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Song Lyrics About Witches: 100% Free-To-Use

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Song Lyrics About Witches Beyoncé-Style

Song Lyrics About Witches

No, no, these song lyrics about witches were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

Verse 1

In the heart of the moor, under the whispering trees,
Nocturnal sisters gather, wise as the seven seas.
Their chants stir up an old magic, powerful and free,
They’re not bound by any chains, these witches wild and carefree.


They dance under the moonlight, in shadows they confide,
Spellbound in their beauty, with power they can't hide.
Witches don't you know, their spirit it can't be tied,
They've got a magic touch that’s deep and worldwide.

Verse 2

Charms sewn into their garments, emblems of the old lore,
Their wisdom's not from books but from a source much more.
From Mother Earth they borrow her elements to decree,
The good they manifest and also banish malady.


They dance under the moonlight, in shadows they confide,
In a world that fears their wisdom, still in craft they preside.
Living on the edge of society’s divide,
With love for all creatures, in harmony they abide.

Verse 3

Invisible to most but present all around,
Their spirits emanate love without a sound.
Within them lies the secret to an undeniable truth:
There's beauty in difference and strength within our youth.


Witches dance under moonlight, their power un-denied,
Turning tides with whispers; fears set aside.
Braving storms that rage on wide and far outside,
These witches stand together, friendship is their guide.

Outro (Spoken)

To every witch out there recognized or unseen
Remember your lineage; remember your queen.
In truth or in shadows, your magic is serene,
A beacon of divine love, pure and evergreen.

Song Lyrics About Witches In The Style of Taylor Swift

Song Lyrics About Witches

Verse 1:
Meet me at the edge of twilight, under the weeping willow's sight,
Magic swirling in the cool night air, secrets we're destined to share.
Dressed in black from head to toe, with a cloak that's shimmering with stardust glow.
Eyes that glow like fireflies, under the waxing moonrise.

We're witches, darlin', dancing in the midnight haze,
With magic spells and haunted tales. Oh, they'd be amazed.
But love is our most powerful potion, so let's set it all ablaze,
We're witches darlin', dancing through this life-long maze.

Verse 2:
Moonstone rings and raven feathers, mystic words the wind uncovers.
In this world where only love matters, we rise above all life's clatters.
Hand in hand through ancient woods, whispering incantations only we understood.
Look at us now, darlin', just two witches from the neighbourhood.

We're witches, darlin', casting spells in the moonlit glade,
Creating worlds with enchanted words that will never fade.
Our love is stronger than any binding spell ever made,
We're witches darlin', through eternity forever unswayed.

In a world that doesn't understand us, they might try to command us.
But our magic is wild and free, as strong as an old oak tree.
We’ll rise together, never fall, even in the gloomiest squall.
With our power, we'll make them see, just how beautiful witches can be.

We're witches, darlin', living in a timeless land.
With just a touch of our hand and a little bit of sand,
We'll heal the broken hearts and guide lost souls back from the strand,
We're witches darlin', making everything grand.

So here's to the witches who dare to love amid spells and charms,
Here's to their courage, and their enchanted comforting arms.
In this world we've woven, where only true love disarms.
Yes, we're witches darlin', and in our magic swirls no harms.

Song Lyrics About Witches In The Style of Kanye West

Song Lyrics About Witches

Pull up on a witch, we got potions mixin'.
Flyin' high in the night, moonlit mission.
Spells hot, baby, ain't no fiction.
We on that witch vibe, supernatural addiction.

Verse 1:
Flew up on a broomstick, call me the new light.
Magic in my veins, every spell tight.
Conjuring up spirits in the witching hour's sight,
Black cat by my side, chasing off your fright.

Pull up on a witch, we got potions mixin'.
Flyin' high in the night, moonlit mission.
Spells hot, baby, ain't no fiction.
We on that witch vibe, supernatural addiction.

Verse 2:
In my coven of my witches, we keep it real.
No hocus pocus stuff; this magic you can feel.
Cauldron's poppin', potion droppin',
Beats so sick they potion hoppin'.

Casting shadows in the darkness;
My spells are beyond flawless.
I'm that Ye kind of artist,
Born with the witch's harness.

Pull up on a witch, we got potions mixin'.
Flyin' high in the night, moonlit mission.
Spells hot, baby, ain't no fiction.
We on that witch vibe, supernatural addiction.

Witches, we rule the night;
Under the moon's hazy light.
And when the sun rises bright,
We'll be ready for another flight.

Song Lyrics About Witches In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Song Lyrics About Witches

They called me a witch, I'm just a bad b*tch
Making magic with the rhymes, in this music biz
Got 'em spellbound, they can't resist
Yeah, I'm the witch you can't dismiss

Broomsticks and hat tricks, ya can't match this
I'm the witch with the bars that be wickedest
Potions in motion
, got that Minaj viciousness
They call me a witch, but I'm just business rich.

Verse 1
They say I cast spells with my words so fine,
In the studio, where I mix my rhymes.

I got a black cat – yeah that's my pet,
Cause I like my company as fierce as my set.

Hocus Pocus, they focus on my fame,
But they don’t know the game, they ain't in my lane.

I’m concocting verses, like potions in a cauldron,
My tracks be fire, got all your heads nodding.

Broomsticks and hat tricks, ya can't match this
I'm the witch with the bars that be wickedest

Potions in motion, got that Minaj viciousness,
They call me a witch, but I’m just business rich.

Verse 2
Yeah they jealous of my craft and it's clear to see,
With every hex-ing beat and haunting melody.
Casting shadows in this industry labyrinth,
Spellbound by the Queen, can't break this enchantment.

Dressed in black, it's my power suit,
The magic's in my flow, not in my loot.

Witching hour! Striking like a thunder,
Minaj magic, got 'em all in wonder.
Spit spells, watch 'em all surrender,
I’m the Witch Queen, baby, no room for blunder.

Broomsticks and hat tricks, ya can't match this
I'm the witch with the bars that be wickedest
Potions in motion, got that Minaj viciousness,
They call me a witch, but I’m just business rich.

They label me a witch cause I’m beyond their control,
In this game of life, I’ve taken the leading

Song Lyrics About Witches In The Style of Drake

Song Lyrics About Witches

Verse 1:
Underneath the pitch black sky,
Witches stirring potions, they fly high.
Caught in their spell, ain't gonna lie,
Bewitched by their beauty and their sly.

Witches in the night, you got me feeling some type of way,
Your power's too strong, I'm your prey.
Your magic words, nothing to say,
Got me tied up in your mystical ballet.

Verse 2:
The bitter taste of your love potion,
Ain't nothing like the usual concoction.
Under your charm, lost all caution,
Fell for your magic without an option.

Witches in the night,, you're my curse and my delight,
Your enchantment's pulling tight,
Through the shadows and the moonlight.
With you even darkness feels so right.

In this supernatural affair,
No other love can ever compare.
Spellbound hearts caught unaware,
Ain't nothing ordinary with a witch's stare


Witches in the night,, you're my eternal flame.
In this wicked game, there's no one to blame.
With every spell you cast, it's never the same.
In this sorcery, love is your name.

Witches in the night, now you're a part of me,
Each spell, each curse, a part of our story.
In this enchanting world where we're free,
You and I make a bewitching symphony

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Witches Like A Pro

1. Tune into the Witchy Vibe

Getting into the right mindset can play a crucial role in writing song lyrics about witches. It's not just about rhyming words, it's about invoking a specific atmosphere.

Be it ethereal like Stevie Nicks' Rhiannon or eerie like Black Sabbath’s Black Magic Woman, find your witchy vibe and let it guide your lyrical journey.

2. Create an Intriguing Storyline

Songs about witches and magic often tell a compelling story. Think of the Scarlet Witch in Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon or the love spell gone wrong in Eagles' Witchy Woman.

Your song could be inspired by famous witches from history or folklore, or conjure up your own tale of enchantment and mystery.

3. Let Metaphors Work their Magic

In the world of songwriting, witches are often used as metaphors for powerful, mysterious women or situations that are bewitching or spell-binding.

Using metaphorical language can add depth to your lyrics and allow listeners to interpret your song in their own unique way.

4. Experiment with Various Genres

Witches have inspired songs across various genres – from rock song lyrics about witches like Iron Maiden's The Wicker Man, to country song lyrics about witches such as Miranda Lambert's Tin Man, even rap songs about witches like Azealia Banks' Yung Rapunxel. Experimentation can lead to some of the best witch songs ever.

5. Use Imagery for Atmospheric Effect

Incorporate vivid imagery into your lyrics to set the mood. For instance, the imagery of a moonlit night, swirling mists, or the flicker of candlelight can conjure up an atmosphere that's perfect for a song about magic and witches.

6. Embrace the Dark and Light

The world of witches is not just about darkness and curses – it's also about healing, wisdom, and nature. Explore both aspects in your lyrics to provide a balanced portrayal. A modern example could be Hozier's Take Me To Church which uses religious symbolism to discuss love and freedom.

7. Study Other Witchy Songs

Don't be afraid to draw inspiration from other songs in the witchy canon – not to plagiarise but to learn what works and what doesn't. Study how they've used language, rhythm, melody and themes to create songs that have stood the test of time.

From classic rock anthems like Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven to modern songs about witches like Lana Del Ray’s Season Of The Witch – there are plenty of witch-themed songs out there for you to draw inspiration from.

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