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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Turning 30

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Rap Lyrics About Turning 30, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30

(Verse 1)
Hit that big 3-0, no longer a young fellow
But my mind sharp and my lyrics still mellow
Got more wisdom, that's the type of thing you can't borrow
On this journey, it's been joy intertwined with sorrow

Age ain't nothin' but a digit to me
I've been hustlin' since “Reasonable Doubt”, can’t you see?
Living in the peak of maturity, feelin’ so free
Crossing over to new horizons like my name was Jay-Z

Now I'm thirty, feeling flirty and thriving
Jigga man still vibing and jiving
In this game of life, I'm still driving
Long as God is by my side, I'll keep surviving

(Verse 2)
Birthday cake candles flickering like my gold chain,
Three decades deep but ain’t nothing really changed,
Beyond the fame and the name got lessons ingrained,
Turned thirty today but with ambition I remain.

Financial freedom now a bigger part of my vision,
No longer chasing hoes or sipping on Cristallision,
Eyes on generational wealth with precision,
Turning ‘Broke Vases into Moguls', that’s the Jay-Z mission.


So here’s to ‘Dirt off your Shoulder' in your thirties,

Living life full throttle, no worries.

I’m older now – more stories than glories,

Still got it like Hov though. End of story.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30 In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30

(Verse 1)
Look, I'm turning 30, the dirty dozen
Fighting time like a soldier, pressin' the red button
Hit a certain point where you gotta function,
Learning from my past, yeah it's all or nothin'

Fought through the darkness, came up in the night,
Birthday candles burnin', I'm seein' the light
30 years of struggle, 30 years of fight

Still got that hunger, still got that bite.

I'm turning 30, entering my prime
No time for regrets, no more wastin' time.
On this journey, climbin' that grind,
Fame doesn't concern me, only rhyme.

(Verse 2)
They say life starts at 30, man I been livin',
From trailer parks to millions, all was given.
Every bar is like a scar with a story,
Turning pages in my life, creating my glory.

I’m 30 now but I ain't slowing down,
Throwing punches at time with a smokin' round.
Got more years ahead than those left behind.
Turning 30, yeah it’s redefined.

I'm turning 30, embracing the climb,
In this journey of life, creatin’ every line.
Birthday candles on fire, burning bright,
Turning 30? Yeah man, that's right.

Seen heartache and victory in these three decades,
But wouldn't change nothing even if I could trade.
Cause age ain't nothing but numbers on paper,
Turning 30? Nah man, see ya later.

Here’s to another lap around the sun,
A toast: I’m only getting started, I’ve just begun.
With every candle lit and every wish made,
Turning 30? nah man – I’ve got it made.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30 In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30

(Verse 1)

Yeah, uh, I'm stepping into my dirty thirties, feel so blessed. No stress.
Mirror reflects, ages change, but I remain the best.
Checks in the bank got more commas, no sense in being modest.
Thirty around the corner and I ain't even lost it.

Birthday candles lit, never gonna quit.
Success is sweet, just like a chocolate hit.
Used to drive around in a hooptie, now we flying jets.
Look at my life now, ain't filled with any regrets.


Got my mind on my grind, got no time for excuses.
Riding life's wave, through its rises and its cruises.
Turning 30 ain't worrisome, it's just another year,
Another chance to chase dreams without fear.

(Verse 2)

Switching gears to the next decade, still got my health.
Been stacking bars and paper, but wealth ain't just wealth.
Got family by my side and love in every breath,
Turning 30's just confirmation that I'm truly blessed.

Looking back at 20s like they were a test,
Came out clean on the other side, feeling like the best.
Don't need no champagne or party to celebrate success,

Because every day I wake up I know that I'm blessed.


Got my mind on my grind, got no time for excuses.
Riding life's wave, through its rises and its cruises.
Turning 30 ain't worrisome,, it's just another year,

Another chance to chase dreams with less fear.


So here’s to thirty years of trials and triumphs,
Here’s to the lows that made way for these highs.
Here’s to the journey making me who I am today,

And here’s to turning thirty, hip-hop hooray.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30 In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30

Look me in the eyes, bet you see a G, homie.
Turnin' 30, ain't nothin' dirty, still got that effervescence of a fizzy in me.
Age catching on, but believe I ain’t weary,
still the best rapper alive, ain't no query.

Three decades deep, but my rhymes still fresh.
Still spittin’ fire,
got that dragon's breath.
Time tested, yeah, I'm weatherproof.
Y'all talking about age, but I'm living proof.

Poppin' like champagne on my 30th day.
Birthday cake getting sliced like my beats and wordplay.
Aging like fine wine but still sippin' Bombay.
Mirrors show gray hairs but I say they're just sunrays.

30 years old and still bearing the crown.
See these young bloods tryna pull me down.
But I'm soaring high, defying gravity.
Wayne in his prime, that's an evergreen reality.

Cut from a different cloth, ain't no carbon copy,
More wisdom in my eyes – that's my new property.
Art over bling, it's all about quality,
Three decades and counting, pure longevity.

In this rap game, I'm setting precedents,
30 years of spitting truth, no embellishments.
Lil Wayne’s saga continues with resonance,
Age is just a number not a determinant.

Turning 30! But don't call it an ending,
Cause every day I'm born again, I’m self-revending.
So here's to another year of transcending,
Cause like fine wine, I only get better with aging.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30 In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30

Just hit 30, feeling flirty, not dirty,
Whipped through my 20s like it was in a hurry.
Butterflies in my stomach, but not cuz of worry,
Stepping into this chapter, vision never blurry.

In a Nicki world, ain't no mercy,
Age ain't nothing but a number, y'all don't concern me.
Stacking millions, dressed in Versace and Fendi,
Living life on my terms, baby, since I'm worthy.

Balenciaga bag, filled with dreams and numbers,
30 years young and I ain't got no slumbers.
On top of the game, ain't no time to blunder,
Blowing up the scene like dynamite and thunder.

Cougar at 30? Nah, I’m just getting started,
Leaving these youngins' broken-hearted.
Queendom’s expanding with every charted,
Been the baddest chick since when I departed.

Constantly growing, constantly learning,
Spitting fire on tracks — my empire is burning.
Ruling this shit like a true queen discerning,
30 candles on the cake and they’re yearning.

This rap queen still reigns with her crown on right,
Pink Friday vibes got me through the night.
30 trips 'round the sun showcasing might,
Still got 'em hypnotized with my lyrical fight.

30 but still Barbie doll pretty,
No room for hate in this buzzing city.
Keeping it 100, ain’t got time for pity,
Growing older gracefully while still being witty.

Glamorous at 30! Minajesty rules,
Got 'em drooling fools — using rhymes as tools.
Don’t need no jewels to take these fools to school,
I'm 30 and thriving while y'all are down and drool.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30 In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30

Turnin' 30, but I'm feelin' like a vet, uh-huh
Got the game on lock, ain't nothin' left to bet, yeah

Verse 1:
Three decades deep, nothin' left to impress
Focused on the future, not the past, no regress.

Been movin' weight with words, got the world on my chest
Turnin' 30 feel it heavy, but I'm still at my best.

Turnin' 30, ice-cold heart yet it beats steady, uh-huh
Cold world out here still I'm ready, yeah.

Verse 2:
Been through the rain and the pain, weathered every storm,
Now I'm turnin' 30 and I'm just gettin' warm.

Got scars for days from battles waged
But they're just roadmaps to how a boss is made.

Turnin' 30, diamonds in my eyes, no blurry vision here,
Aging like fine wine, only getting better with years.

Never let 'em see you sweat, keep your head high,
Even when you're knee-deep in the struggle, gotta fly.

Thirty ain't an end – it's just a number on a page
My story's just beginning – this ain't even middle age.

Turnin' 30 but my soul remains timeless,No ageing in wisdom,
I'm as young as my spirit – got that youthful blindness.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30 In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30

Verse 1:
Now I'm on the brink of thirty, still they wanna ask my worth.
Been fightin' since my birth, now I see what life's about, unearthed.
And mama said “this the age when our dreams get earthy“,
When you trade the stardom's thirst for a family's first.

I’m crossing this line, stepping into time.
Three decades on the grind, wisdom soaked in every rhyme.
I've been down, and I've climbed, seen the sun and the grime.

Verse 2:
Was a time when success was defined by how many I impressed,
Now my mirror's reflection is the only test.
I’m turning thirty but ain’t feeling no stress,
‘Cause all them lessons learned are now carved on my chest.

Still hustling but sojourning for that inner peace,
Jewels on the charts, but my wealth’s in this masterpiece.
The game ain't changed it’s just me who took a different lease,

Crossing that line, stepping into time.
Three decades on life’s endless climb,
But with every step higher, it’s wisdom I acquire.

Verse 3:
Lookin' back on twenty-something years of passion and pain,
Shovel in my hands digging through the rain.
Now standing at thirty – let me ascertain,
This be my golden era not just another campaign.

No room for pretending or playing these games,
Three-zero kicking in there's fire in these veins,
They say life starts at thirty – let me explain,
It ain't a start or finish line – it's just a new lane.

So here's to three decades of blood sweat and tears,
Dripping down my canvas – telling tales of lost fears.
I'm turning thirty now – so raise your glasses and cheers.
For each year has been a verse in this symphony of years.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30 In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30

(Verse 1)
Yeah, turnin' 30, life ain't so dirty,
Step back, no hurry, vision never blurry.
Born in the 90's, baby gettin' wise,
Seen a lotta highs, wiped tears from my eyes.

Like a new age, I'm turnin' the page.
Learnin' to engage, leavin' behind rage.
Been through some strife, but that's just life.
Got my cuts and bruises, still I'm on my flight.

Turnin' 30, baby don't worry. We still on a journey.
Life's been a fury but ain’t no jury gonna judge my story.

(Verse 2)
Every beat of my heart is like a work of art.
Always playin' my part even when it gets dark.
Memories flashing, passion everlasting.
Not just talkin', I'm thrashing.

30 years and counting, blessings amounting.
High like a mountain, life’s water is a fountain.
Turnin’ 30 is nothing daunting,
So here’s to three decades of flaunting.

Turnin' 30, baby don't worry. We still on a journey.
Life’s been unruly but ain’t no scrutiny gonna change my glory.

I’m turning 30, got love in abundance,
From every repercussion, took something of substance.
Lessons learned in the furnace,
On life’s canvas, I’m the best version.

Turnin' 30, baby don't worry. We still on this journey.
Life's been stormy but ain’t no worries gonna mute my story.

At 30, I'm steady and sturdy,
Still hungry and thirsty,
At the top of this turret,
I am Drake—turning 30.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30 In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Turning 30

Just hit 30, got another decade under my hat,
Yeah, life's rollin' on, ain't no turning back.

I remember 20s like a vivid dream,
Chasin' destiny, ain't that a youthful theme?

Now I'm in this new era, call it prime-time,
Flippin' calendar pages, caught in life's rhyme.

In my 30s now, but still I'm hustlin',
In the booth and the street, keep that wisdom rustlin'.

Life's a marathon, ain't about the speed,
Pretty clear now, what's want and what's need.

Got them wrinkles of wisdom, badges of age,
Still stepping to the mic with courage and rage.

Taught by life and still got more to learn,
Fueling the fire within, watch it burn.

I'm an author not just a spitter of bars,
Writing my life story among the moon and stars.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Turning 30 Like A Pro

1. Embrace Your Age and Experience

Let's kick it off with a fact, turning 30 ain't no crisis, it's an evolution. Use your 30th birthday quotes for self to reflect on your journey so far. You've lived three decades, you've got stories and wisdom to share.

Don't shy away from including some of those life lessons in your bars. Remember, rap is about authenticity and expressing realness.

2. Keep It Humorous

Serious doesn't always mean profound. Sometimes, the best way to express a complex emotion is with a touch of humor. Now's the perfect time to drop some short funny 30th birthday messages into your lyrics.

Turning 30 might come with responsibilities, but it doesn't mean you can’t keep things light-hearted and relatable.

3. Make It Memorable

When crafting your dope rap verses about turning 30, you want to create something that sticks with people – think unique 30th birthday slogans that are catchy yet profound. Use clever wordplay or a catchy chorus that resonates with listeners long after the track has ended.

4. Channel Modern Trends

Just like any good 30th birthday Instagram post, your lyrics need to tap into what's current in pop culture and societal trends without losing their personal touch.

This approach not only keeps your words relatable but also shows that even at 30, you're still in tune with the times.

5. Celebrate Yourself

It's okay to pat yourself on the back sometimes! Use lines like “happy 30th birthday to me” in your lyrics as an affirmation of all you've achieved so far – showing gratitude for the journey and anticipation for what’s ahead.

6. Show Love To Your Crew

Rap is as much about community as it is about individuality, so don't forget to include some 30th birthday captions for friends. Shout out those who've been there through thick and thin – they're an integral part of your story too.

7. Hashtag It Up!

Lastly, don’t forget to incorporate popular #30thbirthdayhashtags. They might not make it into the actual verse but can be included in song titles or descriptions when sharing online – helping you connect with listeners celebrating this milestone themselves!

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