Song Lyrics About Time: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Time

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Song Lyrics About Time: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Time

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Beyoncé-Style Song Lyrics About Time

Song Lyrics About Time

No, no, these song lyrics about time were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
Blink in the stardust of an old constellation,
Just a heartbeat lost in the grand narration.
Hands on the clockface, whispering secrets,
Borrowed from past, to present, uncheck its.

All my moments caught in your gaze,
Scribed as love notes, rolled up as days.
Our stories caught on time's golden thread,
The inkwell of memories, where we've bled.

Sailing on the rivers of time,
Where love and tears make a rhyme.
A treasure trove of yesterdays dreamt,
To every minute lived and spent.

Each tick tock, a lifeline unwinds,
In this journey refined by time.

(Verse 2)
Cloaked in today’s hustle and tomorrow's promise,
A carnival of chances flirting with solace.
Silver moons rise and golden suns fall,
In the hourglass echoes our secret call.

Like whispers etched upon the sand sea
Sowed by time into eternity.
Caught in its rhythmic dance with fate
Time holds nothing but an open slate.

Sailing on the rivers of time,
Where hope and fear are partners in crime.
Fragile dreams weaving splendid tomorrows.
Underneath it all hides our shared sorrows.

Each tick tock, destiny intertwines
On this voyage steered by time.

(Verse 3)
Through seconds that shatter like glass beneath stars
Or hours parched like deserts marred by scars.
There’s no rewind no matter how we pine
That’s what makes each moment divine.

So here’s to kisses stolen from dawn's tender light
And promises whispered deep into night
May our love be like rivers forever intertwined
Flowing freely through canyons carved by time

Sailing on the rivers of time,
Where beginnings and ends beautifully chime.
Casting off fear as we succumb to the sublime,
In this dance, in this song spun by time.

Every tick tock, we bloom and climb
Engaged in an eternal ballet with time.

Song Lyrics About Time In The Style of Taylor Swift

Song Lyrics About Time

Verse 1:
In the heart of midnight, under the moonlight,
Dancing with our memories, too precious to erase,
Captured in an hourglass, moments we can't chase.
Time – it's a silent thief that never feels remorse,
Taking all we treasure, altering our course.

In the mirror of time we reflect,
Finding traces of love and respect.
The hands turn round and round without rest,
In this ever ticking chest.

Verse 2:
Stars shimmer on minutes we've spent,
Glowing on nights where love was lent.
Mornings fade like fleeting dreams,
Lost in the maze of fading moonbeams.

In the river of time we flow,
A current too strong to slow.
The clock keeps singing its relentless song,
A serenade for right or wrong.

Past is a portrait painted with tears and laughter,
Fragments of joy and pain we're after.
The future is a riddle wrapped in hours yet missed,
A lover's whisper upon morning’s mist

We're woven into the fabric of time,
With every rhythm and every rhyme.

The sunsets bleed into twilight's kiss,
the present moment is all there is

We dance with time like an old friend,
Playing a song that never ends.

Time is a storyteller, threading each goodbye,
In the tapestry of moments under the endless sky.

Song Lyrics About Time In The Style of Kanye West

Song Lyrics About Time


Yeah, this ain't just a timepiece, it's the life leash.
Tryna trap time but it's a wild beast.
Tick tock, tick tock, feel the streets pulse,
All we got is time but can’t buy a pulse.

Verse 1

I got time on my wrist, but ain't got it for fakes,
Brand new day, but same old mistakes.
The clock keeps ticking, ain't no rewind,
Cause past is past, only forward we grind.


No matter the ice, no matter the gold,
You can't stop time, can’t put it on hold.
Ticking away, every second's a cost,
Once it's spent homie, know that it’s lost.

Verse 2

I seen dreams trapped in hourglass sand,
Nightmares chased by the ticking hand.
A minute mold us, an hour can break,
In this life we borrow, there's no give just take.


Clock keeps ticking, hearts keep beating,
We in this race with time and ain't retreating.
The days turn to years, dreams into reality,
We hustling through this timeline of mortality.


Time's the king, we just pawns in this game,
Each tick a loss, each tock a gain.
No pause buttons, no time freeze,
We fighting against this time disease


So here's to time, the unsung thief,
Takes away moments, leaves us with grief.
But know this homie, as you live free,
In the end, you ain't got time – time got thee.

Song Lyrics About Time In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Song Lyrics About Time

Tick tock, watch the clock, ain't got time 'cause we on top,
Baby, we spinning like a Rolex nonstop,
Yeah, the hands of time are mine to cop.

Verse 1:
You can try to beat me, but your watch just stopped,
I'm the queen of this game, baby better hop,
Got no time for hatin', you know I'm high up in stock,

My time's precious, it's diamond encrusted,
Look at your cheap seconds, they're just rusted.

Tick tock, watch the clock, ain't got time 'cause we on top,
Baby we spinning like a Rolex nonstop,
Yeah, the hands of time are mine to cop.

Verse 2:
I got 24 hours and they all gold,
Don't need no reminders baby I uphold.
Every second I'm alive is another hit sold,

Time is ticking and it won't slow down,
But with every beat my throne I'll own.
Can't rewind or play it back now,
But baby trust me, my reign will be known.

Tick tock, watch the clock; ain't got time 'cause we on top,
Baby we spinning like a Rolex nonstop.
Yeah, the hands of time are mine to cop.

In this race against time, I set the pace.
I own every hour in this place.
‘Cause baby when it comes down to chase,
I'm timeless in this endless space.

Song Lyrics About Time In The Style of Drake

Song Lyrics About Time

Tickin', tockin', time keeps on knockin' on my door, baby
Time is a river, but we never ever go for a swim.
Can't rewind, can't fast forward, every minute's a gem.
Time keeps slipping, can't keep gripping, oh what could've been.

Verse 1:
Late nights, early mornings, chasing after this dream.
Tears falling down like raindrops, nothings what it seems.
Stars fading in the horizon, can't bring back yesterday.
Living in the rearview mirror won't wash the pain away.

Ticking', tockin', time keeps on knockin' on my door, baby.
Time is a river, but we never ever go for a swim.
Can't rewind, can't fast forward, every minute's a gem.
Time keeps slipping; can't keep gripping, oh what could've been.

Verse 2:
I see your face in every tick-tock of the clock,
Every second's a reminder of the love I've lost.
I wish I could freeze-frame or just make it stop.
But baby all that's left is time, and it comes at a cost.

Moments pass like falling sand in an hourglass,

You blink once and it's history; you can never trespass.

I feel you in the midnight breeze; I see you in my past.
Time, baby, is a memory, and it's fading fast.

Ticking', tockin', time keeps on knockin' on my door, baby.
Time is a river, but we never ever go for a swim.
Can't rewind, can't fast forward, every minute's a gem.
Time keeps slipping; can't keep gripping, oh what could've been.

So here's to the clock that keeps on ticking,
To the memories that keep on flickering,
To the love we had that was so damn wicked,

To time,, that keeps on tricking.

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Time Like A Pro

1. Draw from All Eras – Including the 80s

You know what's timeless? Song lyrics about time. They're like a classic leather jacket – never going out of style. To write some killer tracks, don't be shy about pulling inspiration from every era.

Remember, the '80s wasn't just big hair and neon leggings, it was also a goldmine for 80s songs with time in the lyrics. So, dust off your parents' vinyl collection or fire up Spotify and take a time travel through music history.

2. Explore Different Genres

Don't just stick to one genre. Spread your wings, baby! You can find fascinating rock song lyrics about time, or smooth R&B song lyrics about time. You might even stumble upon some heart-rending country song lyrics about time.

So why not blend styles and make something completely fresh? It's like making an epic music cocktail – shaken, not stirred.

3. Connect with Universal Themes

Time waits for no man (or woman), and neither should your lyrics. Connect your songs to universal themes like love and loss that everyone can relate to.

After all, isn't that what songs about time and love, or those nostalgic tunes about times past are all about? They tug at our heartstrings because they're so darn relatable.

4. Use Metaphors to Describe Time

Time is an elusive concept, right up there with quantum physics and why dogs hate postmen! So how do you write about it? Simple: Metaphors! They help you capture abstract concepts in concrete terms that anyone can understand.

Just remember, a little wit goes a long way. No one wants to listen to a song that feels like a physics lecture.

5. Reflect on Personal Experiences

The best song lyrics about time come from personal experiences. So, dig deep into your memory bank and pull out those stories of love, heartbreak, joy and sorrow. Don't worry about oversharing – we're all friends here!

6. Play with Time in Your Lyrics

Who says you have to stick to linear time in your lyrics? Time travel isn't just for sci-fi movies! You can jump between past, present, and future in your songs – it's like lyrical parkour! One moment you're singing about the good old days (songs about time passing, anyone?), the next moment you're dreaming about the future.

7. Make Each Word Count

Whether they're popular song lyrics about time, or lesser-known indie gems, every great lyricist knows one thing: Every word counts. So choose words that pack a punch and create vivid images in the mind of your listeners. Remember, it's not just what you say, but how you say it that matters.

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