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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About New Orleans

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Rap Lyrics About New Orleans, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans

(Verse 1)
Uh, from Brooklyn to the Bayou, New Orleans hues
Bourbon Street blues, Hov sipping on some sweet bruise
Jazz notes flowin', French Quarter strolling
Creole stories unfoldin', my empire's not eroding

Sittin' on the levee, watch the Mississippi roll
Tales of survival, resilience taking its toll
NOLA's spirit got me feelin' whole
Despite Katrina's blow, see that city's soul glow!

From the Brooklyn blocks to New Orleans hot spots, we rise above all odds
Bauble beads, funk beats, and voodoo gods

(Verse 2)
In a city where jazz was born, witness a new dawn
Gumbo pots simmering till early morn'
Streetcars on St. Charles, living large like Mardi Gras stars

My flow's magnolia sweet, NOLA can't be beat,
Crawfish Étouffée, flavorful Cajun treat
Silhouette against sunset as day and night meet,
In the land of Saints’ feat.

From Marcy houses to NOLA rouses,I'm at every spot that wows us
Music in veins like river courses, Hova blesses houses.


So here’s to you New Orleans,beneath Southern moon’s beams,
Your culture is richly sewn,narrated in this hip-hop poem.

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans

(Verse 1)
Yo, spilled ink on diary pages, lyrical sage,
Speakin' on my stage, the mic rages.

Picture Eminem in the land of Cajun,

Mixin' and makin', no mistakin'.
I'm talkin' 'bout New Orleans, where it's hot and keen,
Where they bask in the jazz scene, if you know what I mean.


Jazzin' up like Louis Armstrong, my words form a song,
In NOLA, where life's got a rhythm so strong.

(Verse 2)

In the crusty corners of the Creole kingdom,

See me spit bars in Bourbon Street’s freedom.
Like the Mississippi river, my rhymes run deep,
A Gris-Gris battle charm, secrets I keep.


Flexin’ like Satchmo’s trumpet blast,
With punchlines past, present, future cast.


Down in Dixieland with a voodoo vibe,
My lyrics come alive, they jive and thrive.
The ghosts of French Quarter dance to my beat,
Echos of my voice bounce on every street.

(Verse 3)

Mardi Gras masquerades hide behind shadows,

Dark stories flow through narrow hallways and hollows,
Embodying tales of glory and sorrow,
My words build tomorrow outta today's borrow.


Beads 'round my neck but gold’s in my verses,
Rhymes unconfined like the wild horses.


Jazz blues rap from Detroit to Delta crescent,
I'm Eminem from Eight Mile with a soul effervescent.
New Orleans' spirit lingers and glistens,
Just another narrative my rap rhythm christens.

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans

(Verse 1)
Down in the heart of New Orleans, we chasing dreams.
Mardi Gras beads and the jazz so supreme.
Walking down the Bourbon Street, feeling so fresh and clean.
Gumbo in my belly, yeah, you know what I mean.

French Quarter romance, got that crescent city trance.
Living life like a second line dance.
See them southern belles prance, given every man a chance.
Got that old world charm, in a modern-day expanse.

New Orleans love, under the stars above.
Got the heart beating to the rhythm of a streetcar's glove.
Voodoo spells cast by a mourning dove,
New Orleans baby, it's you I'm thinking of.

(Verse 2)
Late night tales at the Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop.
Po'boys and beignets, yeah they hit the spot.
By the Mississippi River watching the steamboats dock,
In Jackson Square, time stops with every tick tock.

Creole cottages painted with a vibrant hue,
This city got a spirit, yeah it got that Creole voodoo.
Down in Treme', where jazz and blues grew,
New Orleans my love, yeah I'm stayin' true to you.

New Orleans love, under the stars above,
Got the soul humming to an old jazz club.
Marie Laveau’s brew stirred up in a bathtub,
New Orleans darling, caught up in your hub.

From Uptown mansions to Ninth Ward resilience,
This city got that Southern brilliance.
In the heart of Dixieland, found my deliverance,
Shout out to New Orleans, giving life significance.

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans

I am Weezy F, the F is for phenomenal,
Metaphors sharper than the teeth of an alligator,
I’m in that NOLA, the city of saints and sinners,
More codes in my rhymes than an old cash register.

Call me a king 'cause I sit on a throne,
On that purple drank, Mardi Gras in my tone.
Wood grain grippin', got the city on my back,
Dirty South hustlin', turning nickels into racks.

New Orleans, where we bleed black and gold,
Blessed with this gift, every verse pure gold.
From Hollygrove to the dome of the Superdome,
This is my castle, New Orleans is my home.

I'm a beast unleashed, out here prowling these streets,
Magnolia projects where real G's meet.
I bleed for this city like the Mississippi river,
Our spirit unbroken, we never gonna wither.

Bayou boy with a flow hotter than gumbo,
Stars in my cup, watch 'em dance as they tumble.
King of this Crescent City under Louisiana moonlight,
Ghostwriting history with lines so tight.

In the heart of Dixie, where jazz meets hip-hop,
Trust me when I say the hustle don't stop.
Got that NOLA swagger with rhymes oh so mean,
Young Money Cash Money till I'm off this scene.

I am Weezy F, taking flight like pelicans,
Running this game without needing any evidence.
NOLA raised me well, to be the man I am today,
In these verses I lay down, you can hear it when I play.

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans

Verse 1

Uh, Nicki Minaj, queen of the verse, see me rehearse,
In the heart of New Orleans, let’s converse, no need for a hearse.
From the Crescent City, where the jazz is pretty,
And we sippin' hurricanes, ride or die committee.


New Orleans, baby, where we stayin' fly,
Streets of bourbon, crawfish boil high.
French Quarter charm, sugar on my arm,
NOLA love keeps me warm and never do me harm.

Verse 2

Voodoo dollin', in my pink Balmain jeans strollin',
Jackson Square, famous beignets we’re holdin'.
Bite into that sweet delight, under Mississippi moonlight,
Makin' power moves like a NOLA night.


Mardi Gras madness in this city of sin,
Throwing out beads from a rhinestone bin.
From the Garden District to the Treme,
Got that Louisiana dream running through our bloodstream.


Creole queen on this Southern scene,
Brother Louis blowing on his trumpet clean.
Fais do-do or a second line parade,
you can't touch Nicki’s NOLA serenade.


One foot in NYC but a heart in NOLA town,
New Orleans baby where we wear the crown.
From swamp boat rides to the Magnolia bloom,
Sittin’ pretty in this Creole room.


In the heart of NOLA it’s always Mardi Gras day,
And ya girl Nicki knows just how to slay.
Puttin’ rhymes on map like a pirate's treasure
New Orleans love is too great to measure.

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans

(Verse 1)

Got that fire in me, straight New Orleans,
Voodoo city, baby, where dreams ain't always what it seems.
Moonlight dancing on the Mississippi,
In the city where my heart beats at a different symphony.

NOLA bred, Bourbon Street fed,
Got that Cajun spice flowing in my bloodstream, enough said.
From the French Quarter to the Marigny,
This city’s soul sings a melancholic harmony.


New Orleans, New Orleans,
Land of dreams and jazz queens,
Crescent City, you hold my heart,
In your alleyways and corners, a living art.

(Verse 2)

Mardi Gras beads around my neck,
Life here ain't always perfect but it's never a wreck.
Gators in the bayou, saints in the Superdome,
In every cracked sidewalk and po' boy, I find home.

Jazz notes rising with the Southern sun,
NOLA's got a rhythm that can’t be undone.
Streetcar tracks under my feet,
Each click-clack-beat echoes NOLA’s heartbeat.


New Orleans, New Orleans,
City of unseen scenes and unbroken dreams,
You're more than just a place to me,
You're an anthem, an echo of life's mystery.

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans

(Verse 1)
Straight outta North Carolina to New Orleans, my footsteps treading,
On a mission, learning lessons, devil’s playground beheading.
In this city of jazz, where shadows dance at night,
Concealing every truth and falsehood in soft creole moonlight.

Shaking all the voodoo tales from my Nike sneakers,
Through the streets, past the lines of preachers and fortune seekers.
Lost souls harmonize to the rhythm of the blues,
With every note they spill their truth, got nothing left to lose.

New Orleans, you're a beautiful mess, In your veins I confess,
Twisted tales of hope and distress, in my heart you impress.
Got me spitting bars in your honor, under magnolia scented darkness.
Living lore on every corner; your spirit is relentless.

(Verse 2)
Creole kitchens cooking up narratives like gumbo soups,
Every bite tells a story; truths hidden in groups.
French Quarter whispers silenced by your mighty levy’s crack,
Yet still you rise from every fall; resilience ain’t what you lack.

Sunday parades down Bourbon Street mask a deeper pain,
Your sunshine smiles can’t conceal the scars from hurricane rain.
Ravaged by Katrina’s wrath but still echoing Dixie Land joy,
You're more than just a tourist trap, real life ain't no toy.

New Orleans, Crescent City of dreams and broken promises too,
Your haunted history breathes life into everything I do.
In alleys where jazz was born and legend Louis played,
I pen down these verses for you; our love will never fade.

The soul of New Orleans resonates in every word I spit,
A testament to resilience that refuses to quit.
Through all the trials and tribulations brought on by stormy weather,
As J. Cole praised his roots before me I'll keep singing 'bout you forever.

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans

(Verse 1)

Woke up this morning, New Orleans on my mind.
Golden sun shines, on those magnolia vines.
Seems like I'm walking, through a Southern time,
French Quarter dreams, in the Jackson Square kind.


Yeah, we in NOLA, where the jazz so sweet.
In the city of dreams, where the legends meet.
Got that Creole vibe running through these streets,
New Orleans love, ain't nothin' more elite.

(Verse 2)

Bourbon Street shines under the neon sign.
In a city so vibrant, even the stars align.
Crawfish boils and that po' boy delight,
This is New Orleans, where we're alive at night.


Yeah, we in NOLA, where the night never ends.
In the city of life, where every stranger's a friend,
Got that bayou beat hitting around each bend,
New Orleans rhythm, won't ever pretend.


From Saint Louis Cathedral to the mighty Mississippi,
This city has my heart and it's no mystery.
Feeling like a king when I'm in The Big Easy,
New Orleans magic, got me feelin' so free.


Yeah, we in NOLA, feel that Southern heat.
On the streets that echo with history's beat,
Got that Creole soul making my journey complete,
In New Orleans love, found my undefeated feat.

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About New Orleans

Down in New Orleans, where the dreams take flight,
Laced with jazz notes, on a warm Creole night.
Beneath the Mardi Gras beads, hearts beat, souls ignite,
As in bayou rhythms, we find our might.

Tales of glory, whispered in the midnight air,
A city of resilience, standing square.
Cross St. Charles Avenue, feel the gust of despair,
Yet, Bourbon Street dances, without any care.

Working through struggle, like a paddle steamer’s churn,
In every setback, a brighter lesson learned.
From Ninth Ward to French Quarter, these streets have yearned,
For unity and growth, a respect hard-earned.

In this city of legends, where legends are born,
Where Creole spices and Southern charm convene.
We rise like a phoenix, from dusk to dawn,
This is New Orleans: where life’s raw and unornamented.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About New Orleans Like A Pro

1. Soak Up the City's Essence

No doubt, New Orleans is a city rich in culture, history, and flavor. To pen some dope rap lyrics about it, you need to marinate yourself in this essence. Start by studying the works of famous rappers from New Orleans like Lil Wayne or Master P.

You can also dive into the realm of new orleans underground rappers for a taste of raw and unfiltered NOLA vibes. Feel the rhythm of their flow, study their wordplay, and learn how they incorporate local slang and references into their lyrics.

2. Tap Into That Mardi Gras Energy

When you think New Orleans, Mardi Gras is right up there with gumbo and jazz. So why not channel that energy into your lyrics? The vibrant festivities, elaborate costumes, and wild parades make for colorful metaphors and vivid imagery.

And hey, don't forget about those new orleans female bounce artists who keep the crowd hyped during Mardi Gras – they could be your next inspiration.

3. Pay Homage to the Legends

In your lyrics, show respect to those who paved the way in the Louisiana rap scene. This includes both male rappers from Louisiana and female rappers from Louisiana who have left their mark on hip-hop history.

A shout out to Baton Rouge rappers like NBA YoungBoy or Boosie Badazz will surely earn you some street cred.

4. The Jazz Influence

Given its birthplace status to jazz music, it'd be criminal not to weave this element into your New Orleans rap lyrics. From brass bands performing on French Quarter streets to smooth saxophone notes floating out of Marigny clubs at night – these influences can add a distinct flavor to your bars that screams “NOLA”.

5. Paint Pictures with Your Words

To truly capture New Orleans in your lyrics, make sure you're painting vivid pictures with your words – just like an Atlanta rapper would do for their city.

Describe the hustle of Bourbon Street at night or the calmness of Bayou St John at sunrise. And remember: The more specific you are with your descriptions, the more authentic your lyrics will feel.

6. Don't Shy Away From Social Issues

New Orleans isn't just about partying – it has its share of social issues too. As a rapper looking to represent this city in your music, don't shy away from touching on these subjects sensitively yet boldly – poverty rates, racial inequality or even hurricane Katrina's aftermath.

7. Keep It Real with Personal Experiences

Lastly but most importantly: Keep it real! Authenticity resonates best in rap music so share personal experiences if you've got 'em!

Whether it's a wild night out on Frenchmen Street or stories about growing up in Treme – Your own personal touch will make those rhymes hit harder than any other tip ever could!

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