Song Lyrics About Motherhood: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Motherhood

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Song Lyrics About Motherhood: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Motherhood

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Song Lyrics About Motherhood Beyoncé-Style

Song Lyrics About Motherhood

No, no, these song lyrics about motherhood were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
She's got the midnight moon in her eyes, //
Yet she rises with the dawn, just as the sun starts to rise. //
In her heart, a love profound, a love that never dies. //
That's my mama, full of wisdom and warm goodbyes. //

Motherhood is like an endless rhyme, //
Carrying dreams across the sands of time. //
A symphony only her heart could compose, //
A journey that only a mother knows. //

(Verse 2)
Bearing strength like rivers deep, //
Through stormy nights when little hearts weep. //
Teaching lessons with laughter and tender sighs, //
In every word she utters, the truth never lies. //

Motherhood is like an ageless song, //
Growing love that remains forever strong. //
A dance in rhythm with life's ebb and flows, //
A journey that only a mother knows. //

(Verse 3)
With hands gentle yet firm as stone beneath our feet, //
Raising us up high until our challenges meet. //
Her voice echoes inside us like history's rose,
In every stride we take; it’s her legacy that shows.

Motherhood is more than body and soul,
It’s a melody written in the heart’s scroll.
The story unfolds from highs to lows,
A journey that only a mother knows .

Song Lyrics About Motherhood In The Style of Taylor Swift

Song Lyrics About Motherhood

(Verse 1)
She's the lighthouse in a storm, guiding me through every norm, //
With a heart as soft as a morning's dew, oh mama, I owe it all to you. //
The first song I ever heard were your lullabies, no words needed to say goodbyes. //

Burning brighter than a morning star, mama, no matter where we are, //
I carry your strength with me in this life's bizarre. //
A touch from you can heal any scar, oh motherhood is who we are! //

(Verse 2)
With every story you told at night, you painted dreams in my sky bright.//
In my heart you etched endless stories and love of pure might. //
You were brave and strong; mama, you're my knight.

The lessons learned under that old oak tree will forever be part of me. //
Mama’s eyes have always been my open sea, guiding the voyager in me so tenderly. //
Oh mama, molded by your hands I'll always be.

Now I know what it means to give until there’s nothing left,//
To hold on tight when there's only hope left,//
Mama, you are the lucky seventh star on Orion’s belt.

A melody that soothes the soul with an unbreakable bond,//
On this canvas of life her love is beyond strong. //
Mama, your echo will forever be my life's song.

One day when I become one too,//
I’ll gaze at my child and see pieces of you.
My hope is that they’ll feel the love that through you I knew. //
Motherhood, the most beautiful view.

Song Lyrics About Motherhood In The Style of Kanye West

Song Lyrics About Motherhood

(Verse 1)
Yo, this one's for the ladies, those angels of virtue.
Those who bring us to life, and into this world we debut.
Womb to the tomb, they hold us down, that's our only clue.
Resilient women, enduring pain, that's a mother's value.

Motherhood be like galaxies, deep and infinite.
A love so undeniable, so definite.
Sacrifices made silently, never counterfeit.
A mother's love ain't just love, it's the ultimate.

Motherhood is a God-hood,, a heavenly hood.
Imagine nurturing a life, only mothers understood.
The struggle and joy combined, like no other could.
That’s what makes them our heroes in every neighborhood.

(Verse 2)
Ain't no psychiatrist can take you through your child fears,
Only a mother can wipe away them real tears.
Guiding through darkness, helping overcome them fierce years,
Motherhood is courage and strength beyond peers.

Blood sweat and tears go into raising a kid,
Through sleepless nights and daylights, they never once quit.
Oceans of love they pour out,, infinite as a bid.
Motherhood ain’t just a phase; it’s an eternal skit.

Motherhood is a God-hood,, a heavenly hood.
Imagine nurturing a life only mothers understood.
The struggle and joy combined like no other could,
That’s what makes them our heroes in every neighborhood.

From teaching us to walk, talk, eat and read,
To being our first friend, our only creed.
Mommas are soldiers fighting life’s speed,
Their love and dedication, a forgotten breed.

Motherhood is a God-hood, a heavenly hood.
Imagine nurturing a life only mothers understood.
The struggle and joy combined like no other could,
That’s what makes them our heroes in every neighborhood.

Salute to all mothers, in this world so wild,
For they hold in their arms the future, the child.
In motherhood’s story, every page compiled,
Echoes of a mother's heartbeat in the heart of her child.

Song Lyrics About Motherhood In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Song Lyrics About Motherhood

(Verse 1)
Caribbean queen, birthed a legend,
Yeah, my momma gave me game, straight perfection.
Straight outta Trinidad, she keeps it real,
Strength of a lioness, heart made of steel.

Hustling hard for a better life,
Faced the storm, no fear in her sight.
She told me “Nicki baby, don't ever quit,”
“Keep your head high and flex that wit.”

Motherhood so pure, shining so bright,
In the day and even in the night.
Through the ups and downs, she stands tall,
Mama's love is the strongest of them all.

(Verse 2)
Shaped by adversity, taught by mama's truth,
In the mirror see her reflection in my youth.
Rocking Versace but still know my roots,
Mama's wisdom in these designer boots.

Motherhood so real, strong as a knight,
In every battle and every fight.
No matter where we are or how I ball,
Momma's lessons; greatest gift of all.

Momma said “Strut with grace, speak with power,”
But also reminded me to “Bloom like a flower.”
Her words like bullets in my musical arsenal,
Countless bars because of her maternal counsel.

Motherhood, no hood do it better,
From my momma, the original trendsetter.
Through the fame, through the weather,
Her endless love makes everything better.

Motherhood, it's a blessing and a test,
But momma did it best, put all doubts to rest.
Nicki Minaj, product of her nest,
Motherhood personified in a bulletproof vest.

Song Lyrics About Motherhood In The Style of Drake

Song Lyrics About Motherhood

(Verse 1)
Started from the bottom, now you're here, Mama.
Rising with the sunrise, no drama, just your aura.
Every day you were my armor, from the cradle to diploma.
In every path into tomorrow, you were my road, my star.

Hey there mama, this one's for you,
For all the tears and laughter, the love that's always true.
Every scar made us stronger, every worry stopped by you.
Mama, never knew a love stronger than my love for you.

(Verse 2)
You had dreams too Mama, but set them aside for mine,
Cause a mother's heart, is selfless all the time.
Now I'm standing on these stages, your name in every line,
My success ain't about me Mama, it's your victory sign.

Hey there mama, this one's for you,
For all the sleepless nights and dreams that came true.
You're my whole world, and that will never undo,
Mama, never knew a love stronger than my love for you.

We've walked through storms Mama, held hands through rain,
Stumbled in dark corners but found light again.
This world demands so much Mama, but our bond remains,
In every note I sing Mama, I'm calling out your name.

Hey there mama, this song's for you,
For the invisible battles, you always pull through.
Your love's my anchor, keeps me grounded, keeps me true.
Mama, never knew a love stronger than my love for you.

So here's to you Mama, in every rise and fall,
To the queen of my heart, the greatest of all.
Your journey is my anthem, your love's my protocol,
Mama, this ain't just a song, it's an eternal love call.

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Motherhood Like A Pro

1. Bring in the Realness of Motherhood

Dive deep into the heart of being a mom, and don't be afraid to get real. The ups, the downs, the joys and pains – motherhood is a rollercoaster ride and your lyrics should reflect that. Using words that depict a vivid image of maternal love can strike a chord with your listeners.

For example, lines like “Rocking you to sleep under the moonlight's glow/Feeling your heartbeat sync with mine, steady and slow” capture the intimate moments of nurturing children.
Tip: Don't shy away from depicting both the beautiful and challenging aspects of mothering.

2. Give Voice to Your Motherly Affection

Your song lyrics about motherhood should resonate with authenticity. Pour out your heart in words, express the deep affection that only a mother can feel for her child.

Make sure to use phrases that convey warmth and tenderness, such as “Your laughter is my lullaby; your tears my silent cry”. The power of music lies in its ability to evoke emotions – let's make those feelings come alive!

3. Let Your Experiences Guide You

Ever heard that truth is stranger than fiction? Well, when it comes to writing songs about raising children, this definitely holds true! Use specific experiences from your journey as a mom to craft relatable lyrics.

Was there a time when you felt overwhelmed by parenting? Or maybe there was a moment when you looked at your child and felt an overwhelming wave of love? These are feelings many mothers can relate to.

4. Celebrate the Unique Bond between Mothers and Daughters

If you are writing specifically about mothers and daughters, tap into their unique bond. The relationship between mothers and daughters is special – it's filled with shared laughter, tears, wisdom and love.

You can focus on the phases of life, from childhood to adolescence, and beyond. Lyrics like “From braiding your hair to holding your hand on your wedding day” can evoke beautiful imagery of this enduring bond.

5. Weave in Metaphors

Metaphors are a great tool when it comes to songwriting. They add depth and layers to your lyrics, making them more compelling. When writing about motherhood, you could use metaphors like “Navigating the storm of life, with you as my lighthouse” or “A mother's love is like a river – constant and unchanging”.

6. Add a Dash of Humor

Motherhood isn't all heart-to-heart talks and tearful moments; there's plenty of laughter too! Don't forget to add a dash of humor to your lyrics. It could be something as simple as “Changing diapers in the middle of the night, who knew mom-life would be such a delight!”

7. Create an Emotional Rollercoaster

Last but not least, remember that good songs take the listener on an emotional journey. Your lyrics about motherhood should do just that – make people laugh, cry, reminisce and feel grateful for their own mothers or their experience being a mom.

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