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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Buying A House

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Rap Lyrics About Buying A House, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House

(Verse 1)
Uh, I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man
Bought another crib just because I can
New life blueprint, building up my land
Started in the projects now we in the sand

High rise penthouse, view of city romance,
Or that coastal villa with the Mediterranean glance?
They ask how I do it? Simple – finance;
Jigga made it big not by chance but advance.

Reinvesting every dollar that I earn and enhance,
See this ain't monopoly money, it's my golden dance
Buying properties worldwide – U.S., France.
Making power moves while all these haters prance.

Yeah we buying houses now, Jigga got a few (Uh huh),
This ain’t just talk that’s what men of action do (Yeah),
From Marcy to Malibu we making revenue (That’s right).
Living like kings cuz all dreams are overdue (Let’s Get It).

(Verse 2)

Not just buying houses but creating employment (Uh huh),

Building wealth while others find enjoyment.

I'm talking generational wealth for deployment,

Just like art collection – my new enjoyment.

My mansion got rooms that haven't seen an occupant,

But every square foot's an investment document.

Six car garage like Jay Leno's inventory,

My driveway looking like a luxury car story.


We buying estates with acres too vast to measure (Yeah),
And penthouses with views beyond your pleasure (Uh huh).
Jay's real estate game won’t falter under pressure (Nope),
I’m the king on this chessboard moving at leisure.


So next time you see Jigga cruising past slow,
Remember he investing where his money can grow.
Y'all stuck in consumerism – buy high sell low,
While Jay is building empires even in snow.

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House

(Verse 1)
I been circlin' the globe, from the west to the east coast,
Kickin’ in doors, leavin' trails of my street code.
But it's time, time for Em to settle down,
Buyin' a house, in the heart of the Motown.

Yeah, I'm tired of hotel rooms and tour bus life,
Want my own damn kitchen, cook up rhymes just right.
Got that Realtor on speed dial, house huntin’ in style,
Soon your boy gonna be livin' on an own square mile.

No more suitcase livin', got my mind made,
‘Bout to cop a house, no need for the brigade.
Hop in my ride, take this cruise with me babe,
In my new crib, we'll have it made in the shade.

(Verse 2)
Got my eyes on a mansion, vintage with a modern touch,
Butterfly doors, driveway so clutch.
This ain't about stuntin' or flaunting wealth,
Just want a spot where Slim Shady can find himself.

It's gonna have a studio ‘cause I spit heat,
And maybe an infinity pool for when I feel beat.
So I’m flippin' through listings tryna find that gem,
Aiyo it ain’t easy bein' Eminem.

Escaping from chaos, looking for solace,
Buyin' a house ain't about being flawless.
Gonna take you inside, show you my palace,
Welcome to Shady’s kingdom, home of chalice.

(Verse 3)
From park benches to mansions…Started from scratch,
Now I’m in this game…made myself an unmatched match.
Yeah, bought a place…A castle vast and wide,
Built with words, welcome to Shady's ride.

So here’s my tale 'bout buyin’ a crib,
A story woven by Eminem without fib.
Just remember when you think you’re stuck without any choice,
You can build your own palace…just find your voice.

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House

Verse 1:
Just copped a mansion, chilling in the hills. Real estate thrill.
That's the kind of life that gives you chills.
Spent a couple millions, ain't about the deals. Stacking up bills.
But I made it from the bottom, now I'm living for the thrills.

I bought a house, feeling like a boss,.
Calabasas living, no matter what it cost.
Real estate mogul, making moves like Rick Ross.
Riding in my Maybach, don't care about the loss.

Verse 2:
My crib got views and the closets full of shoes. Splashing hues.
Yeah, that's what you get when you refuse to lose.
Pool out back with that infinity edge. Luxury wedge.
Living on the frontline, life on the ledge.

Bought this house, now I'm living large.
From Chicago streets to this five-car garage.
Ballin' hard, call me Sir Charge.
Luxury life tour, free of charge.

Verse 3:
Marble countertops and an open floor plan. Lifestyle grand.
Bought with cash cause I'm more than just an artist man.
Stainless steel fridge filled with Cristal and Dom. Gourmet calm.
Master chef in my kitchen, cooking up a bomb.

Copped this mansion, never gonna stop.
From bottom to top, still hip hop nonstop.
Fierce ambition, see it through my lens crop.
On top of the world and I ain't ever gonna drop.

So yeah I bought this house, but it's more than just property. Wealth monopoly.
It's proof of my journey from not to somebody. Celebrity sodality.
Living proof that dreams can become reality.

Kanye West mentality.

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House

(Verse 1)

Pullin' up in my pink Bentley, got my dreams with me,

Puttin' down big bills on that Beverly Hills city.

Cop a mansion like a queen, marble floors so clean,

Walk-in closet got more space than a limousine.

Got the pool in the back where I sip my tea,

Living life on the hills where the air feels free.

Master bedroom bigger than your whole flat,

Got nine bathrooms – where they do that at?


Buying a house, yeah, watch me get it now,

Living large, stand tall and never bow.

Rap royalty in my brand new palace,

Nicki Minaj boutta flaunt her outrageous opulence.

(Verse 2)

Kitchen like a restaurant, we serving haute cuisine,

Living room so wide it's fit for a queen.

Whip it up in stainless steel, cookin' royalty meals,
Now these Barbie dreams are feeling pretty real.

Pull up to my private gate, security tight,
Leave them haters on the outside – out of sight.
Crib so big it's like its own city,,
Yeah I bought the block – ain’t no need for pity.


Buying a house, yeah, watch me flex it now,,
Living loud and proud – ain't no hand-me-downs.
Nicki's castle shining in that Cali sun,
Barbie life – and yeah, we just begun.


Been grinding from the bottom now I'm here to stay,
Bought a house with my bars – what can they say?
I'm living proof; dream big and you'll achieve,
Gave myself the keys to my destiny.

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House

(Verse 1)
Just copped a mansion, call it a palace, yeah
Kitchen marble, living room Italian leather
Crib so big, I’m lost in my own house
Feeling like a king, no need for the spousal

Feelin' top of the world, on this real estate altitude
Paying cash, don't need no attitude
I made it rain, to wash away the gratitude
Money ain't a thing when you elevate your latitude

I'm buying houses, yeah I'm buying cribs
Ain't no leasing or renting, just boss moves to live
They say money can’t buy happiness,
but it bought me this
Got keys to new happiness in each real estate bliss

(Verse 2)
The pool's in the back and it's looking like a sea
Counting blessings not just dollar bills in mezzanine
Bedrooms got views that could make your heart freeze
Sweeping vistas got my mind at ease

Made from struggle, now living in luxury
From rags to riches, that’s my story proudly
Buying properties just for the family’s security
This real estate game is my path to surety.

I'm buying houses, yeah I'm buying cribs
Investing all these bands for my babies’ bibs.
Grinding hard so they never gotta worry 'bout this,
Making sure they rise to new heights of bliss.

Roof over my head and it's all mine,
Worked hard now I sip on fine wine.
Take a tour through the house of my rhyme,
Just another brick in the path of time.

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House

(Verse 1)
On the hunt for a place to turn into a home.,
Stepping in every open house, feeling like a drone..
Sipping on champagne in these mansions made of stone,
Shaking hands with the brokers, in mortgage zones.

Dreams of a house where I can roam,
Seeing my seeds grow, like some sowed poem..
Big front yard where my kids can have their dome,
Picturing peace, no wars like Rome.

Outgrown apartments, ready to make this leap.,
Still remember when cheap rent was all I could keep..
Got my hands on the keys – boy, this time is deep,
Gonna make this house sing, got it for a steal not steep.

Bought a house to call my spot,
Every struggle, every thought..
Led me here to what I sought,
Foundation strong, can't be bought.

(Verse 2)
No silver spoon, achieved this through hustle.,
Staring at the mirror, flexing my muscle..
Life’s ups and downs been quite a tussle,
But now we celebrating over steak and brussel.

Feeling blessed and stressed, can't lie about that,
Mind racing like it's stuck on a race track..
Got so many rooms, but still unpacked,
Bills piling up – payments stack by stack.

Living room filled with laughter and cheer,
Kitchen radiating warmth, chasin' away fear..
My sanctuary from the world’s sneer,
Can finally breathe easy over here.

Bought a house to call my spot,
Every struggle, every thought..
Led me here to what I sought,
Foundation strong, can't be bought.

From pavement pounding days of youth,
To owning keys that speak truth..
Made it through storms uncouth,
Found my home – that's living proof.

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House

(Verse 1)
Started from the bottom, now I'm looking in the ‘burbs.
Folks say it's a bubble, but I don't mess with words.
Looking for a crib where my dreams can unfold.
A place to hang my heart—not just my platinum and gold.

They said I wouldn't make it, but now I'm thinking purchase.
Ain't about the flex—it's about finding my own surface.
I want that picket fence, that two-story essence,
A home base for the hustle, my new found obsession.

(Verse 2)
Used to envy the mansions while we were living tight,
Now I'm signing deeds under the Toronto city lights.
Giving my momma keys like she's won a prize fight,
For all those sleepless nights, we bask in this right.

I'm buying a house, yeah, making it mine.
Not just an address—it's a state of mind.
Inking contracts while dropping fresh rhymes,
This ain’t just property—it's legacy time.

Dollar bills and deals, real estate on the wheel,
No more paying rent—I’m copping that homestead feel.
Open house, champagne toast at the seal,
This is more than cement—it’s how love is revealed.

They counted me out before I got in this game,
Now I got these keys and a new last name.
I’m Drake from The 6ix, turning dreams into fame,
And even when I buy a house, I’ll still remain the same.<

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Buying A House

Uh, Escrow empty, I'm feelin' that hunger,

Copped a new crib, the cougars my neighbor,

Invested in bricks, not the ones for weight lift,

On my grown man vibe, yeah, I'm prioritizin' the basics.

Bought a house on the hill, can't pop no pills,

Just grindin' and stackin', no time for that thrill.

Gentrifiers they lurkin', ain't no time to be ill,

My roots run deep – foundation with will.

Bruh! All these payments and taxes,

Pull my credit score up while it maxes.

On this property ladder, climbing axes,

In this real estate game, stacking assets.

Walls echo with dreams now concrete real,

Laying tiles in destiny's field,

Kitchen painted in success's hues-

I'm not just renting rooms, I’m paying my dues.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Buying A House Like A Pro

1. Get Your Real Estate Rhymes Rolling

You're about to embark on a lyrical journey through the world of home ownership, and what better place to start than with the raw essence of your rhymes? Start with some catchy hooks that craftily talk about the joy of buying a house.

For inspiration, think about songs about moving into a new home or songs about selling a house. Break it down to the idea of owning land, just like those songs about buying land.

Make it relatable, breathe life into your bars with descriptive language and tie them with the theme of home sweet home.

2. Paint a Picture with Your Punchlines

When writing your dope lyrics, remember that details are king. Use punchlines to vividly paint pictures in the minds of your listeners. You can draw inspiration from songs about houses or even songs with house in the lyrics.

Create imagery around the excitement of getting those keys, or the satisfaction of signing those papers.

3. Keep it Heartfelt

Home is where the heart is, right? So make sure your rap lyrics reflect that deep emotional connection we all have with our homes. Songs about home is where the heart is are perfect examples to draw ideas from. Whether you're talking high-rises or humble abodes, keep it heartfelt and real.

4. Balance Bragging Rights With Humility

Sure, buying a house is a big deal and you've earned bragging rights! But remember to balance out boasting bars with humility in your lyrics – after all, not everyone's got their own crib yet! Reference songs about home sweet home for that humble touch.

5. Family Matters

Don't forget to include lines that highlight family as an essential part of making a house into a homestead! After all, there's no shortage of great songs about home and family out there for inspiration.

6. Give Props To The Journey

The journey towards homeownership is usually long and winding – full of highs, lows and in-betweens – just like rap itself!

Use this journey as fuel for your fiery bars; talk about hustling hard for that down payment or celebrating when you finally close escrow.

7. Keep The Flow Fresh And Fluid

A killer flow is what separates decent rap lyrics from truly dope ones! Remember to keep things fresh and fluid; don't stick too rigidly to one rhythm or rhyme scheme throughout your song – switch it up!

Mix fast flows with slow jams for variety while keeping it smooth as silk.

Remember: owning property isn't just something you do – it's something you embody in every bar you drop!

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