Song Lyrics About High School: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About High School

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Song Lyrics About High School: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About High School

Here they are:

Song Lyrics About High School Beyoncé-Style

Song Lyrics About High School

No, no, these song lyrics about high school were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
In the halls of our youth, under lockers of gold,
High school days, that's where stories were told.
Walking in those shoes, tied up in worry less knots,
Growing up too fast, tying unbreakable thoughts.

Chasing dreams down corridors, in the land of pretend,
Each classroom door opened wide, a new world to defend.
Lessons learned, memories earned, on those bleacher-seats,
Our hearts beat to the rhythm of changing seats.

We are golden, under the high school sky,
In every tear and laugh and sigh.
Through every test and teenage lie,
We're finding wings to fly.

(Verse 2)
Underneath Friday night lights, where heroes are made,
Sacrifices and victories, in a youthful parade.
Cheerleaders dancing for our team's glory days,
With smiles as bright as youth's innocent blaze.

In that old auditorium with dreams shining bright.
Drama club kids rehearsing lines by twilight.
No longer children but not quite free to roam
On this stage we found another kind of home

We are fearlessly broken under this high school sky
By every heartbreak and attempt to try
Through each whispered secret and by-and-by
We're learning how to fly.

(Verse 3)
The star quarterback, homecoming queen beauty fair
Mysteriously complex math nerds’ square.
Biology class butterflies ready for change
Life lessons played out on this teenage stage

High school love- it’s sweet and then it stings
You never forget your first taste of everything.
Lunch hour laughter echoing through these halls
It’s all part of the ride before life calls.

We are brilliantly brave under the high school sky
With every failure and every try
In each corner of this life's why
We're learning how to fly.

High school days, oh these high school days,
They fade away like a misty morning haze,
But shaped us like sculptor’s clay,
In every way, oh in every single way.

Song Lyrics About High School In The Style of Taylor Swift

Song Lyrics About High School

Verse 1:
Walking down these old familiar halls,
Locker echoes and painted bathroom stalls.
I see faces from a thousand yesteryears,
Chasing our dreams with a handful of fears.

We were all just kids in the glow of the night,
Dancing under stars, lost in teenage flight.
This small town stage, high school at its best,
Remembering when we thought we were invincible in our chest.

Verse 2:
Bleachers filled with whispers and hushed tones,
Sharing stories on text messages and flip phones.
Prom queens and rebels without a cause,
We were rules by day but by night we had no laws.

We spent Fridays at football fields and Saturday morning thrills,
Drowning in laughter, love, heartbreaks and cheap frills.
High school days that now seem so surreal,
In the rear view mirror of time, those feelings so real.

Ripped jeans, secret dreams and love that's unspoken,
Guitars strumming to the words we'd written as token.
The innocence of first kisses by the lake;
Living on old dreams for nostalgia's sake.

These hallways hold stories that time can't erase,
Chasing the echoes of our youthful embrace.
As the sun sets on this little town,
We'll always remember high school, our lost and found.

Notebooks filled with poems and scribbled dates,
In high school, we learned love, life and fate.
Though those days are now just a beautiful haze,
I wouldn’t trade them for anything, those were our days.

Song Lyrics About High School In The Style of Kanye West

Song Lyrics About High School

High school shades and the hallway craze.
Lockers full of dreams, in the teenage haze.
Living on that edge, where everything's a test.
Capture this vibe, Kanye West's the best.

Verse 1:
Penned down in history books, not just on FB posts.
High school drama kings and queens, we be givin' toasts.
Freshman year, feeling new, all eyes on me.
Sophomore stunts, junior jumps, senior—it's our legacy.

High school shades and the hallway craze.
Lockers full of dreams, in the teenage haze.
Living on that edge, where everything's a test.
Capture this vibe, Kanye West's the best.

Verse 2:
Walking hallways like runways, fashion game, we set it hot.
Cheerleader chants and football pants got everyone caught in a knot.
Homework heavy but hearts light, living through every scene.
High school life ain't black or white—it’s technicolor dream.

Bleachers filled with yearning hearts watching starry-skied dreams unfold.
The class clown laughs while an introvert writes stories yet untold.

High school shades and the hallway craze.
Lockers full of dreams in the teenage haze.
Living on that edge where everything's a test,
Capture this vibe, Kanye West's the best.

In the rearview mirror, high school's fading fast.
But these memories, like Kanye's rhymes, forever gonna last.

Song Lyrics About High School In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Song Lyrics About High School

This one for all my ladies, still hustlin' in the hallways,
Nicki here to tell you – we runnin' this all days.

Verse 1:
Ridin’ in the backseat, sippin’ on a milkshake,
Homework all done, just tryna catch a lil break.
Uniform pressed, laces tied up tight,
We rule the schoolyard, every day and night.

High school sweethearts, hand in hand,
Underneath the bleachers in our own wonderland.
Books in the locker, secrets in our diary,
Livin' that teenage dream, it's our own little library.

It's high school baby, where we guide the way,
Decked out in pink and green, just like Nicki Minaj say.
Our dreams are bigger than these lockered hallways,
Keep your eyes on the prize, let no one lead you astray.

Verse 2:
Momma said “study hard”, get that education,
Sky is the limit if you got determination.
Nerds on Monday, Queens by Friday night,
Work hard and play harder is our ultimate fight.

Glimpses of prom nights and graduation caps fly,
Time's running out but our spirit never dies.
Falling in and out of love like it's a high school play,
In this teenage jungle we find our own way.

We live high school baby, running through those gates.
Life is but a lesson book and we're turning pages great.
Write your story bold 'cause baby you’re so fly,
Nicki cheering for you till you touch the sky.

High school’s a journey, babe, not a destination,
In this labyrinth of dreams, you’re your own creation.
Queen Nicki tellin' ya – stay sassy and stay cool,
Remember who you are and make high school your jewel.

Song Lyrics About High School In The Style of Drake

Song Lyrics About High School

High school hallways, whispers ‘bout fate,
We all dreamin’ big in this concrete state.
Lockers full of dreams, just young and naive,
‘School days passin', like autumn leaves.

Verse 1
Remember those nights, under stadium lights,
All the cheers and the tears, full of teen-age frights.
Passing paper notes, each one a little prayer,
Hoping she sees I'm more than a player.

Heart beating fast when she walks my way,
The scent of her perfume in the hallway fray.
Each class bell ring was a promise to keep,
‘Cause these high school memories ain't ever cheap.

High school hallways, whispers ‘bout fate,
We all dreamin’ big in this concrete state.
Lockers full of dreams, just young and naive,
‘School days passin', like autumn leaves.

Verse 2
Basketball games on that shiny court,
Tried for every hoop, fell a little short.
Prom night dances under disco lights
Felt like we were dancing on the edge of life.

Friends come and go with the summer breeze,
Made our mistakes and shared victories,.
Graduation caps thrown up to the sky
All these moments make you laugh and cry.

High school hallways, whispers 'bout fate,
We all dreamin' big in this concrete state.
Lockers full of dreams, just young and naive,
‘School days passin', like autumn leaves.

Took every high school lesson to heart,
We were learning love, just to play the part.
All those teenage dreams piled in my notebook
High school days, yeah, that's all it took.

High school hallways, whispers ‘bout fate
We all dreamin’ big in this concrete state.
Lockers full of dreams, just young and naive,
‘School days passin', like autumn leaves.

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About High School Like A Pro

1. Revisit Your Teenage Angst

Alright, let's face it. High school was a rollercoaster of emotions and teenage angst was the ticket to entry. Well, guess what? All that drama you faced back then is pure gold for songwriting now.

So take a trip down memory lane and remember those days when your mood swung more than a playground swing set.

Dig deep into those high school memories and let it all flow out – the heartbreaks, the crushes, the rebellions; everything! This emotional journey will not only lend authenticity to your lyrics but also connect deeply with your listeners who are likely going through the same experiences.

2. Paint a Picture of High School Life

High school music is all about painting vivid pictures that listeners can relate to. Use descriptive language to bring alive that first day of freshman year or the last day as a senior.

Remember that time when you were nervously fumbling with your locker combination or when you finally mustered up the courage to ask your school crush out? Take these moments and weave them into coming-of-age songs that resonate with your audience.

3. Inject Teenage Nostalgia into Your Lyrics

Who wouldn't want to relive their high school days, right? Well, except for those chemistry classes maybe! One of the best ways to make your lyrics memorable is by injecting a healthy dose of teenage nostalgia.

Talk about Friday night football games, prom songs playing in dimly lit gyms, first love melodies humming in secret rendezvous spots – nostalgia is potent and has an undeniable charm that can make your lyrics truly stand out.

4. Address Common High School Themes

High school is a common ground for most people. We all had our first loves, first heartbreaks, and countless ups and downs. Therefore, addressing these universal themes can make your song lyrics relatable to a broad audience.

So go ahead and pen down the exhilaration of scoring that winning touchdown or the butterflies in your stomach during that first slow dance.

5. Speak the Language of Youth

Remember how you used to talk back in high school? No, I'm not talking about the teenage mutterings and grunts, but the slang, the catchphrases, and all those unique linguistic quirks that defined your generation.

Using this language in your lyrics can give them an authentic feel and instantly transport your listeners back to their high school days.

6. Don't Shy Away from School Crushes

Ah! The sweet agony of school crushes. Love 'em or hate 'em; they were an integral part of our high school experience. So why not use them as inspiration for your lyrics?

Baring your soul on paper about those stolen glances in the hallway or that unrequited love can make for some deeply emotional and relatable songs.

7. Keep It Real

Listen up! High school wasn't always a dreamy montage of fun-filled moments; it was also about struggles, peer pressure, academic stress – basically real life hitting you hard.

Don't be afraid to touch upon these aspects in your lyrics. Keeping it real will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level while creating meaningful music that truly resonates.

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