11 Full Song Lyrics About Love

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11 Full Song Lyrics About Love

Beyoncé-Style Song Lyrics About Love

Song Lyrics About Love

No, no, these lyrics were not written by Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
Caught in the rhythm of your heartbeat, //
In the melody that’s so sweet, //
Sometimes love is a symphony, oh baby, //
In your arms is where I find my beat. //

Fragments of your love like a masterpiece, //
Coloring my world, bringing me peace. //
Every touch an echo of a gentle whisper, //
In this dance with you, I'm the keep. //

We're writing our own song, //
With every word and note where we belong. //
Melodies entwined in rhyme; in retrospect, //
It's the Sweetest Love Song, our duet…our duet. //

(Verse 2)
We're not just lovers but friends at heart,//
Building bridges when worlds seem apart. //
Your voice is my compass through every trial,//
On this journey together mile after mile.//

I see constellations in your eyes, //
Navigating love under starry skies. //
Your touch speaks volumes that words can't say,//
In this language of us – there's no other way.

We're writing our own song,//
With every word and note where we belong.//
Melodies intertwined in rhyme; in retrospect,//
It's our Sweetest Love Song, our duet…our duet.

(Verse 3)
Together we rise with the morning sun,//
A new day of love has just begun.//
Your laughter is my favorite tune,//
Take my hand; we'll dance to the moon.

Like lyrics carved into an ancient stone,//
Our love story stands uniquely alone.
Through every joy and even sorrow too,//
Here’s to forever with a love that’s true.

We're writing our own song,//
With every lyric and key where we belong.//
Melodies intertwined in rhyme; retrospect;//
Here it is—the Sweetest Love Song, perfect…so perfect.

21 Savage-Style Song Lyrics About Love

Song Lyrics About Love

(Verse 1)
Been on the grind, but your love makes me pause,//
Got bandos but it's you I'm all about,//
Brown skin shinin' like that VVS frost,//
Your Love savage, got me feeling bossed,//

(Lyrics Hook)
I ain't 21 without yuh, babe you a diamond rare,//
In the dark, you my flare, babe no cap, on God I swear.//

(Verse 2)
Fell for your vibe before I touched that physique,//
Your mind is an island, wanna explore every peak.//
Gat in my pocket but your love is my shield,//
Bullets of passion this heart can’t conceal.//

(Lyrics Hook)
I ain't 21 without yuh, babe you a diamond rare,//
In the dark, you my flare, babe no cap, on God I swear.//

(Verse 3)
Took down ops, faced foes,//
But your eyes? They deal bigger blows.//
Got ice on wrist, dough in bank,//
But baby girl, for your love Id even rob a tank.//

(Lyrics Hook)
I ain't 21 without yuh,babe you a diamond rare,//
In the dark,You’re my flare , //
On God I swear,//

Yeah (echo),
We're Savage pair!

Drake-Style Song Lyrics About Love

Song Lyrics About Love

(Verse 1)
Aimin' for your heart, girl, missin' ain't an option//
Hot like a phantom, our love ain't no auction //
21 Savage but still I keep it classic //
Love in my eyes, everything else is plastic //

Used to count on Draco, now it's you I count on //
Our love is my strength, keeps me pushin', goin' strong //
Fell in love with your essence, your fragrance and style //
You're the one who turned my life worthwhile //

I got genuine love for ya, they can't break us apart //
Livin’ in the jungle but you’re my own heart’s art //
Never thought I'd feel this way, you flipped the script //
Baby our bond is strong, this ain’t no trip //

(Verse 2)
Life on the streets taught me to be ruthless//
But when I met you girl, felt something truthless//
Through all the danger and struggle we found heaven //
Your touch is like an AK-47; it's my weapon //

Back then it was hustlin', now it's only trustin'//
Got a new perspective; we're each other’s ballast//
Was about surviving, now I'm liv'in loving //
21 Savage with a soul, baby we are golden//

I got genuine love for ya, they can't break us apart //
Livin’ in the jungle but you’re my own heart’s art //
Never thought I'd feel this way, you flipped the script //
Baby our bond is strong, this ain’t no trip //

We out here grindin', makin' our own fate//
The world's savage but love is our escape //
Yeah this 21 talking – babygirl be mine//
In this ruthless world your love's pure shine.

Justin Bieber-Style Song Lyrics About Love

Song Lyrics About Love

How about Justin Bieber inspired song lyrics instead?

(Verse 1)
Baby, you shine brighter than a summer day,//
Caught my eye, no way I could look away.//
In the hustle of this ever-churning city,//
You stand out, my pretty little ditty.//

This ain't just some romance for the night,//
With you, babe, everything feels so right.//
Every morning you're my sunshine, every night you're my moonlight,//
You're the melody to my heart's plight, baby you're my love light.

(Verse 2)
Your laugh’s like a song that fills the air,//
Your eyes, two stars beyond compare.//
And every time we touch I feel alive,//
In your love is where I want to dive.

You got me wrapped up in your sweet design,//
With every beat, babe, this heart of mine//
It beats for you in rhythm and rhyme,//
Endlessly through space and time.

I don’t need no map or guiding star,//
‘Cause everything I need is where you are.//
You make me better than I've ever been before,//
Babe with you, life’s an open door.

You’re not just a picture on a movie screen,//
Not just another pretty face in a dream.//
In your arms I find infinite delight,//
Baby you’re my love light.

As long as we got each other's hand to hold,//
We’ll write our story; let it be told.//
Baby with you life's always bright , //
‘Cause baby You’re My Love Light.

Rihanna-Style Song Lyrics About Love

Song Lyrics About Love

Have a read of these and see if we captured Rihanna’s vibe accurately? You should be able to taste the Bajan flavor as you sing the lyrics, lol.

(Verse 1)
Bathing in a sea of love, we dive so deep, we rise above //
Your touch, your breath is all I need, your love is my philosophy //
Heartbeats stronger than a drum, This ain't no hit-and-run //

Diamonds in the sky, like the twinkle in your eye //
Love so pure it's crystal clear when you're near, baby have no fear //
We'll paint our story on the stars; Your love has freed my heart's bars //

(Verse 2)
Surfing on our waves of passion, In this room there's no distraction //
Whispered words spell out desire Your love sets my world on fire //
Riding high and feeling free In this sweet symphony //

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Tips For Crafting The Perfect Song Lyrics About Love

I am sure I've helped you with the basic lyrics, but you're gonna wanna put your personality all over it! Here are some tips to help you do that:

1. Embrace the Rawness of Your Emotions

We've all been there, my friend – heart pounding like a drum, palms sweaty, butterflies in the stomach. It's that intoxicating feeling of being in love. When writing emotional songs about love, don't shy away from expressing these raw sentiments. They make for some real heartfelt lyrics about love. Drench your pen in these emotions and let it dance on your page!

TIP: Cut the clichés, nobody wants another ‘roses are red' verse!

2. Create a Compelling Storyline

Remember those good old days when you'd sit around the fire, listening to grandpa's stories? Your romantic song lyrics should have that same captivating effect.
A compelling narrative will pull your listeners into an emotional journey, whether it's a nostalgia-filled ride or a tale of burning passion. Yep, even if your song isn't one of those nostalgic love songs we all sob to on lonely nights.

TIP: Make sure each verse pushes the story forward!

3. Choose Words That Sing

Ever wonder why “I want to hold your hand” sounds so much better than “I want to grip your appendage”? It's all about choosing words that sing! Opt for expressive descriptors and powerful verbs when creating soulful lyrics about romance. The right combination can turn any ordinary phrase into passionate love song lyrics.

TIP: Use a thesaurus sparingly – no one likes an overcooked word salad!

4. Use Metaphors and Imagery

Looking for ways to breathe life into your romantic ballads? Metaphors and imagery are your best friends! They help paint vivid mental pictures and add depth to your love song quotes.
Instead of simply saying “I miss you,” try something more evocative like “My heart echoes with the silence of your absence.”

TIP: Keep it relatable – not everyone knows what a bed of roses feels like!

5. Inject Some Realism

Love isn't just about candlelit dinners and moonlit walks on the beach (although they do make for some pretty imagery). Real relationships have their share of squabbles over who gets the TV remote or who left their socks on the floor.
Incorporate these little realities into your lyrics to create authentic ballads about love and relationships.

TIP: Balance out sugar-sweet lines with a pinch of reality – too much sweetness can give listeners cavities!

6. Keep it Simple Yet Profound

Let's face it; nobody enjoys decoding cryptic lyrics while humming along to their favorite jam (unless you're Bob Dylan). Keep your lines simple yet profound.
The magic lies in framing everyday sentiments in a refreshing way that touches hearts while also being catchy enough for people to remember.

TIP: A simple phrase can hit hard when delivered right – remember Adele’s “Hello”?

7. Don’t Forget the Music

Sure, we’re talking about writing killer lyrics here but let’s not forget our co-star – music! The melody should complement and enhance your words, creating an immersive soundscape that makes people fall head over heels with your song.
Remember, great music paired with well-crafted lyrics is what transforms songs into unforgettable anthems.

TIP: Collaborate with talented musicians who can bring out the best in your words.

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