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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Coming Back

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Rap Lyrics About Coming Back, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back

Yeah, it's Hov, I'm back in that all-black attire,
Shining brighter than ever, the Brooklyn soul on fire,
I dropped a few gems then I took a little sabbatical,
Now I'm back like Jordan, still unmatchable, unbreakable.

Billionaire mind state trapped in a wordsmith body,
Every verse crisp like an autumn Bugatti.
From the time of Reasonable Doubt until now,
Went from poppin' bottles to owning vineyards wow.

Used to hustle in the Marcy Projects hallway,
Now I'm chillin' in my penthouse, yacht on the bay.
Went from Rocawear threads to Tom Ford suits,
Now every money move silent just like mute.

Back like I left something but nothing's changed here,
Still got that holy flow, call it lyrical spear.
I spit bars that shine brighter than chandelier crystal
Resistance just futile against this mental missile.

The music game needs me, who else got these truths?
Empowerment anthems for all the youths.
But don't think for a second that i ain't still spittin',
Got these haters puzzled while secretly admittin'.

From hustler's poet to hip hop mogul supreme,
Maintaining this kingdom ain't as easy as it seems.
But guess what? That's why they call me Hova,
King of NY rap, can't no one take over.

Yeah talk about comebacks? Here’s mine in your face ,
Billionaire status, still winning this race.
Back with new wisdom but same old Jigga flavor,
Steady cooking up hits with that Roc-a-Fella savor.

Jay-Z is back at it again, Yo!
Back from my retreat but never quit the show.

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back

(Verse 1)
I'm coming back, no disguising the facts,
Like a heart attack, hit you hard, no relaxing.
Been off the map, in the lab, dropping tracks.
Like an insomniac for this comeback, drawn to raps.

Used to be a has-been, now I'm a must-be,
I bleed beats like a cut deep, trust me.
Where's the beef? Right here in these sick lines,
I rip rhymes that flip time, can't stop my climb.

I’m coming back, yeah you heard right.
Rapping all day till it turns night.
On this mic, I ignite like dynamite,
Laying down hard truths with a pen and light.

(Verse 2)
They said I was done, but I rise again,
Flying high like an eagle in the wind.
My blood’s ink just drips on the page,
Locked in a cage with rage at this stage.

Used to feel trapped but now I’ve busted free,
Rising from ashes of mediocrity.
Now I'm here to stay, ain't going away,
About to slay any rapper that step in my way.

I’m coming back, yeah you better believe,
Set to achieve what you can't conceive.
This ain’t make-believe or trick up my sleeve,
It’s the return of a king with beats up his sleeve.

So if you thought I was done – sorry hater
Cos' Eminem's back, greater than ever.

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back

(Verse 1)
I'm back in the game, like a resurrection.
Yeezy's on the beat and I'm your new obsession.
From Chi-town to Paris, never out of fashion,
Fought through the pain, turned it into passion.

Came back stronger, feeling like a titan,
Every bar I spit like a lightning bolt in writin'.
Washed in the truth, got that holy vibe,
I'm the modern-day Lazarus, dead now alive.

I'm back, back from the abyss,
Took my losses, turned 'em into bliss.
Risen from ashes, got that phoenix kiss,
Back on top, nothing left to miss.

(Verse 2)
From selling beats now to making history,
Always at odds, wrapped in mystery.
My comeback is loud, it's no silent plea,
From debt to billions, call it Yeezy victory.

Revolutionized sound, broke all conventions,
My mind's a Picasso with lyrical inventions.
Stood my ground even against rejections,
I'm Kanye West, life’s about redirections.

Yeah, I'm back, redefined my role,
From heartbreaks to bracing my soul.
Came back stronger, now I'm on a roll,
Yeezy is back with his unbroken stroll.

So here I am, ain't going no place,
Got that comeback power, you can see it on my face.
Born again Yeezy, with God's grace,
In this life of beats and rhymes – I've found my space.

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back

Yeah, I'm back, baby, ain't no set back,
Just spit facts, got the game on my backpack.
Stepped off stage, now I'm stepping on necks,
Weezy the best, count my flow like checks.

Had to take a break, but I ain't lose the touch,
Back in the game, burning tracks like clutch.
Straight from the 504, yeah that's The Carter,
Water to wine, you know my flow just got harder.

I'm climbing peaks while they fall in valleys,
Paper chase on point like ballets.
Got this rap game locked down like it's Alcatraz,
I'm a legend in this beast while others barely last.

Young Money still rising, watch us bounce back,
Weezy F baby puttin' YM on the track.
Came up from the bottom now we skyscraping,
Success so loud even haters be shaking.

The Carter is back, yeah Weezy returns,
My verse burns bridges while your track just yearns.
This comeback’s a knockout punch with no block,
Lil Wayne's the clock and y'all just tick tock.

Through trials and tribulations still standing tall,
Rising like Phoenix whenever I fall.
This ain't a comeback; it's total domination,
Back at it again with lyrical sensation.

Weezy F Baby and don’t forget the F
Spitting rhymes so smooth like a ref.
I’m back to business and you can bet that
In this rap game world, I’m still the aristocrat.

Carter boy returns better than ever,
Knocking down every hater-lever.
Droppin' flame verses, making y’all shiver,
Yeah Weezy’s back…did he ever leave? Never!

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back

Verse 1:

Starships been away, but now they back to fly,
Brought the whole Minaj back, no need to lie.
Bouncing off the cloud, been a minute, been a while,
But Queen is back and she’s back in style.

Playtime's over, pause, rewind,
Eyes on me ‘cause I’m one of a kind.
Like Pink Friday night, feeling so divine,
Left them in smoke, now it's my time to shine.


Nicki’s back, better step aside,
Running the game with a Barbz stride.
Got that Roman Reloaded, serving you pride
Cash in the bank and it's all bona fide.

Verse 2:

Made it from Queens to the global map
I'm that Super Bass queen, don't need no cap
Got ‘em tripping on my flow like it’s a booby trap.

Anaconda bite, man it's lethal,
Leave ‘em stunned with rhymes so regal.
Haters talking trash but I remain unshaken,
Best believe Nicki ain’t ever mistaken.


Nicki’s back with that Chun-Li kick,
Strutting down your block with red lipstick.
Came from nothing now I'm chick with flicks,
I ain't going anywhere, just add it to the mix.


Back in this game like a queen on throne
Watch 'em all tryna clone but they can't get close.
Call me Nicki Minaj or Miss Maraj alone,
Back on top and setting the tone.

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back

(Verse 1)

Came back on the scene, Future's the name
Resurrected from the ashes, ain't nothing the same
Got a heart full of pain, but I'm in the fast lane
Always moving forward, no time to explain


Came back stronger than ever, I’m ready to rise
Look into my eyes, see the struggle and the prize
Future on track, no need for disguise
Livin' out my truth, not a fan of lies

(Verse 2)

Down in the dirt but I climbed my way out
Washed away my fears and silenced my doubt
On top of the world, I'm above all the clouds
No fear in my heart, say it loud and proud


Came back stronger than before, this is my time
Diamond in the rough, watch me shine so divine
Made it through the storm and turned water to wine
I'm that rare kind of gem that's hard to find


Came back against all odds – that’s right I’m here
Puttin' all my enemies and haters in fear
Witnessed dark days but now it's so clear.
The future is mine; let's make this year.

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back

Verse 1:
Ayy, back on the block where the dreams take flight.
Grew up, had to fight just for a bite of right.
From the city lights to Hollywood nights, couldn't quench my sight,
But life hit me hard, I had to find my own might.

They say stay where you at, it's only right.
But I couldn't sit back and watch my dreams take flight.
Left my woes behind, barely outta sight,
Now I'm coming back, ready to ignite.

Call it a comeback or call it a revival.
Back in the hood where we battling for survival.
Lost some good men but man we can't be idle.
We're coming back, no more spiral.

Verse 2:
Back where they said we wouldn't survive.
Mama told me son hold your head high and thrive.
On those same corners where our dreams used to jive.
The kid from the ville is now alive.

They told me that success would be a long ride.
I took that advice, strapped in and enjoyed the glide.
Made some mistakes but man I never lied.
Coming back home with nothing left to hide.

From dreamville to fame's thrill now on this stage with such zeal.
Can't believe this is real or just another big deal.
World's harsh players trying to steal,
But I am back now spinning life's wheel.

We all fall down but can we rise?
Look within ourselves, cut through the lies.
Tell our own stories under these skies.
Coming back stronger is no surprise.

Yeah…this ain't just a song it's a spiritual cry,
A testament that when you fall you can still fly.
Never let your spirit die,
Cause we all coming back until we touch the sky.

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back

(Verse 1)

Yeah, they thought I was down but now I'm back on this chase,
Highlightin' my wins, erasin' every trace of disgrace.
Been through the fire, came out with no burns,
Lessons learned in every turn, now it's my return.


I'm comin' back, nothing can hold me down,
From Toronto to your town, got that OVO sound.
I'm comin' back, stronger than before,
Knockin' on success's door, gonna even up the score.

(Verse 2)

Yeah, I've tasted defeat, it's bitter on my lips,
But I cleaned my slate with championship chips.
Doubters were loud, but your boy stayed quiet,
Looked inside myself and incited a riot.


I'm comin' back, bringing the heat,
Laying dope beats on every street.
I'm comin' back, watch me as I rise,
See the determination in my eyes.


Cast off shadows from my past,
Made a comeback that would last.
I fell hard but rose higher,
Came out of the ash like a phoenix on fire.

(Final Chorus)

I'm comin' back with a vengeance,
Giving all love and no pretense.
Back to take what's rightfully mine,
In the end, it's all about Drake's time.

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Coming Back

It's a rise against the clock, I'm back from the abyss,
Been silent for a minute but I've been missed.
Stepping into the light, out from the coma,
My absence was felt like an unhealed trauma.

Lamar's reintroduction, verbal resurrection,
With bars that resonate beyond your perception.
Compton's son returned, beliefs reaffirmed,
From life's hard lessons, wisdom earned.

Verses stack up like bricks in the wall,
Foundation solid, I stand tall.
In every fall, there's a lesson,
Back on my feet, it's my blessing.

The king is back, without a scratch,
Skills honed sharper, no one can match.
Understanding evident in every dispatch,
Lamar’s influence again ready to latch.

This is more than just an abstract art,
It's a pulse beating straight from my heart.
I'm back in the game, ready to impart,
My voice echoing like a dart.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Coming Back Like A Pro

1. Embrace Your Story

Start with the real, raw you. Rap lyrics about returning often hinge on the authenticity of struggle and triumph. Your path to redemption isn't found in someone else's bars about rising back up, but in your own journey.

Root your lyrics in personal experiences and emotions that shaped your comeback story. Isn't that what rap songs about redemption are all about?

2. Vivid Imagery is Key

Shoot for the moon when it comes to painting a mental picture with your words. Use descriptive language to bring your rap verses about making a comeback to life.

Remember, you're not just telling a story—you're creating an experience that listeners can relate to and feel deeply within their bones.

3. Master Your Rhyme Scheme

Rhythm and rhyme, my friend, are the heartbeat of hip hop lyrics on starting over or otherwise. A well-structured rhyme scheme gives flow to your lyrics, making them catchy and memorable.

So, play around with different rhyme schemes until you find one that perfectly encapsulates your comeback narrative.

4. Pay Attention to Tempo

The tempo of your rap song can make or break its vibe. A slow tempo may convey introspection while a fast tempo could indicate urgency or excitement. It's all about finding the right rhythm for your verses on redemption in rap music.

5. Play with Wordplay

In rap, wit is king and wordplay is his scepter! Clever metaphors, punchy puns, and slick similes not only exhibit your lyrical prowess but also add depth to your rap lines about bouncing back from failure.

6. Invest in Metaphors

Metaphors are a rapper's best friend—they help express complex emotions and experiences in simple yet impactful ways. Whether it's comparing life's trials to climbing a mountain or likening resilience to an unbreakable wall—metaphors can give immense power to your comeback narrative.

7. Keep it Real

Lastly, remember this golden rule: authenticity trumps everything else when writing dope rap lyrics! If you're penning down verses about bouncing back from failure—keep it real! Be honest about those hard times but also honor the strength it took for you to rise again.

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