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Beyoncé-Style Song Lyrics About Communication

Song Lyrics About Communication

No, no, these lyrics were not written by the Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

Verse 1: // Can you hear my voice comin' through the wind // Whispering a secret, that I need a friend // Shared emotions, so far away // Need to find the words, I'm tryna say //

Verse 2: // Texts and calls, they ain't enough // Need your touch, so unplug this stuff //In the silence of our hearts we speak //Talking body language, no need for technique //

Chorus: // Let's break the walls of this communication station //Come together, no limitations //Fingers dancing on our conversation //Dreamin' in synchronization //

Verse 3: //Faces on screens, we're lost in translation //Need some sign language, deeper vibrations //Lift my hands up high, send a smoke signal //
Hear my heart beat sound , love's pivotal//

Chorus: // Let's break the walls of this communication station //Come together,No limitations //Fingers dancing on our conversation //Dreamin',In synchronization

Taylor Swift-Style Song Lyrics About Communication

Taylor Swift-Style Song Lyrics About Communication

If you would rather Taylor Swift’s style, you will love these lyrics:

Verse 1: //
I remember when we used to talk for hours on end, //
Sitting on my window sill, I'd hold the phone and pretend. //
All our secrets, wishes, dreams were just a whisper away, //
But now it feels like silence is all that remains. //

Pre-Chorus: //
Where did all the words go? Are they still inside? //
Or have they vanished in the wind like a disappearing kite? //

Chorus: //
We need some communication, a heart-to-heart connection, //
Just one word to break this spell of our unspoken affliction. //
Bring back all those conversations, our midnight revelations, //
Let's rewrite history, make communication our remedy. //

Verse 2: //
Remember when your laughter was my favorite song? //
The way it wrapped around me and made me feel so strong. //
But in the static between us now I can barely hear your voice,//
And I'm left to wonder if this distance was ever truly my choice. //

Bridge: //
So let's rediscover the secret language of our hearts,//
United by whispers and promises that refuse to fall apart.//

John Legend-Style Song Lyrics About Communication

John Legend-Style Song Lyrics About Communication

Now how about the insanely talented, Mr Legend? I mean, our AI tool is great and all, but, John Legend's Songwriting Masterclass is an option if you want to actually take your song-writing skills to the next level!

Verse 1: //
Words unspoken, hearts left broken, //
Here we are, lost in our own emotion. //
But I've been thinking, baby we're sinking, //
In the depths of a silent ocean. //

Chorus: //
And if all we have is time and space, //
Let us dance between the lines of grace. //
We'll find the secrets hidden deep within, //
Our hearts will talk, where words can't begin. //

Verse 2: //
I've been trying to read your mind, baby mine //
But there's a language that our love must find. //
Eyes wide open in a world so blind; //
The melody of our souls entwined. //

Chorus: //
And if all we have is time and space, //
Let us dance between the lines of grace. //
We'll find the secrets hidden deep within, //
Our hearts will talk where words can't begin.

With every beat and every breath,//,
We become one in love's embrace.//,
No more silence, just you and I,//,
Whispers stolen from heaven high.

And if all we have is time and space,//,
Let us dance between the lines of grace.//,
We'll find the secrets hidden deep within,//,
Our hearts will talk where words can't begin.

So let's leave it behind, all those fears oh so blind,//,
In this moment we'll find what was lost long ago;//
The unspoken truth that only our hearts know

Justin Bieber-Style Song Lyrics About Communication

Justin Bieber-Style Song Lyrics About Communication

How about Justin Bieber inspired song lyrics instead?

(Verse 1) //
Baby, let's talk tonight, //
I wanna understand your mind. //
You know there ain't no mountain high enough, //
To keep me from hearing you right. //

(Verse 2) //
Pull me close, don't let go, //
Our love will always shine and glow. //
Through words unspoken, hearts awoken, //
This love language will always flow.

Rihanna-Style Song Lyrics About Communication

Rihanna-Style Song Lyrics About Communication

Have a read of these and see if we captured Rihanna’s vibe accurately? You should be able to taste the Bajan flavor as you sing the lyrics, lol.

Verse 1: //
Caught up in the static, lost in the noise //
Our hearts keep reachin', but we got no choice //
Tired of pretending that we're talking just fine, yeah //

Verse 2: //
Can't hold a conversation, but I feel your gaze //
We used to be electric, now we're lost in a maze //
Gotta break these chains if we wanna radiate //

Verse 3: //
So let's drop our weapons and tune into love,
Open up the frequencies, don't leave it all unsaid //
We can find connection if you just take my hand, baby //

Ed Sheeran-Style Song Lyrics About Communication

Ed Sheeran-Style Song Lyrics About Communication

We couldn’t conclude this without the voice of the decade himself. Who doesn’t love a bit of Ed!?

I've been searching for the words to say,
Lost in conversations we never make,
Like a lighthouse on a distant shore,
There must be something more, I know.

A storm of thoughts within my head,
Unspoken feelings left unsaid,
Our hearts talk in frequencies unknown,
Let's find the courage to make it shown.

In the quiet of an echoing silence,
We'll find a way to break this bound alliance,
And as our voices turn into a dance
To speak our truth, we'll take that chance.

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7 Tips For Crafting The Perfect Song Lyrics About Communication

I am sure I've helped you with the basic lyrics, but you're gonna wanna put your personality all over it! Here are some tips to help you do that:

1. Dial up the Emotional Connection

We all know communication is key in any relationship, but let's kick it up a notch and put some heart into those lyrics!

Don't be afraid to dig deep into your own experiences and emotions. Remember when you got that sweet text from bae or when you finally had that “talk” with mom? Channel those feelings to create a strong emotional connection for your listeners.

• Use descriptive words and imagery that resonate
• Take inspiration from personal experiences
• Embrace vulnerability

2. Get “Texty” with It!

It's 2021, people! Let's embrace the technology age and integrate modern forms of communication into our lyrics.

We're talking texts, DMs, emojis – you name it! This can add a fresh vibe to your song while making it oh-so relatable.

#MillennialLyricVibes – Who needs Shakespeare when we have autocorrect?

3. A Little Conflict Adds Flavor

No one wants smooth sailing in every verse (yawn!) – so why not introduce some drama? Miscommunication can make for exciting material and evoke strong emotions in your audience.

Consider incorporating:

– Unanswered phone calls
– Misinterpreted messages
– Lost letters

A little miscommunication goes a long way in creating tension and intrigue!

4. The Ultimate Throwback: Classic Communication Methods

In this digital world, sometimes it's nice to throw it back to more traditional forms of communication.

Incorporating elements like love letters or tin-can telephones can instantly give your song a nostalgic feel while still maintaining an urban edge.

“I wrote my number on your hand like we were back in middle school…”

Cue the goosebumps and the longing for simpler times!

5. Keep It Real (and Conversational)

Incorporate natural-sounding dialogue into your lyrics to create a genuine feel – you know, like an actual conversation between two humans!

This relatable approach can help your audience connect with your song on a deeper level.

• Use realistic language
• Include bits of sarcasm or humor
• Let the lyrics flow like spoken words

6. Mix Up Your Mediums

Why stick to just one mode of communication when you can combine several? Explore different forms of interaction to add depth and variety to your lyrics.

Some ideas include:

  • Face-to-face conversations
  • Social media exchanges
  • Voice messages or recordings
  • Gestures and body language (hey, it's still communication)

You'll impress listeners with your range, while keeping them on their toes!

7. Breakdown: Slow It Down & Break It Down!

Sometimes, breaking up (the song structure) is easier than breaking up with someone – so why not try it out? A sudden shift in tempo or music style when discussing communication breakdowns can create an impactful moment in your song.

A sudden change of beat when silence falls between lovers… *mic drop*

So there you have it – seven tips for writing some amazing song lyrics about communication! Remember: whether we're singing about heartbreak or getting hyped at a party, at the core of every great song is relatable human connection ✔️ Happy writing!

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