Music Production

Music production is a wide topic. It is the process of creating, refining, and fixing recorded music for distribution, whether digitally or physically. 

It involves various stages, including songwriting, composition, sound design, recording, mixing, and mastering audio

If you are an aspiring music producer, here is everything you need to know about music production.

What Does a Music Producer Do?

music producer in the studio

A music producer, also less-commonly known as (in modern day music, for obvious reasons) a record producer, is responsible for overseeing the entire creative process of recording a song or album. 

Producers work with artists to bring their vision to life and guide their sound along the way. 

The role of a music producer can vary in depth and scope, but typically involves making the beat, hands-on oversight of recording sessions, ensuring artists deliver acceptable performances, supervising the technical engineering of the recording, and coordinating the production team and process. 

Here are some of the key responsibilities of a music producer today:

  • Producing The Beat/Instrumental: The most common identity and what people think of when they hear the term “music producer”, is the indie person who made and tweaks the beat.
  • Assisting with the recording project: A music producer assists an artist with their recording project, bringing their vision to fruition and guiding their sound along the way.
  • Providing creative and technical leadership: Although the producer is not ALWAYS the engineer, but if they are on the buttons, they will also be the overall supervisor throughout the recording process.
  • Capturing the artist’s idea: Producers provide stability throughout the recording process, making necessary adaptations for the good of the track. It isn’t all just about making a flat beat and sending it to a singer or rapper. At the top level, it is a symbiotic relationship between music producer and vocal artist.
  • Providing expert critique and coaching: The vocal producer or vocal arranger aids vocal performance via expert critique and coaching of vocal technique.
  • Directing the overall creative process: The record producer or music producer directs the overall creative process of recording the song in its final mix.

How Is Music Produced?

  • Songwriting and composition: The process of creating the melody, lyrics, and chord progression of a song.
  • Sound design: Choosing the sounds and instruments that will be used in the song.
  • Recording: Capturing the music using via a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) or recording studio.
  • Mixing: The process of combining all the individual tracks of a song into a final stereo mix.
  • Mastering: This is the final step in the music production process, this is seeing the track through to completion, where the final mix is polished and prepared for distribution.

Music production requires a combination of creative and technical skills, including well-developed listening skills, a good handle on recording technology, a deep musical knowledge, and effective project management and leadership skills. 

Thanks to technology, music production is more accessible than ever before, and any musician or artist can set up a home studio and get started producing music.

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Music Producer Plugins & Samples

Plugins and samples are the bread and butter for music producers.

Here is a breakdown of what they do:

Plugins (VSTs):

  • A plugin is a small software program that runs inside of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) such as Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live, Pro Tools or FL Studio.
  • Plugins can be effects (compressor, EQ, etc.), MIDI effects, sample player engines, or synthesizers.
  • Plugins can be used to create unique sounds and effects that are not available in the DAW’s built-in plugins.
  • There are many different plugin formats, but the most common is VST (Virtual Studio Technology) .


  • A sample is a snippet of audio that can be used in music production.
  • Samples can be individual drum hits, short instrumental melodies, entire tracks, or rhythmic loops.
  • Samples can be used to create new music by repurposing existing audio.
  • Samples can be found in sample packs, soundsets, and sample libraries.
  • Royalty-free samples can be used in music production without legal issues.
  • Organizing samples is critical to optimizing workflow as a music producer.
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