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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Turning 26

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Rap Lyrics About Turning 26, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26

(Verse 1)
Never thought I'd see it, hit the 26th digit,
Every year, a new level, you know we gotta live it.
From a Marcy baby to a Brooklyn king,
All a young brother ever wanted was to do his thing.

26 candles on my cake, no time for break,
Another year older, still got dreams at stake.
Every day's struggle is just another hustle,
Life's game of survival in this concrete jungle.

(Verse 2)
Was always grindin', never had the silver spoon,
But now I'm on top, like the moon in June.
Bottles in the air, celebrating another lap,
Listen carefully though, I ain’t talking no crap.

(Call and Response)
Turned twenty-six, but you know I’m timeless,
Riding through life's trials with my Brooklyn finesse. (Brooklyn finesse!)

(Verse 3)

Copped that big house, still got my momma stressin',
She worried 'bout her son but Jigga countin' blessings.
Started from the bottom now we here and flexing
Living proof that life is lessons after lessons.

(Chorus Repeat)

26 candles on my cake, ain't no time for break,
Another year older, still got dreams at stake.
Every day's struggle just a part of the hustle,
Life's about survival in this concrete jungle.


Born as Shawn Carter, now they call me Hov',
On this journey of life as years unfurl and unfold.
At 26 look back how far we've come along
Star shining bright like Rihanna’s diamond song

So here’s to turning 26 in style and grace
It’s Jay-Z baby lighting up every place
So if you’re with me throw your hands high above
‘Cause ain’t nothing as sweet as this Brooklyn love.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26 In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26

(Verse 1)
Yo, twistin' on this axis, hit 26, got no time for hiatus,
Straight from the heart, ain't no celebrity status.
Turnin' corners in life, no longer got excuses,
Cause at 26, yeah boy, everybody loses.

Got dreams bigger than Everest, I'm a venturous alchemist,
Turnin' life's lead into gold with each rhythmatic catalyst.
In the rearview mirror, see childhood's innocence,
But at 26, you're in the game; there ain't no sitting on the fence.

Yeah, I'm sailing through three decades, now it's crystal clear
All them skeletons in closets finally start to appear
Turned 26 and damn! Life suddenly gets real,
No more time for playin', gotta grab that steering wheel.

(Verse 2)
Yo, popped outta nowhere like a rabbit from a hat trick,
Versus my demons, an ongoing classic.
Now who'da thought Shady crosses to this side of life?
I'm equipped now – ain't scared of no strife.

I hang to every word I spit like it's my last testament
Scribble truth in verses, not caring who resents.
Reality is elusive but hustling is constant
This is how we do at 26; we're resilient and persistent.

Chorus x2

So here I stand at 26 bearing my flag.
Your boy Slim still stands tall without any swag.
I dreamed about this moment ‘fore they said it was feasible
Gonna rock the world at 26, 'cause Eminem’s invincible!

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26 In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26

(Verse 1)
Ayy, just hit 26, feeling like a king.
Got more life, more love, and more bling to bring.
From Chi-Town to LA, making waves like a sting.
Still the same old Ye, but now I wear a bigger ring.

Turning 26, it ain't no hitch.
Still on my grind, still making that switch.
Life’s a crazy pitch, but ain't life a bitch?
Keep your eye on the ball, don't end up in the ditch.

(Verse 2)
Remember being 25? Man, I was striving to thrive.
Now I'm 26, feeling more alive.
Every day is a gift, every moment a high-five.
I’m Kanye West baby, watch me take this dive.

Yeah, turning 26, ain't no tricks.
Can't stop now; I'm in the mix.
Life's like chess; gotta plot your picks.
Remember who you are—don’t lose yourself for clicks.

I'm richer in knowledge, richer in experience,
Turning 26 got me feeling delirious.
But if you think I'll stop now then you ain’t serious.
I got dreams so big they might seem imperious.

So here's to being 26 and free,
Another year to create my legacy.
I’m Kanye West baby, can't you see?
I'm just getting started, wait and see.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26 In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26

Life prophetic, but I just turned two six,
Feeling so sick, in the game, ain't no quick fix.
Lil Weezy flow, can't compare to these licks,
In the rearview mirror, saying goodbye to twenty-fifth.

Birthday cake like my rhymes, straight lit,
Twenty-six candles, each one a super hit.
Clocking them years, but ain't no time to sit,
Still spitting hot metaphors, every lyric a perfect fit.

Popping bottles of Ciroc, yeah we on that Diddy tip,
Got the club bouncing off the walls, doing flips.
On this jazz beat, just watch me rip,
Just like Kobe in his prime, watch me hit that championship.

Got tattoos of wisdom, they my manuscript,
26 years in the making, can't eclipse.
Ain't bothered by haters or their loose lips,
Just living my life knowing age ain't but a script.

I'm Lil Wayne forever, age won't change this vibe.
Still got that hunger, still got that drive.
I might be 26, but my dreams are still live,
In the game of life ain't nothing but a ride.

So here’s to 26, just another milestone,
Might sag my jeans low but I wear my crown throne.
Clock keeps ticking but my spirit's never blown,
Like a fine wine, better with age – I’ve grown.

Weezy F Baby, ain’t no pseudonym for frailty,
26 years young and I'm exuding vitality.
Took flights of stairs while they took the banality,
Turned 26 today and I’m accepting it with finality.

Happy G'day Weezy, now let's light this spliff,
Burning brighter than ever at twenty-sixth lift.
Through metaphorical mist – lyrics shift and drift
Harder than before – Weezy’s diction's a gift.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26 In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26

(Verse 1)
Just turned 26, ain't got no time for tricks
I'm chasing dreams, not these goofy-ass licks
Fendi on my body, pink French tips
Running this game, just call me the whips

Haters might talk but they don't phase me
With a diamond-studded crown, I'm the reigning queen bee
My life’s a rich tapestry, can’t you see?
Made my own lane, I don’t follow the decree

26 on the clock but I guarantee,
I'm still the top chick in this industry
Dripping in power, grace and mystery
All eyes on me, that's Nicki's history

(Verse 2)
Step into my 26, it's a new era
Billion-dollar empire, no place for terror
Hermes on my feet, ain't nobody wear 'em better
Twenty-six but timeless, like a love letter

Poised at the top but still ascending
My reign’s not an era, it's just unending
Path of greatness – that's what I've been treading
Got more bars than you got years – it ain’t ending

Celebrating 26, life’s a novel script
Running with the big dogs yet staying swift
Looking in the mirror saying “this is it”
Champagne popping, we ain't never gonna quit

So here’s to turning 26 with zero regrets
Living for these moments that we’ll never forget
Keep your eyes open cause you haven’t seen nothing yet
This is Nicki baby, and I'm your biggest threat.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26 In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26

(Verse 1)
Just turned 26, feeling like a legend in the mix
Got the dollar sign glints, no need for cheap tricks
Popping bottles, celebrating more than scores that I kick
Living my life, ain't got no time for politics

Post up with my woes, we see the sun's eclipse
We paint the town red, yet leave no fingerprints
With every passing year, I'm adding up my wins
Yes, I've got my scars, but it's just surface nicks.

Aye, life at 26, it's more than just a number game
Got emotions thick as bricks, dost play an unsteady game
Old friends may switch lanes, fortunes may wane
Nothing stays constant; joy comes with the pain.

(Verse 2)
Came from the bottom; now I'm living life high stakes
Learning lessons every day—can't afford breaks or flakes.
Turning pain into power; flipping despair into cake,
At 26 years old – decided my own fate.

Blessings on blessings—embrace life's give and takes,
I'm driving through destiny, ain't got time to pump brakes.
Making everyday count—it's more than what's at stake,
My goals set in stone—they can’t shake or quake.

Yeah, I'm living at 26,, yeah I’m living real free.
Diamonds in my tears—misery’s luxury.
I’ve come so far—made a mark like a beast,
Reflecting on life while puffing on these trees.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26 In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26

Seat shifting at 26, started at the bottom, yeah that's the mix.
Turned tables from a dreamer, now I'm topping the list.
Going in circles with life, like I'm caught in a twister.
Just yesterday, mama said ‘baby, you was just a whisker.'

Wish they told me life is like a quick riff,
One minute you're a boy next you're bending the shift.
It's a journey through the fog, just trying to find my way.
Gone are those times, toys and friends and play.

Faced trials and tribulations, but never did forfeit.
All them battles of life, learnt to stay in orbit.
No more surviving on scraps, worked hard to transform it.
Now when I look into mirror, I see my spirit flourish.

Turning 26, more miles on my mental odometer.
Counting blessings not candles,savoring every millimeter.
Life got realer, dreams got bigger,candle's flame got brighter.
Every next level of my life needs higher level monster.

I'm playing harder ball now with fate,bigger stakes on the table.
Long nights spent alone,writing rhymes at the table.
The path less traveled?Maybe so,bumps along the way.
But I'm 26 nowI ain't come here to play.

My story turns pages like Cole's soulful sonnets,
Got dreams in my pocketpour out like sonic rockets.
Aged like wine,youth's sweet nectar sipped slow.
Forged by time,got all of life's secrets to show.

At 26,In front of destiny, take my bow,
Not just rapping for spotlightI'm making my own vow.
Moving from strength to strength,stronger than any brick,
I'll keep climbing these mountainstill my last tick.

Still learning every daythis ain't no magic trick,
Every year added,a new layer to the mix.
Now embarking 26,strong>will keep on this grindstone,.
Cause at 26<j.cole smiles,i'm="" not="" alone……

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26 In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26

(Verse 1)
Woke up this morning, hit 26, it's more than a feeling.
It's like I got the world on my shoulders, not just the ceiling.
Yeah, so many milestones but no time for chilling.
Every single day, I'm out here pushing, working, grinding, thrilling.

I've seen dreams turn to realities, sweeter than pastries.
All my life, I've been hustling hard, no room for lazies.
Now I'm 26, getting older but my heart is blazing,
A fire for success that keeps me going and praising.

On my 26th, still dreaming like a kid,
Mind full of visions and can't keep them hid.
I'm on that Drake level, aiming high above the grid,
Just turned 26; you can bet I'll make a bid.

(Verse 2)
Seasons change but the hustle stays same,
Grew up playing in Toronto snow now I play the fame game.
Turning 26 and it's not about the fortune or fame,
It’s about staying true to myself and keeping a steady aim.

The industry's tough, struggles I didn't anticipate,
At 26, it's clear this life ain’t always first-rate.
But I'm Drake from the city where they inspire and create,
I keep pushing forward with love because it’s never too late.

Now I'm 26, living in a world that’s so vast,
Looking back on how fast went my past.
I’m taking charge of my life; you know I won’t be outclassed,
Just turned 26; with each year my legacy is cast.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26 In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Turning 26

Yeah, just turned 26, on that merry-go-round,
Manifesting wisdom with every sound,
In this world of chaos, I found my niche,
Striving in the hustle, cause life's a rich bitch.

Always at war, but I fuse with the peace,
Tryna turn my struggles into a masterpiece.
Learned from the gutter, yeah that straight from Compton,
Now I drip blessings like a broken fountain.

Kendrick Lamar now, no room for fear,
Fate's dice rolled – my golden year.
Six years from 20, a million miles grown,
But still the same kid in heart and bone.

Turning 26, I'm just getting started,
In this game of life, the dearly departed.
Three decades near, but my soul's still young,
With God as my DJ spinning life's unsung.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Turning 26 Like A Pro

1. Embrace Your Age

I know what you're thinking: “How can I pen some dope rap lyrics about turning 26?” Well, first things first, embrace your age. Don't shy away from it, own it. When Drake dropped those birthday lyrics, he wasn't scared to mention his age.

So why should you? After all, there's a unique beauty and power to being 26. It's that sweet spot between youthful energy and mature wisdom. Find the balance in your lyrics.

2. Connect with Your Audience

Needless to say, not everyone listening to your bars will be 26. But that doesn't mean they can't relate to your experiences. Think about songs with 26 in the lyrics – they resonate with listeners of all ages because they tap into universal human experiences.

So don’t just write rap lyrics about turning 26, write about life at 26; the highs, the lows, everything in between.

3. Reflect on Growth

Turning 26 isn't just another year added to your age; it’s a milestone of personal growth and evolution. Reflect on how far you've come since you were a teenager or even since last year.

Maybe you're not quite where you expected to be (who is?), but celebrate your journey nonetheless —it’s been one hell of a ride.

4. Keep it Real

In the world of rap and hip-hop authenticity is key – keep it real! Whether it's relating stories of success or struggle, love or loss, make sure your lyrics mirror your reality.

5. Look Ahead

No one said this was easy – writing rap lyrics about being 30 when you're only 26? Sure thing! Looking ahead gives listeners a glimpse into your aspirations and fears for the future while also grounding them in present realities.

6. Use Clever Wordplay

Rap is renowned for its clever wordplay and lyrical dexterity so flex those skills! Play around with metaphors and references that are unique to being 26 or simply add depth to your story-telling ability.

7. Keep the Vibe Going

Lastly but definitely not least – keep that vibe flowing! Just because you’re penning down some introspective lines doesn’t mean you can’t maintain an upbeat tempo or drop a catchy hook here and there.

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