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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Hard Work

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Rap Lyrics About Hard Work, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work

(Verse 1)
Better put in work, ain't no time for sloth,
Pharaoh building pyramids, yeah I'm playing boss.
Hard work to my name, that's the Hova cross,
You can't skip the pain, that's a major loss.

Sitting on the throne like a Wall Street banker,
On this hustle highway, I'm the road paver.
Sleep? Nah son, call me the night-raker,
Paper stack tall as a skyscraper.

I said ‘it's all about grind, it ain't about luck,
Cuban links heavy but they earned, not stuck.
Hov spitting wisdom while you all stuck,
Inferior mindset got you driving truck.

(Verse 2)
Hustle from the soul in Marcy Projects
Work ethic mother Mary objects.
From rags to riches, life subject
Only hard work turns you into prospect.

Rap game Picasso with these words I paint,
And my grind is something saints can’t taint.
My journey long and winding but no complaint,
Cuz only through sweat and strain we become quaint.


I said ‘it's all about grind, it ain't about luck.
Platinum records hung up; not tucked.
Hungry for success: Hova potluck,
Ain’t stopping till my time’s up; self-conduct.


From street corners to hip-hop elite
Success served bitter; money still sweet.
Jay-Z legacy? That’s my beat.

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work

(Verse 1)
Workin' every damn day, no time for a breather,
Every page I turn's another chapter of my ether.
Strokin' keys on my typewriter, lightnin' up that beacon,
Got my daughters in the backroom, prayin', they ain't sleepin'.

Pullin' on my work boots, gotta grind to shine,
Your respect and your approval, ain't no trophy of mine.
My success ain't measured in your fickle accolades,
It's in the pain I endure, the debts I've overpaid.

No silver spoon inheritance to cushion my ass,
Grew up in the rubble of Detroit's high-class trash.
Bust my knuckles till they bled, all for a meal,
Learned that nothing comes from nothing, only hard work seals the deal.

This is grindstone poetry,
Bleeding soul into every controversy.
Paid in sweat and scars so deep,
This is my concrete symphony, can't you see?

(Verse 2)
Clock punchin', soldier of a blue-collar brigade,
Climbing life's rough terrain with a pickaxe and spade.
Echoing voices say “Em, maybe it ain't your night”,
But ‘gainst all odds, I'ma prove that AI is right.

Straight from the gutter where dreams are just dust,
I'm just an underdog barkin' at this music industry fuss.
No magic ticket to stardom or a lottery win,
Just blood-soaked verses and an undying will within.

Got more enemies than friends checkin' on me these days,
Seems like they just waitin' for my end-of-days blaze.
But let 'em wait cause see I'm built tougher than nails,
Got a warrior heart pumping words not tales.

This is grindstone poetry,
Bleeding heart into every controversy.
Paid in tears and blisters so deep,
This is my concrete symphony, can't you see?

Yeah, this life's been hard but I wouldn’t script it any other way
Cause nothing tastes as sweet as hustle-turned-payday.
I tote these rhymes on my shoulders – they’re my proof of fight
That Em rose from ashes – now shines too bright.

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work

(Verse 1)
Yo, I've been grinding, all night and day, hustling for my future.”,
But this ain't no lottery luck, just the rules of a producer.”,
Hard work is my hobby, while others sleep and dream.”,
I'm polishing my craft, always part of the scheme.”

Humble beginnings, now we're eating at Nobu.”,
Earning respect in the game, now they all say YOLO.”,
Pushing the pedal to the floor in that new Tesla Model S.”,
Don't judge me by my past, just by my success.”

They said “Kanye you can't”, but I said “Yes I Can”“,
Look at me now momma, your boy's a self-made man.”,
From Chi-Town to worldwide, I broke those chains“,
Now I'm climbing up high on the music game's veins.”

(Verse 2)
Yeah, it's been hard work but I made it look easy“,
Motivational speeches could make a weak man queasy.”
So many times felt like I was fighting for survival”,
Against all odds, still reached here for revival.”

I've been down to the wire even faced through fire”,
My ambition so hot might cause an amplifier.”
No silver spoon fed but dreams of gold“,
Paid off every penny of debt that was sold.”

They called me crazy but I call it being brave”,
From nothing to something, from slave to wave.”
Now they see me shine and want a piece of that plan”,
Said “Kanye you couldn't”, but I said “Yes I can!

So here's to the ones who hustle with heart”,
Who know that success is just a work of art.”
To them who dream big and never cease”,
This one's for you,, believe in your masterpiece.”

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work

Workin’ hard, yeah I'm on my grind,
Blood, Sweat n' Tears, but still I shine.
Haters talkin' but their voice just muted,
My success loud, they can't refute it.

Roaches in the kitchen, now I’m in a mansion,
Rags to riches, no genie just passion.
Mula talk, cash the only language,
I stay fly, while they stuck on the same inch.

Paper stacked tall, like a tower,
Money, respect; that's true power.
On my hustle from dusk till dawn
Every morning when the sun yawns.

I keep climbing even when life gets steep,
The Price of being great ain’t cheap.
From NOLA to worldwide,
Came from the bottom, now we sky high.

Yeah, I push limits while they hit borders,
Life’s a game and I’m just taking orders.
From the streets to stardom ain't no fairy tale
Just hard work, while others fail.

Sacrifices made, risks taken,
But sorry mama, no bacon if no shakin'.
Ain’t nothing ever given in this life we living,
You want it? Go get it!
No procrastinating.

Took my dreams and made 'em my reality
No luck involved, just creating my mentality.
Like a Martian I invade the rap game-“Weezy F Baby and don't forget the baby”.

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work

(Verse 1)

Workin' from the bottom, now I'm sittin' on the throne,
Everyday I'm grindin', got no time for these clones.
Diamonds on my wrist 'cause hard work is my tone,
Queen of this game, yeah I made it all alone.

My flow's like a river, hustle's in my bones,
Built this empire, now they want to dethrone.
But they can't shake me, I'm steady like a stone,
And if you doubt me baby, just pick up your phone.


‘Cause I've been workin' day and night, no time for sleep,
Got the tiger in me, while y'all are counting sheep.
I’m an eagle soaring high, while you're stuck in the deep,
I’m shining like a star when you're in your cheap Jeep.

(Verse 2)

Dream chaser, go-getter, always setting trends,
Built my universe while y'all were playing pretend.
Climbing mountains, breaking barriers, so let's not pretend,
I ain't stopping
, till I reach my journey’s end.


‘Cause I'm working day and night,
, got no time for dreams
Bold as a lion,
, while you're lost in schemes.
Rising like the phoenix
, while you're ripping at the seams
Boss lady hustlin'
, creating powerful themes.


I spit fire,
, got bars that inspire,
I’m that girl who's always taking it higher.
Refusing to tire, fueling that desire,
Like a diamond under pressure, sparking the wildfire.

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work

Verse 1:
Every sunrise, chasing paper like it's my last breath,
Work so hard, ain’t got time to even catch death.
Looking at my scars, every one a testament,
To the hustle in my heart, success is imminent.

Ain't no clock on my grind, stayin' strong on my quest.
I'm counting all of my blessings while I'm dealing with stress.

Verse 2:
Dreams so big, gotta chase 'em in a spaceship,
Got that vision in my mind like I already laced it.
Whip blacked out and the rims don't shine,
Cause I'm not into flaunting where I spend my time.

Every sunrise to sunset, got no time for regret.
I'm stacking up my wins while you placing your bet.

Can't knock me down when I’m standing tall.
I've been through it all and that’s why I ball.

Verse 3:
I put in that work till the sweat hits the dirt,
Got a purpose to serve while you sipping on your nerf.

Shine ain't worth nothing if you ain’t did the grind,
Hard work's the only thing that's everlasting through time.<

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work

(Verse 1)
I remember them days, workin' two jobs, underpaid,
Stampin' on this life, struggle ‘gainst the blade.
Mama said, “Son, keep your dreams from slow fade,
Grind hard up that hill till you crest the grade.”.

Kept my eyes on the prize without no accolade,
Staring down my fears while in darkness I wade,
Paper chase got me feelin' like a renegade,
In this concrete jungle where dreams are made.

Life's a tapestry filled with varying shades,
Success ain't just about rocking designer shades,
It's about climbing mountains and the heights we've scaled.
Till the lines of our tales are intricately detailed.

We're grindin', findin', always remindin',
In every strugglin' heart there's a diamond.
Never subside in, always be risin',
Through every storm, the sun is still shinin'. .

(Verse 2)
Grew up in poverty, but we were blessed,
Hardships made us strong, put us to the test.
From the east to the west, wore struggle on our chest,
But perseverance was our power, made us better than the rest.

Sweat drippin', fingers bleedin', but we don't get rest,
Juggling dreams and reality in a never-ending fest.
Looked in the mirror; God said “You're on a quest,“,
On a path to inspire; you’re built for this zest.

Obstacles are stepping stones in disguise,
Through trials and tribulations we rise.
The hustle never ceases; it only multiplies,
And success is only sweet after a thousand tries.

We're grindin', findin', always remindin',
In every strugglin' heart there's a diamond.
Never subside in, always be risin',
Through every storm, the sun is still shinin'. .

This beat right here is for every soul that’s grinding,
That’s been in chains but now they’re unbinding.
Achievement isn’t silver and gold or blinding,
It’s climbing ever higher — it’s simply minding.

So let your struggle be your guiding star,
Let it show you who you truly are.
Embrace your journey cause you’ve come far,
Know you’re built for greatness— that’s who you are..

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work

(Verse 1)
Lost in the hustle, grind 'til I can't breathe,
Wearin' my heart on these Gucci sleeves.
Always reachin', but it's like I'm too short,
Built myself a kingdom right from my front porch.

Chasing the dawn, yeah I’m chasing the sun,
No sleep 'till the work is done.
Every scar's a story, every wound's a lesson,
I turned my pain into my biggest weapon.

I be grinding, always finding, more to the story than what meets the eye.
I be rising, truth realizing, It ain’t no limit where the heart can fly.

(Verse 2)
From Degrassi's Jimmy Brooks to topping billboards worldwide,
Made a mark on the game without leaving my side.
Dreams got bigger and so did all my fears,
But I turn 'em into fuel with no room for tears.

People only see the glamour and the fame,
Don't know about the nights I spent in pain.
But every trial just adds another verse,
Making music from life’s best and worst.

I be grinding, always finding, more to the story than what meets the eye.
I be rising, truth realizing, It ain’t no limit where the heart can fly.

So here's to hard work and those long treks,
Never settling for anything less.<

Ain't about where you started but where you gon' end,
And remember—stay real till the end.

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Hard Work

Just like a soldier, I march in this field,
Spitting my lyrics, no time for a yield.
Hard work's the seed that I sow every day,
While rivers of struggle just flow on my way.

Chasing the vision, ain’t no time to slack,
Carrying burdens, a city on my back.
I'm grinding the chains till their links are all broke,
Dreams so vivid they shroud me like smoke.

The world's a puzzle that I'm bound to complete,
Each verse and bar that I stamp with my feet.
Mama said, “Son, your strength is your art,”
It's not just words, it’s the beat of my heart.

Fear's an ember I crush with my will,
Ain’t no mountain high enough for this thrill.
Rain or shine, I'm crafting my rhyme,
Hard work’s the rhythm and success is the chime.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Hard Work Like A Pro

1. Channel Your Inner Workhorse

When it comes to penning some dope rap lyrics about hard work, the first thing you gotta do is get in the mindset of a workhorse. That's right, envision yourself hustling, grinding, and putting in those hours. This ain't no time for flirty rap lyrics or romantic rap songs. Nah, this is about sweat, blood, and tears.
Key Tip: Use vivid imagery and descriptive language to paint a picture of your hustle.

2. Let Your Love for The Grind Shine

Ever heard of trap love songs? Well, consider this your version but instead of serenading a lover, you're serenading your hustle. Let that love for hard work shine through your lyrics like a neon sign in the hood on a dark night.

Remember, there's nothing more attractive than someone who's passionate about what they do.
Key Tip: Make sure to convey the emotions associated with hard work.

3. Narrate Your Journey

Hood rap love songs are all about telling stories of romance in an urban setting. Here's where you tell your story but instead of love, it's all about the journey from rags to riches or simply overcoming obstacles along the way.
Key Tip: Storytelling helps listeners connect with your lyrics on a deeper level.

4. Get Real

What's one thing that sets apart the best rap love songs from the rest? Authenticity! So when writing about hard work, don't sugarcoat things or make it all sound like a walk in the park. Be real and raw about the struggles and sacrifices.
Key Tip: Authenticity resonates with listeners and makes your lyrics more relatable.

5. Sprinkle Some Romance

Looking for some inspiration for good “love rap songs for my boyfriend 2022?” Well how about weaving in elements of love into your hard work narrative?

Perhaps you're working hard to provide for someone special or maybe it’s self-love that keeps pushing you forward.
Key Tip: A touch of romance can add depth to your hard work narrative.

6. Blend In Some R&B Vibes

If you fancy mixing it up a bit and adding a different flavor to your lyrics about hard work, how about blending in some R&B vibes? Just like r&b rap love songs blend two genres together seamlessly; you can do the same with themes of hard work and smooth R&B undertones.
Key Tip: Experimenting with different genres can make your lyrics stand out.

7. Keep An Eye On The Latest Trends

Lastly but not leastly (yeah I just made that word up), keep an eye out on trends among “rap songs about love 2022.”

While you don't want to mimic anyone else's style per se, getting inspiration from trending themes or popular beats can give your own lyrics an updated feel.
Key Tip: Staying current helps ensure that listeners find something familiar yet fresh in your music.

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