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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Space

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Rap Lyrics About Space, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Space

“Chillin' on the moon, Jay-Z got latitude,
Levitate in the game, got that astronaut attitude.”
“Surpassed these stars, you know I had to elevate,
Man's about to colonize Mars, can't wait to populate.”

“Glide above the clouds, my flow's gravitation-less,
Nebula round my neck, just for being famous.”
“Feeling so high like I'm walking among comets,
Stack up more cash than NASA's annual budget.”

“Sky ain't the limit anymore, beyond we transcend,
For a man from Marcy that was barely making ends.”
“Blasting off in this joint like SpaceX rockets,
From interstellar travel to intergalactic profits.”

“In this space race, Hova stays in pole position,
Freeze time when I rhyme like a black hole condition.”
“A kid from a project now aiming for constellations,
Life’s full of dimensions and dreamy transformations.”

“From Brooklyn's concrete jungle to Orion's Belt,
Your boy still spits fire enough to make Pluto melt.”
“Sky scraping dreams now turned into stars,
Used 22 twos but now I’m counting Mars.”

Jay-Z takes flight before dawn with speed of light.
In every galaxy they feel me because my wisdom is bright.
“Hype stays frozen as if encased in lunar ice,”
“Brought rap fame beyond atmosphere; paid the price.”

I'm on this cosmic journey where I reign supreme,”
J-Hova branding universes – it ain’t no dream.

Rap Lyrics About Space In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Space

(Verse 1)
Yo, it's top Dawg on this moonscape log,
Blastin' off, rhymes like a rocket fog.
I'm an astronaut, breaking through the atmosphere,
My words are spaceships, they're what you fear.

Look up at the stars and I see my reflection,
Lost in space, devoid of direction.
I'm a Cosmic Nomad, exploring the creation,
Inking down rhymes, my lyric constellation.

Rap's Einstein, with my theory of relativity,
Bold rhymes defy gravity, defying negativity.
Spit fire like comets, make you lose your sanity,
Welcome to my universe of lyrical insanity.

Got the entire galaxy rapped around my finger,
I'm the brightest star; my words gonna linger.
In this void of blackness with words I maneuver,
Eminem, The Space-Time Producer.

(Verse 2)
Chasing black holes and cosmic dust,
My sharp lyrics light years ahead, a must.
Planets align when I start to spit,
I got Jupiter's storms in every hit.

Lost in my Milky Way mind maze,
Where bars burn brighter than solar blaze.
Rhymes atom-splitting like a supernova explosion,
In this infinite universe, I’m the chosen.

When I rhyme, it’s celestial magic eruption,
Stirring galaxies with rap waves conduction.
Hitch a ride with me in this cosmic fantasy,
Where not even a black hole can contain my profanity.

From Detroit to outer space – a quantum leap,
Creating star-lines where darkness used to creep.
Eminem in space? Yeah, bro… it’s reality.
Rapping from another dimension; welcome to our galaxy.

Rap Lyrics About Space In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Space

(Verse 1)
Uh, soaring through the cosmos like a new-age messiah.
Feelin' like a genius in a spaceship attire.
Riding on the comet, call me Kanye Sagan.
In this universe of ours, I'm the conversation.

Chillin' in my rocket, feelin' extra-terrestrial.
Make a black hole look like something inconsequential.
Floating 'round in zero G's, making history.
Even Stephen Hawking looking up with envy.

I'm the supernova in this galactic opera.
Got Elon Musk wondering who's gonna stop ya?
Voyager of the void, with my beats so dense,
Like my rhymes are particles, creating own existence.

(Verse 2)
I move through space-time like a cosmic maestro.
Satellites can't keep up as I'm going incognito.
In the Milky Way, splashing stardust on my Prada,
‘Cos even in the vacuum, I gotta look proper.

Been to Mars and back, still the freshest on the scene.
Illuminating galaxies with this ultraviolet sheen.
In a universe so vast, yet it's clear to see,
There ain't no other life form that could outshine Ye.

I'm the supernova in this galactic opera.
Got Neil deGrasse Tyson saying that's not proper?
Voyager of the void, dropping beats from space,
The celestial kingpin, putting stars in their place.

I'm a cosmic entity with a divine decree,
On an interstellar mission for all y'all to see.
Kanye West: Pioneer of celestial rap spree,
In this infinite expanse — I am infinity.

Rap Lyrics About Space In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Space

Verse 1:
Aye, I'm in my spaceship, ain't no limitation,
Riding through the galaxies, no reservations.
Milky Way my lane, no navigation,
Stars be my fans, that's my constellation.

Space gang, we in this thang, high like a comet's tail,
Meteor showers when I spit verses, never gonna fail.
My rhymes are rockets, yeah they never stale,
In this space race, Weezy always prevail.

Verse 2:
Moon rock on my wrist, you know it's lunar time,
AstroLouie spitting cosmic rhymes sublime.
To the top of the charts like SpaceX we climb,
Martian money, big stacks on my mind.

Space gang, shooting stars with the lyrical flame,
When I step on the mic, it ain't never the same.
On this extraterrestrial beat I stake my claim,
In this hip-hop universe, Weezy is the name.

Saturn's rings can't measure to my fame,
From New Orleans to Neptune they screaming my name.
Galactic grind with a Grammy aim,
I'm Lil Wayne in this space game.

Rap Lyrics About Space In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Space

Ayo, we takin' off, blastin' like a rocket
I got the stars in my pocket, can't no one stop it (uhh!)
Space Barbie, jet-settin', they ain't on my plane
Steppin' on Mars, leave 'em guessin', they can't feel my pain.

[Verse 1]
Lil mama fly high, I'm a skywalker,
Moon dust on my boots, I'm an interstellar stalker.
Galactic queen, my reign never falter,
Cosmic flow from this space-age author.

We ridin' on comets, hotter than the tropics (uhh!)
Got the whole universe in my Versace lockets.
Nicki in space, yeah they know the topic,
Collidin' with stars while I fill up my pockets.

[Verse 2]
Came from nothing, now I'm somethin', hover past the strife,
My life a constellation babe, shine twinkle in night.
Rockin Gucci space suits time travel through light,
Struttin' lunar surface like it's Saturday night.

Flyin' past Neptune you can't keep up (uhh!)
In this endless expanse baby I'm the cream of the crop.
Got Jupiter's moons in a diamond drop,
I'm Nicki Minaj and I'll never flop!

This path to greatness is anything but narrow,
I took off from Earth now watch me shoot like an arrow.
From Queens to cosmos, my journey is thorough,
Space Barbie out – Only got time for Pharaohs!

Rap Lyrics About Space In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Space

(Verse 1)

Carve my name among the stars, I’m headed for the moon,
Hop on this rocketship, we'll take off soon.
Diamonds in my chain, I got Orion's belt too,
Astronaut status, just watch what this wealth do.


Can’t breathe without you baby, lost in this space,
Your love's like a black hole, gets harder to trace.
I need your gravity; I’m just floating away,
In this universe of ours, wish you’d choose to stay.

(Verse 2)

On a Mars mission, with my heart missing,
I'm just reminiscing, while the stars glistening.
Apollo dreams, but it seems you’re still resisting,
Love's a comet baby, see how it's persisting.


Flying through this galaxy, stargazing at our history,
In your constellation of scars, lies our untold mystery.
Space dust in my lungs, I inhale your memory,
Cosmic love ain’t easy baby; it’s always been risky.


Spacesuit on me feels so heavy; emotions weighing me down,
But I’ll keep pushing through the cosmos, even when you're not around.
Your absence echoes like silence in this vast dark sound,
My space bound heart is lost out here, wishing it was found.


Eclipsed by your shadow, I'm stuck on the dark side of love,
Even supernovas can't outshine your light from above.

Rap Lyrics About Space In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Space

(Verse 1)
Yo, looking up, see the cosmos embracing.
Dreams so big, they're ready for the space scene.
On earth, we confined by these man-made borders.
In contrast, up there it's a beautiful disorder.

Silent screams in a vacuum, so profound.
Gravity pulls yet it's the only thing that's holding us down.
Pondering infinity, mind vast as galaxies.
Seeking answers within these cosmic fallacies.

Living life in a bubble called atmosphere,
Supernovas in my mind – all I can hear.
We've tamed waves but the stars remain austere.
Space, the final frontier – making everything clear.

(Verse 2)
Thoughts revolve like planets 'round a sun,
Bright ideas burn out ‘fore they’ve begun.
Every shooting star – a wish somebody made,
An earthly echo of the universal trade.

The moon a mirror of our human plight,
Caught between darkness and celestial light.
Feel the stardust coursing through my veins,
Reminds me that nothing ever truly wanes.

Earth spinning on an axis of dreams and fears,
Caught in an orbit of joy and tears.
We're all astronauts on this blue sphere,
Navigating through life's atmosphere.

(Verse 3)
Universe in my pocket, science is my rocket,
Every verse I drop is like space-time in a locket.
My journey through this labyrinth – never-ending,
Spacetime’s fabric – constantly bending.

Astronaut aspirations with boots on ground,
Mirroring constellations, hoping to be found.
Harnessing energies known and unknown,
Yet still feeling profoundly alone.

As we gaze upon the cosmos grandeur and might
Space reflects our internal fight
Transcending boundaries with lyrical flight
I’m just an emcee writing by starlight.

Rap Lyrics About Space In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Space

(Verse 1)
Just like the stars, I'm lost in space, feelin' this void.
Got my mind on pluto, but missing your asteroid.
Shining bright, thought you were my North Star.
But you left me floating, now I don't know where we are.

Catch me orbiting around your love like Saturn's rings,
Tryna keep composure but your absence stings,
I'm a lone astronaut on this emotional flight,
In the cold expanse, praying for your light.

Said you needed space so I left for the moon,
Hoping you'd follow, but it seems too soon.
Can't escape these feelings even in zero gravity,
In this spaceship of love, you're my one reality.

(Verse 2)
We used to shine brighter than a supernova's flare,
In cosmic harmony, none could compare.
Now it's black holes where your love used to be,
Lost in the universe, can't see you next to me.

Trapped in a time-warp of memories and pain,
Heart drifting like a comet lost in its lane.
Searching through galaxies, tryna find your orbit again,
In the vastness of space, feelin' this love strain.

Said you needed space so I hit Mars solo,
Endless nights, wishin' on stars for our tomorrow.
Got no control in this gravitational pull,
In the cosmos of us, feeling so null.

(Outro) You were my universe, now I'm just space debris,
Drowning in stardust, yearning to be free.

Rap Lyrics About Space In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Space

Yeah, we up in the cosmos, Kendrick's interstellar manifesto,
Each galaxy a verse, universe can't quell my gusto.
My rhymes like comets, ablaze with the inferno,
In the black hole of rap game, I’m the star in this limbo.

Weighing thoughts like planets, gravitating towards the central,
Ideas orbit my mind, shooting stars without a stencil.
In this space-time continuum, ain’t no instrumental,
My lyrics are extraterrestrial, yes they’re continental.

Floating on these beats like gravity ain’t a factor,
On the moon’s surface, I’m the alpha and omega actor.
Milky Way ain't sweet, it's tough chewing this nectar,
Meteor showers of wisdom dropping, catch each extractor.

Nebulous notions born in celestial silence,
My verses deep as space voids and packed with resilience.
Star-crossed stanzas collide in lyrical defiance,,
King Kendrick’s rapping from Space– announcing my alliance.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Space Like A Pro

1. Blast Off with the Right Theme

Writing dope rap lyrics about space starts with pinpointing a compelling theme. And brother, let me tell you, space is a big place. You've got everything from black holes to alien civilizations and time travel.

Get inspired by hip hop songs about space that have gone before you – “Spaceship” by Kanye West or “Man on the Moon” by Kid Cudi are perfect launchpads for your lyrical journey.

2. Rhyme Like an Astronaut

You don't need to be Neil Armstrong to explore the cosmos in your lyrics, but it can't hurt to rhyme like him. Take a page out of r&b songs about space and weave in some heavenly metaphors and analogies.

Bring in astronomy rap lyrics that reflect the majesty of the universe or even the isolation felt when floating among the stars.Remember: Your rhymes are your rocket fuel.

3. Build Your Spaceship (Song Structure)

Just like constructing a spaceship, building your rap song spaceship requires precision and balance. The verses are your engine room – they propel your narrative forward; while choruses serve as viewing decks – offering a chance for listeners to take in all they've learned.

Don't forget those hooks – they're like zero-gravity zones where listeners can float free and get lost in your sound.

4. Dance Among the Stars (Rhythm)

Creating a successful space rap genre track means more than just laying down bars; it's about creating a rhythm that gets bodies moving like they're caught up in some space themed hip hop dance.

Try experimenting with unconventional beats, synths and samples that mimic sounds of the cosmos – make it so fresh that even aliens would want to bust a move.

5. Take Them To The Moon (and Back)

Great rap songs about the moon aren’t just about describing lunar landscapes – they use this celestial body as a metaphor for aspiration, loneliness, or unattainable love.

So when you’re penning down those lines, shoot for the moon! Make 'em feel like they're on Apollo 11 witnessing Earthrise for the first time.

6. Intergalactic Wordplay

Do you know what separates average Joe rappers from supernova word slayers? Wordplay! Employ clever puns, double entendres, and slick metaphors that will have fans marveling at your linguistic prowess long after they hit replay on your track.

Note: Alien rap lyrics can serve as great inspiration here!

7. Authenticity is Key (Even In Space)

Lastly, don’t get so caught up trying to sound “extraterrestrial” that you lose sight of who you are as an artist and human being. Let your personal experiences guide you through these cosmic voyages because authenticity resonates louder than any sonic boom.

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