Gabby Barrett Record Label: Who Is She Signed To? 2024 Deal Info & Past Contracts

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Gabby Barrett Record Label: Who Is She Signed To? 2024 Deal Info & Past Contracts

Who is Gabby Barrett Signed To?

Warner Music Nashville:

Warner Music Nashville:

“I Hope,” which was co-written by Jon Nite and Zachary Kale and co-produced by Ross Copperman and Zachary Kale, was independently released by Barrett in 2019.

In May 2019, she appeared on the 17th season of American Idol and sang the song. Music labels took notice of the song, and after Barrett's performance, she revealed on stage that she had signed with Warner Music Nashville.

Artist Background: Gabby Barrett's Previous Record Labels & Contracts

Artist Background: Gabby Barrett's Previous Record Labels & Contracts
Anon (2022). Barrett singing during American Idol Live! 2018. (2022). Retrieved from….jpg

Barrett does not have any previous record label deals. Warner Music Nashville is her first record label deal. Until now, she is with Warner Music Nashville.

Awards: Gabby Barrett's Achievements

Awards: Gabby Barrett's Achievements

On the 16th season of American Idol, she came in third. Her debut single, “I Hope,” became the first unaccompanied woman to enter the top 10 Hot Country Songs since October 2017.

It reached the top three of the Billboard Hot 100 and received a 6 Platinum certification from the RIAA. In June 2020, her debut album Goldmine was made available.

Barrett has been dubbed “country music's next female superstar” by Country Now. She also has 30 nominations under her name. She won 9 of them.

How Did Gabby Barrett Get Famous?

Gabby Barrett began performing live at age nine and doing shows at age eleven. She had a successful run in the 2014 Kean Quest Talent Search.

When she was 14, her father encouraged her to join the Lamb of God Christian Ministries in Homestead, Pennsylvania where she sang in a choir made up entirely of people of color.

Barrett then applied to the 16th season of American Idol, which was being held in Nashville, Tennessee. She advanced to the finale before being eliminated.

After American Idol, Barrett worked with songwriter and producer Allen Foster to write the songs “Fireflies,” “Your Name On It,” and “Missin' Love” for her extended play The Fireflies.

In 2019, she independently released the song “I Hope,” which was co-written by Zachary Kale and Jon Nite and produced by Ross Copperman and Zachary Kale. In May of that year, she performed the song on American Idol's 17th season.

Does Gabby Barrett Write Her Own Songs?

Yes. She writes the lyrics to her own songs. She also collaborates with other artists to create the lyrics of some of her songs.

Her hit song “I Hope” is a collaboration between her, Zach Kale, and Jon Nite. Her influence and writing skills are clearly evident in the songs that she creates and performs.

What is Gabby Barrett's Net Worth?

The estimated value of Gabby Barrett's net worth is $1.5 million. As an American singer, influencer, and businesswoman, Gabby makes a life.

She became well-known after finishing as the second runner-up of American Idol's 16th season. Among the top three songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart was her debut single as well.

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Does Gabby Barrett Own Her Masters?

Gabby Barrett does not own the masters of her music, which is typically the situation for musicians. Instead of them owning their recordings, they are owned by the record label to which they are signed.

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