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Song Lyrics About Rainbows: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Rainbows

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Song Lyrics About Rainbows Beyoncé-Style

Song Lyrics About Rainbows

No, no, these song lyrics about rainbows were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
Under the gray of the sky I've been walking, //
Carrying dreams in my pockets like loose stones. //
Sometimes the world feels so monochrome, darling, //
But I see color when I'm not alone.” //

Oh, it's a rainbow! //
Woven with wishes and tears that are drying. //
Painted in laughter and secrets we're hiding. //
Show me your colors, let's keep on flying, //
In this prism light – baby, we're shining!” //

(Verse 2)
I've kissed shadows and danced with despair. //
Lost myself in dark corners, going nowhere.
But just when my spirit started breaking, //
You arrived like a dawn that's breaking,//

In form of a rainbow! //
Tangled in courage and fears slowly fading. //
Bathed in our love that is endlessly cascading. //
Show me your colors, let's keep on playing, //
On this canvas of light – together we’re painting! //

(Verse 3)
For every teardrop caught up in the rainstorm, //
There’s a spectrum of hope to keep us warm. //
And for every challenge thrown our way honey, //
We’ll paint it gold at the break of dawn’s journey.//

With shades of a rainbow!//
Clinging to faith when hard winds are blowing,//
Dipped in trust that keeps us going,//
Show me your colors; they are my morning,//
In this dance of light – with you I'm soaring!

Song Lyrics About Rainbows In The Style of Taylor Swift

Song Lyrics About Rainbows

(Verse 1)
Chasing dreams in the hues of seven, //
Where the rains of sorrow meet the heavens. //
In your eyes, I found my pot of gold, //
Underneath that rainbow's bold. //

But oh, colors fade away, just like our yesterdays, //
And we were like rainbows but couldn't stay. //
We painted love with shades so bright,//
But now all that's left are echoes in twilight.//

(Verse 2)
Through the storms, your heart was my shelter.//
Your laughter rang louder than thunder felt ever.//
Beneath the rustic reds and soft-blues,//
I found a love that was pure and true.//

We danced where rain fell over end-lines drawn//
Our whispers echoed with every dawn.//
Now a mere shadow under a fading rainbow,//
Washed away in colors as gentle winds blow…//

Remember when it's raining and skies are grey,
We once had a rainbow but let it fade away.
With every sunset and passing night,
All we have left is its fainter light.

In the canvas of memory under autumn leaves,
Our rainbow is imprinted though hard to believe.
Yet as time carries on with its swift blow,
Gone are we… Like a faded rainbow.

Song Lyrics About Rainbows In The Style of Kanye West

Song Lyrics About Rainbows

(Verse 1)
Uh, tell me why, I'm feeling so high like a rainbow in the sky.
Got this technicolor vision, yeah, everybody listen.
Lost my ego in a prism, yeah, found it in the spectrum.
Seven colors but they all reflectin'.

Diamonds in the sky but you know I ain't stressin'.
Rain ain't nothin' but the sky just refreshin'.
Life is a rainbow, sometimes it gets messy.
But the rain is what makes the colors pure and heavy.

Rainbows in my soul, ultralight beams flow.
Life's full of highs and lows, ain't nothing to forego.
Like rainbows after storms, we rise above the norm.
Through darkness we transform, always pushing to perform.

(Verse 2)
Feeling like Noah how I'm navigating this ark.
Storms around me but inside me there's a spark.
Saw a rainbow promise after all that dark.
Now that's what I call a real Noah's Ark.

I've been through deep valley low.
Survived through the harsh hail ‘n' snow.
But now in this moment yo,
I’m glowin’ bright, got that colored halo.

Rainbows in my sight, reflect off my gold mic.
When life gets tight, remember after rain comes light.
Ain't no night can dim our fight,
Like a rainbow we'll always ignite.

So here's to every hue and shade.
The life we live ain't pre-made.
We paint our journey, we don’t trade.
On God’s canvas we are laid.

In this life, ain't no retakes.
But with every fall, a rainbow awakes.
Life is a spectrum, just like a rainbow.
Through the storm, we continue to glow.

Song Lyrics About Rainbows In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Song Lyrics About Rainbows

(Verse 1)
Uh, I'm the HBIC, fly as a bumblebee
Woke up this morn' and found a rainbow in my tea
Pink Wig, Thick curves just like a bow
I'm at the end, baby, that's where the gold glow

Riding on my clouds, got my Barbie dreams in tow
Like ROYGBIV on my wrist, yeah that's how it go
I got these haters jelly, they green as Kermit though
But I keep shining bright, like a full spectrum light show

Crushing down like raindrops but I bring the bow
He said “Nicki can you stop?” Nah baby here we go
Colors in my swag, I ain't chasing no shadow
Blink quick and you'll miss it catch this rainbow glow

(Verse 2)
Violet visions got me feeling celestial
My flow's magic like that leprechaun's cereal
Blue streaks in my hair, feeling real ethereal
My game so tight got these haters on a burial

Iconic queen here standing bold and imperial
I ride on beats spectrally superior
Every hue of success painted like a mural
The game is my canvas and honey I'm the curial

Rain falling down but I bring the bow back,
He said “Nicki can you chill?” Nah baby it’s a rap.
Red passion in my heart keeps me on attack,
Catch my rainbow flow, baby, you can't match that.

Rainbows ain’t just pretty, they bold and bright
I'm the prism breaking light on a stormy night.
I'm chasing glory, not a pot of gold. Right?
No limits for this Minaj, reachin' new height.

Song Lyrics About Rainbows In The Style of Drake

Song Lyrics About Rainbows

(Verse 1)
Yeah, I remember when I was just a kid, dreamin' about the bid,
Saw a rainbow up in the sky, tellin' me to live.
Seen my share of storms, but through it all I hid.
Rain laden clouds got me feeling on my lid.

Rainbows in my sky, every color telling a story,
Every hue shines like my past glory.
Red to violet, emotions running deep,
Painting dreams in my mind even when I sleep.

(Verse 2)
Been through the rain, hustling in the game,
Cracked smile hiding pain, started from the lane.
Now I'm rising high, just like that arc,
Light after the dark, igniting that spark.

Rainbows in my sky, reflecting my journey,
Each band is an album, each band is a tourney.
From my hustle to now, they've seen it unfold,
Ain't no pot of gold, just this heart of gold.

Shadows may fall, and skies might gray,
But ‘neath the spectrum light, fears fade away.

(Outro Chorus)
Rainbows in my night sky, under moon's soft glow,
Shining over city lights, where we lay low.
In every shade I see you shine through,
These rainbows ain’t complete without you.

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Rainbows Like A Pro

1. Embrace the Spectrum

Let's get things rolling, my lyrical prodigies. You want to pen some sick lyrics about rainbows, right? Well, remember a rainbow isn't just one color—it's a spectrum.

Use this opportunity to explore diverse emotions and themes, each color representing a different facet of your narrative. After all, somewhere over the rainbow lyrics english version isn't stuck on red or blue, it explores beyond!

2. Dive into the Symbolism

Next up, let's talk symbolism. Rainbows are loaded with it – hope, unity, diversity – you name it! Use that to your advantage when writing your lyrics.

For instance, just like the somewhere over the rainbow full version does – it uses rainbows as symbols of dreams and aspirations.

3. Reference Pop Culture

You know what's cool? Dropping subtle nods towards popular culture in your lyrics. Why not include references to “somewhere over the rainbow movie” or “listen to Judy Garland – over the rainbow” in your song?

It adds an extra layer of depth and familiarity for your listeners.

4. Play with Words

In songwriting, wordplay is an art unto itself – a fine balance between wittiness and relevance.

Go ahead, toss in some puns related to colors or cleverly link rainbows with other elements in nature.

5. Visualize Your Lyrics

Now here’s a tip as bright as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow: Visualize!. Imagine you're painting a picture while crafting your lyrics; every word should contribute towards creating that vivid imagery for listeners.

6. Use Resources for Inspiration

Who says you can't get a little help from your friends, or in this case, resources? Look up “somewhere over the rainbow sheet music” or “somewhere over the rainbow wiki”.

Even watch “Judy Garland over the rainbow videos” for inspiration. Not to copy, no sir, but to draw inspiration.

7. Get Personal

Lastly, make it personal. Remember your lyrics should be a reflection of your unique perspective. What do rainbows mean to you?

What feelings do they evoke? Maybe you have a memory attached with a rainbow or you could even write about someone who's your personal rainbow. The sky (or should I say, over the rainbow) is the limit!

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