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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About God'S Love

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Rap Lyrics About God'S Love, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About God'S Love

Verse 1:
Ain't no blueprint to this life, but we follow it blindly
The struggle's apparent, but His love is there kindly
Through the trials and tribulations, god got me shining
In His kingdom of love, ain't no room for the winding.

God's love, purer than Colombian white,
Kept Hov from a life of just hustlin' all night
Now I'm meetings with Obama, sipping Ace of Spades,
God's plan had me switch lanes from those drumming street parades.

Hov baby!, God's soldier, fought hard from the 9-5
Navigated through those concrete jungles just to stay alive,
Feel me? Even my scars got holy oil they been soaked in,
I bow before his throne because He broke my chains when I was broken.

The hook:

Tell 'em Hova said it loud – God's love is real and never petty
Like pockets on a billionaires pants – always heavy.
New York Streets!, where faith was found not neatly packed,
Lessons learnt in Brooklyn making Jigga act the fact.

Remember y'all God ain't about Gucci or Prada threads,
But finding peace within yourself, that's how you get ahead.
Without him we be lost, with him we forever free,
Like a Roc-a-fella soldier crying out let freedom ring!

In Prosperity and Pain he remains ever loyal
Even when the world turns cold and soil gets soiled.

So here’s some wisdom straight from Brooklyn – no lies,
Hova found truth in God’s love & that’s word to Marcy skies!

No matter what you facing yeah he eases all your pain.
Just remember this – You’re not alone In Rain!

Rap Lyrics About God's Love In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About God's Love

(Verse 1)
Yo, I've been through the ringer, barely a linger,
To the sin and pain I was no stranger.
But in the darkest night, there was light, no danger,
Love from the most high, ain't talkin' 'bout a manger.

Feel the power surge, got a new urge,
God's love hit me, on the verge.
Used to be submerged in a world full of grudge,
Now I'm purged, renewed like a divine splurge.

His love don't discriminate, no debate,
Even when I self-loathe and self-hate.
Tripped up but He opened the gate,

God's got my back with love first-rate.

His love is a firestorm, keeps me warm,
In His hands shaped, reborn.
His love’s like an endless swarm,
Through every thunder-cloud and shitstorm.

(Verse 2)
Used to spit venom in every damn system,
Got enlightened, now wisdom is my anthem.
Times when I felt low and lonesome,
Found God's love more welcome.

He made me go from dreary to dreamer,
From being a non-believer to faith's redeemer.
Baptized by fire, no longer a schemer,
With God's love, life’s brighter, gleamer.

Shackles broken, once spoken His word,

Flyin' high like an unbound bird.

Could've been left unheard, deferred,
His love saved me – crazy or absurd?

His love never fails or stalls,
When sorrow calls or darkness falls.
Keeps me standin' tall through life's brawls –
That’s God's love y'all, that’s all it involves.

So here I stand with this mic in my hand.
With God's love, together we band.
As Eminem or just Marshall Mathers man –
I testify His Love as part of His grand plan.

Rap Lyrics About God's Love In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About God's Love

(Verse 1)
Yo, I've been touched by the heavens, feelin' like I'm seven again.
Got this Godly love deep in my veins, more precious than any gem.
It's like Yeezy and the Lord share the same wavelength.
Every beat thumpin', every rhyme resonates with strength.

I ain't talkin' 'bout that shallow love, I'm talkin' God's depth.
It's so profound, it makes you catch your breath.
Got me a glimpse of that eternal promise,
My soul vibin', yo there ain't no novice.

I'm talkin' 'bout a love that's greater than, it's got no measure.
A love so true, it's our ultimate treasure.
In God's kingdom, you don't need a Visa,
His love is all you need; it satisfies like pizza.

(Verse 2)
I've been to the edge and back, nearly lost my way,
But His voice guided me home, like a sunray.
His armor of love protects against the fiercest storm,
Unlike worldly chains, His love will transform.

This ain't just some rap; this is a testament,
Speaking on His holy name with contentment.
Facing each trial with a heart full of courage,
With God on my side, there ain't no discouragement.

In every situation, His love remains constant,
Steady as a river; He’s my perfect confidant.
He’s the mic to my lyrics, without Him I’m silent,
In God’s symphony of love, He makes me vibrant.

His love ain’t nothin’ to toy with; it’s a divine gift,
A beacon in the darkness when we need an uplift.
So keep it real y’all; embrace His holy essence,
Remembering His eternal love in every life lesson.

Rap Lyrics About God's Love In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About God's Love

God's love, ain't a puzzle, it's crystal clear.
His grace, no need to hustle, it's always near.
Life’s a jungle, we scuffle, but faith keeps the fear.
Like Weezy F Baby, stay humble, God’s voice we hear.

Got my faith in my heart, ain't a fluke or luck.
In God's love I park, in this world of muck.
Ink from the scripture is the spark.
Wayne writes that holy hook, you're caught in the snook.
Hear the divine orders, no need to look.
The Bible is my cookbook, learn how to cook.

Ride on these beats, with God's words as bullets,
Lyrics so sweet, flowing from divine outlets.
Knowledge from his seat, my wisdom then mullets,
Holy ghost heat, got you reaching for pullets.

Pushing through hardships like Wayne did Katrina,
With God’s love as vaccine,, I'm a believer,
On this microphone machine, I'm the receiver,
No lean, just holy water as reliever.

Yeah, life can be heavy like a millstone,
But with God’s strength not alone, his mercy shown.
Each day he's blown me away with seeds sown,
In His presence always known, in His glory grown.

Turned from Carter to Lil Wayne but still remain,
In God’s lane where blessings rain and love isn’t vain
Been through pain but here I sustain, got nothing to feign
This life ain’t a game, it's about spiritual gain

Rap Lyrics About God's Love In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About God's Love

(Verse 1)
Aiyo, now let me tell you 'bout a love that's devine,
One that's so brilliant it can't be confined.
Flowin' from God, it's like an ocean, so vast,
Unconditional, infinite, from the first to the last.

Uh-huh, never discriminatin', it ain't picky,
Doesn't matter who you are, whether saint or iffy.
His love will find ya, whether near or far,
Like the brightest beacon or the northern star.

Nah, ain't no mountain too high, no valley too low,
His love gonna reach ya, no matter where ya go.
Ain't 'bout what you done, or where you been,
God's love is a story of redemption and begin again.

Cause God's love, uh-huh, is always everlastin',
Through bliss and turmoil, forever undiminished castin'.
No matter who you are or what you've done before,
His Love is knocking, waitin' at your door.

(Verse 2)
Now let's talk 'bout grace, baby that’s divine favor,
An unmerited gift from our Savior.
With God’s love in place, no need to pretend,
Always got your back till the very end.

Living in this world full of deception and lies,
Look up to Him, He'll open up your eyes.
With His love so pure it's like a treasure buried deep,
In your darkest hour His promises He'll keep.

Cause God's Love, uh-huh, is the greatest story ever told,
A love so priceless you can never buy or sold.
No matter who you are or what you've done before,
His Love is knocking, waitin' at your door.

So here’s my testimony in the middle of this song
If God’s love was a melody it’d be my lifelong song.
For His love outruns our mistakes and past
With a God like mine baby life’s a blast!

Never underestimate what His love can do
I'm Nicki and I testify this truth to you.
Cause at the end of day when it all comes down
It's all about God’s Love- That’s wearing the crown!

Rap Lyrics About God's Love In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About God's Love

Young Future, got blessings from above,
Can't help but feeling, I'm swimming in God's love.
Yeah, we struggling but His mercy never budges,
He the judge and Jury, no need for past grudges.

Verse 1:
Came from the bottom, no silver spoon or loaf of bread,
But God had my back when they left me for dead.
Was drowning in the pain but He showed me the way,
So I could rise like a phoenix at the break of the day.

Future's got a vision, ain't just about the doves,
I'm speaking my truth about this unconditional love.
Yeah we make mistakes but His forgiveness is endless,
God's love got me feeling weightless and stainless.

Living in His grace even when life’s outta pace.
Got scars on my heart but with Him there ain't no trace.
Yeah He saw my tears and turned them into rainbows,
This God's love something no one else knows.

Verse 2:
Had a taste of fame but it was bitter sweet,
Without God's love it felt incomplete.
His love like fire keeps me warm in the frosty nights,
Guiding me like a beacon with its heavenly lights.

Young Future on his grind guided by divine love,
In this cold world He’s all I’m thinking of.
He’s there for all of us when push comes to shove,
In every word I spit you can feel God's love.

Rap Lyrics About God's Love In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About God's Love

(Verse 1)
God's love, feel it from the heavens above,.
From the deepest sorrows to the highest dove,.
Saved us all, even when we succumbed to the glove,.
His forgiveness, a gift, ain't no push and shove..

When times get tough and my soul wears thin,.
I remember His grace, washes away my sin,.
No matter if I lose, no matter if I win,.
His love's consistent, like an endless spin.

But I ain't got it all figured out yet,
In this world of turmoil and regret,
I just keep on praying to offset,
The pain, with God's love as my safety net..

(Verse 2)
Now let me take you back to a tale of woe,
Growing up poor in a city of snow.
Struggled each day but kept my head low,
‘Cause I knew God’s love in my life would grow..

Felt like David facing Goliath’s might,
But His love was my stone, shining so bright.
Through every hardship, every cold night,
His arms around me held me tight.

So here I am today still trying to bet,
On this journey where destiny has been set.
With faith in His word, no need for fret,
‘Cause God's love is the strongest asset.

So if you feel lost in this world's mess,
Remember God's love is your fortress.
In every trial or success,
His divine affection never less..

Through God's love we're truly blessed,
Just gotta keep pushing through this life's test.
‘Cause on that day we lay to rest,
We'll know in His love we were always dressed.

Rap Lyrics About God's Love In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About God's Love

(Verse 1)

From the Six, gods love, it ain't ever covert,
Embedded in my soul, it's the real comfort.
Seen the ups and downs, blessed with His favor,
Divine intervention when life wavers.

I've been through pain but grace got me standing,
God's love, yeah it's more profound and demanding.
Been on a world tour, had my heart aching,
Still His love I find, keeps the earth shaking.


I've got His love like an echo,
Resonating deep within, make my heart aglow.
God's love is the only reason,
Why my heart beats on, through every season.

(Verse 2)

Toronto nights got me thinking 'bout His mercy,
His love is a river, wide and never thirsty.
Lost friends, lost love but found hope,
In His holy words, helps me to cope.

Tales of OVO sound under moonlit skies,
I see God's love reflected in your eyes.
Got Aubrey praying for that spiritual healing,
God's love in my life always revealing.


I've got His love like an echo,
Resonating deep within make my heart aglow.
God's love is the only reason,
Why my heart beats on, through every season.


So even when I'm gone know He's ever-present,
In God’s divine scheme, I’m no less than a crescent.
Through fame and fortune or strife and struggle,
Feels like God’s plan is just a subtle nudge to snuggle.

Rap Lyrics About God'S Love In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About God's Love

I ain't perfect, I'm just a man, flaws inside my hand
But in my struggle, God got a plan, can't fathom but understand
In the mirror of the night, find His love in the expanse
On this mic stand, His command, 'bout to drop gems with eloquence

Walking through the valley of death, fear ain't in my dialect
‘Cause His love’s vibe is what I collect, over sin He placed a redirect
The world corrupt and suspect, but His righteousness is correct
Spiritual warfare got me decked, but we know who resurrect'

Day by day it's a brawl, but His love like a shawl
Wraps around when I fall, ‘gainst the wall He makes call
Lived sin-free in human hall, His name echoes in cathedral hall'
His sacrifice paid it all , God's love standing tall'

Beyond comprehension it seeped deep into me,
God's love hit hard like Kendrick on a beat,
A joy that's complete, divine and sweet,
His love never obsolete… yeah that’s the real feat.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About God'S Love Like A Pro

1. Recognize the Power of Your Message

Ain't nothing quite like the power of faith, right? So, as you step into that religious rap game, remember your bars aren't just about rhymes and metaphors.

You're spitting truth about God's love and grace. Don't hold back! Let that divine intervention flow through your lines.

2. Be Real With Your Testimony

Now, here's the thing about gospel rap: authenticity is key. Your story of redemption ain't about putting on a front—it's about real experiences with spirituality and salvation.

So let your lyrics reflect your journey with God, the highs and lows, the doubts and trust. Let them feel that raw emotion in every verse.

3. Use Metaphors to Paint a Picture

Christian hip hop ain't no Sunday school lesson; it's poetry in motion! So use metaphors to paint vivid images of God's love in your listener’s mind.

Consider comparing divine love to something familiar like a parent's never-ending care or the warmth of sunrise after a long night.

4. Keep It Fresh with Wordplay

Now on to keeping things fresh: wordplay! Yes indeed, it is an essential element in any dope lyric writing process. Playing around with words not only adds creativity but also highlights key points in your message – like praise and worship or God's grace.

5. Make It Relatable

Here’s where you bring it all home: relatability! Remember those folks vibing to your tunes may be going through their own spiritual journey too.

So make sure your rhymes hit close to home for them too. Maybe you describe feeling lost then finding salvation or struggling then experiencing divine intervention.

6. Use Rhythm to Set The Mood

In any good rap song, rhythm plays a crucial role in setting the mood and conveying emotions – yes even in religious rap!

Whether it’s intense beats underlining powerful messages or slower rhythms complementing heartfelt confessions of faith, make sure your beats work hand-in-hand with your lyrics.

7. Stay True To Your Style

Last but certainly not least: stay true to YOU! Gospel rap is all well and good but don’t forget what makes your style unique in this Christian hip hop game.

Your flow should be as unique as you are. Whether it’s fast-paced bars or slow lyrical storytelling, make sure that when someone hears your track – they know that’s YOU praising God’s love through those speakers.

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