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No, no, these song lyrics about red were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) You pull up in that cherry-red Corvette, // Baby, your love's got me feeling no regret, // Your touch, like fire ‘neath my skin, volatile yet perfect blend // My heart responding to that red light at the end. // (Chorus) We're dancin' in the red, lost in the crimson tide // Loving under a ruby sunset, got nowhere to hide // With each beat of your heart, I'm set alight inside. // In this world of red, our passions never subside. // (Verse 2) In every shade of red, I see your sweet silhouette // A vivid memory I'll never forget // Our bodies swaying in rhythm and rhyme, time we've met // The reflection of us painting a fiery sunset. // (Chorus) We're dancin' in the red, tangled in scarlet threads,// Sipping on a rose-tinted love that spreads, Nothing unsaid as our story gently treads, In this tapestry of red, where our destiny heads.// (Verse 3) My lips are stained with a wild strawberry thread // Your gaze has me blushing; it's a rush of rosy red // Our fervent passion flourishing; it's been fed// This isn't just lust; it’s deeper love instead. (Chorus) We are dancing in the red—the color where we've bled, Through every high and low—I see shades of crimson spread. Like two flames joined together—burning brighter than ever led, In the universe of red, with you… forever wed.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) In crimson hues, we found our truth, // Among the sea of cherry bloom, // We painted stories of our youth, // In corners where rubies often loom. // (Chorus) The red in your eyes, the fireflies, // They're flickering like city lights. // You never knew how to muffle your cries; // We’d bathed ourselves in scarlet nights. // (Bridge) And so it goes, as the cardinal rose – a symbol of love's desire. // Dressed up in poppy fields where passion un-sealed is burning like wildfire. // (Verse 2) Through vermilion dreams and strawberry themes, we traced each other's silhouette – // tied together by a Bordeaux sunset. (Chorus) Brush strokes dabbed with hues of red, the shades that speak what's left unsaid.// Every scarlet letter etched in your head, it’s a crimson tale of love and dread. (Bridge) In vineyards where insolence grows – the sanguine sorrow knows no compare. Underneath the rosewood shadow’s prose; It’s a passion aflame under ruby glare. (Outro) Our hearts beat fast in syncopated rhythm;// The cadence heard through each metronome's sibilant chime – And oh how they'd gleam amidst the curling prism; A symphony playing – our rhapsody dyed in red time.

song lyrics about red In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Aye, from the south side, rockin' that red., In pyramids of Egypt, I got my bread. Scarlet dreams, in my head painted. A work of art, like the sunset God created. Smokin' with that ruby glow, so intense, Red octagon, stop at nothing, no pretense. Been through the fire, but ain't no dread, Rose that grew from the concrete, blood red. (Chorus) Got that red state of mind, don't need your green light. In my ruby shoes, in the star-studded night. Yo, it's a rapper's delight, it's a Crimson Tide, When Ye on the mic, ain't no place to hide. (Verse 2) Flashing lights on me like a red alert, Been through pain and struggle but never hurt. Red line in the sand can't hold me back, With this crimson flow I'm never off track. Burning brighter than a cherry sunbeam, Bursting through haters' clouds in my fiery dream. Sharper than any scarlet blade you seen, I'm pure fire, got 'em all screaming. (Chorus) Got that red state of mind,, don't need your go sign, In my ruby shoes, I make every word shine. Yo, it's about divine time, it's a Crimson Tide, When Ye on the mic, it's an unbeatable ride. (Bridge) Blood is red,, so are roses and wine, With each passing second turning water to fine. Through red-colored shades watch life unfold, In this red haze I'm dauntless, I'm bold. (Outro) From heartbreak to triumph, journey's been long, But like a phoenix from the ashes, I've grown strong. Yeah, it's Ye, still rocking that red, With every beat and rhyme living free in my head.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1)

Rockin' all the red like I'm the queen of hearts,
Stealing all your focus, yeah my glow is off the charts.
Look at how I dress, baby, this ain't no Picasso art,
In my cherry Benz pull up, engines ignite, let’s start.

Lipstick so red, call it fire engine chic,
Got them turnin' their head, feelin' weak in the knee.
Watch me blow a kiss, oh boy don’t you seek,
Cause when it comes to this game, baby I'm on a streak.


Red on my lips, red on my kicks,
Walking these streets like it's a runway fix.
Make 'em see red when I drop these hits,
Call me Little Red Riding Hood with boss lady tricks.

(Verse 2)

Stilettos blood red, got these haters seeing scarlet,
They try to throw shade but fail to mark it.
On top of my empire from Queens to Charlotte,
Put me in a color chart and I'll always be the target.

Got em’ wrapped around my finger with ruby-red nails,
Even when they lose sight they follow my trails.
My success keeps climbing like stock market sales,
And in this game of thrones honey – I never fails.


Red on my lips, red on my kicks,
Strut down these lanes giving them high-fashion flicks.
Dripping in red from my Gucci to my mix
Call me Little Red Riding Hood creating the tricks.


Seeing red, got 'em green with envy,
They can't compete, it's a Nicki Minaj entry.
Fueled by the beats, powered by the synergy,
In this kingdom of rap, I bring the energy.


Red on my lips, red on my kicks,
Painting the town red with these lyrical licks.
Make 'em see red when I drop these hits
I'm Little Red Riding Hood delivering the tricks.


Living life in red, it's a constant flow,
Always aiming high, never laying low.
The color of power, passion, lets them know
When it comes to this game baby – I run the show.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
Seen you in that dress, it's all bloody red.
Passion in your eyes, can't get you out my head.
It's like every word you uttered, each syllable I read.
Swimming in your ocean, caught up in your crimson thread.
Sipping on Cabernet, drowning in my thoughts of you.
Losing track of time, don't know what to do.
Your love A-listed, something like Hollywood debut.
Girl, every scene I picture is painted in a shade of rouge.
Burning red, girl you've got my heart on fire.
Every night I'm seeing red, can't quench this desire.
Riding through the city with the skies turning dire,
Burning red, girl you taking me higher and higher.
(Verse 2)
Said ‘I do' with a rose and ring tinted ruby red.
Your love is like a drug, girl it keeps me fed.
Scarlet miracles hidden under our bed,
Life's just a canvas and we're painting it red.
Burning red, love's got me spinning in circles.
See the world through rose-coloured glasses, can't dodge the hurdles.
Remember when you said “forever,” that promise eternal,
Burning red, girl it's no rehearsal. It's just so damn personal.
Your love's an open book, each page bleeding scarlet red.
Thoughts of you sink deep, can't get you out my head.
Loving you is a gamble, but it's a bet I've always led,
With every heartbeats echo, I am seeing red.
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Red Like A Pro

1. Paint the Town Red with Your Words

Hey lyricist, ready to churn out some fiery red lyrics? Start by immersing yourself in all things crimson. Breathe red, live red, dream red. Everything from a ruby-themed movie to the sight of a beautiful sunset can serve as inspiration. Tip: Use vivid imagery to capture the essence of ‘red'. Think of how it feels, tastes, and sounds. Remember, passion is red and so is anger, love and danger. The more you can associate with the color, the better your lyrics will be.

2. Get in Tune with Red Love Songs

What's a better muse than love itself? It's no secret that some of the most passionate red songs are love songs. Soak up some classic ballads or steamy Latin beats – anything that sets your heart aflame! Jot down words or phrases that resonate with you and spark your lyrical genius. Bonus points if these songs have lyrics with the word “red”.

3. Stir Up Emotions with Sensory Descriptions

To write memorable red song lyrics, you've got to awaken your listeners' senses! Transport them through time and space using sensory descriptions – let them feel the heat of a summer sunset or taste sweet strawberries on their lips. Tip: Experiment with metaphorical language. Comparing emotions or experiences to different shades of red can help listeners connect on a deeper level.

4. Play Around With Rhyme and Rhythm

Got your crimson song lyrics drafted? Now it's time to refine them into a rhythmically pleasing flow. Don't be afraid to play around with rhymes – they're not just for nursery raps! Also, try varying your sentence lengths to create a dynamic rhythm. Remember, the flow of your lyrics should be as smooth as red wine.

5. Keep it Simple and Relatable

While it's great to write complex song lyrics about red, don't forget to keep it relatable. Avoid overly complicated words or phrases that may confuse listeners. After all, you're trying to connect with them on an emotional level through your ruby-themed songs.

6. Find Your Unique Voice

In the world of red-themed song lyrics, it's easy to end up sounding like someone else. Embrace your unique voice and don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd! Whether you're writing about a love lost or a fiery passion, make sure your lyrical voice is authentic and true to you.

7. Revise, Revise, Revise!

Writing is rewriting, my friend. Once you've penned those fiery red lyrics, take time to revise them. Cut out unnecessary words or phrases that don't contribute to the theme or mood of your song. Tip: Read your lyrics aloud. This will help you identify clunky phrases or awkward rhythm patterns that need tweaking.
But remember – art isn’t perfect; it’s passionate! So let that crimson ink flow freely and see where the melody takes you!

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