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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up

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Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up

Verse One:
Uh, like a painting by Picasso, I finesse the attire
Flow hotter than a dragon's fire, got 'em wired in desire
Dressed to kill, outfit iller than a virus,
Gucci tie, looking fly – they can't deny us.

Each step I take, leave 'em awestruck, they be stammerin'
Suit game immaculate, trace of Alexander McQueen mannequin.
No preachin', just teachin', my gear causes pandemonium
Tailored threads, upper echelon – ain't no synonym…

Aye yo, it's Hova baby, dressed up and drippin'
Like champagne from the heavens, keep ya girl trippin'
Style so tight, got these haters just a flippin'
Can't stop now cause we always on a mission.

Verse Two:

In my crisp white tees and my Air Force Ones,
I been toppin' charts while you barely begun.
I'm old school cool in my Rocawear denim,
Step into the scene, watch the crowd momentum.

Got that Brooklyn swag with an uptown tempo,
Black tuxedo, call it high-end crescendo.
Clothes speak volumes without uttering words,

Gold chains glistenin', street cred conferred.

Jigga man fresh with that billionaire stride,
Tie knot precision like the stars aligned.
They say dress for the job you want,
I'm dressed like I own it all – stunt.

Aye yo, it's Hova baby,' dressed up and drippin'
Like champagne from the heavens,' keep ya girl trippin'
Style so tight,' got these haters just a flippin'
Can't stop now cause we always on a mission.

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up

(Verse 1)
Yo, it's just a regular Tuesday, ain't nothin' to impress,
I open up my closet and it's a goddamn mess,
fifty pairs of kicks, all brand Nikes and Adidas,
Styles crazy man, would make you catch amnesia.

But I ain't a diva, don't get this shit confused.
I'm just a slight hoarder with an eye for designer shoes.
My style is raw, it's brutal, offensive and sick,
Just like my rhymes, ain't nothing generic or slick.

Dressin' up, stylin' with the illest fashion game,
Nike on my feet, fuck tradition, fuck the fame.
In this concrete jungle, survival is the test,
Dress to kill or be killed, gotta look my best.

(Verse 2)
On my neck's a Cuban link chain, solid gold,
Makes these haters jealous, leaves 'em numb and cold,
Got these Gucci frames that sit right on my mug,
Got 'em shaking in their boots like they caught the bug.

My threads are bloody red, fresher than your white tees,
Every damn line I spit is like an infectious disease.
I don't give two cents about your opinion or view,
I just dress to express, not to impress you.

Dressin' up, no concern for the public view,
Doing me always, no fronting for the few.
This ain't about flashiness or material lust;
It's about proclaiming self in a world that’s unjust.

So whether Jordans or Chains or some Fendi pants,
Don’t judge by apparel; give every soul a chance.
Clothes don't make the man; it's what's inside that counts,
Let my rhymes resonate and every word amount.

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up

Verse 1:

Ayy, Yeezy stepping out, got that drip, no faucet.
Gucci on my feet, got cash in the pocket.
Louis V on my wrist, that's a time deposit.
Balenciaga dreams, yeah, you know I cop it.


Dressing up, looking fly, walk the runway in the sky.
Glowing up, can’t deny, ain’t no limit when I buy.

Verse 2:

Versace shades so dark, can't see my haters.
Chains ‘round my neck, ice cold as glaciers.
Givenchy suit tailored by the greatest.
Man in the mirror looks back, says “I'm the latest”.


Dressing up, staying fresh, like a king in a chess.
Fly high, no stress; success is how I dress.


Cashmere sweaters and some silk from Milan.
Got Prada on my body like I'm royalty – damn!
Donatella calls me up; she's my biggest fan.
Diamonds dancing ‘round my neck, that's part of the plan.


Dressing up, all gold plated; style can’t be debated.
Living life, never jaded; wardrobe always upgraded.


From Chi-town to Paris fashion week frenzy,
They see me coming through and get dizzy.
On this style game man, I go easy.
This ain't just rap homie, this is Yeezy.

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up

Yeah, we talkin' dressing up, Wayne ain't no rookie.
I be lookin' sharper than a Gucci suit on a bookie.
Yeah, they think it's magic when I stunt, Houdini.
Rags to riches story, from bandanas to Armanis.

I got my bling on lock, it's iced-out for real.
Make 'em freeze up when I pass by, give 'em the chill.
My swag drips heavy like a New Orleans levee,
From my diamond earrings to my fresh out the box Chevy.

Every day we stylin', never catch us plainly dressin'.
In that three-piece suit lookin' like a blessing.
Red bottoms on my feet, you know they bloody dripping,
I could walk on water but prefer to keep on sipping.

I'm an alien in this game, I'm just too fly.
In my spaceship kicks fresh out of Dubai.
Big money in my pocket, but you can't tell.
‘Bout to solve this mystery like I'm Carmen Sandiego.

So many layers to this style, you might need an onion cutter.
Tailored threads all unique – there’s no other brother.
My fashion game is high stakes poker, no bluffing.
Look at how I’ve turned nothing into sumthin'.

Lil Weezy, yeah that's me – forever in the scene,
Dressed so fresh and clean, they think it's all a dream.
But when they wake up they see – it's just reality,
I dress to impress, make 'em feel the gravity.

So when you see me dressed up in these fancy clothes,
Know it ain't overnight; took time to compose.
Each piece tells a story of struggle and grind,
Now you see why I say: “The world is mine“.

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up

(Verse 1)

Yo, step in the club, dripping in finesse,
Nicki style, baby, nothing less.
Pink Friday night, gotta look my best,
Diamonds on my neck and a Gucci dress.

Ice on my wrists, bling in my mouth,
Louboutins high stepping from North to South.
Nicki's attire got the crowd shout,
In this fashion game, I carry clout.


Dressing up like Nicki, oh so saucy,

All eyes on me like I'm paparazzi.
Popping Balenciaga tags so bossy,

My style kills, it's murder, costly.

(Verse 2)

Versace threads with the Barbie chain,

Strut red carpets like it's my domain.
My wardrobe's a wonderland, no plain Jane,
Every mirror reflection shouting my name.

Louis Vuitton dripping down to the floor,

Nicki Minaj style got 'em begging for more.
Rocking Chanel and Dior galore,

Glamazon fierce, hear the crowd roar.


Dressing up like Nicki, it's a fashion thrill,
Pictures snapping for this fashion kill.
Couture queen with an endless chill,
Fashion police can't contest my will.


Pink wigs to Moschino frills,
Fendi prints give 'em chills.
Rap queen with style that kills,
No one does it like Nicki Minaj still.

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up

I just peeped a mirror, now I'm feeling myself,
Dripping in finery, wealth be the health.
Cold diamonds dripping, call it glacial wealth,
Every piece of fabric tailored to my stealth.

Triple black tux, looking like a phantom,
Draws attention, like Mozart on the anthem.
Christian Louboutin's spitting fire on the asphalt,
Got me walking on flames, others feeling the assault.

Ice on my wrist dancing like Baryshnikov,
Every step I take, it's a wealthy man's scoff.
Ghostly white shirt, crisp like morning frost,
A winner never counts the cost.

Gold chains swinging like a pendulum clock,
Time's on my side, ain't ever gonna flop.
Balenciagas kissing the pavement under neon lights,
Success in every stride, dressed for those heights.

Versace suit fitting like it's second skin,
In this fashion game, all I do is win.
Royal purple silk lining whispering power,
Climbing high in life's tower.

Alexander McQueen scarf flowing in the breeze,
Sartorial elegance bringing haters to their knees.
Rolex ticking rhythm to the beat of my heart,
Dressed up from the start, playing my part.

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up

(Verse 1)
First day of school, mama tie up my bow tie.,
Young kid stepping on the scene, not knowing how time flies.,
Ralph Lauren polo, fresh crease in my new slacks.,
Boy from the burbs but trying hard to mask the fact..

Backpack full of dreams, and some pencils just in case.,
One look at the mirror, see confidence on my face.,
But underneath that façade, was a world of doubt and fear.,
Cause hoodies and sneakers felt more comfortable round here..

But we dress up to show out, sometimes just to blend in.
Put on a whole new persona, before the day begins.
What's your armor for today? Gucci, Prada or Supreme?
Or just your average Joe fit, 'cause that's more your routine?

(Verse 2)
Fast forward decades later, still dressing for success.
Suits and cufflinks replaced polos, feeling that sweet stress,
Now it's not just about fitting in or hiding where I'm from,
It's about powerful statements and feeling this kingdom come.

In boardrooms of glass towers with a view that stretches miles,
Exchanging Brooks Brothers' suits for pockets full of smiles,
Realized it ain't about labels or price tags on display,
It's about how you carry yourself at the end of the day.

We dress up to show out, sometimes just to stand tall,
Adjusting our appearance like changing seasons fall.
Your armor could be tailored suits or simple blue denim,
As long as it speaks truth to you, let's see you defend 'em.

From bow ties to big deals, been threading this line so long,
Dressing ain't about clothes, it's about where you belong.
So whether you're donning Versace or simple Old Navy,
Remember it's all about being bold, truthful and bravey.

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up

(Verse 1)
I'm living so iconic, man, what you know 'bout the 6?

(Verse 2)
I'm a monument to truth with every tailored suit,
Fashion sense acute, making haters mute.
In these crisp Timberlands walking steadfast,
A gentleman's code in this world so vast.


I'm a vision of success in this rap scheme.
Dressing like Drake ain't as easy as it seems,
‘Cause it's not just about threads but also dreams.


I keep it one hundred from Toronto to the States,
In my OVO threads ain't no room for mistakes.
Dressed to kill with passion that never breaks,
Serving up bars that make the whole world wait.

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up

Step out in style, my outfit's a weapon,
In these streets, it's survival, no second guessin'.
Dressed up in silk, or swag in some leather,
In any weather, unbothered, fly like a feather.

Italian shoes stepping on the Cali asphalt,
Turning boulevards into my personal catwalk.
Gold watch flicking time away with precision,
But can't count the moments of my vision.
Versace shades concealing the struggle in my eyes,

Reflecting dreams bigger than the California skies.
In this Gucci jacket, feeling like a kingpin,
But the true royalty is flowing from within.
White tee underneath carries my truth,

From Compton's grimy corners to the vocal booth.
In every stitch and thread lives a story unsaid,
On full display when I'm fitted from toe to head.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Dressing Up Like A Pro

1. Spit Fire with Your Attire

Get your pen and pad ready because we're about to dive into creating some dope, fashionable rap lyrics. Let's start with the basics. Your outfit isn't just a reflection of your style, it's a statement.

So when you're rapping about dressing up, make sure you're dropping bars that reflect this. Use descriptive language to detail the fabrics, labels, colors – every intricate detail of your fit.

Picture yourself in a Versace suit or rocking those fresh Yeezy’s and weave that image into your lyrics.

Key Info: Your wardrobe isn't just clothes on your back; it's a testament to your identity and lifestyle.

2. Keep Up with the Hip-Hop Fashion Trends

To keep crafting stylistic rap music about dressing up, you need to stay updated with hip-hop fashion trends. Incorporate references to current fashion trends into your lyrics for relevance and relatability.

You're not just throwing out random designer names; you're painting a vivid picture of what's hot in the streets right now.

Key Info: Staying updated on current trends adds authenticity and fresh flavor to your fashionable rap lyrics.

3. Inject Wardrobe References in Rap Lyrics

Take inspiration from what other rappers are wearing or have rapped about before but put your own spin on it! Remember those fur coats Biggie used to rock?

Or how Jay-Z loves his Tom Ford suits? Use these wardrobe references in rap lyrics but make sure they reflect YOUR style and swagger.

Key Info: Borrowing from other rappers can be beneficial, but always ensure you put an original twist on their style.

4. Use Metaphors & Similes for Effect

Metaphors and similes are powerful tools when writing dope rap lyrics about dressing up. They can give listeners outfit inspiration in rap songs while adding depth to your bars.

For example, you could compare the smoothness of silk Gucci shirt to how smoothly you navigate through life.

Key Info: Metaphors and similes not only create vivid imagery but also add layers of meaning to your lyrics.

5. Symbolize Your Outfit Choices

The clothes we wear often represent our mood or mindset at any given moment – use this symbolism in your rap lyrics when talking about dressing up!

Make each piece count as something more than just fabric; make it express emotions or experiences.

Key Info:The power of symbolism can transform ordinary wardrobe items into profound lyrical content.

6. Use Dressing Up as A Form of Storytelling

Dressing up isn’t just about looking good; it's also about feeling good. Use this concept as a backbone for storytelling within your lyricism – talk about how certain outfits make you feel or memories attached to them.

Key Info:Telling personal stories through fashion can allow listeners connect with you on a deeper level beyond the music.

7. Practice Dressing To Impress With Your Lyrics

Finally, remember that consistency is key – practice makes perfect! Keep refining those fashionable rap lyrics until they truly reflect who you are as an artist AND as a fashion aficionado.

Key Info:Aim for continuous improvement – there's always room to polish those rhymes until they shine like gold chains around your neck.

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