Imagine Dragons Record Label: Who Are They Signed To? 2024 Deal Info & Past Contracts

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Imagine Dragons Record Label: Who Are They Signed To? 2024 Deal Info & Past Contracts

Who Are Imagine Dragons Signed To?

Universal Music Group:

Universal Music Group:

Imagine Dragons are signed with the Universal Music Group. They owned the music of Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons have become one of the most popular and captivating rock bands in the world over the past five years.

Artist Background: Imagine Dragons's Previous Record Labels & Contracts

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KIDinaKORNER is also a record label where the group was signed. Alexander “Alex da Kid” Grant, a British music producer and songwriter, created Kidinakorner, an American record label, in 2011.

A record label, music publishing, commercial production, and a marketing firm are all part of the business. The organization is home to a number of well-known musical bands, such as Imagine Dragons and X Ambassadors.

Awards: Imagine Dragons's Achievements

Awards: Imagine Dragons's Achievements

Three American Music Awards, nine Billboard Music Awards, a Grammy, an MTV Video Music Award, and a World Music Award have all been won by Imagine Dragons. The group received 14 Billboard Music Award nominations in May 2014, including Top Artist of the Year and a Milestone Award, which honors innovation and ingenuity among musicians working in many genres.

The band received 11 further nominations for Billboard Music Awards in April 2018.

One of the best-selling musicians in the world, Imagine Dragons has sold more than 75 million CDs worldwide. They received the most Spotify streams in 2018.

How Did Imagine Dragons Get Famous?

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Drummer Andrew Tolman and lead singer Dan Reynolds met when enrolled as undergraduates at Brigham Young University in 2008. Andrew Beck, Dave Lemke, and Aurora Florence were chosen by Reynolds and Tolman to play guitar, bass, and piano, respectively, in their band.

The group's name is an anagram of a saying that is only known to its members, and according to Reynolds, all of the members liked it. The group of five put out an extended play that year called Speak to Me, but Beck and Florence quit the group later in the year.

In 2009, Tolman enlisted Wayne Sermon, a longtime high school friend and Berklee College of Music alumnus, to play guitar. Later, Tolman enlisted his wife, Brittany Tolman, to play the keyboard and sing backup, and the group started performing together once more.

Later, after Lemke departed the group, Sermon found another Berklee music student named Ben McKee to fill Lemke's position and complete the lineup.

Before moving to Las Vegas, the hometown of Dan Reynolds, the band developed a sizable fan base in their native Provo, Utah. There, they recorded and published their first three EPs.

Both the band's self-titled EP Imagine Dragons and Hell and Silence, which were both produced at Battle Born Studios in Las Vegas, were released on September 1, 2009, and March 10, 2010, respectively.

When Train leader Pat Monahan became ill right before the Bite of Las Vegas Festival in 2009, they received their big break. In their place, Imagine Dragons played in front of more than 26,000 spectators.

The band's upward trajectory was aided by local honors such as “Best CD of 2011” (Vegas SEVEN), “Best Local Indie Band 2010” (Las Vegas Weekly), “Las Vegas' Newest Must See Live Act” (Las Vegas CityLife), “Vegas Music Summit Headliner 2010,” and more.

They partnered with Interscope Records in November 2011 and started working with Alex da Kid, an English producer who had won a Grammy. The Tolmans eventually disbanded the crew. Prior to the band's label signing, Ben McKee hired Daniel Platzman and Theresa Flaminio in August 2011.

Does Imagine Dragons Write Their Own Songs?

Imagine Dragons write their own songs. In one of their interviews, they said that most songs begin with a demo that was written by one or two band members.

We'll write literally a hundred songs before gathering them all together to determine which ones the group responds to the most. When we begin putting the tracks together, those songs start to come to life.

What is Imagine Dragons's Net Worth?

It is expected that Imagine Dragon's net worth is at $36.5 million. Imagine Dragons is a musician, actor, and composer who was born. The alternative rock group Imagine Dragons hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. Drummer Daniel Platzman, bassist Ben McKee, guitarist Wayne Sermon, and frontman Dan Reynolds make up the band.

They have two studio albums out as of 2015. Their debut studio album, “Night Visions,” was released in September 2012, and their follow-up, “Smoke + Mirrors,” was made available in February 2015.

Other Artists Signed To Universal Music Group

Taylor Swift, BTS, Lady Gaga, Seventeen, and other big names are under the Universal Music Group.

Does Imagine Dragons Own Their Masters?

Imagine Dragons, a multi-platinum, Grammy-winning pop/rock band, has bought the back catalog for Concord. According to insiders with knowledge of a fiercely contested industry bidding war for Imagine Dragons' back catalog, Concord definitely paid more than $100 million before sealing the transaction.

According to MBW, Concord has permanently acquired both the co-publishing share and the writer's portion of the catalog. Universal Music Publishing Group owns the remaining co-publishing share and will continue to serve as the catalog's current administrator.

To stay up to date with Imagine Dragons be sure to follow the official Imagine Dragons Twitter Page and the Imagine Dragons Youtube Channel for all of the latest Imagine Dragons events!

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