Rap Lyrics About Dogs: Unique FREE-To-Use Kendrick, J Cole, 21 Savage, Eminem, Drake-Style

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Rap Lyrics About Dogs: Unique FREE-To-Use Kendrick, J Cole, 21 Savage, Eminem, Drake-Style

Kendrick Lamar-Style Rap Lyrics About Dogs

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Now of course, these rap lyrics about dogs were not written by Kendrick himself… But we have used our impressive AI lyric generator to learn his style and attempt to produce lyrics in his flow. Check them out below!

Verse 1:

Uh, chewin' on these beats like a dog with a bone, //
I'm loyal to the mic like I am to my home //
I'm a K Dot dawg, don't you ever forget //
Off the leash in the game and I'm still a threat //

Doggy Dogg world, yeah we barkin' and bitin' //
Top Dawg Entertainment reign's so excitin' //
Got that doggy sense, always sniffing my prey //
Chasin' dreams never lettin’ them get away //

Cross me wrong and I’ll show you no mercy uh huh //
Defending my pack when your intent’s dirty uh huh //
Poodles or pit bulls we all play our part //
In this dog eat dog world where we tear you apart //

Lyrical kibbles ‘n bits for ya canine kinfolk //
Them haters hound every step but never provoke //

J Cole-Style Rap Lyrics About Dogs

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If J Cole's speed is more your steez, you will like these lyrics! Try and rap them with a J Cole flow and see how it goes…
I'm kickin' it with my dogs, no lie, we runnin' deep (runnin' deep) //
Like a pack of wolves, steady howlin', we don't sleep (we don't sleep) //
In the street lights glow, my pups and I ride low (ride low) //
A bond so strong that it's testin' to explode (to explode) //

You ain't ready for this loyalty, hold the fort down (fort down) //
My dogs got my back, growlin', when trouble's in town (it's in town) //
Canine senses like sixth senses, with precision maxed out //
We movin', groovin', communicatin' without a doubt //

See these dogs like , man they mine for life //
Their teeth sharp like switchblades cuttin' through strife //
No literal canines though, just friends tight as glue //
They stay by my side through every storm we walk through //

From German Shepherds to Labradors in my heart (in my heart) //
Pups represent loyalty till death do us part  //
That's unconditional love behind those wagging tails //
A reminder that even in dog days love never fails

21 Savage-Style Rap Lyrics About Dogs

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Can you spit these in a 21 flow? If you think something is missing, you can always generate your own in out free rap lyrics generator app and try those instead.
Yeah, 21, all my dogs be savage //
Got 'em on my team, ain't no average //
Big dogs runnin' like some stallions //
Chewin' up the game like they got talons //

Rock that German Shep, call it uzi //
Pitbull by my side, I'm feelin moody //
Labrador retrievin', never losin' //
Every dog I trust to keep maneuvering //

Hold up dawg, scratch that itch //
All these haters barkin', ain't that rich? //
Furry friends ride or die by the leash //
Attack command trigga', unleash! //

Got them canine homies in the pack //
Roll through life without a slack //
Dogs on my squad we never switch up//
21 Savage and the puppers lit up//

Eminem-Style Rap Lyrics About Dogs

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By no means is this an easy flow to Em-Ulate (see what I did there?) But, in any case, Em's flow is probably the most distinct to try and master.
My dog's a menace, sick of y'all pettin' him like he's Dennis //
A fire hydrant menace, paintin' the town red like Pollock's canvas//

Got a gold chain round his neck, no leash, homie can't be tamed //
Sniffin' out the haters while I'm steady spittin' flames//

Them K-9s got nothin' on mine, yo they ain't royal or legit //
Cause when I roll with my Rover //
He ain't baggin', we be draggin', droppin' tracks that cause a fit//

Slobber to the beat in sync with my rhyme pattern //
The fur flies as we rappin', tails waggin', tongues smacking//

No time for paws in this rap game,//
Climbin' up like Beethoven, doggy fame and fortune be our aim//

Man's best friend or Eminem's worst nightmare //
My loyal companion on this mic – we'll make you sit and stay right there//

Drake-Style Rap Lyrics About Dogs

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We couldn't do type-lyrics without including the man of the decade himself! These Drake Rap lyrics about dogs are just what the doctor ordered.
Uh, yeah, now I'm grown //
Paws on the ground, man, I roam my throne //
But my heart's pure gold //
Runnin' through the yard like it's God's own fold //

That's the sound of royalty //
Nothin' but love for my dogs and loyalty //
Rain or shine, still barking at strangers //
But showin' them love 'cause we're breakin' these chains, yeah //

Catch feelings too though //
But at the end of the day with you I glo’ //
Hotline bling to unwind //
Canine crew steady chasin’ life intertwined //

We're cradlin' a bone //
We stand by each other; none of us feel alone //
Lord bless these paws and this big ol’ heart //
‘Cause there ain’t nothin’ stronger than a dog’s love art.

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Industry Hackerz Tips for crafting the perfect song about dogs:

1. Unleash Your Inner Bark: Embrace the Dog Life

Rap Lyrics About Dogs

Dude, let's keep it real – kickass rap lyrics are all about authenticity. So, if you're gonna rap about your four-legged homies, immerse yourself in their woof-tastic world. Spend some quality time with your furry friends and take inspiration from their unapologetic doggy swag:

  • Observe how they strut their stuff at the park (idgaf vibes, anyone?).
  • Marvel at their loyalty and devotion (ride or die).
  • Witness their boundless energy and enthusiasm (bring that fire on stage!)

2. Let Loose with Wordplay: The Ultimate Dog Treat for Rap Aficionados

Rap Lyrics About Dogs

You know what never gets old? Slick wordplay that keeps 'em hooked with a wagging tail! Whip up dope rhymes and sick puns by playing around with dog-related lingo. Flex lines like:

“Got my crew rollin' deep like a pack of wolves,
You're just a lone bark in the park, tryna play it cool.”

a. Pawesome Metaphors & Analogies

Weave metaphors and analogies into your verses to paint vivid imagery that hits home like a sly dog sneaking treats.

“Climbing my way up in this game like a husky on ice,
Y'all chasing dreams while I'm chasing life.”

b. Mix Breed References & Personality Traits

Add some trivia to your lyrics by mentioning specific breeds and their unique traits to connect with different dog lovers and elevate your rhymes.

“Spitting rhymes like a German Shepard, the K9 of rap,
Lyrics bite so hard like a Pitbull on the attack.”

3. Lead the Pack: Share Their Stories and Struggles

Rap Lyrics About Dogs

Every dog has a tale (pun alert!), and it's time to share them through your rhymes. Whether it's about adoption, overcoming obstacles, or living that lavish dog life, make it captivating:

“Once abandoned in the rain, now my pup wears designer chains,
Went from searching for scraps to serving caviar on planes.”

4. A Natural Collaboration: Pairing with Other Rappers

Rap Lyrics About Dogs

Kickass rap lyrics about dogs call for collabs with fellow rappers who relate to your cause. Combine your skills and feel that brotherly love when writing together:

“Dogfather in the house, with my main man Snoop,
Puttin' paws together like a Wu-Tang Canine Group.”

5. Create an Unforgettable Hook: The Obedience Training of Rap

Rap Lyrics About Dogs

A catchy hook is like an obedient dog – always there and never strays far from your side. Make sure your hook sticks around with memorable lines:

“Bow-wow-wow yippee-yo yippee-yay,
We're the top dogs rappin' here today!”

6. Social Awareness: Speak Up Against Animal Cruelty

Rap Lyrics About Dogs

Your lyrics can make a powerful statement by raising awareness about animal cruelty and promoting kindness toward our canine companions.

“Yo, this goes out to all my pups in cages,
Fightin' for survival, let's break the chains of ages.”

7. Promote Dog Adoption: Make Room for Rap's Furriest Fans

Rap Lyrics About Dogs

Put your influence to good use by rapping about dog adoption and share a message that makes a real impact:

“If you ain't got a pup, better check your local shelter
Share the love; don't make them wait much longer!”

There you have it! Now you're ready to put together some kickass rap lyrics about dogs and blow minds with your doggy-style rhymes. Grab the mic, unleash your inner bark, and rock that stage!

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