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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Turning 23

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Rap Lyrics About Turning 23, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23

(Verse 1)
Yeah, homie let's get this clear, ain't no fear in the game
Just turned 23, got memory lane in my rearview mirror
Life on my terms, Hershey's ain't got this kinda sweet year
Riding in the Bentley, betting odds like I couldn’t steer

They say life’s a gamble but see, I’m playing solitaire
Calculations on point, boy don't you dare compare
From Marcy to Madison Square, we flying coast to coast
I'm 23 with a hustle heart and I intend to boast

Turned 23, living free ain't no other way for me
In the city of dreams, where them skyscrapers be
Got that Hov swagger and mentality of B.I.G.
I'm just getting started – yeah they gon' remember me

(Verse 2)
Went from bricks to Billboard, from grams to Grammys
Now I sip champagne while they still sipping on their fantasies
Take a look at my life and it’s all about the strategy
At 23, wealth is in knowledge not just salaries

Been through the struggle even before puberty hit me
Kept it all inside – made it fuel for my victory
Every step is calculated like some advanced trigonometry
Now at 23, boy there ain’t no stopping me

Turned 23, living free ain't no other way for me
In the city of dreams where them skyscrapers be  
Got that Hov swagger and mentality of B.I.G.  
I'm just getting started – yeah they gon' remember me

So as I toast with Cristal on my birthday spree   
Let these verses echo when you think of being free    

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23 In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23

(Verse 1)
Mama, don’t you shed a tear, I'm turnin' 23 this year,
The stuff we've been through, enough to fill up the atmosphere.
23 years, and I'm still here, stumbling through life with no fear,
And every bar is a stratospheric sphere, a vivid vision so clear.

Knockin' on heaven's door, askin' for more, the devil out here screamin' “Encore!”
Been knockin' on wood so far it turned to timber, y'all remember? The ember?
Each birthday candle flickering in December, another year to render.

I'm turning 23, free as the sea, on another birthday spree,
The world still waiting for me to take my decree,
From the hurt and pain and madness, break free.

(Verse 2)
Got my dreams scribed in these rhymes, paper filled with pen grimes,
Lived a million lifetimes, only turnin’ 23. It’s prime!
Drowning in the voices, all demanding choices,
But it’s my life; it’s my noise is. Freedom roars at 23 voices.

Look at me now; I'm makin' history, proved y'all wrong with my mystery,
When you were slept on my struggle and victory,
Cause for my age, wisdom is an unsolved geometry.

I'm turning 23, without impunity. Still a sight to see,
Taken more shots than anyone in their early thirties—see me?
A testament of courage and tenacity; this be my legacy.

So here's to being 23 on lifes highway,
With every footstep written in this rap screenplay.
Even when clouds turn gray – remember this day
Born with a silver spoon but I chucked that shit away.

Bloody knuckles rapping out the rhythm of my journey—Happy Birthday!

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23 In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23

(Verse 1)
Ain't no Michael Jordan, but I'm turnin' 23.
Feelin' no pressure, just OG energy.
Hit the ground runnin', never takin' a knee.
Keepin' life real, ain't no fantasy.

Had my fair share of struggles, life ain't always honey and bees.
But look at me now, I'm floatin' on breeze.
Got my heart on my sleeve and my mind at ease.
I'm climbin' life's ladder, each step a new degree.

Turnin' 23, feel the gravity.
Movin' forward, can't rewind this reality.
Birthday candles burn with tranquility,
Growing older in style, it's my speciality.

(Verse 2)
23 years fly by like the speed of light,
Gotta take a moment, soak in this sight.
I'm a star, baby, shining so bright,
Every day's a battle, but I was born to fight.

God's still breathin', so I keep creatin',
Life's full of lessons, yeah it's educatin'.
Grindin', hustlin', ain't procrastinatin',
Turned 23, still elevatin'.

Turnin' 23, caught in this galaxy,
Flippin' chapters in my autobiography.
Candles lit up like it’s a gallery,
I'm 23 now – it’s a new reality.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23 In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23

Man, I'm 23, cakin' like a bakery, no mystery.
In this game, I'm history, ain't no one else as slick as me.
23, it's my Jordan year, ballin’ hard and that’s crystal clear.
I’m in a different sphere, got this game on my engineer.

23, see, ain’t a number, it’s a legacy.
Been runnin’ this since puberty, steady causin’ jealousy.
Birthday candles, seem to flicker in the melody.
Age ain’t nothing but mentality and I'm full of vitality.

Fame at 23, feeling like a prophecy,
Living out these verses like they're gospel, see.
On my grind since 16, no one can stop me.
Now I’m 23 and still the hottest commodity.

Been through struggles, now these numbers look so comical,
From the projects to pyramids, life is phenomenal.
From bar to bar, my rhymes are astronomical,
Turning 23 got me feeling astronomical.

Raised in the boot, New Orleans is my booth.
Spit fire every time that I step into the truth.
Now 23 and feelin' free, still on my youth.
Got money on my mind and tattooed on my tooth.

At 23, life’s an unsolvable riddle.
Got success in my sights, won't settle for the middle.
Every verse I spit is a technicolor missile, H-street phoenix,, rising from the grizzle.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23 In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23

(Verse 1)

Got that Barbie vibe, honey, never miss a beat,
23 now, I ain't never felt so sweet.
Rolls Royce ride, poppin' Dom P,
Success in my stride, no defeat.


Turnin' 23, can't bring me down,
Every birthday crown like a Queen's crown.
Yeah I'm turnin' 23, got that Nicki sound,
Sparkling bright, all around the town.

(Verse 2)

On my Beyoncé, all I see is green,
Yeah, I'm turning 23 going on queen.
Million dollar dreams, rose gold seams,
Every chapter of my life like a movie scene.


Steppin' into 23, feet on the ground,
Got that Minaj flow, not messing around.
Yeah I'm turnin' 23, but this ain't my cap,
Still got plenty of verses in my rap.


They tried to box me in, but I broke free.
I said “nah”, now look at me.
Turning 23 still getting these bands,
Cashing checks with these Barbie hands.


“Happy Birthday to me!”
, Yeah that's the theme,
Turning 23 and living the dream.
So here's to more life and to leveling up,
Toasting with that pink Moscato in the cup.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23 In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23

Turned 23, got the world on me,
Ice hang low, feeling like a G.
Saw my dreams, now they reality,
Living free, just how it's supposed to be.

(Verse 1)
Woke up today, feeling 23,
Mind in the clouds, but my heart in the streets.
Life ain't sweet but I'm sippin' on success,
Turned my pain into power, now I'm feelin' blessed.

Cash overflow, but still keeping it real,
23 on my back, but no time to chill.
Hard times hit,
but they couldn't knock me down,
Stacked up bricks, now I wear the crown.

Turned 23, got the world on me,
Ice hang low, feeling like a G.
Caught my dreams, turned them into reality,
Living free, just how it's supposed to be.

(Verse 2)
Haters come and go, yeah they tryna steal the shine,
But I'm 23 now, ain't got no time for lies.
Got diamonds in my eyes and gold on my mind,
I'm just a young king trying to rise and grind.

I've been through the storm but now I see the sun,
23 years young
, yet the journey just begun.
Every single day I'm stepping up my game, I'm living proof that you can break the chains.

Turned 23, got the world on me,
Ice hang low, feeling like a G.
My dreams became my reality,
Living free is exactly how it's supposed to be…

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23 In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23

Turned 23, moving silent like an '81 Benz,
Been on this journey since it begins, still not even close to the ends.
Turning pages of my life, right now chapter 23,
Blessings fall on me like leaves on an autumn tree.

They say I'm young but feeling old in my mental,
My potential meeting with the pencil, instrumental in my mental.
Life's a canvas and I'm spilling out this paint,
Some see flaws, for me, it's character no saint.

Ain't got no time for regrets or to indulge in fears,
I'm on a mission and the vision never been so clear.
Clock hit 23 – feeling sense of urgency,
To leave a legacy that transcends currency.

Cole World, yeah it's cold but we got dreams to keep us warm,
Living lessons daily – from every storm we transform.
No Rolex, and yet every second count,
Time don't discriminate, doesn't care about the amount.

Facing fears from yesterday that now seem small,
Age just deepens wisdom if you heed its call.
I got ghosts from past years looking at my reflection,
At 23 I see resurrection in every imperfection.

Blowing candles out thinking 'bout this year I spent,
Each trial was heaven-sent to help me reinvent.
The boy inside becomes a man but not by years alone.
It's when you take that stone and build yourself a throne.

So here's to 23 – a number but it’s more than digits.
It’s growth, it’s grit; life’s track – I’m gonna run these circuits.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23 In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23

(Verse 1)
Yeah, turning 23, it's a new scene.
Blue dreams waiting up in the sky, so serene.
Living life undisturbed, sipping on the lean.
It's a film of my own, no need for a screen.

This year got me feeling like I'm Jordan in his prime.
Dunking on the past, shooting for the time.
Ain't even hit my stride, it's just the climb.

I'm just living life at 23,
Sky high, finally feeling free.
Turned the page now, it's a new story.
In this age of rage, I found glory.

(Verse 2)
Running through The Six with all my woes,
Blessings over worries, that's just how it goes.
Making hits after hits, yeah, that’s the pros,
From Degrassi to the Grammys, nobody knows.

Gold on my neck, you could call it a chain,
But it's more than that, it’s proof of the pain.
Every link is a memory buried in my brain,

Turning dreams to reality at 23,
Staying true to me, authenticity.
It ain’t about the wealth or fame honey,
It's about finding your truth in this journey.

Yeah so here's to being 23 and going strong,
Living out this life like it’s my favorite song.
To all those who doubted, guess you were wrong,

Got to stay humble but still be headstrong.
I'm Drake, I'm 23 and I belong,

To every dreamer out there trying to prolong
Their moment under the sun ‘til dawn.

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23 In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Turning 23

Just hit 23, still on this roller coaster,
Scribbling thoughts, mind of a composer.
From Compton corners to Grammy platforms,
Life's a movie, lights out – the act transforms.

Two decades plus three in this arsenal,
Grown from a seed, now I'm botanical.
Baptized by fire, confirmed as a warrior,
Cutting through illusions like a courier.

23 with a vision clear and sturdy,
Clean as my conscience, dirty like my jersey.
Even at my lowest, I aim high,
Twin of the phoenix, watch me rise from the bye.

I'm 23 with dreams that keep expanding,
On life's chessboard, it's more than just standing.
Birthday boy but everyday is learning,
Aged 23, yet my star keeps burning.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Turning 23 Like A Pro

1. Embrace Your New Age

When you're spitting bars about turning 23, make sure you embrace the age. You're not a kid anymore, baby! Make sure to highlight your journey from adolescence to adulthood.

Just like Taylor Swift sings about different ages in her tracks, from the nostalgia of Taylor Swift 16 birthday captions, up to her upcoming Taylor Swift 23 album, use this unique milestone as a stepping stone for some dope lyrics.

2. Incorporate Your Experiences

Capture your experiences and emotions as a newly minted 23-year-old. You ain't lost in a fantasy, you're living in the moment!

Use descriptive language to paint vivid pictures of your journey so far, just like how Taylor paints pictures with her lyrics.

3. Be Relatable

Your lyrics need to be relatable! Remember that time when you vibed with Taylor Swift songs with numbers in the lyrics?

Yes, that's because she made them relatable and real. Write about real-life situations that anyone turning 23 could connect with.

4. Keep it Fresh and Original

Never forget that originality is key when writing rap lyrics.
Even though we might want to take inspiration from Taylor Swift songs with 20 in the lyrics, ensure your unique voice shines through.

5. Make Use of Wordplay and Metaphors

Give your audience that “Aha!” moment by using clever wordplay and metaphors.
It's like Taylor's hidden messages in her tracks; they add depth to your bars and keep listeners coming back for more.

6. Reflect Your Style

Remember, these are YOUR bars about YOUR experiences at 23.
While we all love us some T-Swizzle, it's essential not to get lost mimicking her style or even trying too hard to match up with her unreleased Taylor Swift 14 song.
Your style should take center stage here.

7. Keep It Real

Lastly, keep it real! Authenticity is vital in rap music.
Your listeners can tell if you're faking it or trying too hard.
Inspired by Taylor? Sure! But don't try too hard to sound like her.
You're not singing about being fifteen or twenty-two; this is all about being twenty-three and owning it!

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