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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Tattoos

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Rap Lyrics About Tattoos, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos

Uh, tatted up like a canvas, my story told,
Every ink drop's a tale, that's never been sold.
Got the Roc on my left arm, Brooklyn on my right,
Each piece is a chapter of my fight and flight.

Hop off the block in Marcy to top of the charts,
Tattoos tell it all, they're my work of arts.
From street hustle struggle to mogul rise,
Each mark is a token of where I've realized.

Ink stains bear the pain, but etch out the glory,
Every line and shade inscribe HOV's story.
Iced out chains may fade away,
But these tats remain static, they ain't for play.

Got B's love etched on my ring finger so fine,
A permanent reminder that she's forever mine.
Hard knock life streets to billionaire suites,
Against odds we built our saga – ain't no cheat!

Urgh! Uh-huh! Y'all know Hova got that ink game tight,
Tattooed testament to every struggle and fight.

Evolution in images from slums so raw,
To standing tall at Madison Square jaw-to-jaw.

The ink speaks volumes about who I be,
A blueprint for success – yeah that’s Jay Z!.

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos

(Verse 1)
Yo, I'm like a human canvas, got ink from head to toe,
Tattoos tell my story, everywhere that I go.
Wore my pain on my sleeve, now it's permanently sketched,
Every mark and line, a moment I won't forget.

From the rose on my chest to the numbers on my wrist,
Each one embodying a memory that exists.
They're not just ink spots; they're the chapters of my life,
My resilience in struggle, triumph after strife.

Yo, they ask me why I do it, why I passionately pursue it,
Ink in my veins like blood, I tattoo it to prove it.
Born and shaped in the furnace of pain,
It's not just beneath the skin; it's etched into my brain.

(Verse 2)
All this ink ain't for show; it's more than skin deep,
A testament to the promises I intend to keep.
Gave myself these scars, so I'll remember where I've been,
Every mistake, every victory is marked within.

Sharp lines of wisdom crisscrossing my back,
Reminders of every challenge, every attack.
The skull on my arm signifies death’s lingering trace,
But the dragon wrapped around shows I ain’t losing this race.

My past writes my verse; with each tattoo, I rehearse,
From the golden highs to plunges in a hearse.
I'm wearing every minute; you can read it like Braille,
And if you had eyes in your fingers you could feel this epic tale.

So here's my life story told through permanent ink,
Each tattoo a symbol or reflection that makes you think.
Stitched with a silver needle into verses that confess
All about EMINEM,, complex and relentless.

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos

(Verse 1)
Look, got my first ink, I was barely 21.,
Spelled out momma's name, it was my number one.,
Feeling like a warrior with my battle scars,
Telling stories on my skin, like I'm reading the stars.

Ain't just a statement, it's my life in art,
Put that needle down, let the magic start.,
With every puncture, feel that gentle sting,
On the mic or under needle, I'm still doing my thing.

Yeah, tattoos on my body, feeling like a canvas.,
Artwork on display; Picasso and Francis. (Bacon),
Every line speaks truth, ain't no need to enhance this.

(Verse 2)
Tattooed memories, each one a cornerstone.,
Got Chicago's skyline marking where I was born. ,
Got this rose for love, got this compass for the journey,
And these angel wings – for them days when life gets stormy.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and my life on my chest,
Underneath all this ink is a man who's been blessed.,
From pain comes beauty, with every ink-filled thrust,
Every tattooed line is a tale of trust.

Ink beneath the skin, it's deeper than you think.
It ain't about the fame or the diamond link.
It's about expressing yourself in ways words can't,
It's about painting your story – no restraints or can’ts.

So let these tattoos illuminate the way,
My life in colour on display each day.
Hear these lyrics as you ride along the wave,
I'm Kanye West, yeah I misbehave.

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos

Ayy, I'm living my life like a movie, it's truly lit, believe me.
Got ink all over me, telling stories, yeah, I'm the human bibliotheque.

Every dot and line on my skin ain't just a tattoo, it's fit into the scheme.
Each one’s a chapter of my life, visual poetry in a vivid dream.

Yeah, I got a smiley face right on my inner lip.
Speak truth only, cause I ain't about that counterfeit drip.

My tatts ain't for show, they're for memory recall.
Every single one is an echo of my Fall and Rise – the rise and fall.

Tear drops under my eye like I've been weeping ink.
But these tears are made of stories that make you stop and think.

Look at this one here; it's a picture of New Orleans.
That's where I’m from, caught in a storm but still soaring.

And here's one of a skate park – yeah it's how I roll.
My body's the canvas; my tattoos are my soul’s bold control.

Inked up from head to toe- call it the Lil Wayne print.
Every line carries weight; you can feel it when I sprint.

I've got fear of God tatted right across my eyelids.
Cause every time I blink-I remind myself where His light is.

Shout out to all the hustlers who’re living large with tatts on their bodies too.
Each one tells a story; each story makes you true

Ayy this ain’t just ink under skin; these are symbols of laughter and sorrow.
Living life like there’s no tomorrow- Got more tattoos today than yesterday but lesser than tomorrow.

Yeah, with every drop of ink – been carving out my legacy.
Tattoos tellin' tales – etching out my own prophecy.

I’m Weezy F Baby, don’t forget about the F- flow smooth as silk.
Each tattoo is an open book; history written in eternal ink.

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos

(Verse 1)
Uh, yeah, I'm inked up like a comic book, feelin' super fly,
Every stroke's a story, tellin' of my life,
Cherrypop lips, Barbies on my spine,
Crowned queen, got the world on my behind.

Uh, needle to my skin like the beat to this track,
Tattooed map of my journey, no turning back,
Diamonds in the rough, shining through the black,
Symbolism rush, ain't no time to relax.

Throw 'em up, throw 'em up for the tatted queens,
Who wear their hearts on their sleeves.
Got that ink in their veins,
Life's pain beautifully displayed.

(Verse 2)
Yeah, I'm permanently painted like a work of art,
Inked heart on my chest, passion in every part,
Pinkprint on my wrist, a Nicki signature,
Like a scripture cast in time – no erasure.

Yeah, my skin's the canvas for this masterpiece,
Balancing the real and fantasy – sweet release.
Artful drops of ink – marking moments in time,
In every line there's a rhyme of this life of mine.

Throw 'em up, throw 'em up for the tatted kings,
Carrying stories that sting.
Got that ink in their blood,
Life’s tales etched with love.

Tattoos tellin' tales that words just can't say.
Yeah, we're living loud – hey – we're okay!
Ink’s on our skin but we wear it within.
We’re tatted up and proud – let the storytelling begin!

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos

(Verse 1)
Iced out my wrist, but it ain't as cold as you, babe
Emotions painted on my skin, that's the new wave
Inked up stories, from heaven to hellbound
But truth be told, it's not the same without you around.

Tattoos of love, etched deep in my flesh
Invisible ink, but I feel it in my chest
Tattoos of pain, scars that never heal
People can't read 'em, but they're the realest thing I feel.

(Verse 2)
Every mark a memory, every line a road travelled
My body is a canvas, life is a gavel-
Beating me down like boulders on back roads,
Yet every drop of ink feels like coming home.

Tattoos of hope, seeping through my veins,
Portraits of dreams that silence the pains
Tattoos of faith, saints sinning for thrills,
They can't see it, but they don't know how it feels.

Bottled up emotions, let loose through tattooed artistry,
Reading life backwards, that's my tapestry.
Underneath the lights, with your name across my heart,
Ink fades to grey but our memories won't depart.

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos

(Verse 1)
See, she got a rose tattoo on her shoulder blade.
Mother passed away, roses were the tribute she made.
Not just an image, but a symbol of strength,
Her mother's love for her, extended in length.

Inked across her skin, taking the pain in,
A bond unbroken, even beyond the end.
A thorny past, but the bloom never fades,
A symbolic rose, where an eternal love is laid.

Tattoos tell tales, under skin they immerse,
Keepsakes of life, every joy, and every curse.
A permanent journey across flesh and bone,
Invisible threads of stories only the canvas has known.

(Verse 2)
Then there's this man with a tiger outlined on his chest,
Symbol of courage from a time he was pressed.
Single father raising kids on streets tough as stone,
The ink whispers tales of battles he's known.

Fierce as a tiger, the symbol he wears,
In memory of struggles and unanswered prayers.
Invisible armor but visible mark,
Tales of survival etched deep in his heart.

Tattoos tell tales, under skin they immerse,
Keepsakes of life, every joy, and every curse.
A permanent journey across flesh and bone,
Invisible threads of stories only the canvas has known.

Every needle drop is like a poet's pen’s stroke,
Each tattoo a chapter, each symbol invokes
Emotions captured within bodily art form,
An epidermis script detailing life’s storm.

(Outro Verse)
So next time you see ink presented to view,
Remember each tattoo has its own unique hue.
A story untold, an idea unexpressed,
Unveiling layers of lives undressed.

(Chorus Outro)
Tattoos tell tales, under skin they immerse,
Keepsakes of life, every joy, and every curse.
A permanent journey across flesh and bone,
Tattoos – forever etched stories printed on skin tone.

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos

(Verse 1)
Just like my heart, my skin ain't blank,
Always moving forward, no time to back.
Tattooed memories, inked on my chest and arms,
Can't erase the past, can't sing new psalms.

Got an owl on the shoulder, OVO we ride,
Art on body speaking what words often hide.
From Toronto streets to international fame,
Tattoos tell a story, ain't no fun and game.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and ink on my skin,
Every drop tells a tale of where I been.
Each tattoo is a chapter in my book,
Take a closer look, it's more than just the look.

(Verse 2)
Six God on the forearm shedding light on my path,
Inked memories hold so much aftermath.
Lil Wayne's face right there, paying homage to the throne,
Every tattoo is a seed that I've sown.

Got momma's portrait, she's the queen of my heart,
And Aaliyah's face too, an inspiration from the start.
This canvas of mine holds stories untold,
Ink speaks louder than words so bold.

All these tattoos are more than just art,
They're reflections of me, right from the start.
In the mirror they remind me of who I am inside,
My inked up life, got nothing to hide.

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Tattoos

INKed stories, inscribed in skin, self-made scholars,
Mural of memories, pain made dollar by dollar.
Tattooed tears, forever etched in this canvas,
Visual verses, body-paint manuscript, the grandest.

I see portraits of pain, immortalized in color,
Each needle penetration like the memory of a lover.
Decoding these scrolls, my body a scripture,
In every scar, a star's spectral picture.

Chest boasts a lion roaring, got courage on display,
Left arm inked with time, marking every passing day.
Right arm is my heart's canvas, with her namesake,
This ain't just a tattoo, it's love's keepsake.

Ink stains deep, deeper than just skin layer,
It’s touch of art and part pain bearer.
Whether it's past regret or future symbolism,
Tattoos tell tales between each prison.

Life’s journey inked in pigments of pick and stick,
Tattoos ain’t superficial, they are therapeutic cryptic.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Tattoos Like A Pro

1. Get Tattoo-Savvy with Your Rhymes

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to rap lyrics about tattoos. Immerse yourself in tattoo culture, learn about different types and styles of tattoos, understand their significance and symbolism.

This knowledge will not only allow you to create authentic hip hop lyrics, but it'll also give you a deeper understanding of the art form that celebrates individuality and personal stories.

2. Ink Your Lyrics with Personal Stories

When it comes to writing dope rap lyrics about tattoos, remember: the best body art tells a story. Think of your inked skin as a canvas, each tattoo a visual narrative of your life's journey.

Let these stories flow into your lyrics, giving them depth and emotional resonance that listeners can connect with.

3. Playful Pun & Metaphor Mayhem

Rap and tattoos both revel in creativity, so why not mix the two? Use playful puns, clever metaphors or witty wordplay to describe your inked experiences in your hip hop lyrics.

This approach not only showcases your lyrical prowess but also adds an element of fun to your rhymes about tattoos.

4. Tap into the Visual Element

Tattoos are visual art forms – so let this inspire your rap lyrics! Describe the intricate details of your body art – the vibrant colors, the lifelike images, or even the sensation of getting inked. Using descriptive language helps create vivid imagery in listeners' minds, pulling them into your world.

5. Fuse Music and Tattoos Together

Both music and tattoos have unique ways of expressing emotions and experiences so why not weave them together?

Explore how music influences tattoo culture or vice versa in your rap lyrics. Maybe how a specific song inspired a particular tattoo or how getting inked inspired you to write a song?

6. Embrace Authenticity Over Clichés

In the world of hip hop lyrics, authenticity reigns supreme – and it's no different when rapping about tattoos! Avoid clichéd phrases or typical representations associated with body art; instead focus on crafting honest rhymes that reflect your unique perspective on being inked.

7. Keep It Fresh by Switching Up Your Flow

Finally, keep things interesting by switching up your flow from time to time – just like you would with new tattoo designs! Try out different rhythms or rhyme schemes; experiment with tempo changes or narrative styles within your rap lyrics about tattoos.

The key is to keep pushing boundaries while remaining true to yourself – much like what tattoos stand for!

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