Song Lyrics About Heaven: FREE-To-Use Beyonce, Taylor Swift, John Legend, Ed Sheeran-Style Songs

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Song Lyrics About Heaven: FREE-To-Use Beyonce, Taylor Swift, John Legend, Ed Sheeran-Style Songs

Beyoncé-Style Song Lyrics About Heaven

Song Lyrics About Heaven

No, no, these lyrics were not written by the Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1) //
I wandered through the night, so lost and broken //
Searching for the light, a heart unspoken //
Little signs of love flash like lightning in the sky //
Leading me to you and I can't deny //

(Pre-Chorus) //
Every whisper of your words brings me closer now //
To that higher place I found in your tender vow //

(Chorus) //
You're my gateway to heaven, my sweet surrender, babe //
The angelic embrace, where the purest souls fade //
With every heart beat racing we will reach for our destiny//
In this paradise called heaven we'll dance eternally //

(Verse 2) //
Guided by a thousand stars to find my treasure //
A certain kind of warmth that no one can measure//
There in your arms is the love I've prayed for,//
Feeling weightless like an ethereal seashore. //

(Pre-Chorus) //
Every whisper of your words brings me closer now //
To that higher place I found in your tender vow //

(Chorus) //
You're my gateway to heaven, my sweet surrender babe//
The angelic embrace where all fears fade away//
With every heartbeat racing we will carve out our destiny//
In this paradise called heaven we'll dance eternally//

(Bridge) //
Let's dive into our dreams, hand in hand together//
Swimming through the clouds as light as a feather//
Let our voices sing this heavenly melody,//
Pouring forth our love as divine alchemy.//

(Final Chorus)
You're my gateway to heaven, my sweet surrender babe//
An angelic embrace where all sorrows fade away//
Every heartbeat racing leads us on a celestial spree,//
In this paradise called heaven we'll dance eternally//

Taylor Swift-Style Song Lyrics About Heaven

Taylor Swift-Style Song Lyrics About Heaven

If you would rather Taylor Swift’s style, you will love these lyrics:

Verse 1:
I woke up in a place of gold, //
Where the sun always shined and never got cold, //
The colors danced like sparks in the night, //
Our hearts entwined with love's sweet delight. //

Here in heaven, where dreams come true, //
All I ever wanted was to be with you, //
Through clouds divine, we'll never part, //
Just hold my hand and keep my heart. //

Verse 2:
Whispers of angels like a gentle breeze, //
Carrying our memories through eternity's seas. //
A symphony of light that guides our way, //
In heaven together, we're meant to stay. //

Casting our fears into the abyss, //
In this celestial realm of purest bliss. //
Wrapped by the stars that grace your smile, //
We'll dance infinity for a little while.

John Legend-Style Song Lyrics About Heaven

John Legend-Style Song Lyrics About Heaven

Now how about the insanely talented, Mr Legend? I mean, our AI tool is great and all, but, John Legend's Songwriting Masterclass is an option if you want to actually take your song-writing skills to the next level!

Verse 1: //
Heaven above, I feel your gentle grace //
Like the sun's warm embrace, as it warms my face //
Your love is the river, flowing through my veins //
I'm caught in a whirlwind of your sweet refrains //

Verse 2: //
In the garden of your light, I find my peace //
Every worry, every strife, seem to cease //
Through these golden gates, I'm finally free //
No more chains holding me down, just destiny //

Chorus: //
Oh heaven, you're all that I need to believe //
You're the beauty and truth that our souls can't conceive //
I'll follow your path wherever it leads //
For in this place called heaven, our love will never leave //

Verse 3: //
Where angels dance and saints sing along //
A symphony of souls in perfect song //
In this paradise unseen, we belong together //
Dreams we share are forever tethered //

Bridge: //
And when I close my eyes at night //
Your love wraps around me so tight //
In this heavenly cocoon, nothing else matters //
As long as we're together in sweet rapture //

So take me up to that place so divine //
Where our hearts intertwine like celestial vines //
In heaven eternal, we'll find our bliss //
With every new day started with a tender kiss

Justin Bieber-Style Song Lyrics About Heaven

Justin Bieber-Style Song Lyrics About Heaven

How about Justin Bieber inspired song lyrics instead?

Verse 1: //
I've been searching high and low, //
Trying to find my way back home, //
But every time I close my eyes, //
I see a place more heavenly than this. //

Up there in the sky, just like a dream, //
Where all our worries come apart at the seams, //
A paradise where love can only grow, //
It's heaven that I'm searching for. //

Verse 2: //
Through darkest nights and cold rainy days, //
We keep our faith alive in so many ways. //
And as I look up towards the stars above, //
I know that someday we'll make it to heaven's door. //

Hand in hand we'll fly away to that great unknown,//
Nowhere else quite like it's shown,// Heaven, where our spirits will roam,
Forever together with love we've grown.

Rihanna-Style Song Lyrics About Heaven

Rihanna-Style Song Lyrics About Heaven

Have a read of these and see if we captured Rihanna’s vibe accurately? You should be able to taste the Bajan flavor as you sing the lyrics, lol.

Verse 1: //
There's a place that I've been dreamin' every single night, //
Heaven's door is callin', baby, oh, what a beautiful sight. //
The sky painted with colors like a radiant sunrise, //
Just one look, babe, it'll make you feel so alive. //

Chorus: //
Take my hand, we'll go to heaven, let's soar up high together. //
Feel the love that never ceases in this world forever better.//
Let your troubles fade away as we become free birds tethered. //
In the heart of heaven, babe, we'll dance on clouds of feathers.//

Verse 2: //
Worries gone with every step in this new world around us,//

Look around and see the beauty, our hearts filled like a chalice.//
Angels singing in harmony and the music keeping time,//
In heaven it seems everything just falls right into line.//

Ed Sheeran-Style Song Lyrics About Heaven

Ed Sheeran-Style Song Lyrics About Heaven

We couldn’t conclude this without the voice of the decade himself. Who doesn’t love a bit of Ed!?

Verse 1:
I met a girl with eyes like the sky up above,
Her beauty could light the darkest night, that's no lie,
We danced on clouds, got lost in the raindrops,
Made a pilgrimage to heaven, where our love just won't stop.

Verse 2:
Walking through gates of pearl and streets paved with gold,
Angels singing sonnets about a love untold,
And up there in the stars, we carved our names in their light,
With you by my side, eternity feels just right.

Verse 3:
In this celestial kingdom, there's no sorrow or fear,
Butterflies whisper secrets only our hearts can hear,
As we dance under a canopy of dreams divine,
My heavenly love, forever yours and you're forever mine.

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7 Tips For Crafting The Perfect Song Lyrics About Heaven

I am sure I've helped you with the basic lyrics, but you're gonna wanna put your personality all over it! Here are some tips to help you do that:

1. Turn to the Scripture for Inspo

1. Turn to the Scripture for Inspo

Before you start scribbling some divine rhymes, consider doing a little research on heaven in the good ol' Holy Bible. After all, what better place to find inspiration than from the scriptures themselves?

Getting your facts straight about meeting St. Peter at the gates or diving into fluffy clouds will be on point.

  • Seek out verses about heaven and eternal life (e.g., Revelations 21:4; John 14:2)
  • Find stories that touch on heaven and its connection to earth (e.g., Jacob's Ladder in Genesis 28:10-22)
  • Explore biblical interpretations of heaven that resonate with you.

Remember, God is watching — so keep it accurate!

2. Get Personal and Reflective About Heaven's Meaning

2. Get Personal and Reflective About Heaven's Meaning

What sets your heavenly lyrics apart from those of countless other tunesmiths? Strong emotions and personal reflections infused into some dope lines can leave a lasting impact.

“My Heaven ain't nothin' without ya by my side / A kingdom full of love but empty if you ain't alive.”

Don't be afraid to dive deep into feelings like loss, redemption, forgiveness and hope – sprinkle a bit of raw emotion into each verse for maximum effect.

And who knows? Your track might just help someone navigate their own thoughts about eternity.

3. Rhythm + Rhyme = Heavenly Rap-ture!

3. Rhythm + Rhyme = Heavenly Rap-ture!

You want listeners to vibe with your song from start to finish – so keep things interesting! Some suggestions:

  • Mix up rhythm patterns within verses or chorus sections.
  • Experiment with internal rhymes, alliteration, and assonance for a creative flair.
  • Use wordplay and puns to keep your track fresh and entertaining.

Heavenly lyrics shouldn't bore – get them dancing through the pearly gates with your unique flow!

4. Collaborate With Fellow Angels

4. Collaborate With Fellow Angels

Who said writing lyrics about heaven had to be a solo gig? A session of brainstorming with other creatives could skyrocket your song's potential.

  • Jam with fellow musicians who share your passion for heavenly tunes.

*Bonus tip: Working with artists from different genres can offer fresh perspectives and hooks you may have never considered.

After all, “in heaven, they say / ain't no solo stage.”

5. Keep It Real While Reeling In The Listeners

5. Keep It Real While Reeling In The Listeners

While floating on clouds sounds blissful, avoid making your lyrics too abstract or unrelatable. Your audience needs something they can feel connected to even if there's a cosmic twist.

“We were just kids when we first locked eyes / Now we're dancin' ‘cross the sky.”

Personal stories can help bridge the gap between celestial themes and earthly sentiments — don't shy away from incorporating real-life experiences in creative ways!

6. Take Your Lyrics For A Heavenly Test Drive

6. Take Your Lyrics For A Heavenly Test Drive

You've written some amazing verses about the great beyond — now let them soar! As you perform your track in front of others (or even on social media), pay attention to any bits that need fine-tuning:

  • A line that doesn't quite land right?
  • An awkward transition into the chorus?
  • A verse that doesn't flow the way you thought it would?

Use this feedback to make your song even more heavenly.

7. Don't Forget To Have Fun!

7. Don't Forget To Have Fun!

Writing and performing lyrics about heaven can be a joyous, uplifting experience — so don't stress too much about creating perfection.

Remember why you started this journey in the first place: to explore eternal themes that inspire, uplift, and most importantly, connect us all.

Now go forth, future lyric master – spread some heavenly vibes through your dope rhymes!

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