Rap Lyrics About Drip: Unique FREE-To-Use Kendrick, J Cole, 21 Savage, Eminem, Drake-Style

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Rap Lyrics About Drip: Unique FREE-To-Use Kendrick, J Cole, 21 Savage, Eminem, Drake-Style

Kendrick Lamar-Style Rap Lyrics About Drip

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Nope, these rap lyrics about drip were not written by Kendrick Lamar himself… But we have used our impressive song lyrics generator to learn his flow and replicate his style!

Check them out below!

I be drippin' off the edge, call it condensation //
K Dot style, bring that rain with no hesitation //
Drip so strong, they say I cause precipitation //
Transform the booth into a weather station //

Ripplin' waves, my flow's tsunami in this game //
Diamond droplets crashin', don't need to wear a chain //
Catch me skippin' on puddles when I illustrate my brain //
Olympic gold in every verse like Usain reign //

My drip avalanche leaving yo' career froze //
Ice cold lyrics shatter speakers as they compose //
I flood the city with every rhyme that I expose //
Submerge your doubts until you feel it in your toes //

No umbrella needed for this downpour of my gifts //
I'm quenching y'all's thirst like Kendrick's poetic rifts //
Take a sip from my drip, elevate through the mists- //
Hydro-powered artistry will make sure I persist

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J Cole-Style Rap Lyrics About Drip

jcole Medium

If J Cole's lyrical prowess is more your style, you will love these lyrics! Try and spit them with a J Cole flow and see how it goes…

Uh, drip so cold, can't deny //
I'm on fire like a comet in the sky //
Not talkin' 'bout ice, but my inner light //
Sparklin', show y'all there's a reason why //

Y'all chase the materials, go insane //
But I got this drip from within, maintain //
While you on that Gucci and Louis lane //
I'm deep in my mind, exploring mental terrain //

And that's where I found it, this inner wealth //
Drippin' with knowledge worth more than any belt //
Some call it arrogance or a sense of self-love //
But ain't no shame when you're rising above //

Don't need diamond chains to shine and glisten //
The right kind of drip is what you've been missin' //
Yeah, I got vision while y'all still wishing //
Just open your mind to see what we've been dishin'

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21 Savage-Style Rap Lyrics About Drip

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You already know how much 21 Savage references himself in his adlibs…

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Verse: //

Drip so hard, make the faucet jealous //
21 Savage from the jungle, can you smell us? //
All this ice on me like a polar bear fell in love with Elvis //
My drip so heavy, Texas flood mistaken for my presence //

Ballin' like I'm Jell-O, but my flow iced out like a relic //
Diamonds dancin', mirror shatters, cause they got that bounce //
Young savage on the beat, I was raised by wolves not no house //
Drip or drown when I step in town; opponents quiver and cower //

Flexin' hard but silent moves make 'em feel the power //
Wrist so cold icebergs be tryna claim it as their home//
My neck game too fire though; they retreat to Arctic zone//
Been drippin' pure gold ever since my feet first hit the floor//

Fashion killas up in London tryna cop my wardrobe//
YSL on this body only wear exclusive fits//
No handouts here except for jewelry when it glistens //

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Eminem-Style Rap Lyrics About Drip

 Eminem-Style Rap Lyrics About Drip

By no means is this an easy flow to Em-Ulate (see what I did there?) But, in any case, Em's flow is probably the most distinct to try and master.

Uh, yeah, my drip's a faucet, never pausin' //
I'm the one they call when they need that hardcore caution //
Ice on my neck, yeah, it's freezin' like Aspen //
Never slippin', always trippin', lettin' the money come crashin' //

These rhymes I'm pumpin', like a flood in the streets //
Got 'em runnin' for their lives, they can't handle my beat //
Every bar I spit is like a wave I create //
Drippin' with conviction, no way to escape //

Can't tame this flood of talent, it's runnin' wild //
Eminem with that drip, always versatile //
Feelin' like Moses parting seas when I walk in,//
But ain't no dry land here, just flow that keeps talkin'.//

Yeah, I'm bringing down thunderstorms and hurricanes//
Drown opponents in this game, watch me change lanes//
I don't need a puddle jumper,
I'm swimmin' with sharks//
That Em drip unstoppable,
brighter than an arc.

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Drake-Style Rap Lyrics About Drip

drake rap lyrics about drip Medium

We couldn't do type-lyrics without including the man of the time himself! These Drake rap lyrics about drip are just what the engineer ordered.

Uh, yeah, I got that drip like a faucet //
In my zone, can't nobody ever stop this //
I wear my heart on my sleeve like a wristwatch //
But the ice on me cold, making time stop //

I be cruising in my ride, paint wet, no drought //
Money flowing like the Nile when I step out //
Dripping with success, I'm feeling so blessed //
Never less than the best, yeah they know who's next //

Riding through the city with that 6 upside down //
I got that Toronto drip, swagger renowned //
Rocking OVO 'til my very last breath //
No reservations in this life or death //

My energy contagious, spilling champagne wishes //
Got these haters whispering while they steady doin' dishes //
The way I ball out is just relentless //
Born in the sauce, baptized by riches.

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7 Tips For Crafting The Perfect Song And rap lyrics about drip

I am sure I've helped you with the basic lyrics, but you're gonna want to put your personality all over it! Here are some tips to help you do that:

1. Make the Drip a Vivid Character

drip and swagger industry hackerz character Medium

When writing dope rap lyrics about drip, it's essential to create a vivid and memorable character out of the concept itself.

Treat the drip like it's an entity with its own unique personality and attributes.

This will not only make your rap more engaging but also help you unleash your creative juices as you come up with fresh ideas and metaphors.

For example, consider describing the drip as if it were a living being with emotions, desires, and secrets:

“Drip got a soul, yeah she icy cold,
Steppin' on the scene, turnin' heads when she stroll. “

By giving life to your subject matter, you'll capture your audience's imagination and keep them hooked throughout your lyrics.

2. Set Your Drip Apart

set your drip apart

In order to create some truly dope rap lyrics on this topic, you need to showcase how your drip sets you apart from everyone else in the game. You can do this by detailing what makes your style unique or by simply bragging about your ability to pull off flashy fits.

For instance:

“My drip too sick – I bring that swag infection,
Flex so hard my wardrobe deserves protection.”

Just remember that confidence is key – don't be afraid to flaunt what makes you stand out!

3. Mix Up Your Rhyme Schemes

drip song lyrics visual graphic

Writing dope drip song lyrics calls for variety in rhyme schemes. Using different rhyme patterns can keep your audience engaged while showcasing your lyrical prowess on this hot topic.

Consider spicing things up by employing a combination of:

  • End rhymes: “Dripping gold, making bold statements”
  • Internal rhymes: “The line with shine, intertwined with my grind”
  • Slant rhymes: “Cold wrist, my ice can't resist”

Experiment with different rhyme schemes as you write about your drip, but remember to keep the flow smooth and natural.

4. Incorporate Alliteration and Assonance

To create a memorable and catchy rap about drip, incorporate alliteration and assonance in your lyrics. These poetic devices will make your verses instantly recognizable while giving them a slicker flow.

For example, try some alliteration like:

“Diamonds dancin', drippin' like a disco ball”

Or use assonance for a smoother sound:

“Ice on the chain makin' that bling sing”

Adding these stylistic elements to your lyrics allows you to show off your skills while reinforcing the thematic focus on drip.

5. Play With Wordplay

DALL·E 2023 10 14 10.36.30 Illustration of a dimly lit elite basketball court in the city. Amid the golden haze from floodlights a silhouette of a rapper plays a solo game dr

Remember, when writing dope rap lyrics about drip, it's essential to showcase your cleverness with witty wordplay that intrigues or amuses the listener. This can include:

  • Puns: “My style is fluid; you can call me Dr-IP”
  • Double entendres: (“My wrist a glacier – so cold it need cashmere”)

Whether it's making light of this flashy subject matter or simply demonstrating your linguistic capabilities, using wordplay effectively will keep listeners tuned in.

6. Use Imagery to Paint a Picture

artist painting drip lyrics canvas

In order for listeners to appreciate how truly dripping in finesse you are, be sure to paint detailed pictures of specific elements throughout your lyrics. Use vibrant descriptions of:

  • Your clothing: “Velvet loafers, Gucci coat, yeah I'm floating”
  • Accessories: “My shades cost more than your monthly rent”
  • The scene: “Champagne splashes, diamond dashes in the club light”

By taking the time to create striking images of your drip, you'll captivate the listener's imagination and keep them coming back for more.

7. Don't Forget the Hook

Make sure your drip rap has a catchy hook that encapsulates the essence of the subject matter.

For example:

“Drip too hard, can't contain it,
Swag so fresh like I just got it painted.”

Having an unforgettable hook will ensure that even after hearing your rap just once, listeners won't be able to shake those dope lyrics from their minds any time soon.

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