Song Lyrics About Outer Space: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Outer Space

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Song Lyrics About Outer Space: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Outer Space

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Song Lyrics About Outer Space Beyoncé-Style

Song Lyrics About Outer Space

No, no, these song lyrics about outer space were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
Star-struck love, I swear, it's above; //
We gaze at the same moonlight, //
From our distant worlds’ cold, lonely night. //
The heavens pull on this heart-string tight; //

Our souls intertwined in the cosmic wind, //
Like two comets on a journey that will never end. //
An interstellar dream, floating in-between, //
Two galaxies that have yet to intervene. //

It's an astral love story, burning bright and free, //
In the vastness of a universe we've yet to see. //
We dance with stars in their celestial ballet; //
Our hearts beat to their silent symphony.
On a cosmic stage where space and time agree, //
Here begins our love odyssey.

(Verse 2)
Our connection is stronger than the Milky Way’s spin //
Every glance is like a supernova from within. //
Underneath Venus' velvety skin, //
This celestial romance does begin.

Eclipsing emotions can't hide from sight,
An aurora borealis ignites our night.
Mars whispers secrets with its red delight,
A constellation of love making everything right.

It's an astral love story, burning bright and free,
In the vastness of a universe we've yet to see.
We’re chasing constellations across this cosmic sea;
Together we write our own celestial decree,
On this infinite canvas—our starry symphony.

(Verse 3)
Through black holes where light refuses to flow,//
Our star-crossed love continues to grow.
The universe echoes Beatle’s famous quote,
All you need is love—it’s life's antidote.

Under Orion's belt, against the inky dome,
In the silence of space we've found a home.
This cosmic love story forever etched in chrome,
Two radiant hearts lost in an earthly loam.

It's an astral love story, burning bright and free,
In the vastness of a universe we've yet to see.
Shooting stars come bearing our destiny;
In galaxies far, we find our serenity,
Carving whispers on the moon, for eternity.

Song Lyrics About Outer Space In The Style of Taylor Swift

Song Lyrics About Outer Space

(Verse 1)
Underneath a canvas of a thousand stars, //
I sketch your face, as I sit on this lonely Mars. //
With the Moon as my confidant, I whisper your name, //
In the silence of space, everything's not the same. //

Lost in galaxies far away from home, //
Yet it's your constellation that pulls me wherever I roam. //
With comets shooting and planets aligning above, //
This cosmic ballet weaves the fabric of our love. //

(Verse 2)
Across Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s storms, //
Your memory is what keeps me warm. //
A million light-years apart but close in my heart, //
Gravity fails to define how much you're a part.

In this endless dance between stars and time, //
Your voice echoes across the universal chime.
Like solar flares spreading in deep night's embrace,
Every corner of space is filled with your trace.

Amidst meteor showers seen from afar,
You're my Polaris, my guiding North Star.
Through black holes and nebula swirls
In a universe unfolding, it's just you and me, girl.

(Ending Verse)
So here's to love that transcends spatial rifts,
To us dancing amidst cosmic gifts.
Breathing in stardust as we trace constellations,
Our love story spreads across multiple dimensions.

Song Lyrics About Outer Space In The Style of Kanye West

Song Lyrics About Outer Space

(Verse 1)
Aye, spinnin' in the stars, no gravity in my sight.
Hand on Mars with the red, but my mind's on the flight.
On the moon lookin' down, see the earth lookin' right.
Outer space is my place, it’s my kingdom, it’s my night.

Got a galaxy vision, movin' at light-speed pace.
Solar power in my veins, got that interstellar grace.
Got my spaceship on deck, yeah you know it's a race.
I’m just a star in this universe, tryna find my space.

Aye, I said outer space is the new wave, on a cosmic ride.
See me bouncing off the asteroids, feel that starry pride.
Through Milky Way's dust lanes, where God does reside.
In this infinity, there's nowhere to hide.

(Verse 2)
Once I met Neptune and we danced in a ring.
Saturn whispered secrets of that universal swing.
Jupiter made jokes about that comet bling.
To every celestial body; I'm their sovereign king.

Got alien homies on Pluto who be chillin’ afar.
They see me coming from Venus in my intergalactic car.
Look up from your world baby, you can see where we are
In this extraterrestrial life, I'm the superstar.

Aye, this is outer space flow; yeah you know how it go.
From Mercury to Mars, we’re putting up a show.
Through black holes and meteor showers; watch me glow.
In this infinite expanse, feel that celestial blow.

So here's to the galaxies, the planets, and the stars.
Here's to the universe, where I found who we are.
I'm just a rock from the cosmos, came from afar.
But in this cosmic journey, I became a superstar.

Song Lyrics About Outer Space In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Song Lyrics About Outer Space

(Verse 1)
Zoomin' past Pluto, they callin' me a star,
Got the universe drippin' from my candy bar.
Shuttles on my necklace, I'm the galaxy's queen,
On my space throne, you know what I mean.

We in outer space, baby, make it pop,
Shootin' stars, yeah, we never gonna drop.
In this Milky Way flow, can't stop the clock,
Space Barbie in the sky, yeah I head to the top.

(Verse 2)
Spit verses like comets, they crash and burn,
Interstellar swagga', everywhere I turn.
Spaceship Minaj movin’ faster than light,
Leaving stardust trails in the velvet night.

We in outer space, baby, make it glow,
Saturn's rings got nothing on my show.
In this cosmic groove, feel the ebb and flow,
Space Queen on a roll, watch me steal the show.

Mars ain’t got what I brought to this game,
Nebula Nicki with the intergalactic fame.
Spillin' lunar lyrics that’ll put them all to shame,
Solar system’s mine, remember my name!

We in outer space, baby watch us fly,
Universe ain’t ready for this cosmic vibe.
Galactic rhythms got 'em dancing high,
Starship Minaj, we own the sky.

Orbiting on beats, in this starry race,
On a space odyssey, no one can trace.
Nicki's universe, welcome to my space,
In this cosmic journey, I set the pace.

Song Lyrics About Outer Space In The Style of Drake

Song Lyrics About Outer Space

(Verse 1)
Yeah, I'm out here looking at the stars, feeling alone.
Surrounded by this darkness, man it's colder than a stone.
Gazing at the galaxies, trying to find my way.
But even amidst the constellations, my emotions sway.

In this outer space, I'm searching for your trace,
Wishing I could take us back to our own place.
In the vacuum of my heart, I hold your silhouette,
Baby in this cosmic void, you're the brightest star yet.

(Verse 2)
Diving through a meteor shower, feels like a stormy rain,
Each drop like a memory adds up to my pain.
Girl you're my moonlight when there's no sun,
In this infinite universe, yeah you're the one.

I'm caught in your orbit, can't seem to escape,
Wanting to touch you is just my fate.
Lost in the cosmos, searching for your love's heat,
Baby, without you, even space feels incomplete.

Satellites and shooting stars, but none of them are you.
In this galaxy of missing pieces, oh babe we were true.

Outer space can't fill the distance that we've made,
Even light years away, memories of us don't fade.
Underneath alien skies, it's still your love I seek,
Baby in this cosmic sea, your absence makes me weak.

Stargazing alone, lost in a black hole's spin,
In this universal silence, all I hear is our last din.
So I'm sending out these lyrics on a cosmic wave,
Hoping against hope, our love you'll save.

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Outer Space Like A Pro

1. Set the Scene with Stellar Imagery

Welcome to the Space Age of songwriting, folks! If you're planning to write some mind-blowing, stardust-spangled lyrics about the cosmos, you'll need more than a basic understanding of astronomy. Your lyrics should be a journey, a voyage into the unknown. But remember, outer space ain't just about stars and planets, it's a metaphorical landscape for exploration too.

Consider this golden nugget of advice: when penning your rock songs with a space theme or pop songs with a space theme, make it so vivid that Neil Armstrong would feel nostalgic. A line as simple as “Dancing nebulas in your eyes,” sets an ethereal scene while being romantic enough for our space themed songs for dance.

2. Incorporate Scientific Lingo (But Don't Overdo It)

Throw in an asteroid belt or two and maybe even mention gravity's pull when crafting your songs about planets. But remember, no one wants to feel like they're reading an astrophysics textbook.

A sprinkle of jargon here and there adds authenticity and flavor to your lyrics, but don't go overboard. You're not trying to teach rocket science; you're trying to create an emotional journey through your 80s space themed songs or whatever era you fancy.

3. Embrace the Mystery

Outer space is full of the unknown and uncharted territory – perfect fodder for songwriting! Use this to your advantage by building intrigue and suspense in your lyrics.

Whether it's pondering what lies beyond our galaxy in songs with space in the title or navigating alien love affairs in pop anthems – embrace the enigma that is outer space.

4. Make it Human

While you're venturing into the cosmos, don't forget to keep one foot on Earth. The best songs about outer space are those that can make a connection with the listener. Even if you're writing space songs for kids, remember to weave in relatable themes such as love, loss, or adventure.

So even if your protagonist is an astronaut lost in a distant galaxy, they should still experience human emotions and struggles.

5. Rhythm: Your Rocket Fuel

Your lyrics might be out of this world, but they still need to adhere to some earthly rules of rhythm and rhyme.

This is particularly crucial if you're writing space themed songs for dance. Rhythm is your rocket fuel – it propels your song forward and keeps your audience engaged.

6. Create Your Space Songs Playlist

There's nothing like a good playlist to get the creative juices flowing! Listen to iconic space-themed tracks from David Bowie's “Space Oddity” to Elton John's “Rocket Man”.
You'll see how these masters have woven complex ideas about life, existence, and humanity into their interstellar narratives.

7. Experiment with Genres

Finally, don't limit yourself to one genre when crafting your stellar symphony. Take inspiration from all corners of the musical universe – from classic 80s space themed songs to contemporary pop hits.

You might find that a dash of funk adds a groovy twist to your cosmic composition or that a touch of electronica transports your audience straight into the future.

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