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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Style

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Rap Lyrics About Style, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Style

(Verse 1)
Yeah, uh huh, it’s ya boy Hova, got that luxury swag like a Land Rover,
Sharper than a razor, I’m the sartorial creator.
Every move I make's front page news, billionaire swagger, you could never fill these shoes.
Maison Margiela on my feet, label-obsessor; sartorially under pressure.

I wear my hat to the back like I'm seventeen again,
Got that OG style with the platinum-rimmed lens.
Bespoke suit, three-piece precision; stepping out looking like a man on a mission.

(Chorus) 1x
Hear me saying my rhymes in your mind,
On repeat 'cause my style's so defined.
Fresh and clean, everything's custom made,
I'm living proof that crime doesn't pay.

(Verse 2)
We talk about style? Yeah well let’s converse,
Laid back flow but I’m always putting work first.
With each rhyme I spit, they’re scared of what comes next,

‘Bout to be thrown back by this flex context.

My threads got you checking labels in stores,
Can’t buy this class even with your credit score.
It's not just about chains or brilliant ice,
Style is character – it comes at a price.

(Chorus) 2x

In designer garb from head to toe
No need for logos for folks to know.
From dirty projects to skyscrapers high
Made it big without selling lies.


From the streets of Brooklyn now we worldwide
Got em yelling ‘HOVA' with their hands held high.
Dressed down in basics or suited up fly,
You can see success reflecting in my eye.

Rap Lyrics About Style In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Style

(Verse 1)
Yo, step back, check my style, ain't no contest,
Rhymes sharper than a suit from the midwest.
Walking down 8 Mile, beat knocking in my chest.
I'm the real Slim Shady, no need for a test.

Don't blink or you might just miss my next rhyme,
Sipping on life's pain like it's damn fine wine.
My style ain't ordinary, not some assembly line,
Each word I spit is like a God-damn sign.

Stomp the beat, tune in to my frequency,
From Mo-town to your town is an epic journey.

Lyrics cut-throat sharp like a diamond cutter,
Rap game Picasso with bread and butter.

(Verse 2)
Striding in style, microphone in hand,
Bouncing expressions, no one can understand.
Spinning circles 'round haters like it's quicksand.

Drip swag so icy makes you beg for some heat,
Every syllable I speak knocks you off your feet.
My style's an enigma that just can't be beat,
Cold as ice, but damn it's sweet.

Spray bars like graffiti on Desolation Row,
Bold lyrics, stinging like a fresh blow.

Dressed in darkness, dreaming of valor,
Mic’s my canvas and words are my pallor.

This is my style, this is Eminem’s reign,
Lyrically loaded and causing lyricists pain.
Inventing rhymes while they go insane,
No sugar coating’, welcome to Slim Shady’s lane.

Rap Lyrics About Style In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Style

(Verse 1)
Roll up in that Maybach, got them shades on, Yeezy mode.
Different time zones, rocked a show, now I'm on another road.
Gold chain around my neck, feeling just like Slick Rick.
Style so fresh, swagger so slick, you can't touch this.
Lamborghini dreams, champagne wishes, yeah that's the dish.
Diamonds on my wrist, they dancing like they're doing the twist.

I got that Kanye confidence, Louis Vuitton dominance.
In the room of elegance, I'm the elephant.
Yeah my style is heaven sent, and it's evident,
That Yeezy got the elements of opulence.

(Verse 2)
Rock that fur coat in the summer heat, call it contradiction.
Kanye West is an addiction and fact not fiction.
Sliding through life's friction with luxury as my diction,
Yeezy sneakers my inscription, they tell of my conviction.
My style's an affliction causing waves like friction,
Got 'em all addicted to this high-end affliction.

I got that Kanye audacity, Givenchy tenacity.
When it comes to style fashionably, I'm a masterpiece.
Yeah my aura causes catastrophes but amazingly,
Yeezy remains unphased and blazingly.

Style‘s more than Gucci belts and Balenciaga vests.
It's about leaving your mark with every step, in every aspect.
So walk this Earth like it's your runway,
And know you'll kill 'em all someday. Just like Kanye.

Rap Lyrics About Style In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Style

Verse 1:
Like a new Benz, my style is fresh off the lot,
I'm Lil' Wayne, homie, give respect where it's got.
Tunechi’s style, man, it's always wild,
Rap game Picasso, my verses in a pile.

My style, my finesse, they call it top tier,
Rap a verse and it's crystal clear.
Louisiana hot, no need for a sweater,
When Weezy spit rhymes, nobody does it better.

Verse 2:
Cash Money Records where dreams come true,
I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six, wouldn't you?
Fly above the rest, like I got wings on my back,
Style sharper than a katana attack.

My style, my finesse, they call it top-tier,
Rap a verse and it's crystal clear.
Louisiana hot, no need for a sweater,
When Weezy spit rhymes, nobody does it better.

From the block to the booth, ain't nothing to hide,
I'm serving these bars like it's fast food drive.
Known for my flow but praised for my style
In this rap game, homie, I've been here for a while.

To the top of the world – that's where I'm heading,,
Got that Lil' Wayne style – that's what they're dreading..
I rise like the sun, can't put out this light
This game is mine – Weezy taking flight.

Rap Lyrics About Style In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Style

(Verse 1)

Stepping out in Fendi, Gucci on my feet,
Got 'em all watching, when I hit the street.
Louis purse hittin', like a Mayweather beat,
You know I'm royalty, Minaj facing defeat?

Louboutin red bottom, walking with a strut,
Ain't caring about them haters, yeah, my doors are shut.
Ride or die chic, ain't no basic cut,
My style leaves 'em speechless, no ifs, ands or but.


Yeah! it's all about the style, baby can't you see?
I'm living it up, basking in luxury.
Pink Bentley cruising, ain't no stopping me,
In the mirror's reflection, all they want to be.

(Verse 2)

Versace dress fit'n, like a second skin,
The paparazzi flash'n, yeah we let 'em in.
Diamonds shining bright, where do I begin?
Nicki on the mic, that's a guaranteed win.

Riding high on fame, they're dissing for a dime,
My style is my weapon, it's my perfect crime.
Popping Balmain tags, fashion on cloud nine,
Look who's talking now? Yeah, it's my time to shine.


It's all about the style and grace, can't replicate this face,
Living large in penthouses, no one can replace.
With every thread I wear, I'm setting off the race,
They're trying to keep up pace, lost in Nicki’s chase.

Cause it’s all about the style,, we ain't gotta fake,
Got 'em in denial with every move I make.
From Versace to Chanel, make no mistake
Nicki’s reigning queen – style’s high stake.

Rap Lyrics About Style In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Style

Verse 1:
Rockin' Balenciaga, drippin' in that designer,
Life's a movie, no director, I'm the only signer.
When it comes to style, homie can't nobody match this,
Billionaire mindset, building dreams from the ashes.

I got that style that keep 'em talkin', keep 'em talkin', homie,
Melodies be rainin', got this life lookin' sunny.
Can't help but live my truth, ain't nothing about this phony,
Got that drip, got that flow – I'm the stallion, no pony.

Verse 2:
Living large in the penthouse – cityscape is my vista,
And my style's so cold it could start a damn blizzard.
Copped a Richard Mille, now my wrist is on shimmer,
Overcame struggle – see my reflection in the mirror.

I got that style that keep 'em talkin', keep 'em talkin', homie,
Painting pictures with my words – call it artistic glory.
Can't deny what's real; I'm scorin' while they snoring,
Fly so high, sky's my home – feels like I'm soaring.

My style is eternal; ain't no expiry date,
Every bar reflects the grind; every rhyme creates fate.
See me wearing success like it's tailor-made couture,
Style incarnate: In Future we trust – forever endure.

Rap Lyrics About Style In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Style

(Verse 1)
Stepped in the game, no chains, just my name,
Humble beginnings but now we this flame.
Coming up rough, no fronts, just in pursuit of change,
In designer threads but my soul remains the same.

Style ain’t about labels or brands,
It’s about being comfortable where you stand.
Keith-Haring T-shirt or a suit from Armani,
It’s not what you wear, it’s about who you can be.

My kicks might be fresh but they been through the grind,
Just like my heart, and this gifted mind.
Got style in each bar, and every rhyme,
Even when I had nothing, I was dressed in time.

The style's not the cloth, it's the man behind,
Don't need Gucci nor Prada to shine.
Diamonds ain’t worth a thing if they don’t know their grind,
True style is embracing your prime.

(Verse 2)
Remember momma said, “Boy keep your head up high,
Don't let them brand new J's become your sky.”
Gave me a style that can't be bought,
She said “Remember who you are and forget what you're not.”

Look at me now, I'm the talk of the town,
But I know style is more than just a crown.
Brand name threads or clothes from thrift,
Only matters if it gives your spirit a lift.

Had to learn how to master my own fate,
Now my style isn’t defined by an expiration date.
Fresh coat of confidence with every step I take,
Turned my life into an art – ain't that great?

The style's not the cloth, it's the man within,
It's about standing tall among kings and men.
The gold might shine but it can never define
The brilliance of mind wrapped in time.

Yeah I dress to impress,
But not with jewels or with excess.
I'm draped in humility wrapped up in my finesse,
I'm J. Cole baby, nothing more nothing less.

Rap Lyrics About Style In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Style

(Verse 1)
From the 6ix, I emerged in hunger,
Outfit clean, making 'em wonder.
Gucci loafers on a Sunday noon,
In a Tom Ford suit, I walk in the room.

Toronto kid with an international style,
A million dollar smile that extends a mile.
Steady in my Prada shades, no need for denial,
Living my dream, this life is worthwhile.

I'm styling and profiling,
Got 'em all admiring, hearts compiling.
This ain't just attire,
It’s a statement of a king who’s aspiring.

(Verse 2)
In the zone with my Nike kicks,
Riding through the city in a blacked-out whip.
Versace tie, diamond cufflinks,
Every piece tells a story without any ink.

Balenciaga, that's my daily wear,
Keep it simple but I play it fair.
Saint Laurent jeans set me apart,
Style isn’t just fashion, it's an art.

I'm styling and profiling,
Got 'em all admiring, hearts compiling.
From the 6ix to worldwide,
In this game of style, I never hide.

Rap Lyrics About Style In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Style

Verse 1:
I'm no fashion misfit, in this game, I’m legit,
In a world of copycats, my style always hit.
Flyer than a spaceship, fresher than mint,
Cutting through the mundane, leaving my imprint.

Verse 2:
I'm unstitched threads in this tailor-made reality,
Distorted reflections of society's normality.
Trends come and go but I stay committed,
To my own beat, ain’t never acquiesced nor fitted.

Verse 3:
Echoing the past, yet shining with futurism,
Molded by battle scars, but defined by optimism.
See, style is substance translated through fabric;
I wear mine eloquent, layered with magic.

Verse 4:
From the humble beginnings to the gold-threaded dreams,
Fashioning a symphony from life’s silent screams.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Style Like A Pro

1. Embrace Your Style in Every Rhyme

Style is personal, it's your fashion-forward fingerprint, your swag's signature. It's more than just rap lyrics about fashion, it's an expression of you.

So, when you're writing those dope rap songs with style, let your personal taste shine through. Whether it's luxury brands or thrift store finds, high heels or high tops, weave your style into the lyrical fabric of your bars.

2. Let the Drip Speak for Itself

When penning drip song lyrics, remember less is more. You don't need to shout about your swag; let it whisper between the lines instead.

Subtle references to designer labels and coveted pieces can evoke a powerful image without overdoing it. Think of it as creating drip songs for Instagram story – concise yet captivating.

3. Not Just Clothes – It's a Lifestyle

Rapping about style goes beyond clothes and accessories; it encompasses an entire lifestyle. Blend in elements like exotic vacation spots or high-end cars into rap lyrics about vacation and luxury living because style is not just what we wear but how we live.

4. Get Inspired by the Best in the Game

Look to artists known for their sartorial prowess and incorporate their influence into your work. Study the best female rap lyrics quotes for inspiration on how to describe and incorporate elements of style in a captivating way.

5. Play With Language and Imagery

The beauty of rap lies in its fluidity with language – so play around! Use metaphors, similes, wordplay to paint vivid pictures of your style narrative in listeners' minds.

6. Make It Relatable Yet Aspirational

Sure, not everyone may relate to a wardrobe full of designer threads but everyone can aspire to it! Balancing relatability with aspiration is key when crafting rap lyrics about swag that resonate with a wide audience.

7. Give Them Some Caption-Worthy Lines

Nothing screams success like having your lines used as female rap lyrics for captions on social media! So make sure some bars are snappy, memorable, and shareable – perfect for fans who want to display their taste (and yours) online.

Remember: When you're writing a rap song with drip sound, give audiences a glimpse into your stylish world through confident lyricism and witty storytelling.

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