11 Full Song Lyrics About Autumn

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11 Full Song Lyrics About Autumn


Song Lyrics About Autumn

No, no, these lyrics were not written by Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
Crisp leaves under my stilettos, //
Twilight glow and autumnal echoes, //
Burnished golds, reds, and deep Bordeaux, //
This fall season sets my heart aglow. //

The smoky air whispers your name, //
Reminding me of our love's sacred flame. //
Sunlight fades but our passion remains, //
In autumn's chill, it’s love we reclaim. //

We are falling like the leaves, //
Autumn’s symphony wrapped up in a breeze. //
Our love story penned on parchment trees, //
Fall season's rhythm is all we need. //

(Verse 2)
In the rustling winds of October night,//
Our bodies blend in the dappled light.//
Harvest moon watching our love ignite, //
In the arms of fall we take flight. //

The scent of cinnamon in your kiss,//
Our tender moments I wouldn't want to miss.
Underneath the amber bliss,
It's you in autumn I reminisce.

We are falling like the leaves, //
With an ardor only fall perceives.
Lit by fireflies and lantern sheaves,
Autumn love that never deceives.

(Verse 3)
This season dressed in pumpkin spice,//
Drunk on your laugh – oh so nice.
Every shared glance a roll of dice,
In this autumnscape where love suffices.

Gloves clasped tight under falling stars;
As crisp apples gathered into jars.
Beneath Orion’s belt and gentle Mars;
This sweet surrender is eternally ours.

We are falling like the leaves,
Woven together like autumnal sleeves.
With every whisper that fall retrieves,
It’s us against a world that grieves.

Through each stage – winter, spring to summer’s thrall;
But it’s in autumn where we rise and fall.
Hand-in-hand as temperatures stall,
Our hearts dancing through Autumn's ball.

21 Savage-Style

Song Lyrics About Autumn

(Verse 1)//
Fall in the air, leaves on the ground, //
Chasing that paper, chasing that crown. //
Summer's all faded, winter around, //
21 Savage ain't never gonna back down. //

Days getting shorter, nights coming fast, //
Memories of my struggles buried in the past. //
Autumn's here homie, summer didn't last, //
Ghost of my past asking for a pass. //

In this autumn haze, steady getting paid, //
Cold world baby but I'm still self-made. //
From Zone 6 to worldwide stage,
Hatin' on me? Turn the page. //

(Verse 2)//
Windows down, Autumn breeze, //
Getting it done with consummate ease. //
Remembering where I started please,
Now haters bowin' on their knees.

Orange skies and trees shedding leaves,
From Forest Houses to Beverly Hills keys.
Hustling every day like Atlas with his sleeves,
On top of the game but you thought I'd freeze.

In this autumn haze, counting up my days,
Been through hell but I'm unfazed.
Every season we still blaze,
21 Savage – remember these days.

In this concrete jungle calling Autumn home, //
Where Rari’s and rolex reigns and dreamers roam.
Ain't soft like a poem, more like chrome
Just another fall day in my zone.

(Chorus – Outro)
, no more rainy days
Escaping to brighter rays.
They can't believe how far we've came,
Fall feelings under the fame.

Autumn vibes they might change
But one thing constant is my name
Ask about me; “21 Savage”,
Only victory in this game.

Taylor Swift-Style

Song Lyrics About Autumn

If you would rather Taylor Swift’s style, you will love these lyrics:

(Verse 1)
Beneath a thousand autumn leaves, //
The world quiets down, the crickets cease. //
The moon sneaks out through branches worn, //
And autumn whispers, “a new dawn is born.” //

Autumn in air, sweet and cold, //
Sweaters enfold, stories untold. //
Drunk on the fragrance of ripe pumpkin pies, //
And your love in my eyes, beneath autumn's skies. //

(Verse 2)
An orange canvas paints the town, //
The autumn winds softly rustle down. //
Barefoot on carpets of amber and red, //
Your memory lingers, in every word unsaid. //

Lost in the maze of cornfields high, //
Moon-lit strolls under the pumpkin sky. //
We wrote our dreams on falling leaves, //
Autumn love, do you remember these? //

Scarves embrace us tight and close; it's like they know,//
Snowflakes soon will steal autumn's glow. //
But as long as I have your hand to hold,//
I'll never mind if the days grow cold.

(Outro/Ending verse)
Heartbeats echo among fallen leaves,//
In this season that arrives then flees//
But each whispering wind of fall believes,//
That our love is warmer than autumn eves.//

Drake-Style Song Lyrics About Autumn

Song Lyrics About Autumn

(Verse 1)
Autumn leaves fallin', concrete's their coffin, //
Like my opposition, they fall and soften, //
Peep the transition, winter's often knockin', //
But till it's in my sight, Ain’t no option for stoppin'. //

Riding through the east side, black hoodie season, //
All this pumpkin spice lingo, I don't see the reason, //
Yellow, red hues got the trees misbehavin', //
I stay on my grind though, ain't no time for gazin'. //

Ran from cold nights now I'm bathing in gold lights, //
21 Savage with the flow so tight. //

Autumn breeze chillin ‘, got my heart stealin', //
Savage life livin', gotta make a killin'. //

(Verse 2)
Nights gettin' colder but my blood runnin' hotter, //
Building up an empire like a devoted potter. //
My thoughts leaf littered with regrets and pain, //
But like fallen leaves they’ll fertilize my gain. //

The harvest moon is stunting like a mirror to my soul,//
Remind me of nights when I was out of control.//
Now I transform thoughts into money not feelings,//
Layer by layer peeling revealing how I make these millions.//

Autumn breeze chillin ‘, got my heart stealin',//
Savage life livin', gotta make a killin'. //

So as we step into autumn let's remember our hustle,//
Just like those leaves falling, life’s an ongoing tussle,//
Once green now brown still they paint a bright scene,//
Stay real stay 21 Savage go chase that dream.//

Justin Bieber-Style

Song Lyrics About Autumn

How about Justin Bieber inspired song lyrics instead?

(Verse 1) //
Baby, it's that season, leaves are fallin', //
We're still standing here, love is calling. //
Coffee in our hands, we’re staring at the hues,//
Autumn’s here and I’m still in love with you. //

(Chorus) //
Let's dance under the autumn rain, just me and you, //
In this sweater weather cuddled up with a view. //
We’re falling like leaves in November,//
Forget our pasts it’s an autumn we’ll remember. //

(Verse 2) //
Crimson colors painting the skyline,//
Your hazel eyes reflecting it oh so fine.//
Pumpkin spice on your lips, babe it’s true,//
Every piece of this autumn reminds me of you.//

(Chorus) //
Let's get lost in all these changing colors,//
Uncovering layers of us like no others.//
We’ll ignite a flame that fights off the shiver,//
This love will last longer than an autumn river.//

Now I lay with you under the chestnut tree,//
Your warmth keeping away autumn's melancholy breeze.//
As each leaf falls we make a promise anew,//
Just like the seasons baby I'll keep changing for you.//

Still dancing through life beneath these fading skies,//
In your arms there’s a warmth that never dies.//
Love’s falling deeper than the crimson and golds,//
Autumn memories being stories we told.

So as our favorite season draws to an end//
I know with certainty that every corner we'll bend,//
Will lead back to this autumn love, so wild and free – //
Our hearts forever dyed in fall’s beautiful tapestry.


Song Lyrics About Autumn

Have a read of these and see if we captured Rihanna’s vibe accurately? You should be able to taste the Bajan flavor as you sing the lyrics, lol.

(Verse 1) //
Breeze whispers through the crimson trees, //
Autumn's secret, only for those who believe. //
Sunset kisses on pumpkin cheeks, //
Falling leaves are telling tales, freedom they seek. //

(Verse 2) //
Underneath a harvest moon, shadows play, //
Memories of summer love begin to fade away. //
Sweaters tight, coziness inside this night, //
Drinking apple cider ‘neath the candlelight. //

(Verse 3) //
Hickory smoke, warms the heart's desire, //
As the world slows down with autumn's fire. //
Wrapped in plaid beneath the stars' choirs,//
Embracing fall like an intimate lover's quiet sighs.

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Tips For Crafting The Perfect Song Lyrics About Autumn

I am sure I've helped you with the basic lyrics, but you're gonna wanna put your personality all over it! Here are some tips to help you do that:

1. Embrace the Fall Vibes

Autumn is a season full of sensory delights. From the crisp air that fills your lungs to the rustling leaves underfoot, there's a wealth of inspiration to tap into. Start your creative process by immersing yourself in these fall vibes.
Cozy up in your favorite sweater (the cozier, the better), light a cinnamon candle and sip on some warm apple cider while you jot down ideas. If you're really feeling it, throw in some pumpkin carving for good measure. The key here is to live and breathe autumn as you write about it.

2. Harness Nature's Beauty

Autumn is nature's grand finale – it's when we get to witness the leaves change from lush green to vibrant hues of orange, red and gold before they take that final float in the breeze.
Incorporate this colorful foliage into your lyrics, painting vivid pictures with your words that will transport your listeners right into this picturesque setting.

3. Play with Symbolism

Fall isn't just about pumpkin spice lattes and hayrides (as delightful as those are). It also has deep symbolic significance, often representing change, harvest or preparation for what's ahead.
Use these themes as metaphors within your song lyrics. Maybe the Autumnal equinox isn't just about shorter days but could symbolize a shift in a relationship or personal growth.

4. Capture Autumn Nostalgia

Think back to those misty mornings wrapped in warm blankets, or evenings spent by bonfires under golden sunlight.
Tapping into nostalgia can create an emotional connection with your audience.
Who knows? That memory of kicking through piles of rustling leaves on a walk back from the farmers market might just be the perfect verse for your song.

5. Use Sensory Words

Great lyrics engage all five senses and autumn offers plenty of sensory experiences! Smell that pumpkin spice in the air? Feel those cozy sweaters against your skin? Hear that crunch of leaves underfoot?
Detailed sensory words will add depth and authenticity to your lyrics.

6. Experiment with Structure

Don't be afraid to play around with structure when writing song lyrics about autumn.

Perhaps each verse could represent a different aspect of fall – one for the changing landscape, one for cozy indoor activities (think cinnamon candles), and one for fun outdoor adventures like hayrides or pumpkin carving.

7. Keep it Authentic

Last but not least, keep it real! Write from personal experience and genuine emotions.
Remember how you feel when fall arrives – that first sip of apple cider or how cozy it feels when you pull out those warm blankets again.
Your genuine love for autumn should shine through every word.

With these tips at hand, you'll be penning some kickass song lyrics about autumn before those leaves even hit the ground!

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