Song Lyrics About Flowers: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Flowers

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Song Lyrics About Flowers: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Flowers

Here they are:

Song Lyrics About Flowers Beyoncé-Style

Song Lyrics About Flowers

No, no, these song lyrics about flowers were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
Meet me by the wild rose hedge,
Where the petals kiss the morning dew,
Wrapped in scents of soft carnation pledge,
Where love first bloomed and grew.

In this sacred garden, our souls dance free,
Tangled just like honeysuckle vines,
With every blossom, grow my thoughts of thee.
In flowers, read these secret signs.

We are like the flora under the summer sun,
Living, loving under its tender glow.
Through every season, our hearts beat as one,
In a garden where only lovers grow.

(Verse 2)
Caught in webs of lilac dreams and daisy chains,
We find our truth in blooms so bright.
With each sunflower that feeds on loving rains,
Blooms a love that feels so right.

Beneath magnolia moonlight, you and I sway
To whispers of leaves in kismet rush.
Tomorrow's promises are planted today
In fields where only iris blush.

We are like the flora under the summer sun,
Dancing with passion beneath its blaze.
Through every thorn and bud, till day is done,
In a garden where only lovers gaze.

(Verse 3)
Between us bloom wild orchids of desire
A fragrant testament to this sacred bind.
Stoked by gentle winds and wildfire,
The sweetest blossoms we'll yet find.

As you hold me close, your touch stirs tulips shy
Blooming vibrant amidst emerald green.
Remember darling when these petals lie
They're but echoes of love once seen.

We are like the flora bathed in morning mist,
Reaching for sunlight as it cascades low.
Even when winter comes with its icy fist,
In our garden eternal love will grow.

Song Lyrics About Flowers In The Style of Taylor Swift

Song Lyrics About Flowers

Verse 1
Golden sunlight on your petals, you're standing tall in the plain
Roses and violets, bathing in summer rain
And we're like two wildflowers, dancing in the field of grain
Oh, swaying to the music that only we can hear again…

We are the flowers of the earth, blooming ‘neath the moon's soft glow
Our roots run deep as passion, our colors boldly show
When life gets cold like winter snow, we bloom against all odds
We are young wildflowers whispering secrets to the gods.

Verse 2
Underneath the canopy where daisies dare not tread
We found an ocean of tulips painting memories in red
In your arms like petals, I rested my weary head

We are the flowers of creation, under a velvet sky so full
The embers of your affection set my heart on pull

A passionate connection that's powerful and raw, florals interwoven
In love’s intricate law.


You and I were two halves on a stem
Beneath a canvas painted with hues from above
Lost then found then lost again
In this garden maze of love.

(Final) Chorus:

We are resilient wildflowers weathering every storm
Each petal tells our story; each thorn shows where we've torn
But we're fighters in this landscape, where love and life collide
Like wildflowers whispering secrets, our hearts open wide.


A marigold sunset closes the day
Our petals softly shimmer in the fading play
In this world of ours, so beautifully wild and free
We’ll remain forever as flowers in love's tapestry.

Song Lyrics About Flowers In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Song Lyrics About Flowers

Verse 1:
Minaj the queen, I'm in my own lane
Rapping 'bout flowers just to ease the pain
Daisies, roses, tulips got me feeling sane
Butterflies on petals like a paper plane

Catch me in the garden like I'm Mary Jane
Planting seeds of success, that's my middle name
Blooming in the fields in any kind of rain,
Petal to the metal, watch me switch lane

I'm a Lotus flower under moon's reign
Blossom out of mud, beauty from my strain
Pluck a pair of petals while you saying my name,
Nicki Minaj, honey, yeah I ain't no plain Jane

Verse 2:
Sunflowers looking at me like I'm sunshine,
Lavender scent got me feeling so divine.
Purple orchids whispering sweet lines,
Every stem and leaf intertwined with my rhymes

Poppies in the field dancing with the breeze,
Rapunzel let down your hair from the trees.
Roses are red and violets are blue,
Nicki Minaj rap garden coming through,

I'm a wildflower in the hip-hop game,
With every verse and rhyme staking my claim.
Queen bee pollinating every frame,
Flower power, baby, that's my fame.

Ain't no wallflower hiding in shade,
In full bloom under gold sunblade.
Like cherry blossoms in an arcade,
Shining bright before they all fade.

End Note:
So here's a petal for you and a bud for me,
In the garden of life, we're meant to be.
Love myself, yeah that's my decree,
like flowers, gotta let yourself free.

Song Lyrics About Flowers In The Style of Drake

Song Lyrics About Flowers

Verse 1:
Remember that girl, petals in her hair,.
Her laughter drifting on the summer air.
She gave me love, gave me a rose,
But then she left, where'd she go? Nobody knows.

Tell me where the flowers go when they die,.
Where's that love now, under the cold blue sky?
Should've held on tight, our hearts had no disguise,
Now all I got left is these teardrops and daises.

Verse 2:
I see her in every bloom, it's just not fair,.
The way she danced, sunlight catching her hair.
Like a flower in spring, so full of life,
That memory stings like a thorn, cuts like a knife.

Tell me where the flowers go when they die,.
Where's that love now, under the cold blue sky?
I still feel her touch, it's driving me crazy,
All I got left is these teardrops and daisies.

I planted seeds of love but they didn't grow,
Now my heart's a garden covered in snow.
But I'll keep on hoping for the sun to rise,
To melt away these tears and bring back my paradise.

Tell me where the flowers go when they die,.
Where's that love now, under the cold blue sky?
She was my sunshine, my only lady,
Now all I got left is these teardrops and daisies.

In every petal, I feel her touch,
In every blossom, I miss her so much.
But like a flower, one day I'll rise,
Till then it's just me and these teardrops and daisies.

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Flowers Like A Pro

1. Finding Your Bloom in the Melody Garden

So, you're planning to pen some nifty songs about flowers and love? Well, darling, let's get started with tip numero uno: Always find your unique bloom in this garden of melodies.

No two roses are alike, and similarly, your song should stand out among other popular songs about flowers. Seek inspiration from the delicacy of a petal or the robust strength of a stem.

Remember, you're creating art here, not just another generic daisy in an overgrown field!

2. The Sweet Scent of Authenticity

In songwriting, authenticity is like the sweet scent of a blooming flower – irresistible and captivating. Don't just write songs about flowers lyrics, make sure every word rings true.

If your heart beats for rock music but you're stringing words for r&b songs about flowers because it's “trending”, my friend, you've lost your scent! Stick to your roots (pun intended) and let your true colors shine.

3. A Sprinkle of Wit in Your Garden

Now don't forget to water your lyrical garden with a sprinkle of wit! It's okay to be playful and humorous when writing songs about flowers and gardens.

Imagine the sunflower turning its head towards the sun or picture a bashful tulip hiding behind its leaves – these could turn into some genuinely witty lines!

4. Planting Seeds from Various Music Genres

Don't confine yourself to only one type of music genre – feel free to plant seeds from various genres! You might surprise yourself by weaving rock songs about flowers that rock audiences' socks off or crooning traditional songs about flowers that tug at the heartstrings.

5. Let Your Lyrics Bask in the Sunlight of Positivity

With so much gloom around, isn't it refreshing to hear happy songs about flowers? Well, that's your cue! Let your lyrics bask in the sunlight of positivity.

After all, who doesn't love a joyful ditty about blooming love or a triumphant tale of a seed sprouting into a magnificent tree?

6. Mastering the Art of Songwriting Pollination

Ever thought about how flowers rely on pollination? In songwriting, consider other artists as pollinators and learn from their work.

Listen attentively to how they weave their magic in songs about flowers and gardens. This way, you can pick up valuable tricks of the trade and hone your own craft.

7. Lastly, Remember to Prune Your Lyrics Regularly

Last but certainly not least – pruning! Just like a well-tended garden needs regular trimming for optimal growth, your lyrics also need constant revisiting and revising.

Don't be afraid to snip off unnecessary verses or rewrite lines until they're as elegant as an orchid or as straightforward as a sunflower.

There you have it – seven tips to help you cultivate some stunning flower-inspired lyrics. Now go on and create that floral symphony!

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