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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Looking Good

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Rap Lyrics About Looking Good, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good

Ayo, fresh out the box like a pair of new kicks
Hov on the rise, ain't no sinking my ship
Two-button suit, yeah, looking just right
Glowing in the dark, I'm my own starlight.

Feeling like Gatsby, got that old sport charm
The bling on my wrist, keeps setting off alarms
Walk into the room, feeling fresher than mint
Jealous eyes flicker, catching the hint.

Tailored fit rag & bone jeans so clean
Look in my eyes see a man who's keen
Riding in Bentley's and sipping on lean
All eyes on me, sensei to your Mr. Miyagi scene.

Custom-made shades screening this glow,
Got them thinking twice when they see the dough
Don't need a mirror to know I'm looking fly,
Cause every reflection confirms Jay-Z’s high.

Cuban cigar while puffing out clouds,
Walking past haters throwing shade and doubts,
But I keep it moving, yeah, with swagger in stride
Can’t touch this style even if you tried.

Dressin' all black like an award night outfit,
On stage with Beyonce, we causing a hit,
Jay-Z’s magnetism pulling all gravitation,
Making waves worldwide – Hov's innovation.

My style’s been admired from Brooklyn to Rome,
Sitting pretty at the top, elevated throne,
No stylist needed when you're cool as ice,
Jay-Z looking good without paying the price.

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good

(Verse 1)
I step out the door, fresh from head to toe ,
Stunting in the mirror, yeah my reflection know,
Artifacts of confidence, my fears got blowed,
Swagger impeccable, intelligence in the overload.

Yeah, we looking good now,
Shining like the sun breaking through a grey cloud.
I'm dressed in success, didn't bow to doubt,
Standing out in the crowd, making Mama proud.

(Verse 2)
Laced up in Gucci, can't stop my shine,
Got haters on mute cause we killing it every time.
And it's not just the surface, it's deeper than that,
It's the strength of my spirit that keeps this style intact.

Yeah, we looking good now,
Breaking barriers down like an enraged bull plow.
Triumph on display, hear the world shout,
We made it against the odds without a sellout.

Heart beating to my rhythm and ain't no downtime,
Fire on every line like I committed a crime.
Mirror reflects a king, not just an MC prime,
That’s why every rhyme of mine is like a goldmine.

Yeah, we looking good now,
Success story selling copies en masse plough.
Got ambition running wild like a night owl,
Making Daddy smile wide on this glorious prowl.

Irreplaceable look, iconic as Shady's hook
Success ain't just about reading from a book.
Crowned king without using a rook,
We're looking so damn good they all shook.

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good

(Verse 1)
I'm on my Kanye, looking fly every day.
On the scene, fresh and clean, in that new Givenchy.
Diamonds dangling, watch me sway.
Versace shades blocking out them haters' gaze.

Fresh-to-death, stepping out my penthouse suite.
These Balenciaga kicks tapping to that Yeezy beat.
Rolls Royce Phantom, parked on a private street.
Signature smile, I'm serving heat.

Ain't nobody looking this good.
They wish they could, understood?
Got the whole game shook,
Just like only Kanye would.

(Verse 2)
Gold chains on my chest, yeah I'm feeling blessed.
Louis Vuitton donned, I'm simply the best.
Pulling up in a jet, forget the rest.
With North and Saint West, we're nothing less than fresh.

In a crib you can't afford,
Living life like a lord,
Decked out in Tom Ford,
You know it's never bored.

Ain't nobody looking this good.
They wish they could, understood?
Got the whole game shook,
Just like only Kanye would.

In this fame game blessed by God,
Turning heads on every boulevard.
Yeah, life as Ye ain't hard.
Looking good is my business card.

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good

I'm drippin' in finesse, yeah that's the new wave,
Got these haters in distress, can't keep up with my pace.

I'm looking like a star, galaxy ain't far,
On that Martian track, I don’t need no fancy car.

Verse 1:
Raised in the 504, now I live that billionaire life,
Every move I make, be shining brighter than that ice.

Stepping out the whip, like it's a fashion show,
In that Givenchy fit, got 'em asking “Weezy where you go?”.

My swag on another level, I'm a trend-setter,
Every bar I spit is gold, cause no one does it better.

Ain't worried 'bout no haters,, too busy counting paper,
Looking good's my nature, got me feeling like the mayor.

I'm drippin' in finesse, yeah that's the new wave,
Got these haters in distress, can't keep up with my pace.

I'm looking like a star, galaxy ain't far,
On that Martian track, I don’t need no fancy car.

Verse 2:
I'm tatted up like graffiti art, inked from head to toe,
Chain blingin' like a light show, diamonds on me glow.

In my red bottom kicks, strutting down this yellow brick road,
Wizard of this rap game, watch how my story unfold.

I'm living life in color, iced out no other,
Looking fresh to death, causing cardiac arrest for your lover.

With every breath I take, I create a new soundwave,
This ain’t just any rap verse, this is Weezy’s brave new rave.

I'm drippin' in finesse, yeah that's the new wave,
Got these haters in distress, can't keep up with my pace.

I'm looking like a star, galaxy ain't far,
On that Martian track, I don’t need no fancy car.

So when you see me coming through,
You better know it's Weezy F Baby',
Never been a maybe,’
Born to shine not shady.’

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good

Verse 1:

Queen NICKI, stepping in, don't need no introduction,
Pink Friday every day, causing a disruption.
Step out in designer threads, don't even try to test,
Looking fly from head to toe, clearly I'm the best.


I shine, glow, they all know,
When I step into the room it's like the main show.
I'm that glow up, the diva in the booth,
Spitting truth on truth, always hundred proof.

Verse 2:

Mirror mirror on the wall who's the flyest of them all?
They looking at my reflection, I cause a stall.
Louboutin heels click-clack on marble floor,
All eyes on me as I head for the door.


They stare, they gawk, wish they could talk,
But when you're Queen Minaj there's no need for small talk.
Glamorous life, spotlight so bright,
Haters gonna hate but I'm taking flight.


I'm that diamond in the rough,
Gucci shades blocking out the bluff.
Couture gowns,
wear the crown,
I’m that queen
– they all bow down.


You see me shine from miles away,
Making moves,
paving my way.
Pink wig,
tight dress – it's my game to play,
In this fashion world,
Nicki Minaj doesn't play.

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good

They see the shine, they see the glow, I'm always looking good,
In Gucci, Prada, or some hood, I'm always understood.

Verse 1:
Diamonds reflecting the moonlight, it's a haunted night,
Oceans in my eyes, my vision never out of sight.
Riding through these streets, I'm ghostly in the dead of night,
Gold chains glimmering, they echo with my inner flight.

When I step into the room, it's a holy sight,
Eyes on me like constellations in the night.
In my head it's a war but I'm a peaceful knight,
No matter what I wear or where, I'm always looking right.

Verse 2:
My style ain't borrowed, it's mine and it's been paid for,
Through times of sorrow made me stronger on this wayfarer.
Mirror mirror on the wall, who stunts harder than them all?
One look at me and even shadows start to fall.

When I step into the scene, they watch like a movie reel,
That star quality — can't you see? Can't you feel?
I don't need designer clothes to show that I am real,
But when you're dealing with Future know my drip's surreal.

Designer threads or plain white tees — doesn't really matter,
My aura glows in everything; illusions start to shatter.
You can cop the style but can you handle all this chatter?
With every look I serve up fresh — come feast on this platter.

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good

(Verse 1)
Stepped out the crib, looking fly, ambition in my sight.
Vision ain't clouded, got my aim right.
Through the struggles and the hustle, focus on the grind.
Rose from the rubble, thoughts heavy on my mind.

Lens cleared in Prada, grit making me look smarter.
New day, new drama but still steady moving farther.
In my fitted Supreme, jeans cuffed at the seam.
Steady chasing dreams, trying to reign supreme.

Glowing in this mirror, expressing what I see.
The beauty is within but we dress for victory.
Clothes don't make the man, it's the character inside.
We can look good but humility is where we thrive.

(Verse 2)
My kicks hitting pavement, leaving milestones behind.
Dripping in dedication, got prosperity on mind.
Fresh up in this Gucci, but it don't define me truly.
It's the grit and grind, manifesting life duly.

In mirrored Versace shades, watching life's parade.
But beneath these gilded glades, it's the dreams that never fade.

We rise and shine, not for vanity's sake.
It's self-expression combined with every move that we make.
Clothes don't make the man, it's how we rise and stand.
Through adversity we span, with resilience at hand.

Adorning success, but we're more than what you see.
The struggle is a mess that fashions our decree.
In our fresh designed threads,
Are stories left unsaid,
Of sleepless nights spent dreaming
On a hard-earned bed.

Glowing in this mirror, dressed up in defiance.
We're more than an appearance,
It's our strength and reliance.
Clothes might frame our stance,
But it’s character’s dance.
Life’s not about looking good,
It’s about taking that chance.

So here's to looking good,
But feeling even better.
In sunshine or hood,
We're birds of a feather.
Wearing pride on our sleeve,

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good

(Verse 1)
Aye, started from bottom now we up.
Dripping in finesse, yeah, this my cup.
Looking at my watch and it's about that time.
Got that OVO shine, always on the grind.

Hooked on these looks, cuz they can't resist.
Designer on me, Cartier on my wrist.
Feeling so good, you can't ignore.
Walking through the crowd, feeling like Dior.

I look too good, yeah that's a fact.
Catch me in the mirror, I'm loving the reflection back.
Clothes fitting right, got your attention intact.
Looking so clean, this ain't no act, yeah

(Verse 2)
When I step out, cameras start to flash.
Diamond chain on me, call it a splash.
In a fresh fit, yeah I'm looking fly.
Air Jordan ones, reaching for the sky.

These haters can't touch me, I'm out of sight.
With every look giving them a fright.
It's just me and my crew, looking too right.

Yeah, I look too good, no need to rehearse.
When I step in the room, you feel that verse.
I got that style that'll make you converse,
I look too good, put them haters in a hearse, yeah

I'm looking so good, feeling so fresh.
In my designer gear, always dressed to impress.
With every new fit, it's a new conquest,
Yeah, I look too good,, truly blessed.

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Looking Good

Feel my fit, crisp like a hundred dollar bill,
Serving looks, got the whole room stuck in thrill.
Designers on my back, ain't just for the show,
Worked on me, so it's right I let it glow.

My reflection whispers what they already know,
In this game of style, I'm the maestro.
Gucci, Versace etchings up my sleeve,
Fashion kilo heavyweight, ain't no reprieve.

Ain't vanity but vitality steaming off these threads,
Humble in this radiance as I turn their heads.
No mirror's narcissism, but a nod to the climb,
From Compton corners to the peak sublime.

All these diamonds gleaming as I talk my truth,
Every stitch and line is just living proof.
I walk past mirrors with respect and gratitude,
‘Cause looking good's an art and attitude.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Looking Good Like A Pro

1. Set the Scene with Your Swag

Aight, let's kick it off right. The first thing you gotta remember is, your swag is your story. Your lyrics gotta reflect that boss level confidence you got when you're rocking your freshest fit.

Whether it's a pair of kicks that cost more than rent or a thrift-store find that fits just right, make those song lyrics captions for outfits drip with style. Remember: You're not just describing an outfit, you're painting a picture of the life that goes with it.

2. Use Metaphors to Elevate Your Style

When writing rap lyrics about looking good, don't be basic – get creative with metaphors! Instead of saying “my shirt's clean,” try something like “my threads cleaner than a virgin's dream.”

It's all about building an image and making listeners feel your swagger through savage song lyrics for captions.

3. Keep It Authentic

No matter how fly your outfit is or how hot the club is, keep it 100 in your lyrics. Write about what you know and feel; authenticity resonates deeper than any designer label ever could. Even if you're penning hindi song lyrics captions for Instagram, keep 'em real.

4. Be Bilingual: Speak in Fashion and Music

Rap isn't just music; it's also fashion commentary in disguise. So speak both languages fluently! Mix fashion terminologies into your bars – they work great as old song lyrics for captions, giving them a timeless appeal while staying fresh.

5. Wordplay All Day

Get clever with your word choices and rhyme schemes to keep listeners engaged and impressed by your lyrical prowess. Wordplay isn't just fun—it adds depth to classy song lyrics for captions and makes rap lyrics for Instagram captions more memorable.

6. Don’t Forget the Beat

While you're crafting those killer lines about looking good, remember the beat! Flow is key in rap, so make sure the rhythm of your words matches the beat of the track—this'll make spitting those bars smooth as silk.

7. Stay Humble yet Confident

Last but certainly not least—keep it humble yet confident in equal measure! There's nothing wrong with flaunting what you got while acknowledging where you came from—it adds depth to those boastful bars while keeping them grounded.

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