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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Halloween

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Rap Lyrics About Halloween, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Halloween

(Verse 1)
It's Hova, trick or treatin', on the beat I'm-a feastin',
Billion dollar swagger, nevermore deceasin‘,
Halloween night, in Roc Nation we believe in,
Jay Z rhyme style, ain't no trickery or sleight.

Ghosts and ghouls boppin' to that Empire State rhythm,
They say my rhymes are a maze, call me lyrical labyrinth,
All Hallows Eve and we rise from the crypt then,
Like Vincent Price on this beat, I'm a spit venom.

Streetlights flickerin', under the moon's pale light,
Brooklyn boy with a flow that can give you a fright.
On October 31st when goblins take flight
I'll be counting hundreds by my haunted house nightlight.

We got Jack-O-Lanterns glowin', got that Henny overflowin'
Costume party popping, highlife we're slow-moing
Hov dressed as King Midas cause my touch is golden
On this Halloween night, Jay-Z keeps it rolling.

(Verse 2)
Candy wrappers crinkling like stacks of new hundreds
Werewolves howling while my Maybach engine running
In Roc-A-Fella mansion where the ghosts are humming,

New York's underworld king, keep the haters coming.

Witches flying over Marcy while I'm deal closing
My lyrics so sharp they could carve up your pumpkin
Monster mash in SoHo while my empire is rising
Running Halloween game like Michael Myers unmasking

Every new bar's like candy for your eardrum,
Thriller beats dropping making graveyard kingdom come
October chilling but Hov’s hot like Caribbean sun,
Cause even on All Hallows’, Jay-Z’s number one

Rap Lyrics About Halloween In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Halloween

Verse 1:

Classic hallows, under the gallows, hunt of the shadows, treats in the barrels.
Round a corner, you'll meet a mourner, gonna be the foreigner in this horror parable.
‘Cause it's Halloween, thrill-seekers convene, ain't nothin' serene about this evening scene.
We got jacked-up pumpkins grinnin', moonlight shadows spinnin', bloody tales just beginning.


This is Halloween, devils twerkin' on your headstone, ain’t no fear clone
Flesh and bone, running in a panic zone – ghouls shouting “Welcome home!”
It's the night you believe in superstition, fear's your only mission.
Witching hour intuition, haunts twists your vision.

Verse 2:

I'm Slim Shady in an alleyway creepin', slicing syllables while y'all are sleeping.
Got Frankenstein rhymes that got you leaping,
Never weeping, ‘less it's fear that I'm reaping.
Black cats cross your path when I’m speaking,
On this freakish evening of trick and treating.


This is Halloween, monsters rapping at your bedroom door – what for?
Serving scarelore raw to the core – welcome to my horror store!
It's our tradition suspicion: fear’s your only condition.
Ghostly composition got ya wishin' for intermission!


I'm Em – eating M&Ms beneath full moon beams,
Dressed like Freddy Kreuger invading teens' dreams.
On this star-kissed scene where pumpkin faces gleam,
It’s a labyrinthine dream – just another Hallow's eve theme.


This is Halloween! Graveyard stompin', heart-thumpin', ain't no function
Like this wicked induction. Under night's instruction: it's thrill production!
Shadows start dancing with devil’s seduction – welcome to my introduction!

Last Verse: (fast pace)

Slim Shady don’t do lullabies on all hallows eve,
I drop scary rhymes like leaves from tree,
Lit by twilight’s eerie glee. I’m weaving tales – come see!
Come live my lyrics – they’re freaky but free.

Rap Lyrics About Halloween In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Halloween

(Verse 1)
I creep out the shadow, like Halloween Casanova.
Got my mask on, but it ain't no corona.
Bats flyin', the full moon's my backdrop.
I own this night – yeah, I call it my ad prop.
Ghouls on the loose, no Yeezy to boost.
But in this haunted mansion, yo I'm the spook's spook.

Halloween night, got your heart beating faster.
Confusing Kanye West with Kanye Casper.
Feel the fright, ain't no button to skip.
Trick or treating with me, take a fearless trip.

(Verse 2)
Pumpkins carved, got them lit up – flashing lights.
I dance with demons and witches in moonlit nights.
Tailor-made suits replaced with ghostly sheets,
Got that icy chill running, feel it down your streets.
We on an ultralight beam, Halloween scheme,
Runaway from the nightmare into a dream.

Halloween night, got your pulse jumping wilder,
Showtime for Kanye, I'm the ghost of headliners.
Fear's in sight, but no reason to flip,
Welcome to my world – it's a terrifying trip.

So here's to All Hallows' Eve and a toast to Yeezus,
Spooking you soft while keeping it prestigious.
On this night of frights and conjured fears,
Kanye West still shines through all those eerie cheers.

Rap Lyrics About Halloween In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Halloween

Verse 1:
Creepin' through the night, call me Weezy F. Phantom, mane.
Graveyard flows, they buried but I ain't the same.
Spittin' venom to these tracks like a black widow's fang.
Candy corn bars, sweet but bringin' the pain.

This Halloween, we trick or treating on beats.
Weezy F. Baby and the F is for freaks.
Ghostly flows that got your heart skippin' beats.
In my pumpkin patch, homie, all you find is heat.

Verse 2:
Jack-o'-lantern smile, but my bars ain't hollow.
Sippin' on syrup; it's a hard act to follow.
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the dopest of them all?
Sound of my flow got these ghouls in a free fall.

This Halloween, we bumping with the witches.
Weezy F. Baby and the F is for vicious.
Phantom in the dark with lyrical riches,
On All Hallows' Eve, I'm fulfilling your wishes.

So when you hear that howl and your fear goes peak,
Know it's just Weezy, puttin' rhymes to these beats.
On a night of frights when the dead don't sleep,
I'm making monsters move with my trick or treat.

Rap Lyrics About Halloween In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Halloween

(Verse 1)
Yeah, it's the queen Nicki, Halloween spookin,
Decked out in Versace, all eyes I'm hookin'
Hat trick no treats, on the beat I'm cookin'
Like my name was Elm Street, Freddy Krueger lookin'

Trick or treat, flow so sweet,
Candy corn dreams on this pumpkin beat.
Witch hat on fleek, these boots got heat,
Black cat cross your path, you face defeat.

Halloween queen, in that monster scene,
Spooky and clean, I'm the rap machine.
Before you intervene, bow to the queen,
In the dead of night, I reign supreme.

(Verse 2)
Black lace veil, dressed as a vamp,
Step to this beat with a Minaj camp.
Lyrical lanterns light up the damp,
Halloween night, we set up the ramp.

Ghostly whispers in the microphone booth,
I spit that truth, no need for sleuth.
Bats in my belfry ain't no spoof,
On All Hallow's Eve, I'm living proof.

Halloween queen, in that monster scene,
Barbie so mean, slay it like a guillotine.
Before you intervene, bow to the queen,
In this creepy night, I'm your dream.

Pumpkin patches in my rhymes so rich,
Whippin' up verses like a bossy witch.
Candy wrappers can't handle this switch,
Costume ain't enough to scratch this itch.

Halloween Queen, under moonlight sheen
Nicki on deck, no need for screen
Before you intervene, pay homage to the queen
In this haunted night, my reign's pristine

So here's Nicki with that fright night flow,
Lit up like a Jack O'Lantern glow.
Known for my glam and rhyming show,
For Halloween tonight…that's a wrap – yo!

Rap Lyrics About Halloween In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Halloween

Ain't no treat, it's all tricks, Halloween vibes
Ain't no masks on the shawty, true lies
Got ghosts in my past, they ain't friendly Casper,
Nightmares never sleep, man life’s a disaster

Pumpkin spice on her lips, ghostly kisses
Purple potions in my cup, dodgin' witches
Halloween hauntin', mind keep tauntin'
Past mistakes turned to ghosts constant hauntings

Phantoms in the Phantom, rollin' lonely streets
Skeletons from my past playin' cold beats
Candy corn sweet thangs, black cat cross paths
Life's a haunted house but I just laugh

Midnight moon glowin', owl's eyes see me
Wolves in the night howlin', they wanna be me
Halloween spirits whispering my fate,
Whisper back to 'em, “Sit down, you late.”

Malice is my palace, got that Dracula chalice
Sippin' lean like it's blood turning Halloween callous
In the grave of the night with my soul unfurled,
Welcome to this Future world. This is Future's world.

Rap Lyrics About Halloween In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Halloween

(Verse 1)
Every Halloween, it's like we switch our roles,
Ghosts of my past, nightmare scenarios.
Points of my life, framed in orange and black,
Playing tricks on my mind, ain't no treat in that.

Switch up the mask, but can't hide from the pain,
Turning pages in my book but the story remains.
Mimicking this thriller – ain't no sham or pretend,
In this world full of monsters, I can't comprehend.

Fright night, becomes a day of reflection,
Haunted houses built from years of rejection.
Candy corn philosophies, sweet with a bite,
Halloween disguise don't make the wrongs right.

(Verse 2)
Echoes in the darkness, whispers in the breeze,
Halloween's revelation – I'm my own worst enemy.
Carving out a path, lost in this labyrinth,
The spectre of doubt, is just as significant.

Lights flicker, wonder if ghosts are real.
Or lonely hearts just looking to feel.
The scariest thing ain’t blood or gore,
It’s wondering if life's got something more.

Fright night, becomes a day of reflection,
Haunted houses built from years of rejection.
Candy corn philosophies, sweet with a bite,
Halloween disguise don't make the wrongs right.

Behind every mask there’s a story unsaid,
A graveyard of dreams that the world left for dead.
We all have our demons, our monsters to fight,
When you're living like it’s Halloween every night.

This Halloween tale isn’t just pretend
A jack-o’-lantern’s smile doesn’t signal the end.
We wear our costumes long after October,
But remember, every story has its own closure.

Rap Lyrics About Halloween In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Halloween

(Verse 1)
Feelin' on that October chill, gotta keep it real.
Been in the game since Degrassi, yeah, you know the deal.
Halloween night, spirits risin' like my fame,
Drizzy in his prime, they still remember my name.

Shadows on the wall as I walk down that hall,
Haunted house of fame, I've seen it all.
Carved pumpkins on the porch, moonlight's glow,
Candy wrappers on the floor, trick or treat flow.

Yeah, it's Halloween, feelin' just like a dream,
Life ain't always what it seems under that moonbeam.
Yeah, it's Halloween, ghouls and ghosts on the scene,
But I've faced scarier things inside this music machine.

(Verse 2)
OVO XO, yeah we runnin' the night,
Black and orange colors shining under streetlight.
Like a zombie to the beat, man, I can't quit,
Livin' through each lyric, every line is legit.

They mask their intentions but I see through the disguise,
Fake love can't fool me, no more candy-coated lies.
Costumes and characters in this world so cold,
But this boy from Toronto got a heart full of gold.

Yeah, it's Halloween, feelin' just like a dream,
Life ain't always what it seems under that moonbeam.
Yeah, it's Halloween, ghouls and ghosts on the scene,
But I've faced scarier things inside this music machine.

So I raise a toast to ghosts, let 'em haunt my past,
Drizzy still movin', yeah boy moving fast.
Halloween night and I'm feeling so alive,
In this game of fear baby, gotta strive.

Rap Lyrics About Halloween In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Halloween

Midnight hour, strike twelve souls at the steeple,
All Hallows' Eve, bring redemption to the people,
Jack-o'-lantern faces, kids runnin' with a scream,
Shadows in the corners where the monsters dream.

Graveyard whispers, spirits risin' from the dirt,
Rhymes sharp as razors, cut through pain and hurt.
Servin' cold revenge like candy in a bowl,
Leavin' sugar rush of fear that takes its toll.

Lurkin' in the dark is where my truth unfurls,
As I weave my tales amidst the ghouls and girls.
I'm a phantom in disguise, crafting verbal spell,
Buried deep within my tales, too deep to tell.

Dressed in black and orange, I'm spittin' fire darts
Every syllable I spit ignites a spark.
Halloween horrors, no sweet without the sour,
In this witching hour, I possess the power.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Halloween Like A Pro

1. Embrace the Spooky Spirit

First off, get into the Halloween mood! This isn't just about dressing up or carving pumpkins, it's about creating an atmosphere that sends chills down your spine and resonates with your audience.

Play some rap songs about Halloween, read some horror stories, watch some classic horror movies. The goal is to tap into that eerie energy and channel it into your lyrics.

2. Master the Art of Ghostly Wordplay in Rap Lyrics

Everyone knows rap is all about wordplay, so this is your time to shine. Puns, metaphors, similes – use them all to create a haunting narrative within your lyrics.

This could mean turning everyday items into spooky props or even personifying Halloween themes in a unique way. Remember: the scarier and more vivid the imagery, the more chilling your Halloween-themed rap verses will be.

3. Explore Different Themes

Halloween isn't just about ghosts and ghouls; it's also about fear, darkness, mystery and magic! So don't limit yourself to generic horror rap lyrics.

Mix things up by delving into different themes – maybe a love story gone sour on All Hallows' Eve? Or perhaps a tale of personal transformation under a full moon? The possibilities are endless!

4. Use Rhyme Schemes That Boost The Spook Factor

When crafting spooky rap lyrics, consider using rhyme schemes that add to the scary ambiance of Halloween.

For instance, internal rhymes can create an unsettling rhythm which can enhance the overall creepiness of your song.

5. Create a Strong Hook With Scary Rap Lines

A catchy hook can make or break a song – especially when it's filled with scary rap lines. It needs to be memorable and echo the eerie vibe of Halloween while still making listeners want to sing (or scream) along!

6. Make Each Verse Tell A Story

Nothing grabs attention like an intriguing storyline woven into each verse. A good narrative can draw listeners in and keep them hooked until the very last note fades away… leaving them eagerly awaiting for another dose of your creepy hip-hop lyrics.

7. Be Authentic With Your Haunting Rap Verses

Lastly but most importantly, let your personality shine through! Even if you're spitting out ghostly tales or bone-chilling threats in your haunting rap verses,, always stay true to who you are as an artist and as a person.

Remember: The best part about writing dope rap lyrics is that there are no hard rules – just guidelines – so feel free to experiment with different styles until you find what works best for you!

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