Song Lyrics About Quiet: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Quiet

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Song Lyrics About Quiet: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Quiet

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Song Lyrics About Quiet Beyoncé-Style

Song Lyrics About Quiet

No, no, these song lyrics about quiet were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
In the silent corners of my mind, where echoes softly play,
Embracing shadows of the quiet, while dancing with the day.
Beneath a blanket of whispered thoughts, where passion gently lies,
Solitary whispers cry freedom; in the quiet is where it abides.

Finding strength in the silence, painting dreams in vacant sound,
Energies stirred not by uproar, but by quiet’s secret ground.
It’s power pure and soft as snowflakes, that vanish in your hand,
Yet their silent touch provokes a feel, only hearts understand.

(Verse 2)
When days are loud and clamorous, with echoes that bruise and blind,
I retreat to my haven of reverie beneath the quiet, unwind.
In its gentle hush I hear myself, stripped bare in its peaceful sway,
My truth blooms like lilies at night: in silence, I have my say.

In stillness I am soaring, above chaos’s clamoring voice,
Wrapped in quietude’s soothing touch; it’s there I make my choice.
Quiet’s strength can shift mountains or calm an unsettled sea;
Silence is not an absence but a profound form of plea.

(Verse 3)
Underneath star-covered canopies where night and dreamers meet
The wisdom kindled by solitude whispers sweetly underneath.
Unspoken words like shadows play within this audience;
Dancing to their own rhythm within the kingdom of silence.

Quiet speaks louder than thunder advancing upon the land;
Its roar may shake your senses – yet silence takes command.
It wields power strong as hurricanes or gentle as morning dew –
The language of the quiet, tells a story only true.

Don’t be afraid of the silence, for it has so much to say,
In the quiet, hear your heartbeat – let it lead the way.
With every hushed whisper, each unspoken word unfurled,
There is power in quiet; it silently governs the world.

Song Lyrics About Quiet In The Style of Taylor Swift

Song Lyrics About Quiet

Verse 1
In the hush of the midnight hour, we belong to the stars,
Lost in a world sealed with whispers and memoirs.
Dressed in moonlight, your voice finds its way,
Echoing wordless stories that only our hearts can say.

In this beautiful silence, I feel you so loud,
Our secrets softly spoken, no room for a crowd.
In all this quiet, every sigh feels like a song,
With you, in this tranquil night, is where I belong.

Verse 2
Your smile speaks volumes in the glowing candle light,
And your eyes tell tales that make my heart ignite.
There’s a breezy serenade sweeping through the trees,
All I need is your hand and your silent promises to appease.

The world sleeps under a quilt sewn together by dreams
Yet our whispered truths keep us awake it seems.
In this symphony of silence, every heartbeat’s like a vow
Your hushed voice draws me closer; This is our quiet now.


We unravel our fears under this black velvet dome,
And discover more love than we’ve ever known.
In these unhurried moments when words fall short
Our quiet conversations are my favourite part.

Chorus Reprise & Outro

No need for declarations louder than night’s hum,
Bound by this silent symphony, our hearts beat as one.
In the quiet, I find you, In the quiet you’re found,
In this quiet love story – our hearts make the only sound.

Song Lyrics About Quiet In The Style of Kanye West

Song Lyrics About Quiet


Quiet like the night when it falls, I hear it all.
Shadows talkin’, secrets that the darkness hauls.
Quiet like the space before the storm, it’s the norm.
Life’s a battlefield, homie, just gotta wear your armour and perform.

Verse 1

Quiet in my mind, but my heart loud.
In this silence, thoughts running like a crowd.
No need to say it out loud,
My story written in clouds.

Quiet like the still in my soul,
Running this life, playin’ my role.
Battles fought leave no parole,
But quiet keeps me whole.


Quiet like the night when it falls, I hear it all.
Shadows talkin’, secrets that the darkness hauls.
Quiet like the space before the storm, it’s the norm.
Life’s a battlefield, homie, just gotta wear your armour and perform.

Verse 2

In the quiet lies truth,
Etched in our hearts since our youth.
Silence reveals life’s uncouth,
But quiet gives me proof.

Silence doesn’t mean you weak,
Its power lets truth speak.
In quiet moments when we seek,
Find courage at its peak.


Gotta find that quiet place,
Where reality and dreams interlace.
Struggles and success embrace,
And silence meets face to face.


Quiet like the night when it falls, I hear it all.
Shadows talkin’, secrets that the darkness hauls.
Quiet like the space before the storm, it’s the norm.
Life’s a battlefield, homie, just gotta wear your armour and perform.


Quiet in this noisy world,
Stories of life unfurled.
Silence, wisdom pearled,
In quiet, find your world.

Song Lyrics About Quiet In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Song Lyrics About Quiet

Verse 1:
I’m the only Queen, you just a pawn, ain’t no debate,
I rock the silence like a diamond, y’all just imitate.
Turn down the noise, feel the quiet in my wake,
I’m like a library but with volumes that could shake.

Quiet, ain’t for the weak – it’s for the strong,
For those who make moves while they prolong.
Quiet, is where I find my unique song,
In the silence, babe, that’s where I belong.

Verse 2:
Your chatter’s cheap, but my silence is gold,
I keep it quiet, let my success unfold.
Your rhymes are tired, while mine are bold,
So hush now honey, let the story be told.

Quiet, it’s not a sign of me being gone,
It’s just me plotting from dusk to dawn.
Quiet, is more lethal than your pawn,
In this silent game, baby I’ve won.

In stillness lies power you can’t comprehend,
Speak less and listen more, that’s how you transcend.
Silence, babe – it’s not an end,
But a beat drop before the trends we set and send.

Quiet,, ain’t for those who just tag along,
It’s for Queens creating their own song.
Silence, in my world never wronged,
In this quietude, baby we’re forever strong.

No matter how loud you scream, you can’t outshine,
‘Cause in this quiet, I be creating my goldmine.
The whispers of success, only I can define,
In the realm of silence, baby – this kingdom’s mine.

Song Lyrics About Quiet In The Style of Drake

Song Lyrics About Quiet

Verse 1
Yeah, late night drivin’ down the 401.
Silence in the city, all the noise reduced to none.
Everybody else sleepin’, but my thoughts have just begun.
The quiet’s tellin’ stories, and I’m listenin’ to each one.

Oh, you know I feel that quiet, echoing inside my head.
Just like a whisper in the darkness, silence says what words have fled.
Yeah, I embrace that hush, it’s where my thoughts and dreams are bred.
In the quiet of the night, I find truth in what’s unsaid.

Verse 2
Better than all your noise, space for me to breathe.
Your chatter’s like a storm, but I find peace beneath the trees.
Think about those we lost, and those we’ve yet to see,
In this silence I remember, in your noise I just can’t be.

The quiet calls me back, it’s like an old familiar song,
It’s where I feel most real when everything else feels wrong.
Can’t you feel that quiet too? It’s potent and it’s strong,
It whispers in our hearts, teaching us where we belong.

I’m just a kid from Toronto with his heart on his sleeve,
The silence is my canvas; it’s where I truly believe.
No glitz, no glamour, just truth in solitude,
It’s where I find the strength to face life’s amplitude.

So here’s to the quiet, to silence’s sweet refrain,
To stillness in the night that eases life’s unending pain.
Here’s to all those quiet moments that make us whole again,
To silence in its majesty, may its song forever reign.

So when you hear the quiet, don’t rush to fill the space,
It’s more than just the absence, it’s a tranquil embrace.
Hold on to those quiet moments, let them slow your pace,
For in the silence we find love, and a gentle saving grace.

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Quiet Like A Pro

1. Embrace the Silence

Ssshh… Do you hear that? It’s the sound of inspiration in the quiet. When crafting quiet song lyrics, it’s important to seek out and truly embrace silence. A tranquil environment can serve as a muse, inspiring calm song lyrics that resonate with listeners seeking solace in their chaotic lives.

So, before you pen down your thoughts, take a moment to savor the hush-filled calmness around you. It’s almost as if the world is whispering its secrets to your creative soul – secrets that could evolve into beautiful, serene song lyrics.

2. Use Sensory Language

When writing about quietude, don’t be afraid to tickle all five senses of your listeners. Describe how silence feels on their skin or sounds in their ears. Maybe it tastes like a cool breeze or smells like early morning dew?

The key is to use descriptive language that immerses your listener in a peaceful ambiance, making your tranquil song lyrics an experience rather than just words on a page.

3. Reflect and Meditate

Sometimes, we find our truest reflections in the mirror of silence. Reflective meditation can help unearth deep thoughts and emotions – perfect fodder for stirring peaceful song lyrics. Take time each day to sit quietly and let your mind wander where it will – you might be surprised at what it brings back!

4. Tap into Emotions

Quiet doesn’t always equate with peace or calmness; sometimes it can evoke feelings of loneliness or melancholy too.

Don’t shy away from these emotions when writing serene song lyrics. They can add depth and complexity to your work, making it more relatable and human. Remember, even in the hushed corners of our lives, emotions continue to sing.

5. Play with Metaphors and Similes

Quiet is like… what exactly? Here’s where your creativity comes into play! Use metaphors and similes to articulate quietness in new, unexpected ways.

Whether you describe it as a comforting blanket or a vast empty ocean, using such literary devices can add a poetic touch to your hush-filled song lyrics.

6. Experiment with Soundscapes

Songwriting isn’t just about lyrics; it’s also about the sounds that accompany them. Consider how different musical elements can complement your silence-inspired song lyrics. A soft melody or a slow tempo can enhance the quiet theme, creating an auditory haven for those craving for calmness.

7. Revise, Revise, Revise

Good songwriting is rewriting! Don’t be disheartened if your first draft doesn’t sound like a chart-topper. Keep refining your words until they flow effortlessly with the rhythm of quietude you’re trying to capture.

In the end, remember that silence isn’t empty; it’s full of answers – answers that could lead you to write some truly remarkable quiet song lyrics.

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