Top 7 Best Recording Studios in Harrisburg, PA (2024)

Considering going on a hunt for the best recording studios in Harrisburg, PA? Well, look no further because this article is all that you need!

Harrisburg, PA has more recording studios than you would ever imagine. So, we did the hard work of research and narrowed it down to the 7 best recording studios in Harrisburg, PA. These studios offer top of line services with professional engineers, reasonable rates, and a pleasing atmosphere.

This is the only list you will need to find the recording studio in Harrisburg, PA that shall meet your needs and expectations.

Top 7 Best Recording Studios in Harrisburg, PA (2024)

Professional Studios

Professional studio

Heralded as the best recording studio in Harrisburg, PA, Professional Sound Recording Studios caters to mainstream and independent record labels in need of professional audio engineering services.

Professional Sound Recording Studios features a multi-room production facility. There are 3 private recording suites available to choose from, varying in size and equipment provided for each suite. 

Established in 2010, Professional Sound recording Studios continue to foster the passion for the science of acoustics. The studio invests in different recording equipment and production software to deliver the best quality out of a project, be it amateur or professional-grade.

Clients are in awe of the studio’s overall look and performance. The atmosphere of the entire studio is fun and energetic, which is helpful in taking off the stress and worry for the music production process.

Professional Sound Recording Studios has an international reach. The studio and staff have successfully worked with African, Latin, and Jamaican artists over the course of the years. Some of the names Professional Sound produced include 2 Chainz, Lil Durk, and Omelly.

If you are down for creating some magic with an audio engineer in one of the well-equipped studio suites of Professional Sound, head on to their website and book for an appointment. Hourly rates vary for every studio.



400 S Cameron St, Harrisburg, PA 17101, United States

Services & Costs:

Studio time – Red Room$75/hour
Studio time – Silver Room$100/hour
Studio time – Gold Room$150/hour

Melodys Music and Platinum Skillz Recording

Melodys music and platinum skillz recording

If you are someone who are looking for the chance to pick up a musical instrument and produce music, Melodys Music and Platinum Skillz is the recording studio for you.

As the name implies, this recording studio is two halves of the music-making process. One half allows you to indulge your adventurous spirit and participate in private lessons for the musical instrument of your choice.

Many clients start their musical journey in learning to play the piano. As they progress, they grow more curious about the production process, the second half of music-making. 

Melodys Music and Platinum Skillz offer top-notch recording and mixing opportunities at an intimate recording space. Rookie artists will immediately feel at home with the studio’s surroundings.

If you are done with the recordings and now moving on to the mix and master stage, you get the opportunity to watch real-time how your music is being developed from the rough vocals and backing track. Clients appreciate this level of transparency because they could point out areas they wish to omit or keep.

Overall, Melodys Music and Platinum Skillz provides services and opportunities for music enthusiasts to grow professionally. Perhaps someday, you will be the artist performing on stage, with the audience clapping for you.

If you wish to avail Melodys Music and Platinum Skillz Recording services, simply request for a quote on their official website.



480 W Zeller St, North Liberty, IA 52317, United States

Services & Costs:

Professional recording$65/hour
Private piano lessons (and other instruments)Inquire for rates and availability

Green Room

Green Room

Worried about the changing times in promoting and distributing music? Let those fears go with Green Room Recording Studio. At Green Room, all you have to focus on is the quality of the music you want to create, regardless of the trends.

Green Room Studio is dedicated to offering professional recording services with an efficient turnaround time and reasonable rates. It is a one-room facility, allowing clients to work conveniently and free from distractions with the studio’s engineers.

Clients find Green Room Studio to be very welcoming and approachable. The resident engineers are more than happy to bring out the best quality of sound and emotion in your project; that’s just how passionate these men are about music!

Some clients even swear these engineers’ talents are incomparable. Whereas many other studios flex with their high-end equipment and location, Green Room Studio focuses on nurturing connections whilst working on music.

Green Room Studio also works closely with various artists. Some of these names include Amy Simpson, Cody Wilt, Cordell, and Madison Ryan. These artists come from different genres, proving that Green Room Studio is well-rounded in many types of music.

If you wish to complete a music project with Green Room Studio, simply drop them a private message on the official Facebook page.



 2833 N Front St, Harrisburg, PA 17110, United States

Services & Costs:

Recording/Mixing/MasteringChat or email at [email protected] for availability and rates

Darkland 717 Recording Studio

Darkland 717 Recording studio

When it comes to making music, time is a precious component. Darkland717 Recording Studio makes the best use of time as they have rock-solid job performance as soon as the clock starts ticking.

Darkland717 Recording Studio is a self-made record label in Harrisburg, PA. The staff believes that media can be organically produced and marketed, this being the main core of the studio.

With a 5-star review, clients rave positively about the studio and the amazing atmosphere it has to offer. When making music, comfort and focus needs to be in perfect balance; Darkland717 Recording Studio perfectly encapsulates it with their low-distraction setup and minimal lighting.

If, however, you wish to incorporate more instruments in the middle of mixing, you may have to find another studio. Darkland717 only offers vocal recordings. Nonetheless, they rack in clients with their quality recording, mixing, and mastering work.

Do you want to promote your music with some visualizer? Darkland717 Recording Studio also provides video and photoshoot services. These are great strategies to get your music out there on different online platforms and such.

To avail services of Darkland717 Recording Studio, book for an appointment and quotations. You may also connect with them on the official Facebook page.



1420 Regina St, Harrisburg, PA 17103, United States

Services & Costs:

Vocal recordingBook to get quote
Video productionBook to get quote
PhotoshootBook to get quote

MDW Productions

MDW Productions

Manned by Michael Washkevich, MDW Productions offer the artists and musicians of Harrisburg, PA genuine knowledge about music and professional audio recording opportunities.

Michael is a seasoned producer, engineer, and musician. His experience in the industry allows him to extend his capabilities as professional services to aspiring and continuing artists.

MDW Productions started humbly as a bedroom studio in 2002, until Michael graduated college and pursued a career in music production. Now, most of Michael’s clients are repeat customers who were greatly satisfied by his work. 

The studio has closely interacted with acts coming from different genres and backgrounds. Pop, rock, metal, country, and jazz are just some of the sounds that had filtered through Michael’s monitoring speakers.

At MDW Productions, you don’t have to worry about how great of a piece you are pitching. Michael already recognizes that his clients’ hard work are perfect, so he takes it upon himself to wrap everything up nicely with a flawless mixing and mastering of your project.

Clients share that they are extremely moved by Michael’s commitment to making good music. They say that working with MDW Productions gave them the opportunity to become better listeners and bigger dreamers.

If you wish to experience working with MDW Productions, feel free to send in a quotation via the studio’s website.



4927 Colorado Ave, Harrisburg, PA 17109, United States

Services & Costs:

RecordingQuote request required
Mixing and MasteringQuote request required
Industrial audio production (commercials, on hold messaging, etc)Quote request required
Session with engineerQuote request required

Full Tilt Productions

Full tilt productions

Just a 13-minute drive away from Harrisburg, PA, Full Tilt Productions is among the most excellent recording studios in the neighboring areas. They offer a plethora of services to develop a well-structured sound for their clients.

Jason Shaffer, founder of Full Tilt Productions, established his label in late 2009. From then on, the studio’s facility has grown in size, technological advancement, and ability to capture sound at its most raw moments.

Full Tilt Productions can accommodate different types of music their clients aspire to create. Songwriters and rappers are welcome to transact with the studio, because that is what Full Tilt Productions is for: to develop your sound through high-level mixing and mastering.

But of course, making music requires a pleasant and conducive environment to get the creative juices flowing. At Full Tilt Productions, employees take extra care in cleaning up the workspace, something that is greatly appreciated by many clients.

Full Tilt Productions have a broad range of service offerings. Pre-production, mastering, beat making and demos are just some of the audio services the studio provides. The studio also takes in requests for voice overs, something that voice over artists can look forward to.

To get Jason to work with you in your music, you can submit your inquiries and general idea of your project on the studio’s official website.



200 Gale St, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055, United States

Services & Costs:

Pre-productionInquire for rates and availability
Recording/TrackingInquire for rates and availability
Editing/Mixing/MasteringInquire for rates and availability
Beat MakingInquire for rates and availability
DemosInquire for rates and availability
Audio restoration and transfersInquire for rates and availability
Mobile recordingInquire for rates and availability
VoiceoverInquire for rates and availability
Access to professional studio musiciansInquire for rates and availability
Personal mentor courses for recording and Pro ToolsInquire for rates and availability

Q’d Up Audio Services, Inc.

q'd Up audio services

If you have 16 minutes to spare to get to Q’d Up Audio Services, Inc, we would love to recommend it as the final best recording studio in Harrisburg, PA and neighboring areas.

Q’d Up is a digital audio service intent on helping brands, authors, and podcasters to bring out their content to the right people. Q’d Up believes that audio is an essential role in captivating a prospect lead’s attention.

Boasting a 5-star review on Google, Q’d Up is recognized for the stellar quality of audio they offer to the clients. Clients share that working with this studio is nothing but professional, organized, yet also accommodating.

Want to begin your journey as a voice over artist or audiobook narrator? Look no further, because Q’d Up is up and ready to support you. 

Q’d Up’s services include podcast production, sound recording, and audiobook production. The studio also offers marketing services for podcasts and audiobooks.Don’t you just love it when studios invest in you from beginning to end?

If you have what it takes to become a voice over artist, do drop by the studio’s official website and request for a free quote. 



2 Wagner Cir, Hummelstown, PA 17036, United States

Services & Costs:

Podcast productionRequest a free quote
Audiobook productionRequest a free quote
Sound recordingRequest a free quote
Podcast marketingRequest a free quote
Audiobook marketingRequest a free quote
Audiobook productionRequest a free quote

Don't Forget Your Recording Session Essentials…

1. Game Plan

game plan

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2. External Hard Drive

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3. Powerbank

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4. Snacks and drinks


Stay hydrated and fueled up so you can perform at your best.

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