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AI Rap Lyrics Generator

What Is The AI Rap Lyrics Generator?

The Industry Hackerz AI Rap Lyrics Generator uses artificial intelligence to generate fresh, creative and industry-ready rap lyrics.

It analyses a wide range of rap styles and linguistic patterns to create lyrics that are tailored to your request and subject.

You can use this tool to generate new, original rap song lyrics in seconds!

Then, you can focus on other aspects of the song, like fine-tuning the flow and delivery.

Here are some examples of our tools AI generated rap lyrics:

How Does The AI Rap Lyrics Generator Work?

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The Industry Hackerz AI Rap Lyrics Generator uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to analyze and understand the structure and flow of rap lyrics based on a database of top artists.

It then uses this information to generate new lyrics that may follow a similar style, flow and cadence to the input it has studied.

Again, this is done with the help of trained models and the most recent dataset that is available (music up to the year 2022).

Our tool is able to understand rhyme schemes, sentence structure, and other linguistic patterns commonly found in rap lyrics. It can then use this understanding to generate original lyrics.

All you need to do is add some instructions…

How Our Lyrics Generator Works

Do I Need To Worry About Plagiarism With Rap Lyrics Generators?

No need to worry about plagiarism when using the rap lyrics generator – the content generated is all algorithmic-based, so it's not actually copying any existing content.

The lyrics generated are your own and even if you request for them to be written in the tone of your favorite artist, they are just that, the tone and not lyrics.

Rap Lyric Generator Prompt Ideas

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21 Savage?

Cardi B?


rap lyrics like drake
rap lyrics like kendrick

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A feeling?

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Rap AI Lyrics Generator

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AI Generated Rap Lyrics

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Time To Practice!

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10 Tips For Learning Your Rap Lyrics & How To Flow Like A Pro!

llustration of a dimly lit hip urban setting with graffiti walls and a vibrant street vibe. Amid the golden haze from streetlights floating symbols Medium
  1. Listen to the beat over and over – Get very familiar with the beat and rhythm before trying to write lyrics. Internalize the flow.
  2. Write lyrics based on rhythm first – Focus on syllables and rhyme scheme before filling in words. Get the flow down pat.
  3. Memorize line-by-line – Don't try to memorize a whole verse at once. Master each line individually first. You don't wanna need to hold your phone up when you spit 👎
  4. Recite out loud – Verbalize your lyrics out loud as you write and practice. Engage your mouth and vocal cords.
  5. Record yourself – Record rehearsals and listen back to improve. Pay attention to areas that feel unnatural.
  6. Annotate lyrics – Mark up rhyme schemes, punchlines, emphasis points to help memorize. Reference annotations when practicing.
  7. Section the lyrics – Break into smaller chunks like lines or 4-bar sections. Perfect each piece before combining.
  8. Use mnemonic devices – Come up with acronyms or associations for tricky lyrics. Create engaging visuals.
  9. Practice consistently – Rehearse lyrics every day for short periods of time rather than cramming. Repetition is key.
  10. Perform live – Test your memorization abilities on stage. The energy and pressure will improve your retention.

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