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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Gangs

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Rap Lyrics About Gangs, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Gangs

(Verse 1)
Ayo, hustlin' with the spirits of the streets, no gangs
Survival ain't sweet, life's tango with them pains
Life in a maze, chasing fortune and fame
Is like a twisted game while trying to outrun the rains.

Flickering streetlights as we lie low,
All we got are dreams mixed with that hood echo.
No banjos, just sirens and gun pop
Yet we hustle hard, pushin' upstream none stop.

Gangstas on corners, but I see kings in disguise
In their eyes lies paths through these grimy skies.

(Verse 2)
High rises casting shadows over broken dreams,
While million-dollar schemes burst at the seams.

Seen kids turn monsters for that quick green,
Living nightmares while chasing the American Dream.

Paper chasers, in this labyrinth of deceit,
Yet I rose from Marcy's projects, turned defeat into my seat..

Gangstas on corners, but I see lions that roar,
Each scar a testament to a legend being born.

So here's to my brethren in shadowed lanes,
Just remember even roses grow from concrete pains.
Hova saw it all, still escaped those chains,
So let your story be written without blood stains.

Rap Lyrics About Gangs In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Gangs

(Verse 1)

I came from the bottom, murky depths of the gutter,
Where brothers turn to gangsters, mothers lose their sons to the shutter.
Every corner held a chancer, every alley a plot,
Where you live or die by what you got.

We lived in shadows, fear lurking outta sight,
Gang symbols in graffiti, claiming territory every night.
Button up your lip, snitching comes with a price,
‘Cause even an innocent whisper can get you iced.


We're just victims of the cycle, trapped inside our fate,
In this concrete jungle, where hate begets more hate.
We're living in the wreckage, trying to navigate,
In these gangsta streets that dictate how we relate.

(Verse 2)

Rats scurry through alleyways gritty with grime,
Living on borrowed time in this life of crime.
Every street's a battlefield, bullets raining like hail,
Echoes intertwined with sirens wail.

My town's a gambler's den where hopes are diced,
Concrete boots sink dreams beneath thin ice.
Gangs spit venom, like cobras coiled to strike,
Tales woven on tombstones fill graveyards every night.


Look deeper than the surface, beyond what you see,
In this war zone of turmoil called poverty.
Gang-banging ain't glory but a desperate plea
From kids cornered by life's felonious decree.


The only anthem we know is from the bullet's choir,
Burning candles, memorials on sidewalks of mire.
In this symphony where silence is dire,
Beneath streetlights' glare reflects our hearts on fire.

Rap Lyrics About Gangs In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Gangs

(Verse 1)
Yeah, I've seen the sunrise over my city's pain,
Gangs ruled the streets like a monarch's reign.
Both sides of the tracks, yeah, we all in the same gang,

Struggling to survive, this ain't no damn game.

“Fighting for respect, but it's all in vain,
Lost brothers to bullets, it's a dirty game.
Giving life to concrete with bloodstains,
In this battleground, ain't nothing humane.

“Buildings like gravestones, bearing our names,
Silhouettes of lost souls in window panes.
Lost in this struggle, bound by these chains,
But every phoenix story starts with flames.

“We all in the same gang, under the same rain,
Trying to find a way out of this tormenting chain.
We may run different blocks, but know our pain's the same,
Praying for change on this southside lane.

(Verse 2)
“We're kings and queens of forgotten thrones,
Living amongst skyscrapers and cracked homes.
“From Chi-Town to Compton we swap these zones,
Trying to find our way back through lost milestones.

“Can't judge us by cover or by skin tone,
Every struggle has a rhythm and its own tone.
Yeah we've been knocked down and overthrown,
But it doesn't define us; our spirit has grown.

“We write our stories on alley walls,
These concrete canvases echoing our calls.
Playing life’s game without any balls,
Just trying to make it without any falls.

“We all in the same gang, under the stormy clouds,
Seeking light where there is none allowed.
“From coast to coast our pride is vowed,
Echoing louder than any crowd.

Rap Lyrics About Gangs In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Gangs

(Verse 1)
Never been a gang member, steady, but I'm still clever.
Got my paper chaser mantra, chasing that forever.
YMCMB – family, not a gang, yo.
My homies and my brothers, we all share the same glow.

Moving on the pavement, sneakers on the concrete.
Hustle in my blood, it pumps with every heart beat.
League of our own, we don't need no invitation.
Young Money Cash Money, we're the new generation.

Diamonds on my grill , shining like chandeliers.
In this game of life, got to navigate your fears.
Fear is just an illusion, that's what Lil Wayne professes.
In this world of confusion, it's the brave who impresses.

(Verse 2)
Purple drank in my cup, got me leaning sideways.
Living fast and free, soaking up them Friday's.
Skateboard Weezy, flipping tricks no gang signs.
Just a kid from Hollygrove, rising through these hard times.

Even in the darkness, got to find your light.
Life can be a maze but I'm taking flight.
Bullets may ricochet, but words will always slay,
That's the Lil Wayne philosophy to get you through your day.

Old money or new money, it's all green paper.
In this concrete jungle, survival’s in your nature.
We ain’t no gangsters, just some young creators,
Lil Wayne and his legion of lyrical dictators.

Crew ain't a gang, it’s a brotherhood stance.
We writing our destiny, not leaving it to chance.
From Hollygrove to Hollywood, expanding our expanse,
Living out our dreams in this hypnotic trance.

Rap Lyrics About Gangs In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Gangs

(Verse 1)

Yeah, I roll with the gang but I’m my own queen, sovereign
Turned the streets into my palace, call it hood lovin'
We ain't scared of the heat, we're armed with tenacity
Stay authentic, never fake, the ultimate audacity


Look, they can't stop my reign , no hurricanes
Living life in the fast lane, no time for pain
From struggle to bubblegum chic,
Turned a block into a catwalk; now life's sweet.

(Verse 2)

Gang life ain't just black and white, it's technicolor
And I'm the canvas painting dreams for each brother.
Yeah, we got the scars but we also got the stars,
Celebrating our victories, covering up our wars


We rise above, ain't that the truth?
Finding diamonds in the rough from our uncouth youth.
Gangsta life with a queen’s twist,
Making paper while serving looks – can't resist.


Gangs in alleyways, queens in hallways,
Poppin' bottles in honor of our hard days,
We keep striving,
, thriving amidst chaos and drama,
Aint no stopping us now,
pressing on with armor.


I'm more than just a diva,
I'm a queen bee,
Living proof that you can break free.
In this concrete jungle,
she who dares wins,
Rising above gangs and grins.

Rap Lyrics About Gangs In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Gangs

Hendrix in the game, shark in the tank
No limit to my rank, hustler by the bank
Desire in my veins, ambition in my heart
Spitting bars like a sage, tearing charts apart

Sunken eyes tell tales of midnight gangs
Resilience in our hearts, with steel in our slang
Gritty roads we roam, under city stars so bright
Only the brave thrive in the shadows of night

Shards of dreams beneath our tough skin
In this unforgiving game, it's either lose or win
Still, we chase the horizon with a reckless pace
Death or glory; it's all part of the race

Behind these scars lies a story untold
Invisible crowns on heads brave and bold
Gangsters not by choice but thrust into fight
Living on the edge under neon lights

Purple reign pouring over shattered streets
We find beauty amidst life's harshest beats
Future's lullaby echoes down these halls
It's survival of the fittest amidst these walls

Drenched in darkness but lit from within
We battle through life’s destructive din
Grey clouds part revealing skies so blue
Dreams reborn; gangster’s redemption true.

Rap Lyrics About Gangs In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Gangs

Verse 1

We grew up on these cold streets, no silver spoons or plush seats.
In the heart of the city where the drums beat.
Nitty gritty, life ain't pretty, just trying to get a piece.
Void of peace, seeing homies in police sheets.

Gang colors we embrace, a tribal testament,
Lost boys seeking purpose, in a system devoid of sentiment.
Taking badges as accomplishments and wearing them like ornaments.
In warfare for a block, where's the sense in it?


We're born kings and queens but they label us as gangs,
Living on borrowed time, chained by unseen chains.
In the hood we're fearless even when reality bangs,
Just kids caught up in never ending survival games.

Verse 2

The projects like quicksand, so deep it smothers your dreams,
Graffitied walls bearing witness to silent screams.
Ghettos full of promise turned into hopeless streams,
Life ain’t as picturesque as it sometimes seems.

Mamas crying at night praying for their son's return,
While siblings play with toys oblivious and unconcerned.
We're given rusted keys for lessons hard-learned,
And from these ashes, Phoenix-like we yearn.


Again We're born kings and queens but they label us as gangs,
Living on borrowed time, chained by unseen chains.
In the hood we're fearless even when reality bangs,
Just kids tangled in these never ending survival lanes.


Beneath this hardness shine hearts pure gold,
Stories untold; futures still enfold.
They call us gangsters but forget we were sold,
A narrative’s power is truly behold.

One day our stories will escape this cold concrete mold,
Where pain and love beautifully unfold.
And then maybe our tale could be retold,
Of youthful kings with spirits brave and bold.

Rap Lyrics About Gangs In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Gangs

(Verse 1)
Living in the war zone of the heart, where it's stone cold.
Played our parts, in this game, got these scars untold.
Gotta go hard, cause this life, brother, it ain't gold.
But remember, we are stars, don't let the darkness take hold.

We were just kids when they labeled us a gang.
Growing up quick, learning to dance in the rain.
Now we're lost in a system that only sees our pain,
But we won't let them break us, won't let them make us feel ashamed.

They wanna label us a gang, but they don't know our name.
Don't understand our struggle, can't comprehend our game.
Can't hear our song, caught up in their fame and their flame-
But we are stronger than the hate, won't play by their dumb rules of shame.

(Verse 2)
Every day is a battle but we rise above the strife,
Cause this concrete jungle didn't come without a price.
Daughters crying out for safety in the dead of night,
Mother's tears for her son, ain't nothing about that right.

Got us trapped in these corners with nowhere to go-
Can feel the weight of the world as it takes its toll.
But beneath these tattoos and beneath these scars,
Are stories of strength built from reaching for the stars.

They try to break us down but we stand tall and strong,
Fight against their judgments cause we know they're wrong.
Labelled as a gang but this is family too,
And I’ll shout it from the rooftops- there's more to us than what you view..

Rap Lyrics About Gangs In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Gangs

Posted on corners with caution, life in gamble we tossin',
In the shadows, unseen until coffins closing.
Gang signs thrown up, bandanas worn with pride,
But look deep in our eyes, see the pain we hide.

Encrypted codes on these streets, ain't no subtitles,
Territory wars play out like brutal recitals.
In alleys where innocence lost its way,
Lives diminished to ashes while children play.

We find solace in numbers, strength in unity,
Yet we plunge into chaos, blinded by impunity.
Gangster tales told; they echo through time,
Etched on city walls, a haunting rhyme.

We are kings and queens misplaced from thrones,
Forgotten faces imprinted on each weathered stone.
Realize the truth: no winners in this turf war dispute,
Gang life's a one-way route, can't hit mute.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Gangs Like A Pro

Tip 1: Get Real with Gangsta Rap

Gangsta rap ain't for the faint-hearted, it's about keeping it real and raw. Remember, you're not just penning lyrics, you're painting a picture of street life.

So, whether it's the adrenaline rush from a heist or the paranoia from drug dealing, make sure your lyrics reflect the raw energy and emotions of these experiences.

Tip 2: Embrace The Culture But Don't Romanticize It

We all know that gang culture is a major part of rap. But remember, it's not all about glamorizing gun violence and criminal activities.

It's about understanding the struggles, the hood mentality and expressing them in your lyrics. Make sure your words are an honest reflection of what goes on in the streets.

Tip 3: Be Observant Of Your Surroundings

Good rappers are like seasoned detectives – they observe every detail around them.

From gang rivalry to prison life, you should have a sharp eye for capturing these elements in your lyrics. Observing will also help you understand gang signs and symbols, which can add another layer to your rhymes.

Tip 4: Use Metaphors To Enhance Your Lyrics

A good metaphor is like extra seasoning on a meal – it enhances the flavor. So whether you're describing drug dealing or gun violence, remember to use metaphors to intensify your point.

Tip 5: Showcase Your Knowledge Of The Streets

Knowledge is power – especially when it comes to writing some dope rap lyrics about gangs. From understanding gang culture dynamics to knowing different gang signs and symbols, demonstrate your thorough understanding through your words.

Tip 6: Don't Shy Away From Hard Topics

Gangsta rap has always been about facing harsh realities head-on. Whether it's discussing prison life conditions or opening up about criminal activities, don't be afraid to tackle tough topics in your lyrics.

Tip 7: Create A Unique Flow And Rhythm

Flow is everything in rap music – it sets the pace and creates rhythm. When writing rap lyrics about gangs, ensure that your flow complements the intensity of the words. A unique flow will not only make you stand out but also keep listeners hooked till the end.

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