Song Lyrics About Inclusion: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Inclusion

Have you ever been curious about what inclusion-themed lyrics would sound like, penned by the likes of Beyonce, Yeezy, or Drizzy Drake? If Harajuku Barbie herself threw a verse or two in there about acceptance, unity and love? Your curiosity is about to be satisfied! We bring you exclusive song lyrics centered around the theme of inclusion.
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Song Lyrics About Inclusion: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Inclusion

Here they are:

Song Lyrics About Inclusion Beyoncé-Style

Song Lyrics About Inclusion

No, no, these song lyrics about inclusion were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
In the light of our colors, we paint the world
With a brush dipped in love, every flag unfurled,
Underneath one sky, no soul should hide,
Everyone has a place where their dreams reside.

We are marble stones scattered on a beach,
Each one unique, but within reach,
The waves of change have begun to roar,
Together we're stronger than ever before.

One voice raised to the melody of union,
Echoing beneath stars like an angel's reunion.
No walls between us, no chain can divide,
In the name of love, stand by my side,
In every heart there's room for inclusion.

(Verse 2)
Stepping forward on this beautiful land,
No line in the sand that can withstand.
From mountain high to the valley low,
We're threads in a tapestry woven with rainbow.

Our differences make us more than alike,
On this life’s journey, riding the same bike.
Every dialect adding to our song,
This world is where we all belong,

In the dance of existence choreographed by pure emotion,
Moving together like waves across an ocean.
No storm too fierce for us to ride,
In honor of truth let's turn that tide.
For there’s enough space for all in this vast ocean.

(Verse 3)
Beyond shades and tones lies our shining core
Seek it out; it is so much more.
Can you hear it? The sweet note of unity rings
Peaceful and perfect as if given wings.

Every heart beats its own rhythm and rhyme
Yet harmonizes with others over time.
If you’re madly off-key or gracefully composed
You belong here – just see how love's proposed.

Lift your voice high in the symphony of freedom,
From every corner of earth, let our anthem be sung.
No borders to keep us separated wide,
In the name of love, stand side by side
In every heart, let's make space for inclusion.

Song Lyrics About Inclusion In The Style of Taylor Swift

Song Lyrics About Inclusion

Verse 1:
I see a world, it's looking so divided,
We're all on the same journey, but we're no longer guided.
Every heart is a compass pointing to love,
Beneath the stars or under concrete, we all look above.

In every dance floor, ‘neath city lights,
In every melody that fills our nights.
We find each other in this song of hearts;
Inclusion's where the love story starts.

Verse 2:
Tears don't discriminate they are color blind,
All have a story left untold and unkind.
A day will come when we won't feel alone,
All paths crossed under one big sky dome.

Your dreams in my dreams, our hopes intertwined,
Echoing as one voice through space and time.
Finding each other in this universe of art,
Inclusion's where the beautiful part starts.

No matter where you come from or who you be,
The song you sing is part of our unity.
Celebrate diversity, let your true colors unfurl;
Thriving together in this inclusive world.

Togetherness is more than just a word,
It's understanding voices seldom heard.
In this symphony of life with its different parts
Inclusion’s not just theory, it’s what binds our hearts.

Last Verse:
The rhythm of change may seem so strange
But love transcends across range.
Hand in hand, heart to heart
This chorus of inclusion is where we start.

Song Lyrics About Inclusion In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Song Lyrics About Inclusion

Verse 1
Uh, started from the bottom now we global,
Pushing for inclusion, diversity focal.
Look around the room, see a beautiful blend,
On this mission together homie, we ascend.

Ain’t no shades of grey, it's a rainbow instead,
Got the power of universe in every thread.
All my brothers, sisters, keep your head high,
We're creating a world where stereotypes die.

We singin', all are welcome here,
In this world there ain’t no fear.
Step up, step in, let your light glow,
We be rockin', in this life show.

Un-uh-uh, this is our anthem,
No place for hate, only love in this spectrum,
Got the beats pumpin', and hearts thumpin',
Together we stand, no room for slumpin'.

Verse 2
Different races, faces, all across the nations,
Unity in diversity – that's our foundation.
Flaunt that melanin or wear your freckles proud,
Inclusion is our message, say it loud.

No matter your religion or who you love,
In our chorus of acceptance you're part of.
Barriers breakin’, walls come crashing down,
In this symphony of love, we wear the crown.

Yeah, all are welcome here,
In our world there ain't no tier.
Stand up tall and let your soul flow,
Together we rock in life's big show.

Un-uh-uh, play that anthem loud,
Inclusion’s our message spreading through the crowd.
Got the beats pumpin', hearts thumpin',
United we stand, no room for slumpin'.

Talkin' 'bout equality, it's not just a notion,
It's a movement, baby, like waves in the ocean.
Spread the word across every nation,
We're the generation of unification.

Chorus (Outro)
Sing it, all are welcome here,
In our anthem, there's no smear.
Rise up high and let your spirit flow,
Together we dance in life's grand show.

Un-uh-uh, this is our anthem,
No place for hate, only love in this spectrum,
Got the beats pumpin', hearts thumpin',
Together we rise, against all assumptions.

Song Lyrics About Inclusion In The Style of Drake

Song Lyrics About Inclusion

Verse 1:
We built this city on difference, homie.
Not just the same, we're a tapestry, homie.
Look around, yeah, we got that diversity.
Making waves on our own, it's our liberty.

Inclusion is the motion,
Navigating life’s ocean,
Fusion of devotion,
We're stronger together, that's the notion.

Verse 2:
No matter your race or your background,
In this place, love is the only sound.
You're part of the family, you're part of the crew,
No matter who you are, there's a place for you.

Inclusion is the motion,
Navigating life’s ocean,
Fusion of devotion,
We're stronger together, that's the notion.

Riding through this cityscape with open hearts,
No barriers divide us, no borders or parts.
OVO in full effect with love and respect,
All playing on this court in this life dialect.

Inclusion is the motion,
Navigating life’s ocean,
Fusion of devotion,
We're stronger together, that's the notion.

This is not just a song, but a cry, my friend,
Inclusion to the end, on that we depend.
No matter where you're from or who you've been,
In this world together, it's love we extend.

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Inclusion Like A Pro

1. Making Your Melody a Manifesto of Acceptance

So, you're ready to spit fire and weave words into a brilliant tapestry of song lyrics about inclusion? Pretty dope. But remember, the heart of your song needs to beat with acceptance and understanding.

Think about it this way; your melody is the manifesto, and your lyrics are the laws that govern your musical universe. Make them count. The words should echo messages of unity, tolerance, and compassion in every line.

2. Diversify Your Vocabulary

Okay, diversity isn't just about people—it's also about words! Let's play around with synonyms for “inclusion,” such as acceptance, equality, belonging…you catch my drift?

Get creative with your word choice –it adds depth to your lyrics and makes them more engaging.

3. Creating a Sense of Unity

Incorporate themes that promote unity into your song lyrics. Use shared experiences or common human emotions to create a feeling of community in your listeners' hearts (and ears). Nothing bonds people together quite like a catchy chorus that speaks volumes about mutual understanding.

4. Compassion is Key

Inject compassion into every verse like it's going out of style (spoiler alert: it never does). Remember that empathy is the great equalizer—it can crack open even the toughest hearts and encourage listeners to extend their circle of care beyond their immediate surroundings.

5. Don’t Shy Away from Social Commentary

Now listen up! Just because we’re making music doesn’t mean we can’t make a point too! Use your verses as a platform for social commentary on inclusion and equality issues. It’s witty, it’s bold, and it’s bound to get your audience thinking.

6. Keep It Real, Keep It Human

A little humor never hurt anyone. In fact, it can make your song lyrics more relatable and human-sounding. Use everyday situations, add a touch of humor, and voila! You've got yourself a song that's not just about inclusion—it's about real life.

7. Finally, Make Your Song a Safe Space

Just like our beloved coffee shops or favorite bookstores, your song should feel like a safe space for everyone—regardless of their race, religion, gender or age. This sense of belonging is what will truly resonate with listeners and make your lyrics timeless.

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