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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Cops

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Rap Lyrics About Cops, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Cops

(Verse 1)
Downtown, blue and red in the mirrors,
Gotta stay cool, ain't no time for fears.
I'm like Houdini, they tryna disappear us,
But I'm a Big Pimpin', no room for tears.

Gats on their hip, but my flow's the real heater,
In this rap game son, I'm the undefeated cheetah.
They got badges but I rock with the Roc-a-Fella,
Collector of cash, hip-hop's top seller.

Uh! Cops in the rearview, flashing those lights,
In pursuit of Jigga Man on these long city nights.
But they don't understand – my tales ain't tall lies,
I just spit rhymes that illuminate lives.

(Verse 2)
No detainment gonna halt this train's momentum,
My bars hold weight like a cop's baton emblem.
Ain't about crime – it’s about survival instinct,
This concrete jungle make you rethink everything.

Handcuffs glinting under neon lights,
But my wrists too busy dancing with ice.
They're serving and protecting while I'm reflecting;
On how struggle and success are so closely connecting.


Hey! Blue uniforms chasing after success' scent,
Their sirens echo in this life that’s hell-bent.
They see Jay-Z as a menace to society,
I’m just trying to elevate mindsets from poverty.

Yes sir! Cops on every corner, but we still rise above,
In this world where hate is aplenty, we choose love.
Even when they come knocking at our doorsteps,
We keep pushing cause our journey ain’t over yet.

Rap Lyrics About Cops In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Cops

(Verse 1)
Yo, cops on the corner, drivin' by in Crown Vics,
I'm scribblin' words down, it's a hell of a mix.
Flashing lights in rearview, hear the siren screams,
Got my heart identical to rhythm machines.

A badge and a uniform, armament of law,
But power breeds corruption that we've all seen before.
We ain't talking 'bout the evil or the truly just,
Just those caught in the middle who just lost their trust.

Cops on the block, got 'em clocking my time,
Freedom ain't free, but these words still mine.
Loud as sirens, bold as their badges,
Reality's cold, need no rose-tinted glasses.

(Verse 2)
See 'em enforcing orders, yeah they serving protect,
But sometimes it feels like there's a noose around our neck.
Not condemning all cops, some are doing their job,
But when anger turns to riots, hear the innocent sob.

I'm just a poet with a voice, tryna make some noise,
‘Bout these streets filled with blue and our community's choice.
See 'em in my nightmares, in my dreams they chase,
Got me questioning if justice ever had a face.

Cops on the block, got 'em clocking my time,
Freedom ain't free, but these words still mine.
Loud as sirens, bold as their badges,
Reality's cold, need no rose-tinted glasses.

Look past the badge and gun to see a human being,
Yet still I write this song with eyes wide open seeing.
We need understanding between shades of blue,
Cuz right now it’s chaos from this distorted view.

Rap Lyrics About Cops In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Cops

(Verse 1)
Yeah, look out the window, what we got? Cops on every block.
Government watching like Big Brother, no privacy to mock.
Seems like justice is a joke, truth's in the dock.
I ain't saying they all dirty but some need a check and stock.

On the line of fire, yet hidden behind a badge.
They supposed to serve and protect, not cause my heart to lurch and sag.
But when they pull up on us, fear is our baggage.
My skin color should not be my ultimate disadvantage.

We ain't against cops, just want some fairness.
Cause we tired of living with this constant awareness.
Where's the voice of justice? Where's our due process?
In this land of liberty, we feeling so oppressed.

(Verse 2)
Remember back in Chi-town when Donda taught me 'bout respect?
For every person in uniform, even if our views intersect.
I ain't saying it's all bad, some do protect.
But some hearts messed up worse than Trump with his unchecked dialect.

Laws made by suits in high places,
But down here it’s a different story that erases.
Our narrative twisted by these media faces,
Who'd rather see us divided than embracing all races.

We ain't against cops, just want some equality.
We marching for change, that’s our new quality.
Can you feel the tension? Can you feel the stress?
In this home of brave, we feeling so distressed.

So here’s my rap for every cop out there,
Some are good at heart, but others need repair.
Cops or no cops, it's about humanity,
Cause without justice there's no peace or unity.

Rap Lyrics About Cops In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Cops

Verse 1:
“Yeah, I'm cruisin' down the street, no stopping,
No love for the blue, cops keep hoppin’.
They tryna catch a G in action,
But I'm swifter than fractions, got that traction.”.

“Got no time for the red and blues,
I'm on the grind, pushing through.
No sirens gonna slow my roll,
Fuck the police as N.W.A told.”.

Verse 2:
“They say that crime don't pay,
But I’m still stacking paper every day.
Cops lurking in the rear-view mirror,
Ain’t scared though, my vision's clearer.”.

“Cops tryna slow me down, with their flashing lights,
I'm just trying to live my life, take flight.
No badges gonna clip my wings,
To this game of life, Weezy is king.”.

“I'm a hustler baby, can't be tamed,
Cops on my tail but they playing a losing game.
I ride hard like a runaway train,
Lil Wayne running this lane.”.

Rap Lyrics About Cops In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Cops

(Verse 1)

Now, I ain't no felon, but when I step out,
Cops be trippin', don't know what that's about.
Pink Lamborghini, flashin' lights in my rear,
One look at the queen, they be grippin' in fear.

Tryna catch a queen ridin' dirty, oh please,
Can't touch this Barbie, this ain't no freeze.
My wordplay crispy like a hundred dollar bill,
Cops got no case, they just in it for the thrill.


Cops in the mirror, they tryna make gains,
But all they gonna get is some Nicki Minaj flames.
We cruisin', we movin', we breakin' all chains,
Cops tryna keep up but they can't handle our games.

(Verse 2)

Got 'em blue and red like my Louboutin heels,
Cops tangled in my rhymes like they caught up in reels.
Turn on the siren but the queen never yields,
My flow so sick, it's only truth it reveals.

Fancy cars or not, we still grinding on these streets,
Cops thinking they got us beat?
Haunted by my verses every time you hear my beat,
Your law enforcement heart can’t resist this Minaj heat.


Cops in the mirror, chasing after me,
But I'm untouchable, as fierce as can be.
Their handcuffs have nothing on my lyrical spree,
Nicki Minaj, born a star, forever free.


Blue coats scattered on these concrete floors,
Their power plays ain't working no more.
This game I'm playing? It’s higher than your score,
Rocking these streets like never before.
So here's to you cops, from sea to sea,
Even y'all can't deny this Queen's decree.

Rap Lyrics About Cops In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Cops

(Verse 1)
I been out here grindin', tryna dodge these cops,
Mind on my money, I ain’t tryna get caught.
My past haunting me like a ghost in the night,
Blue lights in the rearview, giving me fright.

Real recognize real, but they don't see me,
In their eyes I'm just another casualty.
They don’t know my story, can't see my pain,
All they see is a target, stuck in their aim.

Cops on the beat while I'm on the grind,
Trying to keep my peace while they invade my mind.
Feeling like a thief when I ain't committed no crime,
Life's a ticking clock, shortening my time.

(Verse 2)
Got stripes on my back from the life that I've led,
Curbside confessions under streetlights of red.
Cops judge my character by the color of my skin,
Hoping for a change but don’t know where to begin.

I'm more than just a face in their line of sight,
A man with dreams, caught up in this fight.
But these cold-hearted cops only see what they want,
Taking away our freedom to stunt and flaunt.

Cops on the prowl while I'm chasing dreams,
Life ain't as simple as it sometimes seems.
Feeling like a victim though I'm innocent and clean,
Fighting for justice, by any means.

Rap Lyrics About Cops In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Cops

(Verse 1)
Blue lights flash, hearts pump fast,
Mama praying hard so her boy might last.
Another scene of life, distorted by strife,
Grew up in the struggle, now he fighting for life. .

In the rearview mirror, it's all so clear,
Fear in his eyes, palms covered in sweat.
Uniforms approach, hands rest on the chest,
His heart racing non-stop, failing the stress test. .

Mama said to him, “Son, tread wisely with cops,
The world ain't all fair in these neighborhood blocks”.
He's just seventeen but carries weight like a rock,
In the land of liberty where time never stops. .

Where's the justice for those caught in the gun sight?
Cops and robbers, black and white night.
We crying for peace in this endless fight,
In a world so wrong, we still hoping for right. .

(Verse 2)
At home with his dreams, trying to break these chains,
Living off hopes that change gon' come someday.
Bible on the dresser, praying for better days,
But every dawn brings new trials to face.

Cop says “Son, what you doing round here?”
Young man replies with a trembling fear,
“I'm just heading back home”, voice barely clear,
Since when did innocence become so unclear?

Mama waits up, just counting the minutes,
Until her boy returns safe from life's limits.
Each tick of the clock echoes infinite worries,
In a society where judgment is always hurried.

Where's the harmony in this cacophony we bred?
When fear takes hold and humanity's misled.
Lookin’ for compassion but finding dread instead,
In our quest for truth, how many more will be dead?

Rap Lyrics About Cops In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Cops

(Verse 1)
Ayy, rolling through the 6 with my woes, under the night glow.
Watching them cops in blue and white, steady on the patrol.
Life ain't a dice roll, it's more like poker, gotta have control.
Yeah, I think of my brother locked up, feeling stuck like he’s in a hole.

They say protect and serve, but who they really protect though?
It's hard to respect when they dishing out neglect, that’s for sure.
Got a brother questioning his worth, pain resonates with an echo.
But I keep my head high, my spirit won't break; it's unbreakable.

In this game of life playing cops and robbers,
All they see is us brothers as problems, not scholars.

We've got dreams too, we ain't just about dollars,
In their eyes some see thieves, but we’re sons and daughters.

(Verse 2)
Ayy, this here is our city, but it feels like a cellblock.
Can't take a breath without feeling the weight of a Glock's clock.
They use our lives for clockwork, turn it into their hip hop,
We're more than their stories; we’re more than just cheap stock.

I know there's good ones out there—blue uniforms with hearts gold,
But too many have lost sight of the oath they once told.
So here's to those who remember: Serve with true honor,
Not forgetting that each life is precious like onyx or amber.

In this game of life playing cops and robbers,
All they see is us brothers as problems, not scholars.

We've got dreams too, we ain't just about dollars,
In their eyes some see thieves, but we’re sons and daughters.

Rap Lyrics About Cops In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Cops

Chasing through the labyrinth, blue labyrinth of lament,
Sirens in the symphony, heart wondering where freedom went.
Tickets to reality, some see them as a nemesis,
Cluster of badges and guns, ain't no friend to us.

Blue bloods running streets in a midnight ballet,
The tempo of law echoing down the alleyway.
Representin’ justice or just another obstacle?
Got my thoughts tangled, got me feelin’ philosophical.

K9’s sniffing on survival’s scent,
Metropolitan jungle, where innocence is spent.
Through rear view mirror, see their lights flash,
In pursuit of perceived threats, it's our lives they mash.

Cops blending with darkness, like a somber composition,
I pen these verses with an intention for recognition
We're not against protectors, we're against the prejudice,
In this system built on bias, find some clarity and genesis.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Cops Like A Pro

1. Know Your Material: The Blue and You

Let's be real here, you can't spit fire if you don't know what your fuel is, right? Get acquainted with the subject – cops, not just as uniformed figures, but as individuals with their own stories.

Dive deep into songs about politics, songs about detectives and yes, even songs about correctional officers. Use these tunes to understand the nuanced relationship between the law and society. Knowledge is power and it’s your strongest asset when writing dope lyrics.

2. Storytelling: Cops, Robbers and Rhymes

Aye! Remember those children's tales about cops and robbers? Well now it's your turn to tell the story! Be it a song about crime or a song with cop in the title, make sure to narrate a compelling story in your lyrics.

Use vibrant imagery and descriptive language which appeals to the senses of your audience, keeping them hooked from start to finish.

3. Wordplay: Your Lyrical Weapon

This is where you show off your swagger! Wordplay is a critical part of any rap song but when we're talking about cops – it's paramount!

Play around with words related to law enforcement like “beat”, “charge” or “case”. This will give a unique twist to songs with police in the lyrics.

4. The Beat: Syncing Words With Rhythm

Okay now that you've got your words lined up like suspects in an identity parade, time to make them dance – sync them up with some killer beats! A dope rap song isn’t just about the lyrics; how they flow rhythmically is equally important.

5. Authenticity: Keep It Real!

In this game of rhymes and lines authenticity matters big time! If you're writing songs about robbers or songs about crime – remember not to glorify or demonize any side too much. Maintain balance in expressing both sides of law enforcement – their hardships as well as their triumphs.

6. Emotion: Connect With Your Audience

Whether it’s anger at a broken system or empathy for those caught up in it – let your emotions bleed into your lyrics. When people feel connected emotionally, they remember those bars for longer.

7. Revision: Refine Your Flow

Lastly but definitely not leastly (yes I said that), revise those verses until they're polished brighter than a cop's badge on graduation day! Don't rush this process because perfection takes time.

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