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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Betrayal

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Rap Lyrics About Betrayal, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal

Yeah, it's Hova, the god, but I'm feeling less holy
Caught in a backstab maze, feeling incredibly lonely
Thought you were my partner, my right-hand man
But you flipped the script, didn't stick to the plan

I gave you keys to the kingdom, let you eat at the table
You took a bite of that apple, now our bond's unstable
Said we were brothers, solid as Roc-a-fella,
But you betrayed for silver coins and some cheddar.

We started from Marcy projects to worldwide tours,
Now I'm here wondering if it was all yours.
I'm feeling like Caesar with Brutus at his back,
You traded loyalty for gold, that's a matter of fact.

Can't trust in this game, they all out for their piece
Money and fame turns love into lease
With each dollar sign your morals decreased,
Betrayed your own blood, just to say the least.

Jay-Z can bounce back; resilience ain't an act
But remember every action has an opposite react.
You hurt me brother; that's pain I can't retract;
Ended up on “Lost One”, that’s a cold hard fact.

Hova ain’t naive; I see through your charade
I’m off moving forward while you're stuck in past grade.
Haters gonna hate; snakes gonna slither
I’m gonna shine while you quiver.

Had dreams together but they ended sour
Like Biggie said “Mo Money Mo Problems”,
Power can turn heaven into hell within an hour.
Got 99 problems and betrayal is one:

Brotherhood broken; trust undone.
We used to be soul brothers; now we're Cain and Abel
You bit from my tree left crumbs on our table.
Never saw it coming. Must be blind like Ray Charles,

But life goes on with more Verses than Psalms.
Now I keep my circle tight like Slick Rick’s eyepatch,
Trust ain’t given freely brotha', that’s a catch.
So here's Jay-Z saying: betrayal is wack,
It takes two people to build trust but one to crack.

Dusted myself off from this bitter transaction,
Remembering always: In life only God is satisfaction.

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal

(Verse 1)
Yo, it's like I'm standing in the shadows, cast aside,
Felt the pain of betrayal, like a knife in my side.
Thought we was brothers, but you coming at me
With underhand tactics, so casually.

Swore you'd never backstab, but here we are,
Tossed our bond like a crushed up cigar.
Talkin' behind my back, acting all sly,
I should have seen it coming from that look in your eye.

Betrayed, burned by the flame of deceit,
Your lies tumbled down like a busted concrete.
Played, deceived by your treacherous ways,
Now I'm pacing these dark corridors, wandering in a daze.

(Verse 2)
Man, I treated you right; you were my passenger-side,
But you left me stranded on this miserable ride.
You scattered our trust on the cold street floor,
Made me realize that I don't need you no more.

Your lies spun around like a twisted carousel,
Thought we were solid but it's hard to tell.
Broken vows, shattered dreams and faith,
You turned everything to dust with your snake-like bait.

Betrayed, wrapped in your web of lies,
Your actions resounding through my tormented cries.
Frayed, worn from your venomous sting ,
A puppet dangling on your deceitful string.

(fiery Outro)
I thought we walked together but I stand alone now,
In this battlefield scarred by deceit somehow.
So here’s me spitting truth through this mic and pen,
Remember karma is a bitch and she bites back when.

Standing tall though wounded deep down inside,
Shook off chains of betrayal; now there’s nowhere to hide.
Each word etched with pain in this verse so heavy,
Bad blood spilled can’t wash off even with levy.

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal

(Verse 1)
Ain't no love in the heart of the city, why so shifty?.
Turned from my brother, but I ain't talkin' 'bout 50.
Power, money, respect, what you out here chasing?.
Leaving trails of broken hearts and dreams defacing.

Thought we stood on the same grounds, like the pyramids of Giza.
Guess loyalty's as clear as a bottle of tequila.
Built an empire together, was it all just a mirage?.
Was it worth it for the fame, for that luxury garage?.

Betrayal got me feeling like Jesus, betrayed by Judas.
Was I just a pawn in your game, checkmated with no excuses?.
Loyalty is a ghost town, empty and deserted.
Living with your choices hope it's worth it.

(Verse 2)
Had faith in you, like believers in prophecy,
But you sold your loyalty for a counterfeit lottery.
Your ego blinding you, building walls like masonry,
When did ambition become higher than basics?.

Like a fallen angel, Lucifer's deception,
Traded brotherhood and trust for some fleeting reception.
Our bond was strong, now it's shattered into pieces,
Well beware of karma, when her cycle increases.

Betrayal got me feeling like Jesus, betrayed by Judas,
Was I just a pawn in your game, checkmated with no excuses?.
Now trust is just an illusion surrounding us,
Living with your choices hope it's worth the fuss.

Betrayal tastes bitter but I'll turn it into gold,
Survive and thrive just like the legends of old.
With this pain inside me, felt but not shown,
I'll rise again, on my throne alone.

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal

Sippin' lean like tea, mind's in a daze,
Caught you creepin', guess it's just your ways.

I trusted you homie, ain't no role play,
Never thought I'd see the day, front stab with no delay.

Loyalty gets blind, trust got me lost,
But betrayal don't come without a cost.

Thought we were brothers, now we far apart,
You stuck your dagger through my trust and into my heart.

You played smart but I’m smarter,
I’m a starter, you a martyr,

Thought you had game but I'm the ref,
In the end it’s checkmate, you're left with no step.

Opened up my eyes now I see your façade,
Our friendship was real but your loyalty was flawed.

Like Judas to Jesus, Brutus to Caesar,
You're just another fake friend turned deceiver.

Your lies spread faster than wildfire,
Burnt our bridge now you walk on a tight wire.

You betrayed me once but not again,
I'm Lil Wayne homie, I'm made to win.

I keep my circle tight like money folds,
I hustle hard for the story that's told.

You may have stabbed my back but you missed my soul,
In this game of life, betrayal takes its toll.

But “weezy baby” don’t break,
Real recognize fake,

And in this fickle fate,
Betrayal can't shake what destiny make.

So here's to all the snakes in the grass,
Your betrayal ain't nothing but crass,

Yet “best rapper alive” stands tall,
Lil Wayne out here balling through the fall.

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal

(Verse 1)
Puttin' my trust in you, was like casting pearls to swine,
Threw me under the bus, right on the finish line.
All this time, I thought we were on the same page,
Now I see, it's just deceit wrapped in Versace cage.

Caution sign, should've seen it from the start,
I let you in and you went straight for my heart.
But like a queen on her throne, I rise above,
You betrayed me, but still I'm filled with love.

Betrayal so bold, like a snake in my Eden,
But I got venom too, and it's for you that I'm feedin'.
You played your part well, had your little charade,
But let me remind you hon', this is Nicki's Brigade.

(Verse 2)
Painted as a villain but I know my worth,
I was born a goddess since my day of birth.
You can't break me, your disloyalty doesn't phase,
I'll leave you in a haze – set your world ablaze.

Thought you had me checkmated in this game of chess,
But baby, I'm the queen and that ain't no guess.
In every betrayal, there's a lesson to learn,
Lit up by the bridges that you tried to burn.

You shattered the mirror but the reflections don't lie,
In the end, it's yourself from whom you can't hide.
Play with deception but remember this creed,
Bad energy comes back – that's karma indeed.

In every betrayal, there's a bitter aftertaste,
But like fine wine honey, no tears go to waste.
So here’s to moving on and leaving all behind,
The lessons learned are just treasures we find.

I'm still standing strong, still rocking this lace,
Betrayal might sting but it won't lower my grace.
I am Nicki Minaj, Queen of this space
Betrayed and bruised – yet winning this race.

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal

(Verse 1)
Betrayal, like a knife in the back, yeah I felt that, trust is wack
Shawty switched up quick, had me thinking, where my heart at?
We were tight, more than homies, she was my dream ride
Now it feels like drowning deep in the high tide.

Betrayal got me twisted but I can't lose my hustle,
Puttin' pain in the art, make these tracks flex muscle.
One time for the loyalty that been misused,
Sippin' on this codeine to mute the news.

(Verse 2)
Was on top of the world with her by my side, now its a solo ride,
Smokin' on exotic just to keep the vibe.
Can't believe she went and stabbed me in the back,
Trust shattered, love scattered, left our bond to crack.

Betrayal is a cycle but I'm breakin' free,
No lookin' back now, got my eyes on that Bugatti.
Shawty's loss won't be my downfall,
Riding through this darkness till I see that dawn call.

Betrayal cut me deep but it's part of the grind,
Turned pain into power with this music I find.
I've seen too much fake to ever fall again,
This hustle don't stop, till I reach my end.

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal

(Verse 1)

Same hood, same block, raised on the corner,
Dead dreams, street schemes, hustling for the dollar.
Went from brothers in arms to backstabbing drama,
Got my trust hanging on a string, like a karma.

Growing up, we were just trying to survive,
In these streets where loyalty can't hold its stride.
Betrayal hit me hard, like a four-five,
Left me questioning the hustle and passion that drives.


This ain't just about the streets, it's about the soul,
When you're betrayed by your blood, it's a heavy toll.
But I learned long ago to take control,
God is my witness, only He can console.

(Verse 2)

From playing marbles and racing bikes,
To ripping me off for dollars and hype.
Brother’s facade slaying truth's knight, .
This ain't your typical brother’s fight.

Innocence lost in this jungle of concrete,
Betrayal seems to bang on these deadbeat streets .
But remember my brother, karma has you on her sheets,
She'll tuck you in tight with deceit's defeat .


Again I say, this ain't just about the streets, it's about the soul ,
When you're betrayed by your blood, it's a heavy toll .
But I learned long ago to take control ,
God is my witness; only He can console .


So here I stand strong with scars on my back,
A testament to every trust under attack.
My story ain’t unique; it’s a universal fact –
Betrayal cuts deep but survival is an abstract .

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal

(Verse 1)
Always thought I had your back, always thought you had mine,
Brother turned stranger, it's a fine line.
Handshakes turned into clenched fists, we lost time.
Pictures in my memory are starting to decline.

They said love was blind, but never told me betrayal is silent.
You changed up your climate, left me stranded on this island.
Talking 'bout loyalty, but where's yours?
Making moves behind my back like checkers– ain't no chess board.

I gave you my trust, you threw it away.
Should've seen the signs but I chose to stay, oh yay.
Now I'm standing here alone in the rain, feeling this pain.
Betrayal's the game and you're to blame.

(Verse 2)
What we had was solid until you started playing roles, oh no!
Promises broken, trust shattered like broken glass on the floor.
Remember those nights chilling at the studio door?
Guess money got your mind twisted even more.

Switched sides, left me hanging dry.
Now these tears I can't hide, keep asking myself “why?”
I thought we were ride or die, guess that was a lie.

I gave you my trust, you threw it away.
Should've seen the signs but I chose to stay.
Now I'm standing here alone in the rain, feeling this pain.
Betrayal's the game and you're to blame.

Betrayal's a bitter taste, hits harder than whiskey.
Left with questions unanswered, I guess it was risky.
But through all this chaos and rain, I found clarity
Remember my name cause I'll rise from this calamity.

You threw it away.
Should've seen the signs,

You chose to stay.
Hits harder than whiskey.

Left with questions unanswered,
I guess it was risky.
But through all this chaos and rain,

I found clarity
Remember my name cause

I'll rise from this calamity. (…)
Just around the corner,

The end of the road.

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Betrayal

Verse starts, the past lurking in the shadows,
Trust disappears, like sparrows in the gallows.
Treachery hits hard, no words left to borrow,
Pain scars deeper than arrows, sorrow etched tomorrow.

Mirror fights back with a traitor's reflection,
Seeking escape, finding no direction,
Order lost in chaos, love lost in defection,
Eyes drowned in lies, hate's cruel infection.

Betrayed by my blood, cut by life's razor blade,
In trust’s graveyard lie innocence’s grave.
The sun fails to rise over the trust that we laid,
Memories haunting dreams, truth begins to fade.

Silence speaks volumes, unsigned contracts remain,
Pain writes these verses, echoes in every refrain.
In the mirror of betrayal, trust is slain,
In this heart's shattered landscape reigns eternal rain.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Betrayal Like A Pro

1. Paint Your Betrayal with Vivid Colours

In the world of rap, it's all about storytelling. When you're penning down those songs about betrayal, don't just tell it, paint it. Use your words to create a vivid image of the pain and heartache, whether it's about being betrayed by your best friend or the sting of family treachery. Remember: The devil is in the details! Try to explore unique metaphors and similes that haven't been overused in the rap scene.

2. Keep It Real but Rhyme It Tight

The best rap lyrics are those that feel authentic and relatable while maintaining a rhythm that gets heads bobbing. That said, writing songs about betrayal of love or family isn't just about spilling your guts out; you gotta make sure your lines rhyme tight! It's all about balancing raw emotion with artistic precision.

3. Don't Forget the Beat

The flow of your lyrics heavily depends on the beat you choose – or create! Even if you're crafting country songs about betrayal (yes, crossover genres are a thing), you need to ensure your words ride the beat like waves on a seashore.

4. Deep Dive into Emotions

Let's face it: Betrayal hurts like hell – but that's where you'll find your most powerful lyrics. Dredge up those feelings when writing songs about betrayal and revenge – that raw intensity? That’s what makes listeners resonate with every word you spit out.

5. Flip The Script

Just because you're writing about betrayal doesn't mean it has to be all doom and gloom! Why not flip the script? Write a track where the betrayer becomes the betrayed or vice versa – like an unexpected plot twist in those blockbuster movies.

6. Think Outside The Box With Your Chorus

Your chorus should be catchy yet profound – think outside the box here! Don’t just reiterate “betrayal” over and over again – weave in elements of forgiveness, redemption, or even defiance for added depth to your betrayal song lyrics.

7. Show Don’t Tell

This is creative writing 101 – show don’t tell! Instead of plainly stating “I was betrayed,” use descriptive language to paint a picture of how that felt for listeners—it will make all the difference between an average track and an unforgettable anthem.

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