Song Lyrics About Graduation: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Graduation

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Song Lyrics About Graduation: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Graduation

Here they are:

Song Lyrics About Graduation Beyoncé-Style

Song Lyrics About Graduation

No, no, these song lyrics about graduation were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
Flick through the pages, of our shared history,
Caps and gowns, tying down, our old mystery.
Look at those faces, all wide-eyed and bright,
Diversity blooming in the morning's first light.

We rallied together like birds of a feather,
Choosing to endeavor, no matter the weather.
We bent but didn't break, under pressure and time,
Hearts ablaze with shared dreams on this steep uphill climb.

(Oh) We're breaking these chains, hopping onto that train.
Graduation's here, it's our moment to reign.
This is not just an ending; it’s a bold sunrise.
With tears and emblematic smiles under cosmic skies.

(Verse 2)
Flip another page; see heartache and cheer.
Fought battles unseen, conquered insidious fear.
In classroom trenches, we wrote our own tale,
Built bridges across oceans against every gale.

Tasted defeat, devoured victory too;
In those hallowed halls, we grew and we grew.
Through essays and equations; hearts open wide
Faced each hurdle together with courage beside.

(Oh) We're breaking these chains, hopping onto that train.
Graduation's here; it's the world we'll retain.
This is not just an ending; it’s a brand-new day,
Pulled strength from our struggle in profound display.

(Verse 3)
Look now at us standing taller than tides
With knowledge etched deeply on these unbridged divides
Our spirits can't be dampened by goodbye’s hold
As we step out into life—fierce, brave, bold.

Hand in hand we go forth to chase what awaits,
Beyond the comfort of our college gates.
This is not just a memory; it’s our birthright song,
Walking towards tomorrow where we truly belong.

(Oh) We're breaking these chains, hopping onto that train.
Graduation's here, but our bonds will remain.
It’s not just an ending; it’s an echoing cheer,
On this golden horizon, we leave no fear.

Song Lyrics About Graduation In The Style of Taylor Swift

Song Lyrics About Graduation

Verse 1:
Underneath the gleaming lights, we stand hand in hand,
Cap and gown, faces bright, as we make our final stand.
Looking back on all we've learned, laughter and the tears,
Through the love and heartache burned, we’ve conquered all our fears.

We're tossing hats to the sky, here under the sun.
Walking through these open doors, a new life’s just begun.
Graduation, time to fly, it's only just begun,
We’re ready for tomorrow’s shine; tonight we've chased the setting sun.

Verse 2:
The school bell echoes in our minds; direct us through these halls
Memories etched on walls of time echo as they fall
From football games to proms so sweet, secrets that we share
From study groups to hearts that meet, a bond that's hard to tear.

We’ll take this world by storm,
With youthful hearts worn on our sleeve.
Though scattered like dandelion spores,
In each other’s dreams we’ll always weave.

We're tossing hats high up towards a starry dome.
We’ve got dreams in our eyes from seeds of knowledge sown.
Graduation day has come; tonight, there are no goodbyes ,*
As we paint our futures in the canvas of the skies.

We leave our mark right here,
In this place we’ve come to know.
We're off to chase our dreams,
With graduation’s glow.

End Chorus:
No matter where we are, no matter what may fade,
The lessons that we've learned will help us make the grade.
We graduated, ready now, where ever winds may blow,
Forever in our hearts these days as golden as tomorrow's glow.

Song Lyrics About Graduation In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Song Lyrics About Graduation

Yeah, it's the queen Minaj, we graduatin',
Success in the mirror, that's what we facin'

We've been grindin' so long, now we celebratin'.
Every dream, every goal, yeah we dominatin'.
Graduating high on life, no debatin',
We stepping up and out, hallelujah amen.

Verse 1:
I've been on my grind since the dawn,
Homework till midnight, awaken at dawn.
Papers and deadlines, hook line and sinker,
Now I'm graduating top class thinker.

Journey had me feeling like a Titan,
Tests had me fightin', no enlightenin'.
Now I'm shinin', wisdom I be baskin',
All about that degree no need for askin'.

We've been grindin' so long, now we celebratin'.
Every dream, every goal, yeah we dominatin'.
Graduating high on life, no debatin',
We stepping up and out, hallelujah amen.

Verse 2:
Mama told me education's key,
Unlock the world with a degree.
So I hit the books hard like Ali,
Now I'm floatin' like a butterfly sting like a bee.

Earned with sweat and sometimes tears,
The tassel worth all them years.
Caps in the air as we say cheers,
Stepping into future without any fears.

We've been grindin' so long, now we celebratin'.
Every dream, every goal, yeah we dominatin'.
Graduating high on life, no debatin',
We stepping up and out, hallelujah amen.

A new chapter, turn the page,
I'm Nicki Minaj and this is my stage.
Class of 2022 let's engage,
Make the world our own sage.

End Chant:
Graduation, celebration,
Education, domination.
Let's rise up nation,
To the top of creation.

Song Lyrics About Graduation In The Style of Drake

Song Lyrics About Graduation

Verse 1:
We walked these halls, a dream in our hearts.
Never thought I'd see the day, we'd have to part.
Cap on my head, diploma in my hand.
It's graduation day, the end of our high school band.

Bittersweet, yeah that's our graduation song.
Memories of us, won't take long to be gone.
In the rearview mirror, our youth begins to fade.
But we're stepping out now, no need to be afraid.

Verse 2:
We've grown up fast, these four years flew by.
Now it's caps and gowns and a teary-eyed goodbye.
The lockers now empty, as we step outside,
Into a brave new world where we can't hide.

Bittersweet, yeah that's our graduation song.
Promises made under skies that were dawn.
We're leaving behind all we've ever known,
The cocoon is breaking; into butterflies we've grown.


I'm looking at you all,I don't want this to end.
I wish I could freeze time,I'll miss you my friend.”

Verse 3:

“Always remember where you came from.
No matter how far away you run,
You'll still hear the echoes of our laughter,
And the dreams we chased, forever after.”


“Bittersweet, yeah that's our graduation song.
Time to face the music, time to be strong.
We're stepping into our future, it's time to take flight,
Underneath the moonlight, on this graduation night.”


Hear our voices echo in the night,
We're gonna be okay, everything's gonna be alright.
It's graduation day, no need for sorrow or dread,
We're off chasing dreams with a whole world ahead.”

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Graduation Like A Pro

1. Get Nostalgic Yet Forward Looking

Now, let's get this graduation party started, and what better way than to tap into those nostalgia vibes? Pull from your high school experiences to create song lyrics for graduation captions that truly capture those golden years.

But remember, graduation is not just an end but a beginning too. So, your song lyrics about graduation should also be forward-looking, full of hope and anticipation for what’s to come.

2. Keep It Relatable

Graduation is a universal experience. So, whether you're crafting r&b song lyrics about graduation or writing pop graduation songs, make sure the words resonate with the masses.

Think about common experiences and emotions like saying goodbye to friends or feeling uncertain about the future – yep, we've all been there.

3. Hip Hop it Up

Nothing screams modern urban like some tight hip hop song lyrics about graduation. Think punchy lines and witty rhymes that tell a compelling story – just like Jay-Z would do it! And if you are writing a rap verse for your hip hop graduation songs, remember to keep it raw and real.

4. Make It Emotional…but Not Too Sappy

Don't shy away from the feels when penning down those song lyrics about graduation slideshow – after all, farewell songs for graduation are meant to stir up emotions!

However, don't drown your audience in a sea of sadness either; keep it balanced with uplifting lines that inspire hope and excitement for the future.

5. Include Some Inspirational Quotes or Phrases

You know those cliché yet heartwarming quotes teachers love throwing around during graduation? Well, they can actually serve as excellent material for song lyrics about graduation.

However, remember to weave these quotes seamlessly into your lyrics to avoid sounding trite or cheesy.

6. Add a Catchy Chorus

One for the road, folks! A catchy chorus is the heart of any song and it's no different with graduation songs.

This is where you can get creative with your song lyrics about graduation rap. Whether it's a simple chant or a profound message, make sure it's something that sticks and can be belted out by grads everywhere!

7. Keep It Short and Sweet

Remember, brevity is the soul of wit (Shakespeare said that…or was it Drake?). So keep your lines crisp and clear.

Long-winded verses can make the song drag on and lose its punch. After all, we're trying to encapsulate years of experience in just a few minutes of melody.

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