Song Lyrics About Guns: 100% Free-To-Use

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Song Lyrics About Guns: 100% Free-To-Use

Here they are:

Song Lyrics About Guns Beyoncé-Style

Song Lyrics About Guns

No, no, these song lyrics about guns were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

Verse 1

In the city, the sounds of sirens ring,
Midnight shadows, danger they bring.
The only language spoken is fear,
Guns blazing, innocence disappears.


Guns bringing storms, babies crying in their sleep,
Turn these metal tears to roses on a street,
Change the powder and the rage, into words upon a page.
Oh let them be heard, let them feel no defeat.

Verse 2

Innocence lost with every bullet that flies,
Mamas praying with tears in their eyes.
Guns don’t kill people, people do,
But it’s harder to see that truth through.


Guns bringing storms, heartbeats skipping beats,
Turn these raging echoes into peaceful retreats,
Change the shots and the screams, into hopeful dreams.
Stand strong against defeat, turn fury to sweet.

Verse 3

We can fill hearts with love or bullets with hate,
The choice is ours before it’s too late.
Let’s write a different story line,
One where smiles shine brighter than gunfire signs.


Guns bringing storms, turn them into ploughshares complete.
Transform violent fists into hands that greet,
Change threats and fear into melodies so clear.
With love as our weapon we won’t know defeat.

Song Lyrics About Guns In The Style of Taylor Swift

Song Lyrics About Guns

Verse 1
Just another small town night,
Underneath the pale moonlight.
Caught up in your daring eyes,
A loaded gun, an unsafe surprise.
You promised words of love so sweet,
But darling your actions are offbeat.

I’m facing down your barrelled lies,
With bullets made of past goodbyes.
You pull the trigger, but I won’t run,
Cause darling I’m done playing with your gun.

Verse 2
Your love was a reckless shot,
In a war that I never thought.
Caught in the crossfire of your love and hate,
I’m wishing to rewind, but it’s too late.

I’m running from your loaded words,
Dancing around them like hummingbirds.
Your aim might be true, but I’ve become numb,
I won’t be the target for you and your gun.

Could’ve been a fairytale, could’ve been a dream,
But you chose to shoot before hearing me scream.
With every fire you lit and every promise undone,
You lost a lover strong enough to turn away from your gun.

Last Chorus/ Outro
I found my strength in each bullet fired,
In each wound healed and every tear dried.
Now I stand tall under the blazing sun,
Leaving behind you and your smoking gun.

Song Lyrics About Guns In The Style of Kanye West

Song Lyrics About Guns

Riding through this life with my guns held high.
No fear in my eyes, under these city lights.
Got my finger on the trigger, I ain’t here to die.
In a world so cold, it’s the fit that survive.

Verse 1
Walking through the shadows, got my head up high.
Got a target on my heart, but I’m aiming for the sky.
These streets are ruthless, but I’m born to rise,
Guns and roses on my grave when it’s time.

Riding through this life with my guns held high.
No fear in my eyes, under these city lights.
Got my finger on the trigger, I ain’t here to die.
In a world so cold, it’s the fit that survive.

From Chi-town to LA, we play with fire.
Living by the bullet in this world gone dire.
Change gon’ come someday, but till then we aspire,
Aiming for peace while our guns never tire

Verse 2
In this game of survival, gotta keep your aim true.
Guns blazing at night,sirens sing the blues.
The law of the street is ruthless and crude,
Cold steel in hand as we seek to elude.

Riding through this life with my guns held high.
No fear in my eyes, under these city lights.
Got my finger on the trigger, I ain’t here to die.
In a world so cold, it’s the fit that survive.

Hearth of a poet, words like an AK,
Pulling the trigger on truth every single day.
We all got our guns, in different ways,
Aiming for change, till we see better days.

Song Lyrics About Guns In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Song Lyrics About Guns

Verse 1
Hopped off the plane, got my heel on the throttle,
Long legs, short dress, sippin’ champagne from the bottle.
Money in the bag, like I just won the lotto,
Gucci on my waist, yeah you know I’m a model.

Got a gun in my purse, yeah you know it’s full throttle,
Silent like a church mouse, but venomous as a rattler.

Got my hand on the trigger, aim straight for the stars,
I’ve come so far can’t turn back now my dear.

Verse 2
Stepping out tonight, see them haters try to battle,
But I’m bulletproof babe, ain’t no prattle can rattle.

My gun’s not for violence, it’s an accessory of style,
Dripping in diamonds and secrets hidden deep down the Nile.

Hand on the trigger, aimed at shining stars,
Taking what’s mine by divine right – fast cars and high-end bars.

Fashion forward femme fatale with a message clear and loud,
Glamour and grit combined – standing tall and proud.
Chasin’ dreams like bullets shot from a gun,
I’ve been through battles, yeah that’s how the West was won.

Hand on the trigger, aimed at my destiny,
In this game of life there’s no room for hesitancy.

Guns and roses, life in poses, shootin’ high not low,
Making my mark, igniting a spark, before I go.

Song Lyrics About Guns In The Style of Drake

Song Lyrics About Guns

Pulling triggers, ain’t no fun,
Guns blazing under the sun.
Feel the rush, feel the pain,
We’re just caught in a foolish game.”

Verse 1:
“Yeah, I’ve seen them guns.
Saw the damage they done.
Lost brothers on the streets,
To a beat that just repeats.”

We’re firing shots in the dark,
Trying to make our mark.
But every bullet leaves a scar,
A war without a cause, we’ve gone too far.”

Pulling triggers, ain’t no fun,
Guns blazing under the sun.
Feel the rush, feel the pain,
We’re just caught in a foolish game.”

Mama’s crying, can’t you see?
Bullets flying, ain’t no peace.
We need love, we don’t need steel,
Hearts are breaking that can’t heal.”

Verse 2:
“Guns don’t solve it, that’s for sure,
Just fueling hate and igniting war.
Looking down the barrel of a gun,
Ain’t a sight you forget when the day is done.”

“We’re all soldiers in this fight,
But it’s love and words that hold real might.
So put down the gun, let’s find a way,
To make a better world where peace can stay.”

“Pulling triggers, ain’t no fun,
Guns blazing under the sun.
Feel the rush, feel the pain,
We’re just caught in a foolish game.”

“One shot, two shots, enough is enough,
Let’s replace all this violence with love.
Instead of guns let’s hold hands,
And together we’ll make our stand.”

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Guns Like A Pro

1. Draw Inspiration from Real Issues

When writing song lyrics about guns, it’s essential to draw inspiration from real issues. Look around you – from hip hop songs about guns to rock songs about guns, the finest lyricists don’t just pen down words; they tell stories.

You could focus on the rising number of songs about gun violence in schools, or the overall impact of firearm misuse on society. Remember, authenticity breeds connection! Just like we see in this insightful post on song lyrics about America.

2. Don’t Shy Away from Emotion

When it comes to writing gripping lyrics, emotion is your best friend. Your words should convey the pain, anger, or fear associated with gun violence – make your audience feel something.

It’s about tapping into that raw emotion we often see in R&B songs about guns. If you’re struggling with articulating emotion, take a leaf out of this post on song lyrics about overthinking.

3. Tackle Different Perspectives

Not every song must take a clear stand against gun violence like most anti-violence songs. Some of the most poignant songs about mass shootings and firearm-related tragedies explore different perspectives – victims, perpetrators, bystanders; everyone has a story to tell.

4. Stay Updated with Trends

Writing quality song lyrics isn’t just about creativity; it’s also understanding what resonates with your audience now. For instance, there has been a surge in songs about violence 2020 following major incidents worldwide.

To stay relevant, one must stay informed. Check out this article on record labels in Los Angeles to see what’s hot and happening.

5. Use Metaphors Creatively

A gun doesn’t always have to be just a weapon in your lyrics; it can symbolize power, control or danger. Get creative with metaphors, just like many successful hip hop songs about guns. Similarly, you can use eyes as metaphors as shown in this post about rap lyrics about eyes.

6. Keep A Balance Between Specific and Universal

While it’s essential to address specific issues like gun violence song lyrics, your words should also resonate universally. It’s the balance between specificity and universality that makes songs timeless and relatable across different demographics.

7. Remember the Power of Repetition

Finally, remember that repetition is an effective tool for emphasis in songwriting. It isn’t merely a stylistic choice, but a way to convey importance or urgency – especially when talking about sensitive topics like gun violence. After all, repetition is what gives us those catchy hooks that we love so much in our favorite R&B songs about guns.

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