Song Lyrics About Overthinking: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Overthinking

Ever found yourself in a loop of overthinking? You're in good company, my friend! The greats of music – the likes of Beyonce, Yeezy, Drizzy Drake, and even miss Harajuku Barbie – often pen their thoughts into song lyrics about overthinking.
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Song Lyrics About Overthinking: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Overthinking

Here they are:

Song Lyrics About Overthinking Beyoncé-Style

Song Lyrics About Overthinking

No, no, these song lyrics about overthinking were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
Waking up in shadows, mind's in a whirl, //
Lost within my thoughts, lost in this world. //
Scenes replaying again and again, //
In the depths of my mind where silence begins. //

Overthinking, I'm sinking like a stone, //
Drowning deep in thoughts I can't seem to disown. //
I need to free myself from this mental fight, //
Gotta rise above these shadows into the bright light. //

(Verse 2)
Can't find peace in the silence of the night, //
Words unsaid playing tricks on my sight. //
Making mountains out of molehills, everywhere I turn, //
In this battlefield of the mind where lessons are learned. //

Overthinking keeps linking pain with regret, //
My heart on replay with scenes it won't forget. //
The past has passed but its echo lingers still, //
I gotta break free from this self-made prison at will.

(Verse 3)
Every scenario jigsawed and rewired, //
The weight of ‘what ifs' leaving me tired. //
I know I'm stronger than these chains that bind me, //
Just need to trust in love to remind me.

Overthinking got me sinking so low,
But it's time for release, time to let go.
Caught up in illusions built by fear,
But I'm Beyonce – and victory is near.

Song Lyrics About Overthinking In The Style of Taylor Swift

Song Lyrics About Overthinking

(Verse 1)
I saw you there, smiling at the moonlight,//
You and her, painting my world black and white.//
My mind’s a canvas, overthinking every scene, //
Deconstructing moments you never even mean.//

Overthinking, I've been sinking, //
In the shadows of your words unsaid. //
I'm riding this emotional tide //
With your ghost inside my head.

(Verse 2)
Dwelling on our past that's happy but tossed in time,//
My memory's a poet, spinning love into rhymes.//
I'm reading into lines you never meant to write,//
Oh why am I overthinking every wrong and right?

I've been drifting over clouds so dire //
Swallowed by thoughts raging like wildfire.//
Can't seem to silence this wistful refrain,//
Caught up in echoes of love and pain.

In the labyrinth of what ifs, can't find my way through,//
Every path leads me back to the thought of you.//
Chasing answers that only deepen the mystery,//
Still questioning ‘what it was?' or ‘what could be?'

Overthinking, In this sadness I've been linking,//
Each memory with a tear drop sinking //
Wishing for gentle dreams but instead I bled,//
Still haunted by your presence in my head.

As day turns to night under the weeping willow tree,//
I’ll learn to untangle myself from our history. //
Till then ‘mr.maybe', it's goodnight from ‘ms.overthinking' ,
Hoping for a dawn where I find my heart singing.

Song Lyrics About Overthinking In The Style of Kanye West

Song Lyrics About Overthinking

(Verse 1)
Laying in the dark thoughts running, mind spark.
Shadows on the wall playing tricks like they part of a lark.
Scenes from my past got me feeling like Noah's ark.
The future's too bright but I'm stuck in this cognitive dark.

Overthinking, drowning not sinking.
Got me pouring Henny, no more time for blinking.
This inner battle, got my soul shrinking,
Overthinking, overthinking…

(Verse 2)
Late at night wrestling demons, no sleep found.
Fear and doubt speaking loud, in the silence surround.
Living life on a stage, but inside I'm bound.
Scrutinizing every move as if I'm hellhound.

Overthinking, mind steadily drinking.
Got me chasing thoughts like stars twinkling.
In this mental maze I keep sinking,
Overthinking, overthinking…

Caught up in a storm of thoughts, no anchoring.
Life's a beat and I'm just here stammering,
Mind’s a battlefield, reality hammering,
Ever wonder why my lyrics keep meandering?

(Verse 3)
Inventing narratives where I play the villain.
My heart says go but my mind's never willing.
In this world of chaos, got to find some healing,
Before these nightmares become reality revealing.

Overthinking, at life's edge teetering,
On high notes of despair, my soul keening,
In this silent war, victory fleeting,
Overthinking, overthinking…

Mirror mirror on the wall who's the biggest thinker of them all?
Look at me now, just a dreamer in freefall,
Lost in my head, needing a wakeup call,
Overthinking, overthinking, till the curtain call.

Song Lyrics About Overthinking In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Song Lyrics About Overthinking

(Verse 1)
Overthinking, overdrinks, got that Pink Friday in my mix,
Feeling like I'm sinking, need to float but can't fix.
Pacing 'round my mansion in Versace swim suits,
Worrying 'bout a thing I can't control or commute.

From Miami to Malibu, London to Tokyo,
Thoughts run faster than these Loubs can go.
Got the world on my shoulder, plus some glitter and gold,
Nicki Minaj story; it's like a saga being told.

Overthinking, got me sinking, gotta switch up the lane,
Like I'm my own magician pulling thoughts outta my brain.
No time for the pain, only reign in this game.

(Verse 2)
My thoughts like a carousel, spinning out of command,
Tryna break free but it's sinking like quicksand.
Boss chick but sometimes I question my own plan,
Queen Nicki, logically I know where I stand.

Rappers come and go, they crash then they fold,
But my mind stays racing even when it's real cold.
Dreams so big they eclipse the sun’s glow,
Overthinking, it’s a part of the show.

Overthinking, got me sinking, gotta flip the script fast,
Need to silence these worries from my past.
Nicki on the throne and that's where she'll last,

Sweep away these cobwebs with a Pinkprint broom,
In this Barbie castle there ain't no room for gloom.
On God! Overthinking ain’t part of this tune,
‘Bout to make waves like a sonic boom.

Overthinking, yeah it's blinking on my royal crown,
But Queen Nicki won’t let it take her down.
So I’m flipping these thoughts, turn that frown upside down,
In this Rap kingdom, I wear the crown.

Song Lyrics About Overthinking In The Style of Drake

Song Lyrics About Overthinking

(Verse 1)
I been up all night, caught up in my mind, overthinking 'bout you.
Looking at the clock, hands ticking like my thoughts, spinning like a corkscrew.
Pour another drink, drown these thoughts I think. Can't seem to find the truth.
This overthinking's got me sinking but I'm clinging to the picture of you.

Overthinking about us, feels like I can't get enough.
Every second without you, is a moment too rough.
In my mind it's all ending, thoughts distorted and bending,
‘Cause this overthinking's like a monster and it's never relenting.

(Verse 2)
Can't escape these thoughts, they're a cage that's locked.
Got me feeling all confused.
I'm battling with doubt, can't figure it out, feel like I'm being used.
These memories replay, system on delay.
My heart feels abused.
This overthinking game ain't fun anymore, got me feeling accused.

Overthinking about us, feels like I can't get enough.
Each moment without you is a battle too tough.
In my mind we're already breaking, love fake and forsaking,
‘Cause this overthinking's got me shaking and it won't stop aching.

I got to break free from this cycle in my brain,
Before this overthinking drives me insane.

Overthinking about us, feels like I can't get enough.
These moments without you, love lost and rebuff.
In my mind it's all crashing, expectations smashing,
‘Cause this overthinking's like a cage and it keeps on lashing.

Overthinking 'bout us, got me feeling so stuck,
In this sea of thoughts, I’m just trying to stay afloat, good luck.

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Overthinking Like A Pro

1. Tune into Your Emotions, but Don't Drown in Them

Alright, let's dive right in. You're penning lyrics for a song about overthinking – a mental state we've all been trapped in at one point or another. Whether you're writing rock songs about overthinking love or sad songs about overthinking, the key is to tune into your emotions without drowning in them.

Keep it authentic! Overthinking tends to breed anxiety, so if you're writing songs about overthinking and anxiety, let your lyrics reflect that raw emotion. But remember not to let your own thoughts spiral out of control. Balance is key.

2. Go Country on Your Love Woes

Country music has a long-standing tradition of expressing heartache and emotional turmoil. Why not use it as inspiration for country songs about overthinking? Or perhaps you're writing country songs about overthinking love? Either way, don't be afraid to channel your inner Dolly Parton or Johnny Cash.

A good dose of twangy guitar and some down-to-earth lyrics might be just what you need to create that perfect blend of relatability and catchy melody.

3. Spice Up Your Lyrics with Some R&B Flavor

R&B songs about overthinking love can be a powerful tool for expressing deep-rooted emotions. The smooth rhythm and blues tunes have a way of soothing the soul while allowing the mind to explore its darkest corners.

So why not infuse your lyrics with some R&B vibes? Your listeners will thank you for the emotional rollercoaster ride.

4. Keep It Simple but Significant

Overthinking often leads us into complex webs of thoughts that are hard to untangle. When writing songs about overthinking, one might be tempted to make their lyrics as convoluted as the thoughts they're trying to express.

But remember – simplicity is key! Whether it's for songs for an overthinking girlfriend or R&B songs about overthinking, your message should be simple enough to understand but deep enough to resonate.

5. Use Imagery and Metaphors

The beauty of songwriting lies in its ability to paint vivid pictures with words. Overthinking can feel like a boxing match with your own mind or like being stuck in quicksand.

Use these images and metaphors to convey the feeling of overthinking in your lyrics. This not only makes your lyrics more interesting, but it also helps listeners relate on a deeper level.

6. Make Your Chorus Count

The chorus is the heart of any song. It's what people remember and sing along to. When you're writing country songs about overthinking or sad songs about overthinking, make sure your chorus carries the weight of your message.

Make it catchy, make it memorable, but most importantly, make it count!

7. Don't Shy Away from Humor

Overthinking can be a serious topic, but who said you can't approach it with a bit of humor? Sometimes, the best way to deal with heavy issues is by laughing at them.

So whether you're writing rock songs about overthinking love or R&B songs about overthinking love, don't shy away from injecting some wit into your lyrics. Your listeners will appreciate the levity.

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