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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Turning 24

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Rap Lyrics About Turning 24, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24

Verse 1:
Uh, '24' on the page, still afloat on my wave
'94 was the year, Hov burst in the sphere
Now I’m on another tier, feel the vibe, feel the cheer
Turned 24, now I see things clearer, no fear

Jigga Man painting pictures, no Picasso here
But every year's a stroke, masterpiece clear and sincere
Stay grinding like gears,
My path forward steered by wisdom, not years.

I done seen '24', but ain't nothing changed but my age
Still hungry for more, still turning the page
Got love for this game, been through joy and pain
Now at 24, Jay-Z reigns with wisdom gained.

Verse 2:
A king since teens,'96 Reasonable Doubt', y'all know what I mean
Now I'm two dozen deep, stacking green unseen
Ain’t here for glamor and gleam,
Grown man’s theme.

My hustle don’t sleep,New York city streets dug deep.
24 years,
diamond waves of rhymes,sweet sweeps,
From Marcy to Madison Square

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24 In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24

(Verse 1)
Yo, just turned 24, another year older,
Feeling like a new man, the world on my shoulder.
A quarter-life crisis, need an analyst,
Dropped out of the sky, like a damn catalyst.

Everything's changed, not just my age,
Writing new chapters, on life's open page.
I’m just a Rap God, in the lyrical flow,
Time ticking by, life moving slow.

Now I'm 24, birthdays ain’t got no bliss,
Counting down my hours, like a promise I miss.
With every beat and rhyme, feeling so divine,
On this track of mine, gonna spit till I shine.

(Verse 2)
I'm Em' but I ain't no M&M,
Just a broken soul trying to mend again.
Got the ink for the blood, paper for the heartache,
Dreams in my head, that simply won't shake.

A storm in my mind, a beast in me cage,
24 years old, but feeling twice the age.
As we glide along this relentless timeline,
With these beats of mine, let me redefine.

Now I'm 24, counting every second,
Writing down my life, with lessons well reckoned.
With every rap verse that comes to define,
On this stage of mine, gonna spit till I shine.

So here's to being 24,, to all the highs and lows,
To the past and what’s in store.
Through it all remember this fine line,
In my world of rhyme, everything's divine.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24 In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24

(Verse 1)
Turnin' 24, ain't a kid no more, solid as a rock, been through that door.”
I'm blessed, keep the faith on my chest, I confess. I'm on my quest.”
Got life lessons, necessary investments, wisdom trekked like the wild west.”
Yeah, age is just a number, but I'm feeling stronger. Thunder.”

I’m turnin' 24 with a vision, great precision.
Born to make it big, that's my mission.”
New age, new chapter, more laughter.
Got the future in my hands like it's plaster.”

(Verse 2)
Burnin' the candle from all ends, making amends.
Chasing dreams in my Mercedes Benz.”
Keep it real, keep it raw, like life's a seesaw, bounce back from every fall.”
Yo! This year is panoramic, ain't no time for static.
Stepping up to the plate, automatic.”

I’m turnin' 24 with sophistication, celebration.
Running this game with no hesitation.”
New age, new canvas, paint my own atlas.
Life's a journey and I am the compass.”

Got both feet on the ground but head in the clouds,
Living loud and proud at 24 – wow!
Embracing this ride with open arms and eyes wide,
Ready to take flight ✈️it's MY time.”

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24 In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24

Verse 1:
Ayo, hittin' 24 like a Jordan score, I'm not a kid anymore.
All these haters watchin', got 'em on the floor, eyes sore.
Turning two-four, still out here to settle the score.
Every year another level, life's an open door.

I'm painting my legacy, age 24 on the canvas.
In this game of life, they're just praying they can ban us.
Can't ignore the fact that I'm standing on my own Fanta’.
Been steady grindin', now my deck's full of savannahs.

Verse 2:
24 hours I've been living like a maniac, writin' anthems,
Steven Spielberg with the soundtrack.
All these clones tryna figure out my tactic, at 24 they say Weezy's automatic.
Court-side at the game, sippin’ on that Henny’, got 'em questioning my trademark Serenity.
Young Money Cash Money till infinity, turning 24 but still out here winning B’s.

At age 24 it's more than ambition, it's about leaving behind a powerful mission.
They can't keep up with my lyrical precision, wit sharp like I've been incarcerated in Princeton.
Living legend status, no intermission, at 24 Lil Wayne is the definition.

So here’s to Lil Wayne turning two-four.
Still hustling every day for some more.
Running this game since I was no more than four,
At twenty-four, I’m ready for what life has in store.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24 In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24

Just turned 24, no need to keep score,
Said goodbye to 23, made it out the door.
Brought the whole vibe, the Minaj tour,
Got 'em staring from Miami up to Singapore.

Got my Barbie doll looks, ain't no folklore,
Keep 'em on their toes, they always beg for more.
Queen of rap kingdom, hear the lion's roar,
24 karat magic, that's what's in store.

24 and thriving, ain't no surviving,

Full speed ahead, not into hiding.
Check the scoreboard, see me gliding,
24 on deck and I'm just vibing.

I'm a Capricorn queen, born in December,
Verses so hot they spark like ember.
Every year's an act you gonna remember,
Turning 24, that’s the agenda.

More than a number, got a legacy to render,
Each lyric I spit is a head spinner.
Your gift wrap ain't got nothing on my sender,
Birthday Queen, I'm the main contender.

So here’s to being 24 and feeling alive,
On this rap game throne, I continue to thrive.
24 with more dreams to strive,
With every bar I spit, keepin' hip-hop alive.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24 In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24

Verse 1:
I'm turning 24, yeah, maturing more,
Life's a battle, always at war, standing tall, never gonna fall.
Got that scarred heart, but with a new start, got these diamonds in the dark.
Growin' older, world on my shoulder, vision only getting bolder.

24 candles on the cake, dough i'm still gonna make.
No time for a break, everything at stake, ain't no room for fake.
Another year to take over the game, future in my name, setting the flame.

Verse 2:
Turning 24 riding in that new ‘Rari door to door,
With every roar, they adore. Like a lion on the floor.
Ups and downs galore but my dreams I implore.
Got my foot on the pedal don't settle for metal – gold is my score.

See that number 24? Means I'm ready for more.
Gonna soar higher than before, got success knocking at my door.
On this journey alone I explore – ain't no chore when you adore what you strive for.

Yeah this is me at 24, life's sweet stores to explore.
Building castles from ashore – future's bright to explore.
Turned 24 with a stride ever sure – blazing trails like never before.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24 In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24

Now I'm 24, no game-costing turnovers, I'm just taking my shots.
Bearing the weight of the world, till it got my shoulders feeling like knots.

Verse 1:
Born in a system where you seen or not seen,
24 years deep, still figuring this life thing.
Growing up fast but the past don't erase,
24th year, it's a different kinda chase.

With each passing year, learned to count on me,
Learning from every minute of my life's decree.
Mama told me pray and always believe,
At 24, I'm the main character in this life’s weave.

I was just a kid chasing dreams in the park.
Now they say I'm grown but it feels like a mark.
At 24 heaven seems further away,
Innocence is lost, but I pray it may stay.

Verse 2:
Battles with egos, now that's grown man stuff,
Got 24 pairs of Jordans but still not enough.
Learning to decipher what is gold and what's fluff,
Now that I'm 24, gotta call life's bluff.

Nothing comes easy or so they say,
Dues paid every moment, every day.
Took two dozen years to understand grace,
Guess I'm still learning, at my own pace.

A new chapter, catching dreams that were tossed,
Trading playtime thrills for realities cost
Turning 24 ain't about growing older,
It’s about standing firmer when life gets colder.

Day by day lessons reinforcing my fortitude,
Wisdom couldn't be bought even if you had the latitude.
Feeling more alive at this age of twenty-four,
Can’t wait to see what life has in store.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24 In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24

(Verse 1)
Just turned 24, no time for games, ain't a kid no more.
Life's moving fast, got me clinging to the shore.
Remembering the days when we were scoring, hustling galore.
Now I'm standing here, strumming pain with life's hardcore.

24 candles on this cake, manifesting dreams, for heaven's sake.
Everyday a battle, bigger stakes, higher risks to take.
Each year a chapter, story of my grind and my shake.
This journey ain't easy but it's mine to make.

I say it loud – ‘I'm 24 and proud'.
Living in the clouds up high, who can bring me down?
A toast to growth, to lessons learned – they abound.
I've been through the stormy seas but now I'm homeward bound.

(Verse 2)
Grateful for these years that life granted me.
Made me stronger, made me feel free like a bird let be.
From basement nights writing lyrics in Toronto city,
To stadium lights worldwide spitting fire from me.

Life at 24 feels like every moment counts more.
Every win or loss etched deeper into the core.
But still fighting cause that’s what I was born for
Emotion running high as I step through life’s door.

(Chorus) x2
I'm 24 and ready for the world out there.
Got fire in my heart and wisdom beyond compare.
Not afraid of heights or of slipping here and there,
Cause I know with every fall, I learn how to bear.<

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24 In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Turning 24

Just turned 24, feelin’ more alive, more awakened,
Chasing paper, never again to be forsaken.
Age is just a number, they say it's all mental,
Every breath's an instrumental, life’s potential exponential.

Year 23 was a storm, now the clouds are parting,
Can’t stop me now that my journey is restarting.
Through the struggle and the fear, I rose above,
Shot by life but revived by self-love.

Learnt that time is gold, no need for silver spoons,,
Standing taller than ever under the crescent moons.
Still spit fire on the mic like back in my youth,,
But now there’s wisdom in my words – pure truth.

Birthday cake candles flickering like dreams in the night,,
In dark times gotta keep your own light.
Lifting up from Compton, wings spreading so wide,
On this flight about life – come enjoy the ride.

A new chapter starts as I turn 24.,
Revved up and ready for what life has in store.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Turning 24 Like A Pro

1. Embrace Your Age

Just as Taylor Swift did with her 23 lyrics, it's important to embrace the age you're turning. It's a milestone that deserves recognition, so don't shy away from it. Remember, you're penning rap songs about turning 24, not trying to hide from it.

As Ms. Swift herself said when she was 24 years old: “I'm feeling 24 and there's so much more.” Use this as your mantra.

2. Draw from Personal Experience

The best lyrics are often drawn from personal experiences. Think back on the year that was – what year was Taylor Swift 24? What were your highlights and lowlights at that age? Use them to fuel your lyrics and create a narrative that is unique to you.

3. Use Numbers in Your Lyrics

Taylor Swift songs with numbers in the lyrics are some of her most memorable tracks (anyone remember “22”?). This is a clever device she uses to make her songs relatable and catchy. So why not incorporate numbers in your own way?

After all, turning 24 isn't just any number—it's an entire year of life experiences.

4. Make Use of Metaphors

A good rap song often has metaphoric lines that give deeper meaning to the lyrics. When writing about turning 24, use metaphors that reflect the ups and downs, triumphs and trials of being this age – similar to how Taylor Swift at 24 years old used metaphoric lyricism to describe her experiences.

5. Be Relatable

While it’s important to draw from your own experiences, try to make sure your lyrics can resonate with others too—like how Taylor Swift age lyrics are relatable for many people in their twenties or any age bracket for that matter!

You might be writing rap songs about turning 24 but remember, music transcends ages and personal experience.

6. Be Authentic

Authenticity goes a long way when writing dope rap lyrics about turning 24 (or any other age). Don’t try too hard to sound like someone else or emulate other rappers' styles—your voice is unique for a reason! Just as Taylor does with her music, let your authenticity shine through in your lyrics.

7. Have Fun With It!

Finally—and perhaps most importantly—have fun with it! The process of creating should be enjoyable, even if the subject matter is serious or reflective at times like some Taylor Swift songs with 20 in the lyrics are known for being so! Enjoy the creative process because this will ultimately reflect in your finished product – making it not just dope but truly unforgettable!

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