Best Free Drum Kits for Music Producers In 2024

I tend to download most of my samples here. But if you want some more range in the freebie department, read on, I've got some 🔥 for you!


  • Free drum kits are available for various music genres including hip-hop, trap, pop/rock, R&B, and electronic music.
  • Notable collections include ATL Trap, Spinz 808, Boomin and Zone 6 Drum Kits. Big Pharma Percussion Drum Kit and Free Rack Trap Kicks Pack are also highly recommended.
  • These packs can be downloaded for free totaling over 15,000 samples.
  • More top picks: ML Drums, MT Power DrumKit 2, Sean Pandy Drums. Libraries like Cymatics.FM and RealDrumSamples offer vast collections of high-quality sounds.
  • Retro sounds: Spitfire LABS Drums offers high-quality acoustic drums sounds. Orchid RnB Drum Loop or Dancehall Drum Loop are suitable for pop or hip-hop genres.
  • Variety of genres: Free drum kit downloads across Drum & Bass & EDM are also available. Essential packs from Unison includes Famous Beatmaker Drum Essentials and Essential Drum Loops.
  • VST plugins: DSK DrumZ MachineZ is a recommended plugin that offers a variety of 8 bits drum sounds including kicks snares hi-hats etc.
  • Kits with royalty-free elements: Knights of Trap [Drum Kit], NXT LVL V1 [Drum Kit], Sounds From The Streets [Drum Kit].
  • In these free kits there's enough variety to satisfy different production needs – whether it's punchy kicks hard 808 basses claps hi hats rims percs FX's etc.

Read on to get all

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Best Free Drum Kits for Music Producers In 2024

Types of Sounds and Genres Covered in Drum Kits

You can never have too many drum kits in your arsenal as a producer. Why? Because no two drum kits are created equal, my dear beat-making confreres!

They are like snowflakes, each unique with its own personality, designed to cater to diverse music genres and tap into different sound dynamics.

Drum samples, for instance, offer a wide range of kick drums, snares and cymbals that can instantly add depth and character to your rhythm sections.

From the thunderous roars of rock percussion samples to the slick rumbles of hip hop drum sounds, the right drum kit has you covered.

Notable Options for Free Drum Kits

  • ATL Trap
  • Spinz 808
  • Boomin
  • Zone 6

ATL Trap is famed for its sick Trap loops while Spinz 808 gives you those smooth rolling basses free of charge. Boomin's not-so-secret weapon lies in its thunderous 808s and Zone 6 isn't shy about offering smoky ambient sounds that give your beats an air of mystique.

Detailed Overview of ATL Trap, Spinz 808, Boomin and Zone 6 Drum Kits

ATL Trap: A Culinary Journey to the South
The ATL Trap drum kit is your first class ticket to the south, quicker than Google Maps could ever promise. Each beat is as hot and spicy as southern barbecue, ready to transport you straight into the heart of Georgia's vibrant music scene.

Spinz 808: Low-End Gourmet
On another musical note, we have Spinz 808. This drum kit cooks up savory bass vibes that are perfect for setting a slow-burning mood or igniting intense club scenes alike. It's like the comfort food of beats – familiar yet irresistible.

Boomin: Packed with Punchy Beats

Best Free Drum Kits for Music Producers

Then we have Boomin – a heavyweight underdog serving up concussive drum loops that would give any mainstream beat machine a run for its money. Boomin surely lives up to its name with its robust rhythms which will keep any party popping.

Download Boomin Drum Kit

Zone 6: The Crispness Connoisseur

Zone 6: The Crispness Connoisseur

Zone 6 doesn't fall behind either; it’s out here winning! With claps so crisp they could make even your favorite crunchy snack seem stale in comparison! They've taken crispiness to an entirely new level with their precision and clarity.

Download Zone 6

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Review Of Big Pharma Percussion Drum Kit And Free Rack Trap Kicks Pack

Unleashing Power with Big Pharma Percussion
If you've been searching for the ultimate weapon in your audio arsenal that delivers a robust smack in every beat, say hello to Big Pharma Percussion.

Unleashing Power with Big Pharma Percussion

It's much more than just another percussion instrument. It's a compelling blend of sheer power and versatility that leaves an indelible mark no matter what genre you're working on.

Audience Feedback – Setting The Bar High!
The brilliance of Big Pharma Percussion hasn't gone unnoticed. Critics and enthusiasts alike are all praises – lauding it for its versatile audio samples that gift creators with an unparalleled punchiness, irreplaceable in any music production.

Download Big Pharma Percussion Drum Kit

Free Rack Trap Kicks Pack!

Free Rack Trap Kicks Pack!

Say goodbye to boring low-end frequencies! Enter Free Rack Trap Kicks Pack. It’s not just a kick pack; it’s akin to a treasure chest brimming with micro-dynamic blasts, meticulously fine-tuned for your satisfaction.

If you're looking to infuse some serious life into your lower end frequencies, this pack is what you need.

Download The Real Rack Kick Collection Here

The Value Of Libraries Like Cymatics.FM And RealDrumSamples

The phrase ‘there's gold in them thar hills' is more than just an old adage—it's a metaphor that perfectly embodies the treasure trove hiding within music production libraries. Bands of sound innovators such as Cymatics.FM and RealDrumSamples, pack an extensive array of tracks into their catalogs.

Musical Diversity at Your Fingertips
These digital gold mines are ideal for any dedicated music producer seeking a well-rounded repertoire without compromising quality. It's akin to finding a designer sale on Black Friday—multifarious selection with unbeatable value.

An Unmatchable Selection Without Sacrificing Quality!
This is not about just quantity, though; both Cymatics.FM and RealDrumSamples prioritize quality above all else. Every track, sample, or loop you find is crafted meticulously with professional producers in mind.

Utilizing these libraries can be seen as shopping designer on Black Friday—modern, sleek, and sophisticated samples offered at amazing prices!

This gives producers access to seemingly infinite diversity while maintaining paramount production quality.

Other Top Picks: ML Drums, MT Power DrumKit 2 And Sean Pandy Drums

HeavyHitters in the Drum Machine World
When it comes to premium-quality MIDI drum kits, ML Drums simply nails it. We're talking about vast collections that dive deep into the thousands, providing a range of high-quality drum kits for almost any genre you can think of. It's like having an all-encompassing resort right at your fingertips, only sans the travel.

ML drums, with its mind-boggling variety and quality, definitely deserves a spot on our top picks list.

Versatility Meets Raw Energy
But ML Drums isn't alone in this league. Enter MT Power DrumKit 2 – a potent contender that stands out due to its amazing versatility. But don't just take our word for it, as it has earned a place in our hall-of-fame too- together with being incredibly admired.

Now, imagine pairing this versatility with the raw energy delivery of Sean Pandy Drums. This combination gives you an unparalleled beat-making software option that commands attention and rave reviews from party-goers and music enthusiasts alike.

Whether it's versatility or raw energy you crave, these software options deliver superbly- making them solid choices for beat-making aficionados.

So get ready to immerse yourself in these powerhouse software options and let their beats fuel your creativity!


What are some of the best free drum kits for music producers?

Music producers have a wide selection of free drum kits to choose from. Some of the most notable ones include the ATL Trap, Spinz 808, Boomin and Zone 6 Drum Kits. Other top picks include ML Drums, MT Power DrumKit 2 and Sean Pandy Drums. Libraries like Cymatics.FM and RealDrumSamples also offer vast collections of high-quality sounds.

Which drum kits are recommended for specific genres?

The selection includes a range of sounds suitable for various genres. For example, the Spitfire LABS Drums offers high-quality acoustic drums sounds ideal for retro style productions. If you're into electronic genres like pop or hip-hop, consider using the Orchid RnB Drum Loop or Dancehall Drum Loop.

Are there any good VST plugins for drum sounds?

Yes. The DSK DrumZ MachineZ VST plugin comes highly recommended by many producers as it offers a variety of 8-bit drum sounds including kicks snares hi-hats etc.

Can you find free drum kit downloads across other genres?

Yes, Free drum kit downloads are available across various genres including Hip Hop, Drum & Bass Rock Pop & EDM. Providers such as Unison also offer several essential packs such as Famous Beatmaker Drum Essentials and Essential Drum Loops.

Do you get royalty-free elements in these free kits?

Absolutely! For instance, Knightsof Trap [Drum Kit], NXT LVL V1 [Drum Kit], Sounds From The Streets [Drum Kit], among others provide royalty-free musical elements that can significantly enhance your music production experience.

I hope you found this post useful! If you did, be sure to drop a comment! 🙂

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