Song Lyrics About Health: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Health

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Song Lyrics About Health: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Health

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No, no, these song lyrics about health were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
Pushing the limit, no room for complaints, //
Always in motion like a picture can't be framed. //
Balancing spirit, mind and my body, //
I'm fighting for wellness, that's my calling not a hobby. //

(Verse 2)
Don't need no doctor to tell me how I feel, //
My heart is racing but I'm holding strong and still. //
Eating the rainbow, fueling this fire, //
Chasing longevity is what I truly desire.

I’m sippin' on sunshine, sweating out the pain, //
Drunk on my health 'cause it flows through my veins. //
No more sitting idle while life's passing by,//
On this journey of wellness under the clear sky.

(Verse 3)
Morning yoga sets intentions for my day,//
Meditation teaches peace will guide my way. //
Staying hydrated just to cleanse my soul,//
These little things make me feel whole.

I’m sippin' on sunshine, sweating out the blue, //
Drunk on good health as if it were new. //
It’s not about shape; it’s about attitude,//
Embrace your truth—let your strength conclude.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1)
In the golden morning light, barely kissed by the sun, //
You'd say “Baby we're young, but let’s not only have fun,” //
Dancing in our kitchen, as we swap out the sweets, //
For green smoothies and berries, nature's delectable treats. //

We found love in a healthful place //
Where wellness is our saving grace //
In this new rhythm, oh we thrive //
Feeling so alive. //

(Verse 2)
Running down these old town roads, sweat kissing our cheeks, //
Laughing at life's old ways, becoming vintage antiques //
In our own health journey, free from the world’s deceit //
Exchanging fast food drive-thrus for wholesome wheat. //

We found love on this wild journey,
Between yoga mats and green smoothie,
Beneath this skin, a better us unfolds,
Nourishing body and soul.

Barefoot on cold tiles, salads made with style //
An apple a day keeps us dancing away //
Crossing heart lines without any pain,
Fueling dreams in our veins.

We found strength in each other's eyes,
As we chose sunrise jogs over sweet cherry pies.
In this beautiful chaos of staying fit together
There's no storm we can't weather.

(Outro Verse)
Under these starry skies, against all odds and tides //
We are living proof that real change resides //
In every bold choice to put health first//
Oh darling it might be tough at first<// But the symphony of a healthier heartbeat,
Is life’s greatest concert.

(Tagline Outro Chorus)

To nurture ourselves better than before
Our bodies, a temple, to adore
So let's cherish this rhythm, oh we thrive
When we choose to live, not just survive.

song lyrics about health In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1)
Broccoli on the dish, call it green cash.
Kanye in the gym, breaking out that fast.
Got my Nikes on, tread it out, no rash.
Mindset like a King, making health my stash.

Omega threes, flowin' like the sea.
On that vegan tip, ain't no beef up in me.
Raise a glass of kombucha, it's my new decree.
In the mirror every day, like “Healthy looks good on me”.

We be living clean, we be living right.
Got that kale shake glow under neon lights.
Haters gonna hate, but we won't lose sight.
Health is wealth, homie, that's our fight.

(Verse 2)
No junk food junkie, man I'm walking tall.
Feeling like an ox, I ain't gonna fall.
Mind over matter when the cravings call,
Straight edge lifestyle, breaking down the wall.

Pumpin' iron in the gym like a savage beast,
Say goodbye to sugar and fatty feast.
Sweating out toxins from east to west,
Living clean and fresh is Kanye's best.

We be living clean, we be living right.
Got that kale shake glow under neon lights.
Haters gonna hate, but we won't lose sight.
Health is wealth, homie, that's our fight.

From the heart of Chi-town to LA’s beat,
We're spreading health vibes up on every street.
Changed my ways and now I'm feeling elite,
In this game of life – health is hard to beat.

We be living clean, we be living right.
Got that kale shake glow under neon lights.
Haters gonna hate, but we won't lose sight.
Health is wealth, homie, that's our fight.

So here's to life – live it clean and proud,
Turn the music up, let it play loud.
Healthy body, mind, under God's shroud,
Speak health into existence, make Yeezy proud.

Healthy Lifestyle Song Lyrics In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1)
Yeah, runnin' on the treadmill, still killin' deals,
Queen of health, I be poppin' green pills.
Fruits and veggies all up in my cart,
Yeah, I’m Nicki Minaj, the one who sets us apart.

I got the weights up high; I don’t bargain,
Turn my body to art; giving Michelangelo margin.
Hustle for muscle, no time for margin,
Got my vitamins A to Z, can't stop charging.

Cleanse it out, rinse it out,
Life’s about health; there ain't no doubt.
Rise and grind, it's all about the clout,
A healthy body and mind, that’s what we about.

(Verse 2)
Got them dumbbells ringing, biceps singing,
In the gym, it's my kingdom where I'm reigning.
Been a health queen, no room for feigning,
Sweatin' on this beat, yeah, that's what I’m bringing.

On a health streak, got them goals peaking,
Salad over steak, no heavy feeling.
Ladies lift those weights, banish the ceiling,
Be the queen of your fate; apply the healing.

Cleanse it out, rinse it out,
Life’s about health; there ain't no doubt.
Rise and grind, it's all about the clout,
A healthy body and mind, that’s what we about.

No added sugar – don’t need that sweet talk,
Just real vibes when we walk the health walk.
Don't need no burger – got quinoa on my fork –
We're health royalty – let them gawk.

Cleanse it out, rinse it out,
Life’s about health; there ain't no doubt.
Rise and grind, it's all about the clout,
A healthy body and mind, that’s what we about.

So here's Nicki, breaking the mould,
Turn up the heat, but keep the food cold.
Don’t need no slanders or health sold,
Be bold for your health, let that story be told!

Wellness Song Lyrics In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
Yeah, I've been thinkin' 'bout my health,
Truth is, ain't no wealth without it.
I've been busy chasin' success,
But without health, it's just a hollow outfit.

Chasin' dreams in this fast lane,
But I gotta pause, take care of this mainframe.
‘Cause what's a king without his crown?
Or a smile hidden by a frown?

I'm all about that health now,
Ain't no platinum record gonna calm me down.
Life is more than just the score,
It's about being ready for what life got in store.

(Verse 2)
Used to dream 'bout the top and fame,
Never thought 'bout the stress or the strain.
Health ain't something you can gain back,
Gotta stay on top of it, that's just facts.

Riding high on these sold-out nights,
But I gotta focus on these internal fights.
‘Cause what's a star if he falls?
Or a voice if silence befalls?

I'm all about that health now,
Ain't no world tour gonna hold me down.
We're more than our net worth,
It's about loving ourselves for all we're worth.

Heart pumpin', blood rushin',

Each breath, life's hushin'.
Nourish the body, feed the mind,
In this rhythm of life, health we'll find.

I'm all about that health now,
Ain't no million streams gonna wear me down.
We're more than just a hit song,
It's about being strong, all life long.

So here's to health, to life's true wealth,

‘Cause at the end of the day,
All we have is ourself.

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7 Tips For Delivering Health Song Lyrics Like A Pro

1. Get Real with Your Health Narrative

Whether you're looking to pen some rock songs about health and wellness or you're aiming to get your Jay-Z on with hip hop songs about health and wellness, authenticity is key. No one wants to hear a song about popping vitamins like they're candy unless it's got some realness to it. Relate your lyrics to personal experiences or stories you've heard. It's okay to get raw with songs about health issues or sensitive with songs about mental health, as long as it's genuine.

2. Don't Just Preach, Inspire

Songs about being healthy and happy can quickly sound preachy if you're not careful. Avoid sounding like a nagging grandma, unless that's what you're going for (no judgement here). Instead of just telling people what they should do, inspire them through your lyrics. Paint a vivid picture of the joys of living a healthy lifestyle or the empowerment in overcoming health challenges.

3. Get Creative With Your Metaphors

Think outside the box when writing lyrics for songs about health and fitness. This isn't an instructional workout video; it's art! Compare squats to climbing mountains or liken pursuing fitness goals to chasing dreams. The more unique your metaphors are, the more memorable your song will be.

4. Create an Infectious Melody

Even if your lyrics are as good as Eminem’s bars in his prime, they won't hit home without a catchy melody. Whether it's R&B songs about health and wellness or indie anthems on self-care, a killer melody will ensure your message sticks in listeners' minds.

5. Make Use of Repetition Wisely

While we're on the topic of catchy melodies, let's talk about repetition. It's a crucial tool in songwriting, but like a potent medicine, it should be used sparingly. Repeating key phrases or choruses can emphasize your song's message but overdoing it might lead to your audience losing interest.

6. Collaborate to Get Different Perspectives

Two heads, or more, are better than one! If you're writing about health topics, consider collaborating with others who have different experiences. This could result in heartfelt songs about doctors and medicine or deeply moving ballads about battles with mental health.

7. Keep Your Audience in Mind

Remember who you're writing for. If your audience is largely into pop music, they might not appreciate a heavy metal song about the importance of regular check-ups (although that does sound like a fun challenge). Aim to deliver your message in a way that resonates with the people you're trying to reach.

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