water when the heat gets harder//
Pink sunset sky painted by The Father//
Summers with my crew, Flexin' our power,
In my block or your block this is our hour //

(Chorus repeats)

This that summertime vibe, we just tryna feel alive
Living life like it's golden and we ain't never hide
Turn it up to eleven 'cause tonight we gon' thrive
In this summer paradise, with 21 Savage ride

That sun setting low but our spirits shining bright//
Dreams bigger than ocean waves crashing at night//
Sun kissed skin under that clear moonlight//
Summer love language spoken without a fight//

This that summertime vibe; we just tryna feel alive//
Living life like its golden; and we ain't never hide//
Turn it up to eleven 'cause tonight; we gon’ thrive//
In this summer paradise; with 21 Savage ride.

Drake-Style Song Lyrics About Summer

Song Lyrics About Summer

(Verse 1)
Hot summer, no bummer,//
All day, making numbers,//
Haters wanna pull me under,//
But I shake it off, light thunder.//

Riding through Atlanta, in a Range Rover,//
Packing heat like it's mid-October.//
My game be tight, never loosen,//
Summer sun got my diamonds glistening.//

Summer streets lit up with the savage life,//
Nighttime grindin', hustlin' right.//
Breaking bread with my day ones,//
Through the hottest season under the sun.//

(Verse 2)
Cruising on beats like a Jet Ski, boss behavior,//
Shorties wearin' less, tryna catch a favor.//
I'm way up, summer got no chills,//
Got respect and stacks of dollar bills.//

Hunnids stack high like July heat wave,//
Clean ride, tinted shades, ready to misbehave.//
Sipping lean at the poolside,//
Living lavish is just part of the ride.//

Summer streets lit up with the savage life,//
Nighttime grindin', hustlin' right .//
Breaking bread with my day ones,//
Through the hottest season under the sun.

On this hot block , we keep it one hundred,//
In these summer nights, where dreams are hunted.//
The streets talk loud but I talk louder,//
From dusk till dawn , hustle power.

Summer streets lit up with the savage life ,//
Nighttime grindin', hustlin'‘ right .//
Breaking bread with my day ones , we'll run. //
Through this blazing season, this endless summer sun.

Hotter than summer in this cold world , no retreat . //
Grind hard 'til I'm six feet deep . You can't defeat </ B>. //
Always stay savage even when temps are peaking ,//
Ball so hard that they think I'm cheating.

Justin Bieber-Style Song Lyrics About Summer

Song Lyrics About Summer

How about Justin Bieber inspired song lyrics instead?

(Verse 1)
Waking up to sunshine, //
Birds chirping with the daylight, //
Flip flops on my feet now, //
Summer's in the air tonight. //

We're living in a summer dream, //
Falling for that tangerine glow, //
Underneath the palm trees, just you and me baby. //
Beats thumping and our hearts syncing in this sweet summer flow.

(Verse 2)
Cotton candy sunsets, //
Laughter echoes on the jetty. //
Dive into ocean waves, washing away all our petty. //

Thin clothes won't hold our secrets,
Caught up in the magic of a mango sunset.
Wishing on a star ain't enough,
We're alive under this violet dusk.

We're living for each summertime high,
Sleeping under an infinite night sky.
Splashes of paradise setting us free,
Baby, it's just you and me in this wild summer spree.

Flip-flops echoing down boardwalk lines,
Hand-in-hand we leave footprints behind.
Summer whispers sweet melodies so fine,
Our hearts beating to this magic summertime.

Amidst the sandcastles, laughter and seas so blue.
It's all about summer but I'm falling for you.
As the sun dips low and night skies come to view –
I see my forever summer trapped inside those hues.

(Sign Off)
You’re my one and only under cool moon tides,
In every endless summer by your side.

* Lyrics fade out with ambient beach sounds *

Rihanna-Style Song Lyrics About Summer

Song Lyrics About Summer

Have a read of these and see if we captured Rihanna’s vibe accurately? You should be able to taste the Bajan flavor as you sing the lyrics, lol.

(Verse 1)
Livin’ in a summer haze, under warm golden rays //
Got the sand in my toes, feel the love as it flows //
Bathing suits and tan lines, just cherishing these good times //

Dance beneath the starlight shimmer, celebrating this endless summer //
Surfboards ride the waves of splendor, memories we'll always remember //
Feelin' free like a hummingbird's flight, every summer night feels so right. //

(Verse 2)
Cocktails by the ocean side, under palm trees we abide //
Loving how the sun kisses our skin, into my heart summer seeps in //
In this moment let's drench, while time takes its sweet revanche. //

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Tips For Crafting The Perfect Song Lyrics About Summer

I am sure I've helped you with the basic lyrics, but you're gonna wanna put your personality all over it! Here are some tips to help you do that:

1. Soak in the Summer Vibes

Oh, summer – that magical time of year when everything’s ablaze with sunlight and beach vibes. Summer songs should capture this essence, the vibe of the season.
Don’t be shy to incorporate the scent of sunblock, the feel of sand between toes, or even the taste of a cool tropical cocktail into your lyrics. Let your listeners experience summer through their headphones with your sunny day music lyrics.

2. Dive into Nostalgia

Remember those long summer days as a kid when you had no responsibilities? Or your first summer love? Ah, yes… nostalgia is a powerful tool in songwriting.
Incorporate memories and personal experiences into your summer lyric ideas. Let people reminisce about their own summers while getting lost in your summertime melodies.

3. Make it Universal

Sure, you're writing about summer but remember not everyone experiences it the same way.
Some people enjoy sizzling on a beach; others prefer hiking up green mountains or chilling out at a music festival.
Capture these varied perspectives in your lyrics while maintaining those all-important beach vibes.

4. Embrace the Sunshine… and Rainstorms

Summer isn't only about sunshine-inspired songs – it's also about those sudden rainstorms that break up hot afternoons.
Including contrasts like this can add depth to your tropical song lyrics. After all, who doesn’t love dancing in warm summer rain?

5. Use Vivid Imagery and Sensory Language

Paint pictures with words! This is where you get to show off as a songwriter.
Describe how the sunset paints the sky with hues of pink and orange, or how waves crash against shoreline rocks. Get detailed – make listeners feel like they're right there experiencing it.

6. Keep It Simple and Relatable

While detailed imagery is crucial for compelling songwriting, don't overcomplicate things.
Remember that simple phrases can often resonate more powerfully than complex ones when they're universally relatable – think “sipping lemonade under a shady tree” or “barefoot on hot asphalt”. Keep them hooked with these images!

7. Experiment With Different Genres

Finally, don't limit yourself to one genre.
Summer is about freedom and exploration – mirror this spirit by experimenting with different musical styles for your songs about warm weather.

So there you have it! Now grab that pen (or keyboard), soak up some rays (or some AC if you’re more into that), and start creating some kickass summer tunes!

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