The 7 Best Recording Studios in Fort Wayne, IN (2024)

In this article, we are taking a deep dive into the 7 best music recording studios in Fort Wayne, IN. We will look into their equipment, specializations, and pricing which sets them apart from other recording studios in the area.

If you are in search of a high-quality and feature-rich recording studio in Long Island that has great prices and top-notch recording engineers to work with your music project or album, then take a look at what each studio below has to offer!

Don’t know where to start your search for a professional recording studio in Fort Wayne? Well, we have you covered! We listed down some of the best picks in Fort Wayne. Read on to know more which studio meets your needs and expectations for your latest music project.

You’re in luck, because there is nothing more comprehensive than this list of Fort Wayne recording studios we curated just for you. 

The 7 Best Recording Studios in Fort Wayne, IN (2024)

Digital Mind Studio

Digital mind studio

Manned by Charles “Music Man” Lopez, Digital Mind Studio offers a plethora of professional audio recording services to the artists and musicians of Fort Wayne and neighboring areas.

Artists struggling to find their sound can feel at home with Digital Mind Studio. As Digital Mind Studio’s engineer and producer, Lopez works closely with his clients, even sending sample tracks and demos for the artists’ approval.

Digital Mind Studio receives an outstanding 5-star rating from about 20 Google reviews, and tops the list of recording studios in Fort Wayne. The clients have nothing but praise for the staff’s professionalism and the complete line of recording and production equipment inside the studio. 

On top of in-house instruments and recording space, Digital Mind Studio also utilizes top of the line equipment for recording, production, and mastering. The studio takes pride in its vast library of sample beats and tracks. 

If you are in need of a vocalist or musician to feature in your music, Digital Mind Studio can hit you up with some of their trusted talents.

Digital Mind Studio has produced music for different artists across genres, particularly rap and soul. KinFusion Rap Duo, City Boy Mafia, Minister Lopez, and Mylus Gaston are some of names the studio has successfully worked with.

Aside from audio production, Digital Mind Studio also extends their services to professional video shoots and video editing. If you are a musician who wants to shoot a crisp music video for your single, look no further because Digital Mind Studio has it all for you!



4228 Warsaw St, Fort Wayne, IN 46806, United States

Services & Costs:

Studio time$25 – $75, per hour (with engineer)
Professional recordingCall for a quote
MixingCall for a quote
Full productionCall for a quote
Recording roomsCall for a quote
Rehearsal spaceCall for a quote
Professional video shoot and editing$100 – $475

Waxtrackz Studio

Waxtrackz Studio

Waxtrackz Studio is worth looking into if you plan to enter the underground music scene. With more than 15 years of experience in the music industry, WaxTrackz can help bring out the musical swag in you.

Waxtrackz Studio is located in Glenbrook Mall. The studio houses various equipment from musical instruments, DJ turntables, to an assortment of camera equipment for video and photoshoots.

Yes, the studio not only crafts music; Waxtrackz also takes professional video and photo shoots. Their clients do not have to worry about who to tap for their photo op and music video. Waxtrackz is more than capable of delivering virtually compelling works, too.

As we all know, recording studios have a lineup of producers and sound engineers. These professionals have genres they lean and specialize into. If you and your music are leaning towards RnB and hip hop, Waxtracks is the studio for you.

Waxtrackz welcomes every artist, rookie or expert. Their hourly rates and project-based prices are reasonable and affordable, allowing the studio to provide more accessible services. 

Starting at an hourly rate of $60, Waxtrackz can help you mix and master your music. Not to mention, you have the studio all to yourself. 

Waxtrackz has worked with a number of artists over the years, like DMX, Mike Jones, and C-Murder. 

To set an appointment with Waxtrackz, you can simply check them out on their official Facebook page. You can also give them a call at +1 260-443-5432, or send an email to [email protected].



4201 Coldwater Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, United States

Services & Costs:

Studio time (Mixing and Mastering included)$60/per hour 
Photoshoot$60/hour (additional $50 for special editing)
Music video shoot$250 for one location

add $75 for every additional location
add $100 for fog, lighting, and special effect
CinematographyCall for a quote
Events, Weddings, Birthdays, Special eventsCall for a quote

Sweetwater Studios

Sweetwater studio

A member of the Sweetwater Company, Sweetwater Studios is one of the most beautiful recording studios you could walk into in Fort Wayne. 

Sweetwater Studios takes on the mission of turning your music into an audio masterpiece. A dynamic team of musicians, engineers, and producers work together alongside you to create the music you want to share to the world.

Music goes through an arduous process to be completed. Sweetwater studio’s team of audio pros will gladly help you in recording, mixing, and mastering music.

In-house sessions are also great in adding more body to your music. On top of that, the studio also offers multimedia content creation to market your music. Not to mention, Sweetwater Studios also hone the next generation’s producers with workshops for studio skills development.

Music production is a long and challenging journey, but the peaceful atmosphere in the Sweetwater recording studios can take off some of the stress. The 3 acoustic studios differ in size and the ideal recording work.

Studio A is the largest, suitable for working with full bands and ensembles. On the other hand, Studio B is more intimate and perfect for personalized work like mixing and editing. Studio C is Sweetwater Studios’ mastering suite, taking in appointments for voice-over work and overdubs.

Sweetwater Studios prove their professionalism with the long list of artists they have worked with over the years. Some of the names they worked with include Nick D’Virgilio, Marbin, and Greg Jones & Slant Six. 



5501 US HIGHWAY 30 WEST, Fort Wayne, IN 46818, United States

Services & Costs:

RecordingCall for a quote @ +1 800-386-6434
Mixing/MasteringCall for a quote @ +1 800-386-6434
Remote trackingCall for a quote @ +1 800-386-6434
EngineeringCall for a quote @ +1 800-386-6434
In-house musiciansCall for a quote @ +1 800-386-6434
Multimedia contentCall for a quote @ +1 800-386-6434

TGFM Production Studio

TGFM Production Studio

Now, don’t back away just because of their rather outdated website; TGFM Production Studio is among the household brands for recording needs in Fort Wayne, IN.

TGFM Production Studio takes great care in addressing their clients’ needs and expectations. With a business-minded approach, the studio proves to be capable in delivering audio services.

The studio specifically specializes in recording, CD mastering, and musical arrangements. Some other areas of work include public service announcement (PSA) recordings, custom jingles, and music for on hold calls or voicemail.

TGFM Production Studio offers some obsolete services, but the quality of their work is worth the attention. They also offer video shoots and video editing services.

You might be curious about the type of equipment and recording facilities TGFM has. The decent and clean studio is carefully customized to create an acoustic space fit for professional recording and music production.

The studio houses professional audio software, a recording booth, and track mixer. A wide selection of microphones are also available along with various preamps. TGFM’s experienced staff will also be there in the studio to guide you through the process of making your music.

TGFM Production Studio’s official website does not provide any price listing for their services. That being said, if you wish to avail of their services, we recommend giving them a call at +1 260-969-0447.



3706 S Calhoun St, Fort Wayne, IN 46807, United States

Services & Costs:

RecordingCall for a quote @ +1 260-969-0447
MasteringCall for a quote @ +1 260-969-0447
Public Service Announcements (PSA’s)Call for a quote @ +1 260-969-0447
Custom jinglesCall for a quote @ +1 260-969-0447
Music arrangementsCall for a quote @ +1 260-969-0447
On hold calls/message tonesCall for a quote @ +1 260-969-0447

Silverbirch Studio

Silverbirch studio

World-class acoustics and recording services are all the Silverbirch Studio has to offer to Fort Wayne and nearby areas.

Silverbirch Studio boasts a carefully structured interior based on acoustic principles. The studio only intends to provide clients with the premium experience and quality in audio recording and music production.

Clients applaud Silverbirch not only for the beauty and professional layout of the studio; they also owe their stellar experience in music-making with Silverbirch Studio’s team of professionals. 

The studio’s producers and engineers lend their knowledge and expertise to produce the unique sounds the clients are envisioning. Simply put, these pros are not fueled by project rates, but rather their passion to produce music and support musicians.

Silverbirch also extends their services to videography and multimedia content. Resident videographers and creative directors work with clients to film quality videos with good lighting and equipment. 

The studio is also well-equipped to manage projects and collaborations on post production. The tracking room can also transform into a mini concert stage or studio for a live broadcast of performances.

Silverbirch boasts a long list of top-of-the-line equipment. These, along with the acoustic studio, make quality recordings and productions possible at Silverbirch. 

If you wish to avail any of their services, simply email them for availability and rates on their website, or directly at [email protected].



7787 Huguenard Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46818, United States

Services & Costs:

RecordingEmail for rates: [email protected]
Mixing and MasteringEmail for rates: [email protected]
Voice overEmail for rates: [email protected]
Producing and SongwritingEmail for rates: [email protected]
Session musiciansEmail for rates: [email protected]
Live broadcastEmail for rates: [email protected]
VideographyEmail for rates: [email protected]
PostproductionEmail for rates: [email protected]



InHouseStudioZ is another recording studio worth checking out if you are from or living nearby Fort Wayne. 

While other recording studios give off an impersonal approach to handling your dilemmas in music-making, this studio is the opposite. InHouseStudioZ works closely and intimately with their clients to get into the musical direction the clients are hoping for.

As implied by the name, InHouseStudioZ is a home studio set comfortably in what used to be a bedroom. Despite being a home studio, InHouseStudioZ staff are proficient in handling professional audio equipment and software.

InHouseStudioZ’s homey ambiance reminds artists like you to chill out and trust the process. Music-making cannot be rushed or forced; slowly building your way up is the best way to avoid an artist's block or a mental and emotional burnout.

If you wish to avail InHouseStudioZ’s audio recording and production services, they offer an hour of studio time for $50. Additional charges apply for every hour’s extension.



1828 S Anthony Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46803, United States

Services & Costs:

1-hour Studio time$50
3-hour Studio time$150
5-hour Studio time$250
7-hour Studio time$350

260 Productions

260 Production

260 Productions is proudly owned and managed by Thomas Hedstrom. Thomas, or Tom for short, is an audio engineer and personally works with clients to organize, produce, and market musical and video projects.

If you’re looking for quality audio services at cheap rates, look no further. Tom can help you in your musical journey as he works with you side-by-side from recording, mixing, to mastering your music.

All Google reviews sing nothing but praise and admiration for 260 Productions’ quality of service. Tom’s patience and approachable personality helped his clients successfully reach towards the direction they are aiming for their work.

Just like its owner, 260 Productions offer versatile services in videography. The studio accepts shoots for minute-long commercials. Artists can also quote a price to film a music video for promotional purposes. 

260 Productions also features a library of licensed tracks. Musicians can purchase these off the studio and incorporate it into their own work.



420 Glenn Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, United States

Services & Costs:

Recording and Mixing$40/hour
1-minute Commercial$200
Music video shootQuote request required

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