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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Snow

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Rap Lyrics About Snow, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Snow

(Verse 1)
Coming down like the snowfall, they call me Hova
Shining bright in the winter, just like a supernova
Riding high in the wraith, feel that cold rush
Got that blizzard vibe, making haters hush

I’m an avalanche of success, coming quick
My rhymes so slick, make an icy pick
Piling up green just like the snow heaps
While others sleep, Jay-Z reaps

Snow in the city – ice on my wrist,
Jay-Z spitting truth, it’s hard to resist.
From Brooklyn to Aspen – grind never quit,
Just like a snowstorm I spit hit after hit.

(Verse 2)

Caught in my flurry of words – can't see clear,
Like snowflakes falling on your winter gear.
Your tracks cover fast – I’m always one step ahead,
I'm mogul maker- you’re a sled.

In this white world – I'm king of the hill,
Hot cocoa flows from my lyrical skill.
Came up from nothing – now I’m solid gold,
Your attempts at competing are just cold.


Snow in the city – ice on my chain,
Jay-Z got the game going insane.
Stay grinding in blizzards, through chill and frost,
Just ask who's boss – Jay-Z ain't ever lost.

Rap Lyrics About Snow In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Snow

(Verse 1)
Ice cold like the heart of my gold-digger ex,
Snowflakes on my Timberlands, no check on my texts.
Sipping on that Henny, walking through this blizzard,
Can't escape this white hell, life's a fucked up wizard.

Look outside, it's a frozen panorama,
Streets as cold and empty as our youth in Alabama.
This snow just keeps falling, like the world on my shoulders,
Weighing me down, feel like I'm pushing boulders.

Snowfall, cover it all, bury the pain,
Icicles hanging off my heart strings like some old chain.
Snowfall, wash away the blood stains,
Erase my past with your freezing rains.

(Verse 2)
In this winter wrath, I see my breath in the air,
Like ghosts of past regrets clouding everywhere.
Memories frosted over in this deep freeze,
Alone in this snowstorm, praying on my knees.

My past is written in ice, truths etched in frost,
Buried under snowbanks, not sure what I've lost.
Snowflakes falling like intricate lies,
Each one unique, a new disguise.

Snowfall, cover it all, turn black to white,
Put a blanket of silence over every fight.
Snowfall, make me disappear tonight,
Beneath your cold weight I might just feel right.

Snow now buried so deep,Mother Nature's secrets she'll keep.
Life cocooned beneath the snowdrifts so steep,
In this winter's hold – no tears left to weep.

Rap Lyrics About Snow In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Snow

(Verse 1)
Yeah, I pull up in that all-white Wraith, like a phantom in the snow.
Billion-dollar mind, you ain't even reach a milli though.
Got my Yeezys on my feet, trackin' through the winter glow.
On this cold December night, watch my success grow.

Snow falling down, reflections on my crown.
Struggle made me strong, got no time to frown.
Ice cold world, but I'll never drown.
Came from Chi-town, now I wear the crown.

(Verse 2)
Life colder than this winter freeze, grit ‘n grind, got me on my knees.
Success ain't came free, paid my dues and fees.
Still movin' on up like George & Weezy, livin' life breezy.

Snow falling down, reflections on my crown.
Hard as stone, yeah this king don't clown.
Winter winds blow but I won't back down,
From Chicago to LA, spreadin' love is my sound.

Like a snowflake unique, my rhymes they peak.'
Never weak or meek, it's the top I seek.'

White snow reflecting on the night's dark glow,
Yeezy season approachin', just thought you should know.

Rap Lyrics About Snow In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Snow

Uh, Young Weezy rain supreme, never basic.
But I got the block colder than the arctic basin..
Snow toppin', chop-choppin', winter wind be whippin'.
We make that white rotate, yeah, it keep on flippin'..

Droppin' verses colder than a snowflake, yeah, it's icy.
Got my diamonds dancing in the light, they getting feisty.
Catch me on my grind, even when it's minus zero.
Lil Tunechi's hustle never stops, I'm your hero.

Young money millionaire frostier than a snowstorm,
Flow so sick, I spit ice and watch as norms mourn.
I'm the snow king,, check out my frosty throne.
Young Weezy make it freeze, yeah, I'm in my zone.

Snowfall steady dropping, like my track on repeat.
And all these rappers try to copy but they can’t compete.
Gangsta gritty but stay witty, like a winter wonderland.
My punchlines be blinding them just like a snow remand.

Riding with my clique, snowbanks on either side.
The game is frozen solid when Weezy slide.
Always keep it chill, bring the freeze where I go.
Damn right Lil Wayne's making blizzard out of snow.

In the heart of winter, I found my summer flow.
When every line is ice cold, just like Eskimos.
From the cold streets to the topmost tier,
I turned this game frozen,. Man of the year.

Champagne pourin', but keep it subzero.
They feel that chill runnin’, whenever they hear Yo!
That’s how we do in this frostbite city.
Your boy Lil Wayne turned rap game all nippy.

So when you see that white stuff falling from the sky,
Remember who's got this rap game on ice.
Ain't no sun coming up any time soon,

Weezy forever got this world in deep freeze tune!

Rap Lyrics About Snow In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Snow

Snow queen, icy bling, my reign supreme
Winter wonderland nicknames, Minaj the dream
White dust falling, got the game in a chokehold
Running this rap like a sled in the snow

Snowflakes on my eyelashes, white fur on my coat
They want to put me in a box but I ain't no snow globe
Frosty flows, cold as ice, chilling with a cold soul
The competition freezing up – that's how the snow rolls

Verse 1:
Ice queen in high beams, snow diamonds in my ring
Winter love in summer clubs, that's my kind of bling
Nicki chillin' on top, got these haters feeling jingling
Blizzard flow so profound – make your whole mind tingling

Lipstick as red as Rudolph's nose,
Wintertime grindin', that's how it goes
On the mic I'm fearless, leaving tracks in the snow,
My icy flow leaves them speechless like they saw a ghost

Snow queen, icy bling, my reign supreme
Winter wonderland nicknames, Minaj the dream
White dust falling, got the game in a chokehold,
Running this rap like a sled in the snow

Verse 2:
All white everythang', even my mink stole,
Snowflakes dancing around, strike a pose
Everything I touch turns frosty – can't be cloned,
I'm running this game from an icy throne

On this mic it's an avalanche winter storm I unleash,
Each bar like a snowflake unique, that's Nicki speak.
Look at your careers – they've all peaked,
I'm just starting mine– chilling on this mountain peak

Snow queen, icy bling, my reign supreme
Winter wonderland nicknames, Minaj the dream.
White dust falling got the game in a chokehold,
Running this rap like a sled in the snow.

End with an outflow as smooth as fresh fallen snow,
No comparison to others cause I’m running this show.
Hear them whisper ‘bout me from Tokyo to Oslo,
Making hits and breaking hearts – that’s just how it go.

Rap Lyrics About Snow In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Snow

High above the troubles, where the snowflakes fall,
Pullin' out the Wraith, feelin' ten feet tall.
Ice on my wrist, but it's burning my soul,
Hard times hit, but I'm not in control.

Snowy streets glisten, under city lights,
Ain't no sunshine in my life, just those cold winter nights.
Flossing these diamonds like the frost on the ground,
Never show emotions, can't be breaking down.

Hustling through this blizzard, ain't got no choice,
Gotta keep moving, drown out the noise.
Underneath the snowfall, secrets lie deep,
Awake through the night because I can't sleep.

Cold world got me feeling like a snowman,
In this ice castle built without no plan.
Gucci fur coat keep me warm from inside,
Pain beneath these layers that I try to hide.

Frosted windows of my past reflect my tears,
Filled with chilling memories and frozen fears.
Drinking from this bottle to numb all I've known,
In this winter wonderland where I've grown.

Snow piling up just like my sins,
In this game of life it's hard to win.
Keep digging out but it keeps coming back,
Constant reminder of everything I lack.

Snowflakes falling silently in the night,
Mirror of my loneliness in their flight.
Using their beauty to mask all their cold,
Just like me, story untold.

Rap Lyrics About Snow In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Snow

(Verse 1)
See, I remember the silence, cold December defiance.
White crystals falling, winter's kiss so beguiling.
Life's harsh reality turned soft by the snowfall.
In each flake a story, if you dare to know all.

Once was a kid, Midwest my habitat.
Wore cheap gloves, dreaming of this and that.
Mama working double shifts to keep us intact.
Memories in the snowlight, each a different track.

Looked up at night, stars hidden by the clouds.
Snowflakes like dreams, made me feel so proud.
Heart full of hope, mind yelling out loud,
“Imma rise above this snow-covered crowd”.

Snow in my city, whitewashing the gritty,
Veil on the ugly, making everything pretty.
Snowfall shows life ain't always a pity,
In our frozen hearts, there's room for sympathy.

(Verse 2)
Each winter tale is like breath on frozen glass,
Fleeting and frail, yet holding much class.
From J. Cole to the world this wisdom I pass,
Like footprints in snow, we leave our own path.

Everybody got their own story to tell,
Some dreamers of heaven dwellers of hell.
Snowflakes falling, break gravity's spell,
To remind us life isn't just buy and sell.

As kids we'd marvel while building snowmen,
Each flake like a wish in the icy wind they swam.
From nothingness to beauty emerges a gem,
Like dreams from struggle creates this album.

Snow in my city, whitewashing the gritty,
Veil on the ugly, making everything pretty.
Snowfall shows life ain't always a pity,
In our frozen hearts, there's room for sympathy.

Life is like snowflakes forever descending,
A swirl of dreams, joys and pains blending.
Winter whispers wisdom if we're comprehending,
Every ending, just another beginning.

Rap Lyrics About Snow In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Snow

(Verse 1)

Vision blurred like I'm looking through frosty glass,
This cold world got me learning from my past.
Snowflakes falling, white like my mask,
Hiding emotions, can't answer what you ask.

Used to roll around in that snow, got ice on my heart,
Now I'm watching from the penthouse, playin' my part.
Dreams are like snowflakes, unique from the start,
But they melt when they hit reality, tearing me apart.


Snow falling down, covering me whole,
Soul's winter season taking its toll.
I chase the heat but I'm trapped in this cold,
Bottled up feelings, stories untold.

(Verse 2)

Snow on my path, can't see where I'm headed,
Every turn feels wrong, every choice regretted.
Cold world's got a grip, can't forget where I'm embedded,
Yet with each falling flake, my resolve is whetted.

Late nights sippin', just me and the snowfall,
Lost loves flash by like a midnight phone call.
No stranger to pain, the sting of alcohol,
Just helps numb the cold till it's hidden beneath a shawl.


The snow keeps falling and I keep recalling,
Every mistake that left my heart stalling.
I'm Drake in this winter wonderland balling,
Chasing happiness while the snow keeps falling.


Snow-covered streets mirror my mind's journey,
Turned from innocence to a man worldly.
The snow keeps falling but I'm not worried,
Got that fire inside; it keeps me burning.

Rap Lyrics About Snow In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Snow

Yeah, it's K-dot in the cold, spittin' stories yet untold,
White snow laying heavy, my footsteps in it bold.
Glistening flakes descending, whispering tales of old,
Ambition burning hotter than a phoenix, ain't no mold.

Made my throne upon the winter's glow, let the truth unfold,
On a canvas blank like purity, watch my narrative enfold.
Snowflakes dancing 'round me like the stars in skies uphold,
Each pattern unique like my flow, breaking every threshold.

The snowfall speaks of silence yet its voice is never cold,
Mirrors life's contradictions: brief yet ageless to behold.

Sub-zero degree chillin', but my bars they drip with gold,
Footprints in the frost are history's echo so unfold.

The white winter landscape where my dreamscape do unfold,
K-Dot etching verses on pavement of frozen cold.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Snow Like A Pro

1. Embrace the Cold

In the world of hip-hop, there's a certain chill factor that comes with rapping about cold topics.

Whether it's drake lyrics about cold weather, rap lyrics about snowboarding or songs with the word snow in the lyrics, there's an undeniable coolness that pervades these frosty themes. So take a leaf out of Drake's book and embrace the cold – it’s more than just weather, it’s a state of mind.

2. Give Ice its Due Respect

Ice isn't just a part of nature – in rap culture, it's also a symbol of wealth and status. We're talking diamonds, high-end watches and all sorts of bling that'll make you shine like a star in a winter night sky.

So when you're penning those rap lyrics about ice or ice jewelry, respect its dual symbolism – natural beauty and material extravagance.

3. Paint Vivid Pictures with Your Words

Rap is all about storytelling, so don't hold back when writing your rap songs about snow. Use descriptive language to paint vivid pictures in your listener's mind.

Maybe it's the crunch of fresh snow under Timbs or how city lights reflect off icy streets – get detailed and set that scene!

4. Use Metaphors to Heat Things Up

Even as you're chilling out with your icy bars, remember that rap is all about metaphorical heat! A dope verse often has multiple layers of meaning.

For example, when writing rap lyrics about cold, ‘cold' could literally refer to temperature or metaphorically represent isolation or adversity.

5. Make Snowboarding More Than Just A Sport

Snowboarding isn't just an adrenaline-pumping sport; it can also serve as an exciting backdrop for your rhymes! When crafting rap lyrics about snowboarding, think beyond the physical activity—maybe use it as a metaphor for overcoming obstacles or carving out your own path.

6. Rhyme with Reason

Finding perfect rhymes for ‘snow', ‘ice', ‘cold' and their related terms can be tricky but rewarding! It’s not just about rhyming words; it’s also about keeping your narrative intact and making sure everything flows seamlessly in your snowy saga.

7. Stay Authentic

Lastly, authenticity is key in rap music! Whether you've lived through harsh winters or not, strive to portray real experiences in your lines without losing touch with your unique voice and style. After all, nobody wants to hear fake tales spun around songs with the word snow in the lyrics.

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