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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Karma

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Rap Lyrics About Karma, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Karma

(Verse 1)
Came from the ‘jects, now I fly on Learjets,
In a world where fake flexers ain't made the real checks.
From Marcy to Madison Square, seen it all, yep,
Talkin' 'bout karma, it's a story that's well kept.

Karma comin', like Hov on the beat,
You can't cheat life, can't cop no receipt.
You reap what you sow, play your hand discreet,
‘Cause life’s dealer always knows when you tryin' to cheat.

(Verse 2)
Made mistakes, but my record remain clean,
Feds lurkin', spotlight brighter than high beam.
Invisible crown carry weight like a regime,
Karma's queen and she don't miss a thing seen.

Karma steady movin', like Roc-A-Fella groove,
Talk slick in shadows but truth always shine through
Misdeeds echo in eternity’s vast room
No runner from fate when karma starts to loom


Ain’t no ducking dues when they fall due'
No swerving off karma's path once she got you in view'
‘Empire state of mind' when facing life’s brutal crew'


‘Aint no savers in this game called life,
Karma plays her hand right.
Stood tall against the strife,
Made it through with only God in sight.'

Rap Lyrics About Karma In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Karma

(Verse 1)
I've danced with the devil, been burned by the flame,
Don't ask why, motherfucker, you knew the game.
Slim Shady spittin' truth, no shame,
Life ain't a lottery, it's not a damn game.

One-shot, two-shot, echoes in the night,
Lives ripped apart under flickering streetlight.
Thinking you're above it cause of your birthright?
Karma’s a bitch, ready for that gunfight.

Don't sleep on karma, heavy as it steep,
Woven in your dreams,
into your soul it'll seep.
She gon' find you even when your darkness is deep,
Make you pay dues for them secrets you keep.

(Verse 2)
Been dancing with demons, lost in my own mind,
Facing off with Karma, left the past behind.
Looking in the mirror, seeing stories unwind,
Ghost of my actions turning into rewind.

Pushed 'em away, did 'em wrong and untrue,
Been darkened by sins and now it's time due.
With every bar I spit, another truth I ensue,
Karma coming back around like an overdue accrue.

Don't play with karma, darker than ink deep;
Wrapped in her vengeance, making grown men weep.
She gon' find you even under the covers you creep,
Your silent guilt's echoes, that's a promise she'll keep.

Through broken glass and darkened halls I wander,
Shadows of past mistakes left to ponder.
But remember kids, as through life you meander:
Karma's not just a bitch but a cold-handed commander.

Rap Lyrics About Karma In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Karma

(Verse 1)
Ayye, running through my mind, it's that karma.
She a sly queen, always bring the drama.
Counting every action like a farmer,
What you sow, you gonna reap, no armour.
Life is a circle, ain't linear, comma.
You think you slick? Nah, she sharper.

They say karma comes back harder.
Hit you so fast, turn your dreams to fodder.
Living in fear like a lamb to the slaughter,
Better be careful ‘fore you part with that dollar.

(Verse 2)
Gold chains heavy but your karma heavier,
In the mirror every night who's scarier?
Hide it from the world but it's getting clearer,
Karma got you shivering in your interior.

Karma sneaks up silent like a prowler,
Got you paranoid like a tower.
Looking over shoulders every hour,
That's how karma holds its power.

No escaping karma's reign.
You can run but can't hide from the pain.
Good or bad, it's all the same,
To karma we just players in the game.

Rap Lyrics About Karma In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Karma

(Verse 1)
I pull up in that karma whip, flyer than a comet ship.
Fame and fortune got me rich, but the game they never comprehend it.
Living large, my life ain't rented; every move is independent.
But I know these actions echo, coming back like they were sentenced.

Karma see-saw, life in balance,
Every action got its challenge.
When you shine bright like a chalice,
Karma comes around like a ballad.

(Verse 2)
Spend a rack, make two back; that's the way my karma stack.
Got the world up on my shoulders and it's tattooed on my back.
In this life you reap what you sow, that's the golden track.
So I plant seeds of success, watch them grow into my stack.

Karma cycle, turn the dial,
Every smile worth every mile,
When you're living in this style,
Karma sings in Lil Wayne’s style.

In this world of give and take, gotta know your stake,
Loyalty can't be fake, else it's just another jailbreak.
Got no time for the hate, cause it's love that I create.
When karma comes to rate, she finds no room for debate.

(Outro Verse)
They say what goes around comes around – that's that karmic verse,
But I've been sending out good vibes since the universe…
Was in my mama's belly – been ready since first rehearse,
Cause when karma comes to play…best believe I ain’t cursed.

(Outro Chorus)
Karma queen, she wears the crown,
What goes up must come down.
And when she looks upon my town,
She sees a king – no clown.

Karma’s wheel, forever turning,
With each spin there’s something learning,
In this life I'm just discerning
How to keep the fire burning.

Rap Lyrics About Karma In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Karma

(Verse 1)
They say karma's a bitch, but I'ma make it my queen,
Crowned in diamonds, walkin' on this life's lean.
Yeah, I told 'em, I am the dream, don't you disrespect,
Even karma knows, with Nicki, it's nothing but respect.

Rewarded or punished for what you've done in your past,
But weave got receipt now, no need to outcast.
They say what goes around, comes around real fast,
But in Barbz kingdom, it's my music that'll last.

Cause I'm here making waves, like karma's ocean,
Giving back love, cause that's my devotion.
In the end baby, it's just emotion,
Karma follows me like a magic potion.

(Verse 2)
Y'all throwin' shade while I'm sittin' under palm trees,
Your bad vibes, please! Can't even harm bees.
I used to trip about the future but now the past is a breeze,
Karma is my mirror, reflecting life with ease.

Feed the world with love and collect heartbeats,
Heart on my sleeve, flow smoother than silk sheets.
Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of all?
It’s Nicki baby! Turning Karma into a ball.

Cause I'm here making waves like karma's ocean,
Giving back words and beats with pure devotion.
In this game of life, been tossed and turned in commotion,
But Karma knows me, got her under control like hypnosis potion.

Straight winning, baby that's what Karma said,
Climbing higher than ever on this pyramid.
Karma isn’t just an enemy or a friend,
It’s a reflection of self, sculpted by your hand.

All you Minaj haters gonna taste your own medicine
Because karma’s kissing me, not biting like a shark fin.
Remember darl', what you put out there is akin
To karma loving you, or pulling you in for a sin.

Rap Lyrics About Karma In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Karma

(Verse 1)
Playin' round with that karma, dawg,
You know you reapin' what you sowed.
Grew up in the struggle, had to hustle hard,
Now I'm payin' for my past on this lonely road.

Can't hide from that karma, no,
It's a boomerang comin' back around.
Tryna run from my past but there's no where to go,
In the echoes of my sins, I'm forever bound.

Karma, karma, knockin' at my door.
Can't escape the weight of what I did before.
Karma, karma, won't let me ignore,
These chains of regret got me stuck on the floor.

(Verse 2)
Consequences of my actions, caught up by karma's faction.
Tryna change my ways but it ain't easy to retract 'em.
Planted seeds of greed and strife in my youth's action,
Now a full-grown tree of regret causing distractions.

Karma got me in this vortex, spiraling outta control,
Reaping the harvest of my past, it’s tolling on my soul.
Running with no direction like I'm blindfolded and cold,
I’ve learned some lessons hard; karma sure is bold.

Karma, karma, you're a ruthless judge
Every act I've done, you hold a grudge
Karma, karma, steady on your march
Leaving scars as deep as canyons carved by time’s touch.

Young and reckless led to this karma effect,
Living life on edge now gotta pay respect.
Though pain’s intense feels like heart’s wrecked,
Yet in purifying fire emerges self correct.

Rap Lyrics About Karma In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Karma

(Verse 1)
Caught in the matrix of this life, playing the game, keep rolling dice.
Heartbeats echoing, in cold nights, reminding us, pay the price.
In every action, there's a reaction, living life to satisfaction.
Yeah, that's the law of attraction., but what about karma's subtraction?

Flashing lights and all that glitter, makes a young heart bitter.
Running blind chasing rivers.
The truth be like a cold winter.

Last night's sin, today's regret, too many debts we can't offset.
Living fast might cause your death.
Karma collects with each breath.

Hold up now, don't be scared.
This is just life being fair.
You reap what you sow out there.
Even Karma has her share.

Karma coming back around, from forgotten sins to lost and found.
Feel the weight as it weighs you down.
Hear its silent sound.

Karma coming back to play,
It's not a game you can delay.
Get ready for your judgement day.
Baby, you better pray.

(Verse 2)
Got my pride but lost my way,
Scheming dreams in an alleyway.
Fast money paid today,
But karma is the price to pay.

Living lavish ain't a crime,
But remember every dime.
Every hustle ain't as fine,
Karma watches all the time.

Got trifling hearts with broken trust,
Scattered dreams turned into dust.
When vengeance became a must,
Remembered karma in our lust.

Throwing caution to the wind,
Letting our demons from within.
Dark secrets under our skin
Make us dance with deadly sin.

Karma coming back again,
Unveiling truths that hide within.
From where we end to where we begin,
Can't escape our hidden sin.

Karma coming without delay,
No silver lining, no shades of gray.
Walking through that long hallway
To face judgment on this day.

Through each decision that we make
And every stride or sidestep we take,
Promise sealed with every handshake.,
Karma waits for no one's sake.

In this world full of pretense and fakes,
Where love is often just at stake.
The lessons life gives and takes,
Are tutors for our own heartbreaks.

So before you step on that gas pedal brake,
Consider all that is at stake.
How will you face what awaits?
When karma finally catches your fate.

Rap Lyrics About Karma In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Karma

(Verse 1)
Praying for the lost, but they ain't finding love.
I'm out here grindin', but it's never enough.
Takin' hits in life, feeling the aftermath.
On this road to redemption, you can't avoid the crash.

Lessons learnt, bridges burnt, I guess that's just karma.
I got this flame in my heart; no one can disarm ya
Empty bottles on the floor, heart heavy like an armor.
The truth is bitter, but I find solace in this drama.

Karma's a mirror lookin' back at our lives.
The past is a ghost that never really dies.
We reap what we sow; no need for disguise.
Life is a game of lows and highs.

(Verse 2)
Remember those nights when I was felt like a stray?
Dreaming big dreams, only to watch them fray.
The pain made me stronger, taught me not to sway,
Now everything's coming back around like a ballet.

I got my scars, yeah got my blemishes,
But they're just signs of battles not diminished.
Every action has a price ; it ain't ever finished,
Into each life, a little rain must be dished.

Karma's a mirror reflecting our truth,
Life hits hard with its unyielding ruth.
We are what we make; there ain’t no sleuth,
In the grand scheme, we're just passing through youth.

Remember every choice carries its weight,
Karma's gonna catch you; it don't hesitate.
So live your life well before it’s too late,
Because in the end, karma decides our fate.

Rap Lyrics About Karma In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Karma

Verse 1:

Everybody out here talking 'bout karma, this ain't Dalai Lama
Pull the trigger, world get colder, that's your drama
Rolling dice, life’s a game, ain't no pajama party
Life might hit you back, that's the nature of the shoddy

Karma’s heavy, it's got weight, no debate, call it fatty
Mess around, pay the price, man it ain't no caddy
Got to live with what you did; ain't no time for being sorry
Reap what you sow, harvest sour or sweet like Marley

In this life we're living, ain’t no room for passing blame
Every step you take remember, it’s your own game
Now don’t get caught up thinking karma’s just a flame
Burns those who ignite it but not if you sustain

Karma's ride is silent, no bells tolling when it's coming
Play foul in this court of life and you'll be running
From the shadow that you cast by your deeds and cunning.
Better shape it right now ‘fore your night stop sunning.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Karma Like A Pro

1. Find Your Karma Concept

So you're looking to sling some karma rap lyrics, huh? First things first, decide on your unique take on karma.

There are many ways to explore this universal concept in your bars, from poetic justice rap lyrics to street justice rap lyrics.

Maybe you want to give a shout out to the old school rappers and karma connections or perhaps you're interested in adding modern twists. Either way, find your angle and ride it like a beat drop.

2. Study Classic Karma References

To really nail those hip hop lyrics about karma, engulf yourself in the lyrical references to karma in rap music that have come before.

The old school cats weren't just rapping about parties and girls, they were laying down life lessons too! Get familiar with their techniques and the ways they've woven the concept of karma into their rhymes.

3. Tell a Story, Don't Just Spew Rhymes

The greatest mistake rookie MCs make? They think dope rap verses on karma are all about matching words that rhyme.

Nah fam! It's all about storytelling – paint vivid pictures with your words! Spin tales of how actions led to reactions; weave narratives of street justice or poetic justice played out. Remember: every great rap song is a story.

4. Mind Your Metaphors

Yo, metaphors are like the secret sauce of killer rap lyrics about karma! They add depth and cleverness that'll have heads nodding not just to the beat, but also to your lyrical prowess.

A line like “Karma's a mirror reflecting your deeds back” hits different because it's not just saying what it is; it's showing it.

5. Use Real-Life Experiences

Nothing resonates more than realness in hip hop lyrics about karma! Whether they’re your experiences or stories you've heard, weave them into your lines for authenticity that cannot be faked.

6. Master Your Flow Before You Go Public

You've got some fire karma in rap songs, but how does it flow over beats? Practice makes perfect, homie! Run those bars until they fit snugly into any beat thrown at you.

This way, whether you're freestyling on a corner or laying down tracks in the studio, your flow will be as smooth as butter.

7. Revise ‘n’ Refine Your Lyrics

Even Biggie didn't get his lines right on the first try (well…probably). So don’t be scared of revisions! Refine those hip hop lyrics about karma until they shine like diamonds fresh outta De Beers'.

And remember: perfection isn't hitting every word count or making sure every line rhymes perfectly – it’s making sure each word carries weight and adds value to your storyline.

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