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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Prom

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Rap Lyrics About Prom In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Prom

Turned up at the prom like I'm Hova,
42nd and Broadway, yeah, the night's not over.
Rockin' a tuxedo, not a Range Rover,
Schooled in the art of staying suave and sober.

In these hallways, I be the king,
Prom night, here to do my thing.
‘Bout to make it pop off – no bling, just spring,
We celebrate education, that’s a real win.

On this court of dreams, she's my queen,
In her satin dress so pristine. Cinderella scene,
She looks so good it's almost mean;
Yeah, we're stepping in smooth and we leaving clean.

Gym lights shimmering, reflection on my shoes,
Cheering for us homies like we can't lose.
These memories ain't something we'd ever choose
To forget – these are the moments we infuse.

DJ spinning Jay-Z, Beyoncé on deck,
Feeling so fly with gold rope on my neck.
Prom night might be fleeting but what the heck,
It’s about making memories that demand respect.

Chasing dreams in this empire state of mind, ain't no pause,
Getting down tonight for a worthy cause.Prom king and queen applause,
We're dancing through life without any flaws

Whether you’re from Marcy or Bel Air Hempstead,
We all here one-night royalty, don’t feel misled
Jay-Z at Prom – yeah that's what I said
Don’t just rent that tuxedo – go ahead, pull off Fred Astaire instead.

Rap Lyrics About Prom In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Prom

(Verse 1)

Stepping in this diamond-lit hall, got the principal appalled,
I'm causing ripples in the ball, breaking down these rigid walls.
Tuxedos don't fit, but my mind's sharp-cut,
Swagger in my step, no stumble, no stutter.

The DJs spinning records like a mad hatter
Prom queen looking at me like I'm the next rapper.


Shady's at the prom, bout to drop the bomb
Dressing up to impress but my rhymes are raw.
I'm not here for the crown or a fleeting fawn,
I'm here to spit bars until dawn.

(Verse 2)

In this sea of sequins and ties,
I find solace in rhymes that rise.
Got a clique, we don't fit in your perfect scheme,
We're just playing it loud, chasing dreams.

On this starlit night, dancing under a mirrored ball,
“Prom King”, nah…I'd rather watch it all fall.


Shady's at the prom, bout to cause a storm,
Draped in elegance but my vibes transform.
I ain't here for a dance or her delicate charm,
I'm here to drop verses that disarm.


Prom night might be ephemeral,
Rising above it all is eternal.
‘Sides,“King” and “Queen”, they just titles
To me, they're just stifles.


Made my mark on this plush night,
Dropping lyrical dynamite.
This ain't about tuxes and dresses all bright,
This is Eminem on a prom night – the highlight.

Rap Lyrics About Prom In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Prom

(Verse 1)
Uh, prom night, got the spotlights shining so bright..
Champagne dreams, my outfit it's nothing but tight..
Looking at my queen, she's a sight for sore sight..
Man in the mirror, yeah that's right, he's tonight's knight..

Take a moment, let me tell you 'bout this life of the prom..
Where young dreams are born ‘neath a glittering dome..
For one night we kings and queens claiming our throne..
Prom night, baby – it's our moment to own..

(Verse 2)
Dripping in finesse, Gucci tux no stress..
Stepping out the ride with nothing less than success..
Got these haters all vexed – yeah they just second best..
It's prom night homie, and we got God as our guest..

This ain't no fairy tale but we living the dream..
Tonight we rule, tomorrow we reign supreme.
Prom night an ode to youth and self-esteem.
Riding high on whispers of what might have been.


In this sea of diamonds and pearls under stroboscope gleam,
Prom king and queen shaping destinies unseen,
Envisioning futures bold from the seeds they deem,
On this prom night – where reality meets dream<

Rap Lyrics About Prom In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Prom

Ay, it's prom night but I ain't the king, let it sink.
No crown on my head but I wear my bling, watch it blink.

I ain't riding in a limo, instead I got the Phantom,
Roll up to the scene, got everyone chanting damn-him.

Got that young Money, cash money 'bout the flow,
Shine so bright, got the chandelier low.

Suit tailored fit, like I'm stepping out GQ,
Cash Money prom date, lookin' flyer than a seagull.

In this game of life, I'm just playing my hand,
On this prom dance floor, you know Weezy command.

High school memories flooding back like Katrina,
But now in this game of rap, there's no one cleaner.

Rose corsage match my red bottom shoes,
You know Lil Wayne prom version always gonna amuse.

Slow dance under the disco lights,
Ain't no rapper got these high school nights.

Prom queen looking like something out a dream,
Next to Lil Wayne she part of this winning team.

I stay fly even when the night is done,
Cash Money Prom King, they know I'm number one.

Rap Lyrics About Prom In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Prom

(Verse 1)
Uh, yeah, touchdown in the limo, lookin' fly-as,
Been Queen since the cradle, ain't no need for a tiara.
Mama's lipstick match the roses on my corsage,
Drippin' in Chanel, it’s prom night, I’m in charge.

That mirror mirror on the wall,
Says I'm the baddest of them all.
High heels clickin', crimson dress dancin',
This ain't no Cinderella chance-in.

Tonight we takin' over, no roman numerals,
This ain't a fairy tale, but we keep it musical.
It’s prom night, baby, champagne celestial,
Drippin’ with charisma, keep it perpetual.

(Verse 2)
Steppin’ out the limo like a debutante,
Swag on max – every eye’s where I want.
Pink makeup poppin', hair done by the best,
Prom Queen crown fitted – who gonna contest?

Hands up in the air as we hit the dance floor,
Every beat bumping and each foot sore.
Versace dress twirlin', diamonds they gleamin',
It's prom night baby, hope you ain’t dreamin'.

We runnin’ this town like a matriarchal system,
Imma rule this prom like my name’s wisdom.
Pink Friday everyday – yeah that's my anthem,
Prom day feels like we living in a prism.

Prom Queen perched high up on her throne,
Rocks so icey on her fingers they like stone.
Crown shinin', pearls twined in my dome,
Prom night's here, make this moment your own.

Prom is memory lane with a kick-bass drum beat,
Struttin' our style down memory hall street.
So remember this night when you're at life's peak,
Cause even Queens know life ain't always sweet.

Rap Lyrics About Prom In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Prom

(Verse 1)

In the limelight, shining like a star prom night
Feeling like a king, ain't no stage fright.
Pulled up in that phantom, way too bright,
In this world of chaos we just thriving,
Lives flashing by in slow motion, just sliding,
Bottles popping open, we just high fiving.

(Verse 2)

Silver flask hidden in my inner pocket,
Trying not to trip on the noise and rocket.
Diamonds dancing 'round my lady's locket,
This moment pure gold, don't know how to lock it.


Prom night, feeling higher than a ceiling,
Sipping on this life, got that crazy feeling.
Swarovski crystals all around us gleaming,
Eyes wide open while we dreaming.


Magic in the air so we just ride it,
Finding our way through the crowd and we hide it.
Prom night
, it's our time and we own it,
This life,
yeah you know we living like poets.


Prom night
, stars above us glimmering,
We running with the night,
our love shimmering.
Prom night
, yeah we ain't settling,
This high,
yeah you know it's just beginning.

You can feel that spark in this prom delight,
Living for now, let's toast to this night.
Prom promise sealed with a kiss so light,
Here's to us baby, under these flashing lights.

Rap Lyrics About Prom In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Prom

Verse 1:

In a small town where dreams were never seen,
Fame and fortune was the theme for this prom queen.
Got her dress from a fancy store downtown,
But the price tag wasn't really what brought her down.

See, she was pretty as a picture but felt all alone,
Her popularity sky-high, but happiness flown.
Her date was the jock, had the whole school on lock,
Football king who ticked tock like he was a clock.


This life ain't just about the glitz and glam,
Prom night's more than just a high school sham.
Underneath the sequins, beneath corsages bloom,
Is a story of youth, navigating towards its doom.

Verse 2:

He was a nerd, all quiet and shy,
His heart set on the prom queen with emerald eyes.
But his pocket held no money for that boutonniere pin,
Yet his love was richer than those dollar bills within.

His suit borrowed and patched up neat,
Dancing alone as she swayed to the beat.
He wanted to hold her but lacked that nerve,
A wallflower observer in this life's grand preserve.


But this life ain't just about them high school reigns,
Prom nights are more than runway lanes.
The crown may fit you or feel loose at best,
It's the journey towards it, that's the grandest fest.


They both lost in different ways at prom's end,
Her crown felt hollow, his heart couldn't mend.
She wished for someone who saw beyond her face,
He wished his love could find the right place.

Outro Verse:

As years rolled by they've realized one thing,
Prom wasn't about diamonds or those golden rings.
The dance of youth is a paradox unbeknownst,
We're all trying to fit into this world we're thrown.

Outro Chorus:

Cause this life ain't just about them twinkling lights,
Prom nights are more than staged delights.
It's about learning how to dance in your own way.
Growing up is about accepting we'll be okay.

Yeah this life, it's something else I reckon
Prom night's over but life doesn't cease its lesson.
And whether you're a jock or wallflower graced
Remember, it's not just a race, it's how well you've raced.

Rap Lyrics About Prom In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Prom

(Verse 1)
Late nights, dreamin' 'bout the prom, couldn't wait for it.
Dress code sharp, fly as an astronaut, tailor-made fit.
Mom's in the living room, clicking on the Kodak, she pray for it.
Beautiful date by my side, yeah we 'bout to slay that shit.

In a rented limo but feelin' million-dollar top tier.
Hand in hand with my queen, no space for fear.
Underneath the chandelier, whispering promises in her ear.
This night ain't just any night, girl it's our year.

Prom night, under the city lights.
Shorty dressed up in white, got me feeling right.
Prom night is our paradise.
On this dance floor with you, caught in your eyes.

(Verse 2)
Memories flooding back like a tidal wave hit.
First kisses tasting like those sweet high school myths.
Classroom flirtations turned into this promenade bliss.
Soft whispers masked under these loud DJ hits.

Can’t help but spin you around on this gymnasium floor.
Feeling like we’re the only ones here, everyone else is a blur.
This tuxedo and corsage are symbols of more,
Than just a high school dance, they’re key to love’s door.

Prom night with you feels so right,
Dancefloor antics lit under moonlight.
This feeling I got ain’t no oversight,
Baby tonight is worth every fight.

Prom memories etched deep within,
This marks the end where life begins.
From corsages to midnight spins,
It’s a world of firsts we’re living in.

Rap Lyrics About Prom In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Prom

Ayye, we goin’ to prom, ain't no qualm,
In my tux, lookin' like a suave charm.
Dances in the gym, music on a hymn,
Got my hopes high, lights dimmed.

Spotlight beam onto her dress,
She walks in, crowd gets less.
A vision of beauty in a midnight blue,
I’m caught in a trance, like Kung Fu.

She reaches out, hand so small,
We glide on the floor, feeling tall.
This ain't just another high school dance,
This the moment when two hearts prance.

Nostalgia hit me like Kendrick's beat,
Prom night bloom, can't compete.
In these fleeting moments, we find our truth,
Prom night memory, eternal youth.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Prom Like A Pro

1. Embrace the Prom Vibes

Prom – that's right, we're talking about the glitz, the glamor and the unforgettable memories. When writing your rap lyrics, it's important to embrace all things prom. Drop in some iconic prom quotes, those legendary prom slogans we all know and love.

This isn't just about creating a dope track, it's about capturing a moment in time. A line like “Dancing under disco lights, caught up in that prom night hype” will hit different because it resonates with everyone's quintessential prom experience.

2. The Power of Storytelling

When it comes to rap, storytelling is essential. Consider making your verse a narrative – a story of an epic prom night adventure.

Be creative with your storyline; perhaps it's about that nervous excitement before asking your crush to be your date, or maybe it's about how you became the life of the party even without a date. Throw in some cleverly crafted prom sayings for added flavor.

3. Wordplay and Rhyme Schemes

Rap thrives on wordplay and rhyme schemes – they're what give your lyrics flow and make them memorable.

You could use popular prom taglines as inspiration for rhymes or puns within your lyrics. For example: “Prom ain't a game but I'm playing for keeps”.

4. Authenticity is Key

Rap is all about authenticity; keep it real and speak from your experience or imagination. No one can tell you how to feel at prom or what to do there – only you know that truth! This will make your lyrics relatable and genuine.

5. Use Imagery and Metaphors

Vivid imagery and metaphors can make even simple lyrics captivating. Use these tools to transform typical descriptions into something magical – like comparing a sparkling dress to a constellation of stars.

6. Keep It Classy

While rap can sometimes get edgy with its content, remember that this track is about prom – so keep it classy! Don’t shy away from showcasing elegance through your words – after all, this isn't just any party; it’s a night where everyone steps out looking like Hollywood stars.

7. Play With Tempo

Just as every song doesn’t stick to one rhythm throughout its entirety, don’t be afraid to switch up the tempo of your rap verses either! A sudden change in pace can add an unexpected twist that hooks listeners even further into your lyrical journey through this unforgettable night.

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